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Saha: Still Got Fergie Hairdryer After Scoring Twice

Two weeks after signing for Manchester United and on his second game for the club, Louis Saha scored twice against Everton within the first half an hour. He had scored a goal on his debut too so was feeling rather chuffed with himself.

When United went off 3-0 up at half-time, Saha was expected a pat on the back from Sir Alex Ferguson, but instead was given a hard time for not putting away all his chances.

“When I headed towards the changing-room, I was feeling proud,” he said. “As soon as I sat down, I was woken up in a violent way — Sir Alex Ferguson rendered me deaf. I was surprised but yes, it was me he was yelling and screaming at. He was going mad and I quickly understood why — he was unhappy because we came in with only a three-goal lead when we should have wrapped the game up. He was furious about my missed chances and reminded me that this is the very top level. Wow. I woke up even more sharply when 45 minutes later Everton had come back to 3-3. Goodison Park was on fire. Only Ruud van Nistelrooy helped me escape the nightmare — with a stoppage-time goal.”

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  1. CedarsDevil says:

    Always liked Saha at every level….. But wow that is some share, just goes to show the levels of expectations the boss demands and instills in his players. Poor bugger must have shit his pants

  2. Jeet says:

    Top story. Wonder if he would do the same today though. Players seem to have softer egos these days, as the sport increasingly moves from its working class roots, and some players would probably call their agent after that sort of thing.

  3. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The tales of what could have been for the glass-man. Never stayed fit enough, at one point i felt he was doing it to stay home with his wife.

    Super talented saha. pace, power, all round technical abilities and a hammer of a left foot, what a player.

    In my view, saha never fulfilled his potential of terrorising defenders regularly at the highest level and being one of the very best strikers in the world at united.

    In his time at united, he was fantastic though and has carved a good career at everton, looks to be doing well at spurs but hopefully not against united.

  4. samuel - united WE stand says:

    And the high demands from Fergie sets him apart from everyone. He’s never rested on his laurels even when it looked comfortable, he keeps driving on and that’s the mentality he has ingrained into his players.

  5. msuvn says:

    I like the part where Saha asked the boss to considered him as a youngster and let him fight for his place again after going through so many injuries. Got to respect the guy!

  6. Gerriered says:

    Great lad he was.I liked him though he could frustrate a lot with his injuries especially during warm up. As for his revelation, I think that is what makes SAF the very best.

  7. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    Injuries robbed him of a shedload of career goals and trophies. If not at United he was always going to be at another top team because he was a very complete striker. Hope he stays fit at Spurs.
    As for Fergie well that’s what he’s known for. If modern players and their ego’s can’t take it you can only imagine how they’re affected by abuse from the terraces.
    I know I’d prefer to have 40,000 giving me dogs abuse than trudging into the dressing room after fucking up to face fergie’s fire and brimstone.

  8. Take me to Old-Trafford says:

    One of those RoM intruders has bn exposed.

    CiTyBlUe Feb 27, 2012 11:31 PM According to my archive its City 92 United 8 so my concern is a healthy City one thanks. If you want obsession and concern hop on over to republikofmancunia, there you have plenty of idiots with obsession and concern for clubs other than their own.

  9. CedarsDevil says:

    Bobby Charlton’s combover

    ‘I know I’d prefer to have 40,000 giving me dogs abuse than trudging into the dressing room after fucking up to face fergie’s fire and brimstone’

    Spot ON

  10. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Can only imagine the fury Wellbeck must have faced when walking in at full time. maybe Giggsy late goal may have softened things up for him.

  11. MG says:


    Obsessed with other clubs!

    Never ever been on another site – Unlike Cedars though on the Gooners fan page – but that’s irrelevant because he idolises RVP!


  12. MG says:

    ROM :arrow: everyone else


  13. MG says:

    All is well at ROM

    Meanwhile at the this is your city manchester plonkerspot…



  14. King Eric says:

    Top, top player when fit Saha. Its odd as Fergie these day doesn’t seem to bollock them for not wrapping the game up else they would playlike they did in the last 10 minutes for a longer sustained period. Play like that they will bag 2 or 3. But then what do I know what goes on in dressing room.

  15. MG says:

    @this is your whatever plonkerspot:

    The force is weak in this youngling, must he not believe in United of Manchester. Wastelands I sense a disturbance.



  16. King Eric says:

    Ha ha. Just read that City blog link. What a set of fucking cunts. The irony. Aren’t they out the league cup and FA Cup having been knocked out by United in the latter? Fucking clowns. Who the fuck do this smalltime club think they are? They haven’t won fuck all yet this season. The arrogance and hypocrisy.

  17. MG says:

    Apparently Parker has been voted England player of the year by some fans – whatever.

    Excellent he won’t be playing against us then.


  18. MG says:

    I think it’s just the King Eric and MG show at the moment

    All other intended users apply accordingly


  19. kanchelskis says:

    @Gorse Hill Red

    Am I the only one starting to get slightly worried by Welbeck’s lack of clinical finishing ability? He’s got so much to his game – physicality, skill, intelligent movement, great link-up play … but he seems to need a whole load of chances to stick one away. Giggsy really did save him on Sunday. He had three good chances that Chicharito, if he’d got himself in those positions, would have buried.

    The worry is that the instinctive ability to put away all your good chances tends not to be something that’s tought, but something that is instinctive. Hopefully it’s just a mindset / decision-making thing. If he can become more deadly in front of goal he’ll be a ridiculously good striker in a couple of years.

  20. It's in my blood says:

    Hi everone
    Apologies for the lack of a subject in this, i’ve been trying to post with a link to something but can’t for some reason, thought i’d try without the link to see if it helped!
    If so, it appears i’m being censored haha!

  21. Costas says:

    3-0 should be enough at Goodison, lol. Fergie was pissed because he was aware of how easily our defence was leaking goals at the time. And it wasn’t surprising they scored with 3 headers I believe. Brown was left to deal with the first coming of Andy Carroll (Big Dunc :lol: )

    What a game that was though. 8)

  22. It's in my blood says:

    Ho hum, check out Mike Dean on this,

    Lets hope ABU Atkinscunt doesn’t do the same sorta thing!

  23. col says:


    I don’t like many refs but fair do’s, Jasper Carrot is a coont

  24. The Big Red says:

    i remember that game quite vividly. we were coasting to 3-0 at half time, then everton hit back. and the final goal came from a cross from a yound portueguese lad… whats his name again? RONALDO. at that time, ronnie was frustrating with his crosses and used to hold onto the ball a bit too much at times. but nonetheless, he put in a peach of a cross and Van the Man dived into the header. game set match, and a near heart attack again.

    come to think of it, including this weekends heartstopper, how many heart attacks have us Utd fans suffered over teh years?????

  25. bayoRed says:

    Thanks for the link to the ABU forum. Just shows you,ROM is best!!!!

  26. Take me to Old-Trafford says:

    I never knew that is how deluded those mugs are. Seems they are even wanking on liverfool waking up again. Do they already know they alone cant stop us? I cant imagine where they will hide if we win our 20th this season. Maybe some of them will fuck off to racistpool. A joke club blessed with so many clowns. Emptyhead indeed.

  27. YesRed says:

    Off topic, according to the Sporting Life website Bilbao are allegedly going to charge travelling Reds £77.50 a ticket !!!! Surely they can’t get away with it ?

  28. slouchie1472 says:

    Just been on that shitty blog previously mentioned on here, on statement made me piss:

    “Pretty sad that you think we can forget our past, we pride ourselves on our past you muppet. Unlike you lot who forget you were a small club yourselves while we were winning titles and trophies.”

    Winnin Titles & Trophies? They’ve won less major honours than we’ve won FA Cups alone……. delusional wankers!!!!!

  29. BRIGADIER19 says:

    @ Kanchelskis – Don’t worry about Welbeck just yet, had a vision well I’ve had it a while now. Welbeck will bang in the winner at Wastelands just as a timely reminder that they made a big mistake in letting him go at 8 years of age citing that he wasn’t good enough.

    On the Arsenal blog a user named “The Diablo Tree” – was wishing his son RVP all the best for the future, and he would be sincerely disappointed after reaching his prime where he not to move to Manchester United and fulfill his real potential.
    After extensive research using investigative techniques and IP address locations, this user was assumed to be from the Middle East area of the world.
    Which begs the question is RVP really Dutch or is this a case of industrial espionage and faulty Birth Certificates.
    Could he really be on his way to Old Trafford

  30. It's in my blood says:


    Middle East eh?
    Cedars, what’ve you been up to now?!

  31. Red Nation says:

    We can beat Spurs but its going to be close at WHL. They play decently at home.
    BUT, we have now become Great Away from home.

    Hopefully no injuries during the international friendlies.
    My 1st draft team for spurs would be;

    De Gea
    Rafael Ferdinand Evans Evra
    Nani Carrick Giggs Park
    Rooney Hernandez

    with the national team players on the bench;

    Spurs will go with their usual; Brad,Walker,King,Kaboul,Ekotto,Lennon,Modic,Sandro,Bale,Vaart,Saha (Edybaoyor)

  32. kanchelskis says:

    @Red Nation

    Not sure about that Spurs team … Walker is a doubt, Lennon seems out of favour, and Adebayor will certainly start, alongside either VDV or Saha.

  33. Alom says:

    Saha was a great player while he was at the club.. if injuries didn’t hit him so hard im sure more of us would appreciate him..

  34. Sparkz says:

    Top player, had the lot. Always liked him, it was just his injuries that stopped him from really fulfilling his potential.

    The 07/08 squad was near perfect….the one thing we lacked was a fit Saha. He gave us a different option to Rooney & Tevez….more of a penalty box presence – but he could link play up as well. Basically like Ruud but with a better all round game, and not as prolific in front of goal. Fortunately it didn’t cost us in the grand scheme of things, but there were certain matches that season where we were crying out for him.

  35. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Saha has tallent in droves, but couldn’t stay fit. Same with the current Mikey Owen. Fowards take a beating thats just a fact. Small and agile, but up against monstrous center fulls who don’t mind pushing pulling and putting a boot in. Just the nature of the business for them. Many were sad when Saha left has he has a good head and great attitude. But didn’t get many games for everton then did he. So we made the right choice. Will always remember Luis well and wish him well, especially against our rivals.
    Scored some great goals for us and some crucial winners as well.
    Get in Louis!

  36. Red Nation says:


    - If they don’t recover intime they’l field
    Freidel, Kaboul,Dawson,King,Ekotto,Krancjar,Modric,Sandro,Bale, Saha, Edybaoyer

    Walker is a major doubt, Lennon just came back, Van Der Faart picked up a knock & is out of the holland game.

    Im backing Ashley Young + Nani to be the boost we expect them to be. No walker plus against a Bale/ Krancjar/Ekotto that can’t defend, we can kill them from the wings coming inside.

  37. kanchelskis says:

    @Red Nation

    Yeh. There’s talk of Tony V maybe being fit for Spurs too. But I would stick with Nani and Young, then bring Tony V on to run at some tired legs.

    If Rafael can play like he’s played against Bale before, and also like he played against Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal in recent weeks, we shouldn’t have a problem with Bale.

  38. DohaRed says:

    Off topic, but couldn’t help smiling at this,PTA8,35K2NH,22XE7,1

    United set up soccer school in Abu Dhabi ( aka Arab Bitterland) and it is a sell-out success every time. So the bitters set up their own school this year – total flop – haha

  39. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Personally, there’s nothing to worry about in terms of welbeck’s finishing.

    He’s not the finished article just yet and is learning the game. I think with more experience (which he is gaining this season) he’ll get more composed in front of goal.

    His technical abilities and movements are quality, his intelligence is evident. He brings dynamism and drive to the forward line, his relentless running gives defenders a headache, his all round game impresses me and i can only see it getting better.

    I know he hasn’t been finishing as well as he should lately but at least he is getting in positions to take the chances. He’s determined and will continue to improve. He has a great attitude and personality to back that up too.

    Basically all i’m saying is, welbeck is not the finished article but playing with experienced quality players will help his game.

  40. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Off topic: Apparently some idiot is abusing Colleen Rooney on twitter (including death threats) for congratulating liverpool for their trophy. I think thats bang out of order. Even if Rooney did it you would have to put it down to fair play. Fans as well.

    Congrats to ‘pool, There, done ;)

    I sent a note myself to their kit man. He was the one who finally found the keys to the trophy cabinette after the owners had been kept waiting for hours. Hadn’t been needed for years ofcourse. The lad guessed they were in Stevie G’s kit because he had caught him in late polishing the fading silver and babbling about the one that got away. :cool:

  41. OTmcr says:

    samuel -United we stand: On the subject of Welbeck, nice quote today and some stats.

  42. CedarsDevil says:


    The Diablo Tree? Ha ha ….. Loved it

  43. It's in my blood says:


    Hi mate, as i won a few quid the other day, i’d like some odds on Diablo Tree being Lord Lucan!
    “RVP, my son…go to Man Utd” !
    C’mon mate, it’s just got to be you! Haha!

  44. CedarsDevil says:

    It’s in my blood

    Guess my secret’s out then…. Knew it was only a matter of time! ha ha

  45. LoneStarRed says:


    Classic brother. Thank You for the link. I didn’t see anything about the bitters having an academy as well though. I did some looking and they started a school this year. Strangely, there is nothing in any of the articles about the City soccer school in UAE regarding increasing (OR ANY ) demand or sellouts. They must have forgotten to include that info.


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