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RvP and Chicharito clarify media frenzy

Chicharito RvPYou can tell United aren’t doing very well at the moment purely based on the amount of bogus, shit-stirring stories about us in the press.

Following United’s defeat against Olympaikos, the headlines suggested that Robin van Persie had blamed the result on his team mates.

“Sometimes I try to find ways to do more but in the areas I wanted to play, my team-mates were often there. This makes it difficult for me,” Van Persie reportedly told Dutch channel NOS. “Then I have to change my tactics to suit my team-mates, and play outside my zone. It’s a pity. We played too slow and could therefore create little. I rushed that shot. That’s a shame because I don’t get a lot of chances so when you get one, you have to score.”

Reports in The Mirror today, presumably leaked from the Van Persie camp, suggest that the player was “genuinely shocked” that his comments were reported as a dig at his team mates, when in reality he was criticising himself.

The following day, Javier Hernandez posted a picture on Instagram of him with Patrice Evra. The caption read: “Without your teammates you can’t be somebody in football, always be thankful.”

Journalists then interpreted this as a dig at Van Persie, something which Chicharito has denied via Twitter.

“Before I go to sleep, I need to put this cause things get a little out of context. Why do the press always take comments out of context, my comment on Instagram had nothing to do with RVP. We are great teammates working for the same goal, the TEAM! & Cause the team isn’t doing as well as we’d like everyone just wants to make everything look like a bad thing!”

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  1. wayne barker says:

    Redfrog that wasn’t the point Anti was pointing out some big away results in the CL I used the Utd result as a so what to a point that wasn’t valid

  2. wayne barker says:

    Redfrog no Tony V is a very good squad player and I expect him to stay.
    The only people who can decide that the Moyes hiring was a mistake is the Utd board and by all accounts there going to back him so I suggest you lot need to stop the whining and get behind him the way the club is

  3. Monica Bulker3 says:

    when was Tony V’s good performance wayne please remind us all here ? Tony V, Ashley and Tom are three of the most useless players in the entire world this season !

  4. wayne barker says:

    Listen Monica i’ve no intention of getting into with you,you normally show up matchday’s just to take shots you haven’t posted anything but negative posts,i don’t like you and don’t think you’re a Utd fan so please don’t address me because I think you’re a cunt

  5. John says:

    There are cracks inside the dressing room and its obvious. RVP will hand over transfer request in summer if David Moyes is somehow set to be still the manager for next season!

    I will sack David Moyes instead of making RVP frozen out any day of the week!

    Why David Moyes is still our manager by the way?!! :D :D

  6. samuel - united WE stand says:

    A new contract for antonio? What would that be for? Crossing dreadfully out of the stretford end? Lacking in sufficient flexibility and technique?.. .moyes would be losing the plot if he handed him a new deal. Valencia is on a huge decline. I have nothing against him. He is a good man, a good player a few seasons ago. I think most will admit the ecuador man’s time is up.. It would be shocking if younger and better players had to leave to keep him. Fergie mellowed has he went towards retirement, the earlier fergie would have sent young and valencia packing.

  7. John says:

    Its really unbelivable!!!! Why the fuck is David Looser Moyes Still our manager????!!! :D :D :D

  8. Monica Bulker3 says:

    Fuck you Wayne , I’ve been a United fan since 95 so fuck off you twat.I’m just pissed cause never ever in my life have I seen us playing this badly, while you, on the other hand, just want to suck off Moyes and support every stupid decision he made.

  9. wayne barker says:

    Samuel just my opinion I think he’ll get a new contract we’ll just have to wait and see

  10. Redfrog says:

    1)I remember against real Madrid at Bernabeu we have scored one and had few very good chances. We were playing counter attack. That is playing with a plan. Against Olympiakos we had one shot on target and that is it. With a good manager we will have scored few against Olympiakos. And for them not having any chances, well I remember a run of one of their players which should have make it one down early. Olympiakos deserve everything from this match.

    2)Valencia is a winger who cannot cross.

    3)If you back everything the club do then you should back all the players bought by Ferguson (which you slate actually) and you should back Glazers to taking money away from the club to put it in their pocket. Everything is fine in the best world for United.

  11. John says:

    If anyone thinks the whole squad is useless and JUST BECAUSE of Sir Alex ONLY we were winners otherwise would have been on this stage no matter whoever else is/was our manager even other than David Moyes, then PLEASE GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!

    Just ask to yourself ANYONE!! Its not something unique thats happening at Manchester United…….MANAGERS/HEAD COACHES DO GET A SACK EVERY YEAR, A LOT OF THEM and the reason for that is EXACTLY WHAT DAVID MOYES is cluelessly running our club and MAKING OUR BUNCH OF WINNERS look like useless!!

    Take it straight: David moyes is a useless fucker, who is holding unto the job just because he is BRITISH. He is clinging unto this job just because he is recommended by Sir Alex.

    Media bashing is so BIAS because he is BRITISH. FUCKING APES FROM ENGLAND WITH SUCH A CONSERVATIVE MENTALITY!!! I am sorry to say this but the neoptism level at that little island near France is fucking sad people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. edcunited1878 says:

    TonyV is a great squad player. He’s a professional, loves the Club, respects it and has his better games against lower opposition and sometimes he gives United that spark down the right with Rafael against better opposition.

    You have to take into account the player as a person and how he fits into the dressing room. He’s a good man. It’s a shame he’s regressed due to the fact that teams have adjusted effectively to his route one-style. It’s up to TonyV and the coaches to counter those adjustments made by the opposition to him.

  13. John says:

    Gary Neville, Iam sorry to say this, is fucking biased in his opinions in favour of David Moyes!!! Media editorials are so fucking apologetic. They try to deflect fans towards players and write about David Moyes as if he is Sir Alex. Fucking idiots useless British Journos. Fucking biased journalism. BRITISH PASSPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats the only reason. They are desperate for Moyes to succeed because he is British.

    Imagine the media bashing if David Moyes had passport other than British right now!! Its Pathetic. Its Sad in that island!!

  14. Redfrog says:

    @John, I agree. Moyes is the child of Fergie’s mate. How good is that in term of professionalism
    ? Fergie went soft and sentimental. He hires a rookie to give him a chance, hoping he will do it as he likes the boy.

    “the neoptism level at that little island near France is fucking sad people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”like it (I’m french lol)…if Moyers was not british no way journalists woold have pity “poor team” he inherited . In fact, he would have receive tone of abuses. Their is 2 factors why he is so supported. He is british. And let’s be honest, everyone apart us is enjoying our situation and pray we stick with Moyes.

  15. wayne barker says:

    Redfrog which Utd players have I slated? I do support everyone who wears the shirt as long as they show commitment

  16. Redfrog says:

    @edcunited…by your standards Cantona and Keane would have never play for us. Nobody is blaming Valencia as a person. But his football abilities are really poor. He can’t even cross now or pass a player. If you praise him for his “defensive abilities” then you don’t see him as a winger or at least as a United winger.

  17. Redfrog says:

    @Wayne, don’t tell me you have never slated a player. In fact, reporting all our problems on players is slating them in a way. if you have never done that, I apologize, my mistake mate. (I’m not one who will say I’m never wrong).

  18. Redfrog says:

    @Wayne. I can understand you by supporting the manager. I was myself wanting to give him another chance after Palace and admit that I went to far previously about him as I had some hope about our play and line up. But to go back with his trusted in Young Valencia and Cleverley right away against Olympiakos was to much for me. I think the guy will never learn.

  19. wayne barker says:

    I had issues with Nani and Rooney in the past but mainly by the way they’ve gone about things in contract negotiations attitude etc,mentioned Tom C has been struggling this year but I never come out and slate players.
    I was very upset Tuesday because I don’t remember a Utd side so lackluster I expect players to be committed and to respect the badge and fans as long as they do that I support whoever’s playing,anyway work beckons gotta go

  20. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Anyone else looking forward to David Moyes end of season speech in two and a half months? Should be interesting.

  21. Xyth X says:

    Have a look at this video if you haven’t already seen it:

    It perfectly illustrates how clueless we have become.

  22. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Gary – already wondering whether moyes will break the ”we will try to” record?.. we will sure ”try” to spend 200 mill on players and ”try” to beat westbrom at home.. we will give them a good hard game and make it tough for them.. we will keep ”trying” to make sure we never stop ”trying” as what can a man do? ”try” of course.

  23. edcunited1878 says:

    @redfrog – haha, my standards are different from yours. My standards are accountability, leadership and commitment in addition to the requisite playing skills. So by my standards, Keano and King Eric would be there. Pick and choose your battles here.

    Valencia is a squad player now and he shouldn’t be playing ahead of Mata, Januzaj, Nani, or Kagawa on a consistent basis. Valencia would have been fine to play against Palace and Mata coming from the left. Then that could have given United a better attacking outlet with Januzaj on one side with Young on the other (Moyes has an option that has better balance than Young and Valencia – at the minimum, Young and Januzaj are two wingers with ability on either foot, much better than Valencia).

    You can’t just fuck off players with ordinary talent (for United’s standards) who have won with United and understand what the Club is about. They have to see through young players, be professionals for the club and their teammates to see how shit is done at United. You’re not going to mix pure talent in every starting XI. You need proper balance of leadership, flair, intelligence and steel.

  24. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Samuel, maybe Moyes will send Carrick to do it instead? I nominate him new clubs spokesman after Tuesday’s rip roaring post match speech.

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Gary – at least we will get less delusional speeches and a slight dust of charisma from Michael?. goodness me, i can’t imagine the words of moyes inspiring confidence in anything, the man’s entire demeanour lacks belief in himself and his ideas.. it is nice to have modesty but i don’t think what we are seeing with moyes is humility, i think we are seeing a man that has remained at Everton for far too long, ingrained a certain limited mentality, he lacks the nous to think big and you know if you do not think with ambition then that certainly won’t translate onto the pitch.

    Through-out fergie’s tenure of building his blocks to legendary status, I’ve never been bored of his press conferences and speeches,, he inspired in every sense, i couldn’t wait to read his views on younger players breaking through etc., Moyes is none of this, there’s a lack of ambition to his every tone, a dourness.. there isn’t anything mysterious or predictable and to be honest, that has translated onto the pitch with his signings, man managing and way of playing. it is painful to watch. even if you want the man to turn it around and if he did, i would be delighted for him but i don’t think he has the mentality for a demanding job. I think he reckons playing down expectation will somehow aid him but Manchester united has high standards to maintain. I think this season, people can accept it is a transitional period but that should not be a reason to descend into the mediocrity we’ve witnessed all season. Progress was the minimum expected of the man but all people seem to get is ”we are trying”

  26. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Xyth X – that video sums united’s season as a whole and ashley young was prominent in that clip.. a truly shocking footballer.. for a player to lack awareness of his surroundings and just simply cross aimlessly.. goodness me.. The reason why kagawa was getting by-passed was because of the system, instructions and the one dimensional players playing within it.. if you play with kagawa and januzaj, you have two technically gifted confident players that will move around flexibly, demand the ball in tight spaces, glide past players, knit the attacking flow together and more often than not, find a crucial pass.. with kagawa, mata and januzaj, you have players that are not meant for pure wing-play, so why does moyes insist on purely and solely relying on a one dimensional method? the likes of Rooney and van persie are also quality footballers as well as potent goal scorers.. they can all keep the ball well, they can all play with flair and can all score goals if the manager can just instruct them to play with confidence and freedom. Moyes’ priority seems to be defence first and when he is in a desperate situation of plunging towards yet another limp defeat, he throws all the attacking players on to save the day.. it is pure dreadful and re-active tactical plan.. it is a recipe for failure at the highest level..

    united have the forwards to play flair football.. why are we still seeing one dimensional players starting games?

  27. Gary Mitrovic says:

    I can just picture the speech now. He addresses the masses with authority and shrugs his shoulders and while have a little laugh to himself “Well I wasn’t expecting that that’s for sure” while summing up our season. How the masses will laugh. “Well all we can do is try to do better next year and hopefully with a wee bit of luck see where that takes us” and the masses will stand to applaud in a sea of red and chant in unification “Come on David Moyes, play like Fergie’s boys! We go wild, wild!” And we’ll all live happily ever after in 7th.

  28. Tommy says:


    what a tool you are using the race card,You really are pathetic and your comments on here are cringeworthy at best

  29. Trafford_Lord says:

    @ Samuel- United We Stand

    This one is for you mate. No one can say I didn’t sound the horn about DM’s media skills.

  30. sir liam matt says:

    You are 100% right, It baffles me, why they aint no News in the british media about Clueless moyes, all you hear from them, is how the players at United are all Average players. not good enough for the club. The whole world knws it is Nepotism that is still keeping clueless Moyes at United.

  31. midfield-man says:

    XYth – I would go as far as saying that’s pretty much Shinji since he arrived here. The fact that we were successful under SAF masked that for most people, but not all..

  32. sir liam matt says:

    Why blaim the Players are they not the same players that playd under sir Alex, or was sir alex inside the Football pitch wit them?

  33. The_red_devils says:

    Great article:
    The dying embers of a recently roaring fire

  34. Jorge Curioso II says:

    What Van Persie said in the Dutch TV interview is clearly laid out in subtitles in this video.

  35. Jorge Curioso II says:

    So, United’s record signing, a player signed in desperation, a player United didn’t even need, and whom Moyes is playing out of position, can’t even make his national side.

    Well done, Moysie. Let’s give in 100 million to p*ss away in the summer, while our captain walks away from the team.

  36. Jorge Curioso II says:

    @The_red_devils, great article, indeed. Thanks for posting!

    “He was employed, without interview or recruitment process, on the basis that he would provide continuity”

    And the first thing the putz does is to dismantle the existing trophy-laden managerial staff. Should have been sacked right then and there.

  37. trevor knightsmith says:

    Great article.

    I have supported United since 1953, and never have I seen them as dispirited as this .

    We really are showing relegation form , we are dire, and no team fears us. We have also become a laughing stock .

    How anybody can have any confidence in Moyes is beyond me . He is probably a decent man and I desperately wanted him to succeed .

    But the simple truth is that he doesn’t have a clue , shows no aptitude to change things around .

    Embarrassing as it may be, I think it’s about time for the powers to be to admit that they have made a dreadful mistake , which everyone else can see apart from the blinkered, and replace Moyes at the end of the season.

    Much as I despise the man, does anyone believe we would be in this position if Maureen was in charge (or any other competent manager) ?

  38. Jorge Curioso II says:

    “Much as I despise the man, does anyone believe we would be in this position if Maureen was in charge (or any other competent manager) ?”

    Mourinho was arguably the single best candidate for the job, the one man with the cojones, the talent, and the trophy cabinet to follow SAF.

    It’s utterly mind-blowing that people like Bobby Charlton thought that Moyes was a better option. Absolutely astounding.

    BTW, per reports, David Gill, the man Alex Ferguson called the best chief executive with whom he’s every worked, wanted Mourinho.

  39. trevor knightsmith says:

    Didn’t say he wasn’t any good Jorge, I just don’t like him .

    Moyes is the opposite, like the bloke, but he isn’t any good.

    A club of our stature should have gone for a proven successful manager.

    I cannot think of anyone who could have done a worse job than Moyes .

    Olympiakos knew they could beat us last Tuesday, and the sad thing is, so did we, and it came as no surprise when they did.

    Also, the players should be thoroughly ashamed of their lack of effort, desire , and pride. A truly disgraceful performance against a side we should have brushed aside with ease, regardless who the manager is !

  40. Jorge Curioso II says:

    I’d argue that there’s much more to like about Mourinho than about Moyes.

    In addition, since when did subjective likeability become a criteron in picking a manager?

    The great irony is that SAF was universally disliked apart from Man Utd supporters, just as much, if not more, than is Mourinho.

  41. Jorge Curioso II says:

    I forgot the punch line.

    “So, United’s record signing, a player signed in desperation, a player United didn’t even need, and whom Moyes is playing out of position, can’t even make his national side.”

    Meanwhile, the player Moyes wasn’t sure was good enough, Thiago Alcantara, was called up.

    The hits just keep on coming.

  42. John says:

    Tommy says:


    “what a tool you are using the race card,You really are pathetic and your comments on here are cringeworthy at best”

    Tommy aka Night Security Guard, I still remember you once loudmouthing that if we miss top 4 every matchgoing fans know David Moyes will get a sack and you proclaimed (as if you are the only one) as a ST holder that he won’t last if he missed top 4 this season.

    I know like David Moyes having British Passport the two things you have here is 1) ST and 2) Time to become a resident troll here because of your job as Security guard, apart from these 2 things, you don’t know much about football technically which is obvious to all here and therefore your comments are worth not commenting back at best.

  43. trevor knightsmith says:

    “since when did subjective likeability become a criteron in picking a manager?”

    I agree Jorge, and how Moyes was chosen over Mourinho I find unbelievable , I don’t like Andy Murray , but he is a cracking tennis player, so who I like doesn’t have any bearing on ability .

    The longer Moyes stays, the more depressed I get !

  44. Jorge Curioso II says:

    Cheers, Trevor. My guess would have been that, much like SAF was “our SAF”, and we loved him, all of us would have felt the same about “our Mou”, had it come to pass. Shame we never had the chance.

  45. The_red_devils says:

    mata wasn’t selected because of his time at chelsea, he didn’t played much there before joining united. He has just played 4-5 games for united at a time when we are in poor form. Its not like thiago was selected because of he being better than mata.

  46. tallestreD says:

    So, United’s record signing, a player signed in
    desperation, a player United didn’t even need, and
    whom Moyes is playing out of position, can’t even
    make his national side.”
    Meanwhile, the player Moyes wasn’t sure was good
    enough, Thiago Alcantara, was called up.

    By this logic Moyes is a genius as TomC got called up.


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