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Rossi Can’t Wait To Play Against Best Team In The World

Giuseppe Rossi is seen as ‘the one that got away’ considering the great expectations we had on him. Whilst securing a nice transfer fee of 6.7 million, the fans were keen to keep a hold of him.

He has thrived at Villarreal, leaving us rather interested in supposed option we have to buy him back.

We have been drawn in the same group as the Spanish club, who finished 2nd last season, meaning we will be reunited with Rossi. He has today spoken about his excitement to return.

“The game against Manchester will be a great encounter against the best team in the world and for me it’s going to be special for having played there,” Rossi said. “Villarreal can’t wait to play such a game.”

How do you think Rossi will be greeted when he comes to Old Trafford next week?



  1. denton davey says:

    He should be greeted warmly.

    But, let’s not wear rose-coloured glasses about Rossi’s UTD career – the money from his transfer was used towards securing Tevez, Nani and Anderson. Rossi has shown himself to be a very good player while Anderson looks like a great player and Nani still has great up-side potential. At UTD Rossi was always going to get stuck behind TheBoyWonder and absolutely no one would choose Rossi ahead of Carlitos. Like so many other nearly-men, Rossi wasn’t quite good enough to get a first-team place on the best team in the world.

  2. Mic says:

    I think we all wanted Rossi to succeed at United but he just wasn’t built for our league I believe, apart from feeding of scraps to score goals there isn’t much more he’d offer in overall game IMO, at least Van Nis was a great target man and could hold up the ball. Villarreal rejected a huge offer for Rossi which annoyed me ‘cuz we sold him for ONLY 7 million!

  3. Prince says:

    i think Rossi should expect a warm greeting, because he didn’t leave badly, and he was a nice guy, i think he body build was
    just his disadvantage. we still wish him well.

  4. kasio says:

    it would have been good if we could hold on to him. but he wouldn’t have found it easy to break through in our starting eleven specially right now that we r having the best striking force in Europe. so it was a good desicision Fergie made rather than let him rot in the stands.

  5. A MAN UNITED FAN says:

    want him back

  6. suhayl says:

    good lad..great kid….decent player…but just not good enough for us.

    Denton Davey..” his transfer was used to secure tevez, nani and andy”??

    Really 6.7 mill went that far. Anderson + nani + tevez = nearly 67 mill ( if tevez does cost 32 mill as been reported ).

    Decimal point mate means the 6.7 we got for rossi didnt even pay their yearly wages.

  7. B2k says:

    I think he’ll be welcome warmly.we have nothing against rossi.that does’nt mean we wont take all three points against them.

  8. Tom F says:

    Villarreal, my PES team of choice… ah the truth is out I play PES!

    As for Rossi, it’s a shame he doesn’t play for us anymore. He was a player I’d catch up on week in week out when he played in the reserves and he scored a hell of a lot for us.

    I can only see a warm reception for Rossi. He did no wrong at OT.

  9. denton davey says:

    OK – his transfer fee was used as a “deposit” on the acquisition of Tevez, Nani, and Anderson. Is that better ?

    What I actually meant – but didn’t state clearly – was that the money from his transfer went towards securing the other three players. Just like the other out-transfers have been used to fund in-transfers.

  10. Fuglis says:

    Warm welcome, no doubt

  11. Markus Revolver says:

    Should get a good reception you would think. And i think SAF made the right decision in letting him go.

  12. suhayl says:

    Thanks Denton Davey…lol

    i know what you meant..

  13. FailsworthDevil says:

    United do have 1st option to buy him back.. thats why he signed a 6 year deal… as United can buy him back after 4 years…rumours are that United would have to pay the amount back they sold him for, and also the worth of the 4 years salary Villareal paid to the player… hence it means that they get the player for nowt… and United have effictively paid for Rossi to go out on loan for 4 years.

    Good young player… with a hell of a lot of prospects… just picked up a few injuries at the wrong time last season and pre season

  14. Tony Starks says:

    People who say he not good enough, have you seen him play since leaving United? he’s twice the player Campbell will ever be, I’m sure he will score against us…


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