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Rooney: We’re Trying To Convince Edwin Like Fans

For large chunks of the second half of yesterday’s 2-0 win over Arsenal in the FA Cup, Manchester United fans repeatedly sung about Edwin Van der Sar. First his name was chanted, then “Fergie, sign him up!” followed by “one more year”, urging the great goalie, who was named Man of the Match yesterday, to delay his retirement. Van der Sar applauded the Stretford End during the game as the songs became louder and louder.

After the game, Wayne Rooney spoke to Van der Sar about the fans’ chants but doesn’t think we’ll get our way.

“The players are trying to persuade Edwin to stay on too,” Rooney said. “I was speaking to him in the shower afterwards but it is his decision and we have to respect it. He is such a great goalkeeper. Despite his age he is still the best keeper in the world.”

Sir Alex Ferguson hinted at the possibility of Edwin staying on at the club as a coach but is sure that the keeper won’t carry on playing.

“There is no chance of Edwin changing his mind, definitely not,” he said. “He’s marvellous, absolutely brilliant and a fantastic man. But I haven’t spoken to him about changing his mind. He has got his plans for next year. He is taking a break and going back to Holland, where he has a new house and he is going to do a bit of work there. Then he is going to return here for September when his son starts school in Wilmslow. I think that is his plan. He is going to take a break from football, then come back in. There are possibilities there for us, but first he is taking a break. He hasn’t made his mind up about what to do after that. He has had a long period in the game and is coming up to 41. He wants to spend some time with his wife because she has had a tough couple of years.”

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  1. jeet says:

    Morning, lads! Absolutely buzzing from the weekend results. Came on to RoM this morning and saw the Morrison goal and started wondering why all Mondays cant be this good!

    Read through all posts, and nothing new to add except that I still differ on Gibson. I won’t slate O’Shea cos I know what he does, and I’m ok with that. But honestly, unless I watched a different match I didnt see Gibson have a huge impact. To me, the brightest spot about SAF’s team selection and tactics was the fact that he seems to be fully aware of the current limitations in midfield. He knows that Arsenal doesnt like fast wingpaly, so he tells the twisn to fucking go for it. get them tired. And then what does he do – he fucking brings on Tony V.! Absolutely brilliant.

    At the same time, he knows that Arsenal attack through the middle and he aint got much by way of attacking threat in that department. So what’s the best he can do? He can snuff out their challenge – cue JOS and Gibbo. I didnt see too many attacks through the middle, it was Rooney and the defence diustributing play to the wings. And boy, were we helped by Diaby and Denilson! I’ll get slaughtered for this, but that midfield pairing would have had a much harder time against ‘pool or chelsea. But then, you can only beat what you play, so no complaints, me happy, credit where its due, and all that.

    Bye lads, me off to fraternize with the arse fans in office!!

  2. Dakota says:

    What the hell happened at the united, pool youth game>?????

  3. Mykidscalledcantona says:

    Just heard hargo is back in trainin 2day..good news,imagine if he could get back to full fitness and start playin..the midfield wouldn’t look so bad after’s a long shot I no but don’t rite him off yet..good luck hargo we r all behind u..

  4. paul the red says:

    did anyone else hear those inbred stoke fans singing “stoke will tear you apart again”

  5. jeet says:

    MKCC: great news re: Hargo…btw, did anyone else feel Evra left in a bit of a huff? I got the impression he wasnt too happy about being substituted…or did he have a knock?

  6. bobkoh says:

    Hargo! we like his curly hair! the twins have them too! I’m keeping my fingers & all my straight hair crossed…..

  7. dannysoya says:

    I gear hargreaves AND Nani AND owen are ALL back in training. Hargreaves was actually running around from the pictures i’ve seen. TRIPLE THREAT!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! now hopefully hargreaves has broken his injury curse forever. WHOO i’m extra happy with the news.

  8. denton davey says:

    Rai @ 19:46: “if he says he wants to spend more time with his family, then maybe we should just accept it and not question him?”

    YEAH, BUT. In today’s Guardian Online there’s an article that says two things which are relevant to your comment: first, his wife is now completely recovered; and, second, he wants to go out on top. The crisis with his wife took place over Xmas and New Year 2009/2010 and he came back once she was OK so I suppose that IF TheLads had won the EPL last year then he might have decided then to get out while he was on top.

    The “spend time with his family” line is just a smokescreen – the guy has another motivation. Good on him; RedNev stayed too long and I’m of the opinion that the GingerNinja will probably have been watching his team-mate and realize that he, too, can no longer play at his own exalted level and that he migth be best advised to leave one year too soon than hang on for one year too long. All of these guys have been making tons of money for a very long time – there won’t be any tag-days for them. The decision to retire is hard for a professional athlete but the wisdom/courage to go out on top is relatively unusual.

    Obviously, playing footie has been a consuming passion for them for the whole of their adult lives so it’s a step into the unknown to walk away – it takes a kind of self-knowledge which is not always something that they have in abundance. These guys are the very best of the very best and, as such, they’ve been told for all of their adult lives that they’re “special” so it must come as a slap-in-the-face to realize that they’re no longer “special” but just another warm body – or, as Keane-o said, “a piece of meat”.

  9. smartalex says:

    We want the best for Manchester United and the best for Edwin Van der Sar and his family.
    For the time that these paths are coincidental, we are resolutely defended.
    Be well, and well pleased, Edwin.

  10. Zulu-Malta says:

    Have you convinced yourself first ?????

  11. Banksy says:

    Don’t matter no more…edwins throwing the towle in. And keeper number 2 wants a defo move.

    So come on fergie….


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