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RvP: You can’t blame Rooney

England have been knocked out of the World Cup after just two games, their earliest exit from the competition ever.

Following Steve Gerrard assisting Luis Suarez towards the end of England’s 2-1 defeat against Uruguay (he’s done it again, he’s done it agaaaaain), they were left to rely on Costa Rica to lose to Italy. They won though, confirming England’s World Cup was over.

Still despite scoring one of England’s two goals, and assisting the other, Rooney has taken some stick.

Robin van Persie argues that criticism is unfair though and that Rooney isn’t to blame for England’s failings.

“Wayne is a great player. I came to Manchester United to play with him and I’ve never regretted that move,” he said. “By training and playing with him, he’s shown me that he is a world class player. He was under a lot of pressure but he has been since he made his debut. If you look at his performances he’s been very good. He played as a left winger [against Italy] and made the assist [for Daniel Sturridge's goal]. Against Uruguay I think he did well again. I don’t think you can blame him for scoring one goal, working his socks off and missing three chances by inches because they were just inches and I don’t think it’s him to blame. He gave his all for his country like he always does. He’s a great player and a great goalscorer so I don’t think it’s fair to criticise him that much.”

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  1. Jackie Spain says:

    I agree with Van Persie. The stick Rooney has had, especially on Yahoo!, is ridiculous. Everyone seems willing to post a stupid comment on Rooney but complete ignore the poor performances by Stevie Me and Henderson and the other non-entities playing for England.

  2. Tommy says:

    Of course you cant blame Rooney for going out of the WC, its a team game and all Englands pathetic perfomers deserve the blame and not just 1 man

  3. FBr David Lee says:

    what do u expect from england performance when
    1. rooney played out wide
    2. no lack of urgency amongst sterling, sturidge & sterling, these choked on the final 3rd.
    3. gerrard was non existence in the midfield, and henderson was picked up ahead of better players like lallana or barkley or wilshere.
    4. Playing the liverpool way…lolx

  4. Jackie Spain says:

    Typical media tonight. ITV News had a headline about England going out with a whimper and to enforce this showed Rooney trying valiantly to get a head on Gerrard’s poor free kick, implying it was Rooney’s fault. I doubt they’ll mention the 5 sitters Sturridge missed.


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