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RvP: Arsenal’s Lack Of Trophies Turned Me Grey

The last trophy Robin van Persie lifted was the FA Cup in 2005 when United were robbed by Arsenal at Cardiff. Both teams were “in transition” at the time with Chelsea easily winning the league.

Since then, United have won four league titles, the European Cup, three League Cups and the World Club Cup, whilst Arsenal have won nothing.

Van Persie reckons the barren years at Arsenal turned him grey but he is looking forward to the probability of winning the title this season with United.

“That I’ll probably win my first championship is very nice,” he said. “I’m really thrilled about it. Not winning titles has given me quite some pain and it has made me greyer. It still has to happen. We have to go to Sunderland and West Ham, and we have to play Chelsea and if we win, we play back-to-back against City in the league and the FA Cup semi-final. Then we have Stoke. These are not summer-night games. I watched United drop the lead last season but it’s getting awfully close now, and I’m really happy with that.”

When Van Persie joined United in the summer several Arsenal fans called him a mercenary, claiming he was only leaving them for the money. A few months later, Van Persie is showing them exactly why he left, with a Premier League winners medal in touching distance. However, Van Persie doesn’t regret waiting until this season to join United.

“I think my move to United came at exactly the right time,” he said. “It shouldn’t have been any earlier or any later. Arsenal was for eight years the place to be. But last summer was the perfect moment to sign for United.”

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  1. Danizizu says:

    Don’t will win trophies with Unite

  2. Rob says:

    Of course Arsenal was the place to be for 8 years. Who else would have kept you that long with all those injuries. Ingrate.

  3. Zigzag says:

    what a pile of bull. what made you gray was worrying about how much money you will get you prat.

  4. chris says:

    Arsenal would’ve won a few trophies in the last 8 years if RVP hadn’t been crocked half the time. Take some responsibilty fo it, van Pursesrings!

  5. Jay says:

    If Arsenal were winning trophies there is no way he would of come to Manchester United, the same can be said about Nasri, Toure, Adebayor and even Fabregas. Arsenal only have themselves to blame, if they are not careful Wilshere could be the next one to leave. Loyalty goes out the door if your team hasn’t won anything for years. This goes for every top player at every top team.

  6. TheCANTONA says:

    Attention! Attention! Le Arse intruders detected. Whahaha!

  7. wayne says:

    You lot are mugs pay 100 quid a ticket and been sold a bill of goods all that matters is finishing top 4 in the meantime the club sells off all the top players and replaces them with rubbish.
    Why the fuck would a top quality player want to hang around when the club don’t pay the wages and don’t win fuck all.Every transfer window Wenger comes out with false promises about signing quality but it never happens and it never will untill Le Arse starts spending money and change the pay structure
    You lot will be the richest 8th place team in the league,if you’re all happy about paying the highest prices in the league to watch shit all that makes you is losers

  8. wabs says:

    do these arse-nil twats lie in wait just to pop up and spew bile? or is it just 1 cunt of many names?

  9. greenhoff77 says:

    @TheCANTONA……….What gave it away mate
    was it the “WENGER” style moaning

    of coarse we all know Wenger didnt see it happening blind fuckwit ….lol

  10. Bill Hick's Ghost says:

    99% of footballers want to play for United and the other 1% are fucking lairs. ;)

  11. King Eric says:

    Ooh some bitter Gooners on here.

  12. Gopher Brown says:

    He’s a Man Utd player now – he shouldn’t be talking about winning a trophy before it’s done. When it’s in his hands he should be immediately thinking about the next one.


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