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RvP: It’s great working for Moyes

Robin van Persie, currently away on International duty with Holland, has sung the praises of David Moyes.

“It’s great working with the new manager David Moyes,” Van Persie told De Telegraaf. “He has his own style and methods and I like these. We are working very hard from the day we started our tour to Asia and Australia. This will result in good matches, that’s for sure. There is a very good atmosphere at the club. I’m happy with the style of Moyes. He does his own training sessions, he’s close with the players and prepares us with his staff very well for the next opponent. That keeps us in shape.”

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  1. Proverb says:


    That’s the only mistake I saw from sir alex, there should have been a plan B after that sending off. As a big club, rather than crying miserably over something that can’t be changed tactical overhaul is required after an unexpected occurrence. As seen, from moureen’s quick reaction it does really work.

    We were one man up if you consider the hostile atmosphere was being created inside old trafford, a few twist here and could have probably save the match.

    Chelsea did it against a tactically capable team that’s bara, madrid a far cry to the monster that are the catalans on taking advantage of such advantage.

  2. bayoRed says:

    Jones @ 15:18 Well said mate!

  3. parryheid says:


    It was not a Bump it was a high boot to the chest/head area sideways,was always going to get punished no question,the ref just took the severest one and I had no problems with that decision and wouldn’t if it had been yellow either.But that is in the past forget it.And as for being better than any one simple Prove it.Best way to stop guys like me doubting him.

  4. Proverb says:

    @perryheid nani will get chances now that we have move on from the more cautious approach under fergie. With a well rated gangly guy to control the flow of the game.

    In so doing enabling the more adventurous players from taking more risks in more advanced positions that not with assurance their back will be monitored full game. Its one step by moyes which could prove pivotal in unleashing the creative side of the likes…

  5. Proverb says:

    Lol @kanchelskis

  6. The Hound says:

    Rooney should have been sent off after scoring his overhead kick against City then. Clear high foot and he didn’t know Micah Richards was behind him or not. May as well send off everyone who attemptes an overhead kick or just outright ban it. Should ban anyone controlling a ball above waist height as it’s dangerous. Pathetic arguement Parryheid. Players on a regular basis take balls out of the air with their feet and that was no different. Henry consistent took balls out of the sky with his feet. Should have been sent of every week then. Never was that a red card. Never.

  7. parryheid says:


    You could well be right we will see how it pans out in the very near future.

  8. Proverb says:

    I understand when people hate nani
    But to judge him based on that sending off tasteless

    Fuck me! There was no intention to hurt whatsoever. Worst decision ever!!! I’ve seen a lot of those, believe there was no penalty. Fucking piss poor decision ever

  9. AntiScouser says:

    The reason I barely read the rubish that gets published on this site has to do with the fact that most contributors and commentators have slowly become conspiracy theorists.

    The Turkish referee is NOT a Madrid fan. The profile on twitter was fake (if you search, I bet you’ll even find it in the archives here).

    Nani’s chllenge was reckless (@kanch the image DOESN’T show Nani’s foot at the moment of impact. I believe it was the chest area) and although I don’t think it was a red card, I refuse to believe it had anything to do with dishonest conduct.

    I’ve listened to Scousers moan for years how United cheated their way through. I don’t want to go through it again, only with our fans.

    When our team plays badly or fails, it’s not necessarily a fault of someone else. We were 1:0 up when Nani went off.

  10. The Hound says:

    No conspiracy, just a shithead, egotistic referee who wasn’t fit to referee and made an awful decision that had a major effect on the game.

  11. parryheid says:


    Hate?Nah just recognition he doesn’t do what it says on the tin,ask another question the last one,why didn’t he just step to his right and take the ball on his chest or alternatively head it? Think he was going to control it with his action?I don’t.

  12. The Hound says:

    Parryheid, why would he head it when he csn bring the ball down and then then take it forward and he wasn’t in a position to chest that. Have you even played football before? Why did not one single Madrid player complain to the referee or surround him? Because like everyone else they were just getting on with the game. It was a nothing incident and you’re just like Keane trying to controversial and smart. You’re not smart. You’ve listed pathetic reasons why it was a red. That decision was condemned worldwide by fans and media alike

  13. parryheid says:

    The Hound

    Take it down and then what do a 360 degree turn and carry it up field.Yeah right and Oh I played it allright but poorly but there is nothing wrong or inferior about my yaks nor my ability to judge the possible.One step to his right put him in position but you are belabouring the point for some reason.

  14. unitedaddicted says:

    Not the challenge, but I felt at the time that nani kind of tried to stamp arbeloa afterwards. Maybe the ref felt the same way too. But offcourse after seeing the replays clearly not a red.

  15. Proverb says:

    Nani is a technician, he believes in his own ability he’ll attempt those, its encouraged. The zidanes and many other legendary footballers did that and they never were punished for it, as its not dangerous as long as its not in intention to hurt opponent. And In this case he wasn’t, the cunt that’s arbeloa threw himself into the challenge he knows had nani managed to bring that ball down he would never stop him thereafter its a strategy which with the help of cunt kakir proved to be the catalyst. Iooking at that incident its true nani went all ganghu as soon as he saw arbeloa had committed himself but even so to the extant for it to warrant a straight red, a yellow at best.

  16. wayne says:

    Nani was following the flight of the ball,it was completely unintentional so by the letter of the law not a sending off.What’s the fucking point of this argument has nothing to do whether Nani will find his form again.Imo Nani went through last season sulking now he’s got a new contract I’ll go a long with everyone who thinks it’ll make a difference,only time will tell

  17. Proverb says:


  18. unitedaddicted says:

    Nani perfectly suits the one winger policy of DM as he plays well on both flanks.

  19. parryheid says:


    Absolutely no point it’s done and dusted some while back,it started as an response to a poster and went downhill.

  20. RedEric says:

    According to you Nani should not have been given a contract no? Just b’cos he’s fucked up with only one champions league game yeah? Well let me give you some other perspective, our game versus Bayern Munchen, champions league. Nani’s goal was superb and his crossbar rebound was class act. So now if a player is slate by one game let there be another to amend

  21. Costas says:

    Never a red card. But it wasn’t the sole reason for our demise that day either. You’re kind of putting your head in the guillotine when go into a season with poor options in midfield. Our bench for that Madrid game didn’t feature one midfielder who could have come on and taken some of the pressure off the defence. Naturally Mourinho knew this, brought on Modric and the rest is history.

  22. parryheid says:

    Red Eric.

    According to you the fact my opinion on Nani differs from you and likely many others its an opinion I shouldn’t have? Have you been following post One by me on this matter where I asked a question?I notice you did not attempt to answer it.Go back and read it Then give me Your answer.Nani’s game versus Real was raised by some one else,I responded Tip for You don’t attempt to jump into something You obviously know Fuckall about as you have not read the posts and another tip don’t try and get cute with all Nani’s yesterdays it’s Today’s and Tomorrows you should be concerning yourself about.GIRUY

  23. midfield-man says:

    Regarding Herrera transfer he says:

    “I reached no agreement with United. I am proud they made an offer for me, and that Athletic wanted me [to stay]. I do not feel used by United, they made a formal offer. Athletic did not want to negotiate, I value that,” Herrera told reporters.

    “I feel very flattered to see that one of the biggest clubs in the world like United made an offer for me.

    “The lawyers who were at the LFP offices did not represent me. I do not know who they were.

    “I don’t discuss hypotheticals. I am just telling you how things were. At no moment did I speak with United.

    “They had to pay the €36m clause and then seduce me more than Athletic. I never saw myself elsewhere.”

  24. Sparkz says:

    That quote from Steve round on Fellaini btw – “When you are building a squad to compete on all fronts you don’t want every single player to be the same. You want options and differences. In a certain game it might be Tom Cleverley and Carrick in midfield, it might be Fellaini and Carrick, or Fellaini and Anderson. There are different permutations.”

    This is one of the reasons I’ve come round to the idea of Fellaini signing. Variety. Not as good as the Carrick/Scholes/Hargreaves/Anderson (when he was playing well)/Fletcher combo of 2007/08…but the best we’ve had since. If Ando can get his act together, I’d be interested to see him and Fellaini in the middle of the park at some point.

    RE Nani – If you go back to 2009, after Ronaldo left. Nani started that season okay, then he lost his place and there was speculation he’d be sold. Instead we gave him a new contract and he went on to have a brilliant couple of years. He’s a confidence player and when he feels he’s being trusted by his manager he will fly.

    Last 18 months he’s been hampered by injuries, and even when fit, Fergie generally preferred graft over guile (and I think the contract situation led to him being given reduced game time as well). Hopefully he’ll be injury free and get a consistent run in the side, because when he’s had that, we’ve seen the results.

  25. WeAreUnited says:


    One of the best comments about Nani! Bravo.

    @parry a lot.of us has answered to your question about Nani and some even requestioned you, how do you answer?

    Btw I think guys starting to analyse the OBVIOUS red card is silly, no one expected it, that’s why the reactions are what they are, but it’s gone and we should not review it.

  26. RedEric says:

    See my comment @ 13:01.
    You’re entitled to opinions but according to your argument about Nani’s red card it shows you kind of despise the lad and sorry if am wrong. Regardless of what you may feel about him he is our red now for 5 year. Give him some chance

  27. The One says:

    Fellaini should be an excellent addition to the squad; he will add a to our midfield variation and his presence in the middle of the park will be invaluable; I think he’s a very much under rated player by some here and he should improve with the players he’d be playing with here:

  28. parryheid says:


    A couple of posters have given the view they think will happen because of his new contract.Fair enough but do not see any question to me.If you consider Red Eric’s post to be a question regarding my question then I don’t.All I see there is someone picking up the bullets made by a particular pretentious cunt who has difficulty understanding I think Nani is not very good.Amazing that some on here don’t like that,I wonder why.

  29. parryheid says:

    Red Eric

    point is that was not anything to do with my original question and I don’t despise anybody I just don’t think he is very good,nothing hard about that some had the same view about Berbatov which differed from me but I did not try to make a case for him I accepted some thought he was better elsewhere.

  30. Hans says:

    @parryheid 14:01

    What’s done on that night cannot be undone by our discussions, but Arbeloa knew exactly what he was doing.

    Nani vs Young – No dilemma whatsoever. Nani wins every time. We have hardly seen anything from Young.

    Nani vs Valencia – Nani is certainly more talented and skilful. If only he can find consistency. Early signs were promising. Fergie would have never signed last year’s Valencia. He was awful to say the least. Last Sunday he played better, but still long way off what he would like. Has he forgotten to take people on and to cross?

  31. parryheid says:


    I am well aware how far Valencia fell below the standards he himself set and if he repeats it this coming season my opinion on him will be the same as Nani is right now.

  32. Denton Davey says:

    The only thing in this quotation from Steve Round that is perplexing is the insistence on “variety”. Surely, it would be better to have TheBigFella and MC16 as OptionA and some variation = “variety” – as OptionB. Last season, SAF got the best out of MC16 by playing him all the time; I reckon that something similar should be done with MC16 AND TheBigFella. Stability in midfield would be great – and if TheBigFella can complement MC16 then other facets of his game should flourish, too.

  33. Sparkz says:

    I don’t really like comparing Nani and Valencia as we can play both of them in the same side (that’s been our best wing combo of the last few years). But here’s my 2 pence on the subject:

    Assists wise – I don’t think you can separate them. If they both played roughly the same amount of games, they’d get roughly the same amount of assists. So if you look at where they differ:

    Valencia gives you more power and defensive work
    Nani gives you more goals and technical ability

    All comes down to personal preference I suppose, I know who I’d go for

  34. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    @Parryheid – I always thought Valencia was picked ahead of Nani on the RW due to the fact that Giggs could no longer play the LW and Nani was the best option. Once Young was brought in to take the LW, Valencia still beat out Nani. I think Rooney had something to do with that choice. It seems pretty evident that Rooney and others had no patience for Nani when Nani repeatedly cut in from the flank and tried a 20 yd left footed shot instead of a cross. I don’t suggest that Nani does no have the skill to pull that move off, however, it seems like only 1 in 20 shots like that are on frame.

    Nani was dropped because he became a black hole in the final third. Not enough quality crosses and entirely too many off frame shots. Pretty sure that Sir Alex wanted crosses into RVP and Rooney instead of speculative long range shots. Valencia provided those crosses – albeit not as well as they used to be.

    Maybe the switch to a 4-2-3-1 will help Nani as he will be expected to rotate across the formation and get shots from closer to goal? Hopefully it works for him because United are stuck with him for a couple more seasons at least.

  35. parryheid says:

    Wee Toms Ligaments

    Personally Iv’e always thought Valencia gave us more and like you say patrolled his beat constantly.Something to be said for your points,watch you don’t come into the crosshairs, Hah.

  36. Proverb says:

    Valencia was picket ahead of nani due to his defensive qualities. Going forward he has never been better than nani.
    Sad reality is that he has now been figured out, he’ll never hit the heights similar to his first season here, those assists he planted for Rooney now with van persie could make us unstoppable but fact of the matter is, he’s one dimensional teams has sussed him.
    Best bet for him is to take on the full back spot whilst rafa recovers from injury. nani is boss sorry, when motivated he’s a monster of a players, he gets you match winning goals from about anywhere around the pitch.
    Don’t get me wrong I like valencia, he fucked off his agent to commit himself to this club, he’s a joyous human being. Although sentiments are for weak minded, I for one will tell it as it is

  37. Blah says:

    Fellaini bossing the show!!
    It’s only Scotland
    Iam only from Glasgow
    And it’s only pissing down but a home game

    Want to know who’s going to be instrumental in no fuk ups
    Away during the shitty cold season and who’ll keep strength and dignity
    Throughout the pitch in those away 21 points worth during nov-feb

  38. WeAreUnited says:


    fair enough, agree to disagree, I myself prefer Nani and Valencia together, if Nani gets his acts right on the left flank, if not then I prefer Nani over Valencia any given day, not because I don’t rate valencia, but I rate Nani more and believe in his kind of players, that being said just so you know that it’s not all abotu flashy players for me, Becks is one of my all time favourites out here, but football is evolving.

    anyway, respect your opinion, just that you sometimes come a bit harsh and see onyl one side of the coin.

  39. WeAreUnited says:

    and flashy players I mean, players who do tricks on the pitch, cause obviously Becks was a flashy player outside the pitch. the irony

    anyway. peace.

  40. parryheid says:

    We AreUnited.

    Have no complaints with any posters opinions on any player,just happen to be an opinionated person who expects to state my point.And I consider + six years more than sufficient to prove yourself.Dont forget I didn’t even mention Anderson.

  41. HONESTY says:

    @Parryheid…….clueless twat.

  42. WeAreUnited says:

    @parry I don’t get this? six years more than sufficient to prove yourself.Dont forget I didn’t even mention Anderson.

    but fair enough.

  43. parryheid says:


    Educate me,show me where I am clueless by giving me insight to the questions I asked.Go on convince me,and twat yeah even I think I’m one so what’s new.

  44. DreadedRed says:


    I guess you describe yourself as honest because you know that truthfulness will NOT be evident in your posts. It certainly not evident at all in your comment at 00:20.

    parryheid clearly shows on this thread that he is far from clueless. His judgement differs from mine, but his views are backed by logic (possibly flawed, no matter as we’re all human and therefor err). Further, he has consistently rebuffed many an argument on this matter, AND he has always been open to correction. If you disagree with him, convince him with salient points and logic.

    All he is asking is “Why would a new contract be likely to improve Nani’s contribution” and “How can RoM posters be so sure, when Nani has been here for 6 very inconsistent years”

    I agree with most on here that the new contract will likely result in our preferred Nani being evident, rather than the somewhat wishy-washy, sulky show-boater of recent times. He is very emotional, and therefore easily distracted. With him, success breeds success – the better he plays, the better he is received, the better he plays. I can’t prove it, but I believe it. Just as parryheid (and the other thread contributors) can’t prove their opinions in this prediction.

    HONESTY? I’ll give you honesty. I’d rather have a frustrating 3 year disagreement with parryheid, where neither of us is able to convince each other; than have a one second agreement with you. Why? Coz you’re a fucking clueless twat.

  45. true_red4ever says:

    I am the most.true united fan here


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