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RvP: I’m Very Happy I Picked United Over City

Ahead of Robin van Persie’s first Manchester derby he has spoken about his delight at turning down Manchester City to join Manchester United. Both clubs were keen on signing last season’s top scorer when it became clear he wasn’t going to sign a new contract with Arsenal but Van Persie didn’t have any hesitation over picking us over them.

“I think I sort of made my mind up very quickly,” he told MUTV. “I’m very happy with my decision. I’m coming with a big smile to work every day. It’s not even work, it’s my hobby. I love it, I love football. Everyone has been so nice to me. I’m having the time of my life here so I don’t regret that. Obviously in a derby, you have lots of people being involved. Fans, players – everyone is committed, everyone wants their team to win. I know how it is, obviously. In the past I had the north London derby against Spurs and other derbies in London, but this is two Manchester teams in one city – one is called United and the other is called City and that’s it. They are the only teams, so it is the only derby, and the biggest derby.”

bwin special derby day bets

Fergie to tap his watch in second half injury time (90 mins or later) – Yes: Evens
Man Utd to score in injury time – Yes: 5/1
Tevez to be sent off – Yes: 10/1
RVP to score more goals than Aguero – Yes: Evens
Rooney to score more goals than Tevez – Yes: 11/10

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  1. DreadedRed says:

    Robin van Persie: United player, United class, United heart, United style, United welcomes you.

    Glad you’re happy mate, we are too.

  2. Costas says:


  3. theRedderdevil says:

    If we need to throw in a winger in the absence of Valencia, why not throw in bebe? i haven’t lost hope on him. he always conjures up a goal out of the blue

  4. Red says:

    To be fair he didn’t even mention city did he? IMHO
    I don’t think they were in for him , if they were he surely would have went there as they are the better team at the moment.

  5. Tintin says:

    I would preffer playing david petruce i feel this kid can bring suprise like sterling in liverpool. He can be our secret weapon

  6. wayne says:

    Redderdevil don’t think that’s a very good idea mate i’d rather see Rafa playing right wing,think Bebe needs putting in the books as a mistake and move on,he hasn’t even been part of the 1st team squad all year.
    Anyone who knows Sir Alex could make a killing,do me a favour just tap your watch in injury time,it would mean a lot to
    Love the fact the whores with all their money couldn’t sign RVP now we just need him to score the winner,icing on the cake

  7. MrKhan community leader says:

    I wonder whether fergie tries sketching slightly different. I would like to see jones at right back with rafa ahead of him on the wing. I mean why not? He can really attack and also help out the defence! Unlikely I know but one can dream.

  8. The One says:

    I’ve always thought RVP would be a super signing for us!!

  9. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    Is this a tabloid? The headline makes out this is what he said!

    You need to worry if your victories are counted by players signed rather than trophies won. Put it this way – he wanted a regular start……



  10. wayne says:

    Jon Phillips that’s what he did say you daft cunt,erm what the fuck are you going on about are you drunk you stupid cunt are you serously comparing the amount of trophies won by Utd to City and you’re a City fan?.That is probably the most ridiculous line i’ve ever read on ROM it’s confused me,WTF how many trophies have you won over the last 20 odd years 2? are you daft in the head mate,stop the glue sniffing for fuck’s sake.

  11. Dela says:

    @Jon Phillips Rose Hill …


  12. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    Erm, quite. Thanks, ‘mate’ for your coherent, expletive ridden rant. Superb, witty commentary of the highest order.

    However, I’m sure he said he’s very happy with his “decision”, rather than he’s very happy with choosing United over City. A clear example of spin by this website i.e. the headline could have stated “RVP very happy with choosing United over staying at Arsenal”. Understand? Of course, if you could point out the bit where RVP actually said what the headline states he said, then I stand corrected……………(tumbleweed)……….

    Secondly, I’m not comparing the amount of trophies won. Again, please point out where I said this……… The point was (read slowly if it helps) this website continually makes a play about RVP signing for Utd as though it is a victory of sorts; which strikes as desperate but I’d imagine it’s probably as you won the princely sum of naff all last year.

    Kind regards Wayne old bean.

  13. newton says:

    @john philips rose dickhead-another city whiny loser talking bullshit here.goto your bluemoon and talk about your empty stands and whatever is tickling your back side

  14. wayne says:

    i’m going to type veeery sloooooow i understand that if your not a half wit through drug abuse it’s not your fault
    There was 2 teams that made a bid for RVP that the Gunners accepted, one was City and the other was Utd hope i’m not going to fast for you.Wenger gave RVP the choice City offered RVP 300k a week much more than Utd.RVP chose Utd so[still with me] RVP’S decision was Utd over City,so when he says he’s very happy with his decision it means he’s very happy he chose Utd over City,do you understand now?
    The trophy and signing player line just didn’t make any sense it was like you’re a Utd fan pointing out the obvious to a City fan it was very confusing to me.Utd are the one who’s won all the trophies and City are the one’s whose claim to fame is having a rich owner and signing a bunch of whores.City are the one’s who reek of desperation to shed the shadow of Utd. Pointing out the obvious is not a sign of desperation it’s just that pointing out the obvious,RVP chose Utd over City although City offered a lot more money,what would you call it i’d call it a victory.He chose class and tradition over joining a bunch of whores at a shithole ,seems to me a victory for the good guys don’t understand were desperation comes into the equation?

  15. Soccerisfootbal says:

    Hey, jon phillips the jackass, dont blame us for the headline

    Skysports aint exactly tabloid is it?

    And its funny because oil money still isnt enough to attract the best. Aguero had no choice (lol his words, not mine) and rvp didnt have to think twice.

  16. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    1 – well done on cutting out the swearing. Congratulations.
    2 – not sure how the speed of your typing makes any difference; in helping me understand still if it cuts out the swearing then great.
    3 – my previous post stands – RVP did not say wht the headlines states. Understand? Again, point out in the body of the article where he SAYS he’s happy he chose Utd over City. Go on? Go on? Look for it! Where is it?!
    4 – I’m not sure I’ve ever read such an incoherent rambling paragraph as your final one. Weird.
    5 – it must be great thinking that all your players play for the love of the shirt. Cuckoo.
    7 – Good guys? Please. Anyone for Louis Edwards’ meat……..;

  17. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:


    Sky isn’t exactly tabloid? Questionable.

    Oil money still isn’t enough to attract the best? YaYa? Silva? And of course, dear old Carlos. Now who did he snub again??????????????????

    Nasri? Who did he snub again.

    Incidentally, I prefer oil money to the money that the Glazers used ie debt. Debt is what has screwed up the world economy for the foreseeable.

  18. King Eric says:

    Jon Phillips – Ha. Trophies won? You are a fucking joke pal. Your shithouse two bob club wins the lottery, an FA Cup and league and all of a sudden you are bigtime? Get fucked you bitter cunt. If United won nowt for the next decade we would still be the biggest club. 19/ 3 .

    Red – Yeah City are amazing pal, that’s why United are top of the league and City were in for RVP we all know that. Mancini got the fucking hump. Why would a United fan type a post like that. Wayne is right, there are laods of cunts on here. Why the fuck did half the top lads leave this site?

  19. King Eric says:

    Jon – Oh I am gutted we didnt sign that little fag cunt Nasri. He is fucking garbage pal . Ever think he joined your mob for the money?

  20. King Eric says:

    Jon – At least United make a PROFIT pal. How much do you lose every year again? Remind me please. You make me fucking sick you lot. Any fucking Arab could have stuck a pin in a map and done what he did to you. You have earned fuck all. United are hated because of jealousy. You lot are hated as you are a big fucking stain on the game. Oh Tevez? Ha the fat fucking golfer who swanned off for 6 months and STILL talks about United?

  21. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    King Eric – I know Nasri joined for the money. Point being? Deluded much? When are you lot going to wake up and smell the coffee? It’s a job for most of these guys – apart from all United’s signings who all supported United prior to joining and are doing it out of love. Give me. Break.

    Referring to Nasri as a Fag cunt? Lovely King Eric. Oozing class you are. Incidentally, quite happy with him to be honest thanks. Scored/assisted many a crucial goal for us last season. Of course, you’d prefer Ashley Young wouldn’t you……..

  22. meatnpotato says:

    john phillips – fuck off mate, The only reason you are on this blog is to cause a ruckus. Congratulations, you troll. Now fuck off back to bluemoon where you and other rents can talk about who you will sign next yada yada. Bunch of delousional cunts the lot of ya

  23. wayne says:

    Jon what decision is he talking about that he’s very happy with mind telling me please?
    Last paragraph seems coherent to me,what has desperation got to do with stating the truth maybe its incoherent because its a question you can’t answer?
    City are everything that is wrong with football only way they can get anyone to sign is to offer double the price in transfers and wages.Only players the club can attract are whores who don’t care about anything but the paycheck
    One after one have come out and stated would rather be somewhere else,you lot are so pathetic and desperate just take it.
    Makes me laugh mentioning Tevez any half decent club would have him out long ago the embarrassment he’s caused
    City might have a rich owner but just a joke a laughing stock,bunch of sad bastards.I feel sorry for you I really do,so desperate for success let the players who wear the shirt show total contempt for the club yet still cheer their names,nothing sadder

  24. TC says:

    JPRH – “Very happy with my decision” is what RvP said, the decision was between City and Utd, this was implied in what he was saying, it did not need to be reiterated again. Utd pull off signing a class act like RvP and city can have as many Golfing Mercenary players as they want. Could you honestly call either Tevez or Balotelli a Class Act? RvP, Hernandez, Kagawa; they all love the game, not necessarily Utd fans all their lives, but they respect Utd as a footballing establishment. Utd are like a fine old performance car, City is more a new one. It may be flash and quick, but one thing is for certain, as soon as the new model is released, PSG per say, no one will care about city and what they’re doing. Utd will still be a class side. History cannot be bought. We earned ours, you’re buying your own and going the wrong way about it.

    It’s obvious you’re bitter and conceited enough to spend your spare time reading around Utd blogs, do you have nothing better to do??

  25. TC says:

    @wayne Spot on mate. Deluded bunch they are

  26. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    My work here is done. Enough nibbles for today.

    I leave safe in the knowledge that I will never resort to the foul language you lot regularly use. Classless.


  27. wayne says:

    Typical City running scared

  28. TC says:

    Wind up merchant =.= the worst thing he can say is about foul language then he’s grasping at straws. It’s part of today’s society and there is a time and a place for it; discussing Utd, a team we all love, I don’t mind it getting a little heated, just shows we have some PASSION! Something the expendables seriously lack.

  29. wayne says:

    Jon you ran off without answering the questions.What decision was RVP very happy about and why are City fans so pathetic spporting players who would rather be somewere else

  30. tom c says:

    the one season we win nothing and the same that City win one and they come and try shove it in our faces. um bitters for a reason.

  31. United Till I Die says:

    @John Phillips

    Come on, surely you of all people can realise the irony of pointing out our lack of silverware last season? You’re a City supporter, its taken your lot 36 years to win TWO trophies to rub together! Discover some class to go along with your new found “success” aye?

    And before you say it, I fully get the point you were making. Your saying United should concentrate on our victories on the pitch rather than in the transfer market.

    But we went out and bought last seasons top striker after losing on goal difference, and thats because we’re concentrating on retaining it this season. So your point about not concentrating on new talent is daft. Don’t forget, you lot didn’t win ANY titles this side of Pacman before you signed over 100 million worth of players. Don’t get giddy over an FA Cup and EPL title pal, get some class.

    As for RVP, he’s currently the best striker in Manchester, and the top goal scorer in the league. Every time he starts for United the footballing world is reminded just how class he is. On the eve of the derby of course we’re gonna celebrate our big signing, especially when he could’ve earned a lot more with City.

    And Tevez didn’t snub us ffs. I remember very well being disappointed with the way Ferguson cast him aside like a used condom, so you’ve got no chance convincing me he snubbed us. Every time he meets United he has the look of a spurned girlfriend, and we’ll probably see it again tomorrow. I still feel pity for him tbh.

    The Nasri mention made me laugh, he’s nobody special. Only Wenger got any value from him so if anything we’ve dodged a bullet. Yaya and Silva are the only top attacking players you have, and both look disinterested this season. Its as if the novelty of winning the EPL with a small club has worn off, and that was BEFORE they got knocked out in the first CL round for the second season running. The press called it mind games but I’d call it common sense to suggest that Mancini needs all the luck in the world keeping that squad together. If we nick all 3 points you’ll probably end up letting Chelski back into the title race. Says it all really.


  32. United Till I Die says:

    @John Phillips

    Slightly off topic…. you say you prefer Oil money, but you do realise that our Oil-dependent world economy has a lot to do with the fucked up situation we all find ourselves in?

    If clean energy sources were adopted instead of primitive, geo-political shit like fossil fuels, we’d have a stimulated economy, real world-wide job creation and less taxation, even with these parasites in power creating all the debt.

    But as it stands today, the Oil-dependent economy just provides the West with an excuse to invade post-Colonial countries and install new rent-boy political leaders ad infinitum. So fuck fossil-fuels, basically. Its a primitive energy source for primitive knuckle draggers in the West.

    They ain’t perfect by any means, but I’d much rather have the Glazer family own United than a bloke who governs a country like UAE. We’re talking about a country where 99% of the labourers creating all the wealth are foreign migrants with sod all rights, working without a break through noon in a desert. Charming.

    My advice? Don’t bring up your owners on here, they are nothing to be proud of regardless of what Sky News says. Oh, and Rupert Murdoch (Sky Sports, The Sun, The Times, etc) is a 50/50 business partner with YOUR owners (Sky News Arabia) . Imagine that?

  33. United Till I Die says:

    *working without a break through noon in a fucking desert. Thats where the money for all your transfers comes from, cos your club doesn’t make a profit does it? Charming.

  34. ronnie says:

    @wayne you saw him off buddy what a fucking hero you are…………he complains at how you ramble but not one coherent response and he fucks off…………….haha you are THE BEST………..

  35. TheCANTONA says:

    LOL. John Phillips running away like a girl! hahahaha….!!

  36. StatesideAussie says:

    King Eric and Wayne, cheers lads, you really stuck it to that deluded, bitter cunt. Hahaha!

  37. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    Hello my lovelies!

    Good to see you’re all congratulating each other on seeing me off; (sycophants the lot of you) you hardy fellows. My particular favourite ? Ronnie : you are the BEST! Horrific cringe.

    United til I borezzzzzzzzzzzzzz (loved how I eeked so much out of you). If only the world were like that then it’d be lovely and rosy. Meantime, in the real world, China (the East) are takin over. So it ain’t just the West, as you say. But anyway, f*ck fossil fuels, as you say – problem being, they’re here till you’re pushing up daisies…. Wheras the three Gnomes’ debt will have spiralled out of control and stung you royally.

    Oh, RVP ain’t the top scorer in the league. Yet another lie but carry on if it suits….

  38. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    Incidently, you can’t retain something you don’t own. You are not the champions. Auguerooooooooooooooooo put paid to that.

    How was that sunny afternoon for you all? You will never, ever repeat that! What a finish. Drink it in you southern out of town red plastics.

  39. Soccerisfootbal says:

    Lol yaya toure? You mean the bloke that has been crying to the media that he wants a different challenge elsewhere?? Yes congrats on signing another player that had no choice, no one else would pay his demamds. He doesnt give any fucks about city.

    When you signed silva, again no one else wanted him, he wasnt the best at anything, mourinho chose ozil instead, so he couldnt go to madrid. If he was anywhere near as good as he was last year, madrid or barca would have came knocking. For all i know silva just playef out his skin for 1/2 a season, no reason to believe that he will be consistantly as good as he was for the first half of last year.

    And nasri is best at what exactly? You’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here arent ya. He aint even world class, wake the fuck up, he’s a good player, but you’re having a laugh if you think anyone considers him to be one of the worlds best. He spends half his time on citys bench

  40. Rohan_19 says:

    Hey joe philips rose hill.. — united didn’t win anything last year. They still did win a game in europe you know.. Your expensively attracted players did square root of fuck all… And for a city fan to make that comment about signing players over trophies or whatever the fuck is highly delusional..

    No matter how verbose you try to be, everyone will see through you.. Fucking two bob dickhead with fucking annoying sense of being better.

  41. Rohan_19 says:

    So lets see here, this idiot thinks david silva signed for them cause he saw potential?
    My my. Arent you like a menstruating teenager.

    Also, we aren’t champions now, we are in the champions league.
    You guys have the number of points in 6 games that we got in our first game.

  42. Rohan_19 says:

    You are a city fan, you are classless by default.

    Remember that idiot who tatooed rooney on his back.?


    Also get over it man. We were, we are and we will always be the bigger club.

    You owner bought you cause he though of the market he could generate by buying manchester uniteds local rival and making them big.

    Your existence isnt two penny worth to him..

    I heard city fans have been warned by the club that they might actually find someone sitting beside them for the derby.

    Shit club, shit fans. Classless cunt.

    And i will abuse you. Each post.

  43. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    Soccer is football (really?) – Nasri world’s best – who said that? You won a game in Europe?! Wow! Give me that over he laegue any day – er, well, actually……. Who came knocking of Nited’s players?

    Ronin – menstruating teenager? What on earth are you on about? Operation Yewtree will be on to you sonny Jim. Why are you lot even bothering n Europe – zero change of winning it and you know it.

    Expensively acquired players f all? Apart fm win the league? Joke.

    Please don’t abuse me – I don’t think I can take anymore zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  44. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    Cheerios lovelies. Off to the match. Enjoy watching it from your PCs….


  45. 2OLEgend says:

    U-N-I-T-E-D, United are the team for me
    you’re a nut sack, yellow-black, go give a dog your bone
    You – Jon Phillips, fuck off home

    -to whom it may concern-

    get a life, stop feeding the troll

  46. United Till I Die says:

    @John Phillips

    When your wpm are as high as mine typing a few paragraphs on a blog about the Club you love is nothing. Must say I find it a bit disconcerting that you got a kick out of my response? What are you, anyway, a gimp? Get some fresh air pal. Live a little.

    And you’re right, I typed T for retained instead of G for regained. You deserve a pat on the head and two gold stars for noticing that. Its a shame you didn’t put the same effort into your response to me. As it stands you’re all talk and no trousers – a bit like the mighty City squad this season eh?

    Anyway, is only occurring to me now that im probably talking to some spotty, teenage, billy no-mates. And on that note im off. I just hope you enjoyed todays game you little pleb haha.

    And try not to let Chelski back into the title race, your lot have a title to reTain after all.

    @20OLEgend – don’t you worry yourself, he needs teeth to be a troll.

  47. gfunk says:

    Somebody piss on this turd jon philips


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