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Rooney: Welbeck Always Practices That Finish In Training

Danny Welbeck scored the winning goal for England in their 3-2 victory over Sweden this week. A sublime finish saw England in a great position to get out of the group, however, some people doubted whether Danny meant it.

Wayne Rooney has today confirmed that Welbeck is always practising that finish in training and he definitely knew what he was doing.

“We’re used to seeing that most days in training,” said Rooney. “Being honest, I’ve actually had a go at him for trying it too much. When you could score a tap in, he tries that, so I’ve been getting on his back a bit throughout the season, so it’s great to see him finally do it. It’s shut me up anyway!”

Chris Smalling said the same thing today, also claiming he regularly sees moments of class like that from Welbeck.

“I was delighted when he scored,” he said. “Welbs is a good friend and we’ve played together a lot through the Under-21s too. He’s a great lad and I’m pleased he’s showing the world what a good player he is. Danny’s a fantastic finisher and he proved that time and again last year at United. He shows his class in training every day and his finish on Friday didn’t surprise me as I see him do it day in, day out.”

Even Kenny Dalglish acknowledged that Welbeck’s finish was intentional.

“It’s sad that some people are questioning whether Danny Welbeck’s flick for the winning goal against Sweden was deliberate or accidental,” he said. “It was obvious to me and I would have thought most people that it was quite simply a wonderful piece of skill.”

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  1. CedarsDevil says:


    Not really into shagging what I eat, unless you’re into stuffing cucumbers up your ass, in which case full respect pal, each to their own I suppose

  2. Brigadier19 says:

    Manchester United’s fixtures for Premier League season 2012-2013

    18 Everton (A)
    25 Fulham (H)

    1 Southampton (A)
    15 Wigan (H)
    22 Liverpool (A)
    29 Tottenham (H)

    6 Newcastle (A)
    20 Stoke (H)
    27 Chelsea (A)

    3 Arsenal (H)
    10 Aston Villa (A)
    17 Norwich (A)
    24 QPR (H)
    27 West Ham (H)

    1 Reading (A)
    8 Man City (A)
    15 Sunderland (H)
    22 Swansea (A)
    26 Newcastle (H)
    29 West Brom (H)

    1 Wigan (A)
    12 Liverpool (H)
    19 Tottenham (A)
    29 Southampton (H)

    2 Fulham (A)
    9 Everton (H)
    23 QPR (A)

    2 Norwich (H)
    9 West Ham (A)
    16 Reading (H)
    30 Sunderland (A)

    6 Man City (H)
    13 Stoke (A)
    20 Aston Villa (H)
    27 Arsenal (A)

    4 Chelsea (H)
    12 Swansea (H)
    19 West Brom (A)

  3. CedarsDevil says:

    First game is Everton away, always a good time to play the toffees early on when they are a bag of shit…


  4. Brigadier19 says:


    In the first 9 games we clear 3 of our hardest away fixtures, Everton, Liverpool and Chelsea plus going of last season add Newcastle into the mix.
    I think this is good to get into our swash-buckling style.
    The wait till 8th December also to repay the berties is going to be agony.
    The countdown is on.

  5. Utd4life says:

    Decent fixture list though the first 8 or 9 games will really test how good our squad is.

  6. CedarsDevil says:

    Kagawa to bag the winner vs Everton in the 99th minute…….Reason for the injury time is that Fergie lost his gum

  7. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    Not a bad fixture list – tough last month but an easy run (on paper) through christmas and new year.
    Young players coming on, Vidic back, new signings so reason to be optimistic.
    Speaking if optimism I have a friend who is a die-hard Bilbao fan and I asked about Bilbao signing non-basque players to be more competitve but they prefer to remain faithful to their traditions, win the odd cup (won nothing since 1984) and the odd victory over the big two.
    With United over the last 20 years we’ve had better and worse teams but at the start of every season you know that you have a competive team and you’ll be in with a shout of winning something.
    I couldn’t cope with a team that you know will settle for mid-table and a good run in the cup which is what Bilbao did this year. They’ll be forced to sell a couple of stars Llorente and Martinez most likely and then they’ll slip backwards and it’ll be another 5 years before they get a decent side together again.

  8. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Well, the fixtures look really well balanced overall. We’re going to have to only play Arsenal away towards the end which is always going to be relatively better compared to facing the other top teams away from home. September and October look to be tricky months with us facing Pool, Spurs, Magpies, Stoke, Chelsea and Arsenal over continuous weeks. Sure, Spurs, Stoke are at home, still a tricky run of fixtures there. The best part is that we face City away in the first half and then they have to come to our backyard when the pressure is on.

    And, of course, the way April-May fixtures are lined up gives the ABUs an easy chance to point to our continuous string of home games as sign of the PL being United-favored if we are on our way to the title by then. Looking at the fixtures, the only real pressure point in that entire run is Arsenal away and as I said above, that is easy for us. We couldn’t have asked for a better run in to close out the season. If we are up to our usual standards and are anywhere near the top come March, then we will have the best chance amongst any team because of how our fixtures have been lined up in those final two months.

    Bring it on!

    This is only whetting the appetite. I cannot wait for these stupid fucking Euros to end and the pre-season to begin. Nothing beats watching United play. Even if it is for pre-season.

  9. Jeet says:

    Balanced fixture list. Can’t wait!

  10. Lebomanc says:

    well, the fixture list is not so bad… still better than last season’s!
    hope we don’t get as much injuries as last season too

  11. Harish says:

    Good Fixture. December 8th is the day I am waiting for. Lets stuff those bastards.

  12. Marq says:

    While the whole world praises Welbeck & Walcot, they seem to forget how Sweden scored their goals. Terry was in no man’s land for both the goals

  13. King Eric says:

    Grognard – Surely not he of Canadian descent? Fuck off you cunt. Seen you on other sites and you are a fucking mug. Hand on heart how many times have you seen this Strootman play? Never I bet. He has around 50 career games to his name. New Keano my fucking arse.

  14. United Till I Die says:

    See what I mean? If Carroll scored the exact same goal there’d be no bloody questions, as he’d be the new Gazza and a leader of Men wouldn’t he? Must say, although Danny’s press in The Mirror after the match was surprisingly balanced (thumbs up) it still feels like him doing well in the Euro’s is somehow “going against the script”. End of the day, Welbeck scored twice as many League goals as Carroll in less games last season so lets see who Woy selects to play with Rooney. Based on that squad it shouldn’t even be up for debate ffs.

    And while im at it, how Boozy Carroll at Newcastle got the nod ahead of the mercurial Sturridge at the champions of Europe (shudder) I’ll never ever know. Imo 2 strikers named Danny should’ve represented England but that was never gonna happen was it? If you want the strongest team how can you consider Sturridge and Richards as surplus? So they are good enough for the champions of England and Europe but not good enough for the poxy Three Foxes? Lol Fuck Off.

    For the record – the Geordie scored 4 goals in 38 League games, the Brummy scored 11 in 28 for Chelsea and the Manc scored 9 in 30 for us – now, considering Carroll has no pace, no link up play, and no ability to turn and beat his man (unlike both Dannys) how in the fuck did he get to represent his nation? On merit alone? HA.

    Good old England aye? On me ‘ed son, etc…. ROLL ON AUGUST FFS !!!

  15. WelshManc says:

    Was a great finish by Danny, i’m more suprised that Kenny Dalglish actually seen it, seemed to miss ALOT of things last season. By the looks the only thing he’s missing now is a job.


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