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RvP: I Love Chicharito’s Attitude

One of the benefits of having one of the best strikers in the world in your squad is the impact he can have on the younger players. Robin van Persie has scored 11 goals in 14 starts this season, against the likes of City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal, and is a great influence on the training ground.

Van Persie argues that he can learn from our younger strikers though, with Javier Hernandez and Danny Welbeck displaying a fantastic attitude to the game.

“It goes both ways – I can learn from them as well,” he said. “For example, I love Chicharito’s enthusiasm. I love how he plays and trains and does his work off the pitch after training. A couple of weeks ago he wasn’t playing as much, but he was in the gym every day doing extra work, and that sets a big example for everyone. Danny, too. He’s not playing in his favourite position at the moment but we need him and he’s working hard. So when you have four strikers being so professional, it sets the tone for the others. Everyone realises we are all in it together and we all need to do our bit.”

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  1. tom c says:

    we all love Chicha’s attitude.

  2. bayoRed says:

    I love the proffesionalism at Old Trafford. Makes us different from the mercenaries (Barlotteli comes to mind) and makes Fergie’s job managing the squad easier. So everybody appreciates that Danny is being played out of position but still gives his all.

  3. Dave Malaysia says:

    Brilliant from RVP.

    Browsing thru some websites,saw some shit that torres is better than Welbeck/Chica.

    Just shook my head and left.

    Need to understand football, how Fergie looks for character and skills, thier commitment to the team.

    torres does not fit the bill. not one bit.

    In my opinion Welbeck and Chica are far superior. RVP has just highlighted part of it.

    Welbeck and Chica wont be pouting and raising thier arms and mouthing of like torres.

    Same can be said of the hugely talented pogba,morrision,fryers.

    End of this season will see Giggs and Scholes retire, maybe even Fletcher.

    It is already happening, Fergie is trusting the talent he is developing in key games.

    He has given them chances, Giggs has not been as effective, Scholes has had a mix bag of results.
    Fletcher is getting back into the team, which is a huge achievement but not strong enough just yet.
    Will be interesting to see how he progresses this season.

    Nani is the complete winger. But his decision making is frustrating.Now his agent has pushed United too far.

    Still , he may sign a new contract,improve and blow away our opposition. Maybe.

    So Tom Ince, Zaha ,James Rodrigues and now Theo Walcott.

    Who will be the fair maiden we go for and who will desire us?

  4. Marq says:

    Anyone who is a football Hernandez. His attitude, energy and pure enthusiasm.

    Maybe except Chelsea fans

  5. Marq says:

    Anyone who is a football fan would love Hernandez*

  6. The Left Bank says:

    I think RvP is a model professional and a great example of what a footballer should be on and off the pitch. The same goes for Chica.

    It’s great to see how our strikers can make each other better better. What I love about these guys is that in all their comments they always speak about the team and not about themselves.

    That’s the standard. That’s the United way.

  7. chichagiggs says:

    is that the most amazing chicha pic i’ve seen or what?

  8. invertedquestionmark says:

    I was semi-disappointed when RvP joined us. Not because of his qualities as a player but because I feel switches like this one ruin the romanticism of football a bit.

    However, it is impossible not to appreciate what a player and a character he is. If we were going to steal a star player from one of our rivals, at least we got the best one we could have hoped for.

  9. United Till I Die says:

    Its easy to underestimate the team spirit we have, but just look at the body language of other clubs and you see how professional our Squad is.

  10. rory says:

    pure class is all I can say. team spirit is really showing this year also. other big clubs in england are a shambles and are making fools of themselves week in – week out. United are in a different league when it comes to professionalism and class.

  11. domunited says:

    I love reading commments like this from RVP, other United players, and comments above from fellow reds: it makes me really proud to support Man United and thankful that at 6-years-old I chose wisely when asked by our soccer (a yankee!) coach to follow City or United (grew up in Manchester, CT). Love how in those 34 years since that the aura of the club hasn’t changed.

  12. ass kicker says:

    Chica is our new ambassador, lethal in front of enemy goal and great personality


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