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Saha: United Mates On The Phone After Chelsea Win

Louis Saha had to leave Manchester United because we couldn’t afford to compete in four competitions with a striker who was so unreliable thanks to his injuries. When fit and ready to play, Saha really was a good striker for us and scored some important goals. It was his performances in the League Cup 2006 which helped us win the trophy, with him being the top scorer that year, which then went on to start our revival after “the decline”.

It was a shame to see him go but we all know it had to be done and we wished him well. That decision to sell him gave us a boost this week, with him coming very close to scoring a hat-trick against title rivals Chelsea. The two goals he did score against them has moved us to within a point of the top, which is pretty good considering we dropped points ourselves at Villa Park.

Saha has revealed that he is in regular contact with his former United team mates and expects plenty of phone calls after the win.

“I still keep in touch with a lot of the players from United, especially Patrice Evra,” said Saha. “Wayne Rooney and Owen Hargreaves are on the phone a lot and they have a really good bunch of guys. I know I will be getting a lot of calls now, and it is a big boost for them. The main thing has to be Everton and taking us as high up the table as possible. I haven’t set myself a target of goals this season – just to get more than I’ve got at the moment. The main thing for me is to stay at this level now. That’s my only goal. I want to show to every opponent that I am serious. I want to work hard and I want to do well.”

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  1. Costas says:


    Lol, of course he would! He is a responsible team captain!

  2. RED SAM says:

    i was hoping for a united game on sunday so as to have a good reason to skip valentine :(
    any body got a decent idea i really need it.

  3. aig alex is god says:


    Good morning mate.

    Sorry for not replying yesterday. Slept yesterday after watching the Milan game.

    Things certainly have changed since then. As you mentioned, signing VDS was the best of the lot because we were struggling in that area for quite some became more mature as the years went on after his drugs test.After that low point in Benfica in 2005 where we didnt even qualify for the UEFA Cup a lot of things changed to get United back to the top. The emergence of the world class Ronaldo, ever improving Rooney and brilliant buys in Vidic adn Evra all were the final pieces of the jigsaw which fell in place in may 2008 as we won the double. The most important was SAF did not quit which he was about to in 2005

  4. Costas says:


    Hey buddy. Don’t apologise. It was very late for you. I didn’t watch the Milan game, but did you notice how the Italian FA help out the teams who play in the Ch.League? We actually had to get dumped out of the FA cup to enjoy a rest. If we didn’t, we would probably play at 17:30 British time today. I have to say that things are looking better for the Milan game now, than they did a month ago. We are finding our form, while Milan aren’t as hot as they were. It still won’t be ab easy game. And Giggs is a loss in my opinion. He plays well against Italians.

    Anyway, you are right. After Beckham and Veron(who played quite well in Europe) left, our Ch.League progress went into a transitional period. There were some unlucky moments too. The season Porto knocked us out, we had a lot of injuries and suspensions. But no doubt, after the Benfica defeat, Sir Alex started working on the team of the future. With Ronaldo gone and Vidic and Rio constantly injured, I feel we are in that transitional mode again. All 3 were a big part of our European progress.

  5. aig alex is god says:


    Milan were pretty poor yesterday. Gave the ball away far too many times and they will be punished if they do it against us.The fact that we and Chelsea play early after our first legs in the Champions League shows how keen the FA are to help us.Pato was back though and looked sharp so we must not give him chances to get behind our defence

    As far as transitional mode in Europe goes i do agree with you. A team needs World class players to win the CL. We had Ronaldo, Rooney, Vidic,Evra,Rio and VDS.Now we can rely only on Rooney,Evra and VDS.The rest are having their own problems and Ronaldo is no longer with us.We are short of World class players in the offensive department. Imagine if we were in the same situation as Porto last year and needed to score away to win,could anyone from the current team possibly apart from Rooney do what Ronaldo did?.No disrespect to our current players but i doubt if we get into a position like that this season it will be a step too far for the current team. If one of Nani or Valencia can really become world class we will have a great chance again.

  6. asite says:

    thanks saha, we really apprciate it. but make sure u play on ur less form against us next week

  7. Costas says:


    That’s what I am afraid of too. Also, we should add Fletcher’s influence last season. He was one of the reasons why we controlled the game at the San Siro. It does puzzle me how far we can go this season. If we have our midfield healthy, then we can dictate the pace against most teams. But if we have to chase a scoreline, we could struggle. Of course, as you said, all this might depend on the influence Nani and Valencia could have. In a way, the Ch.League for us starts now. I don’t remember a more anti climatic group stage than the one we were in this season.

  8. aig alex is god says:


    Fletch has been massive for us this season. He did start when we got steamrolled 3-0 by Milan in 2007 but since then he has matured into an absolute beast and has improved a lot more. Him vs Gatusso will be interesting although Gatusso has no longer got the legs so i expect fletch to come out on top.The problem may start if we are drawn away in the 2nd leg if we progress past Milan. In case you dont get the required result at home getting the job done away from home is very difficult. Milan are masters of doing that and hence should not be underestimated

  9. jespermoses says:

    Louis would have still been with us if he’d not been so injury prone….class striker guaranteed for goals!

  10. red_october says:

    I am always pleased when i see “ex-reds” do well, it was unfortunate to see Saha leave United but it seems as though he is happy playing regularly and can still help out United when he can :) .

    The “ex-reds” are in quotations because i think it is impossible for someone to play football for such a beautiful club and not still be a red at heart even though they have moved on. Must be like that first love scenario, that woman you didn’t want to get away.

    I know i don’t post much on this site so people don’t know me but i love United and i love all of you.

    Hope we crush Milan on Tuesday, I will be missing the second day of Carnival here in Trinidad to watch the match so i hope all goes our way.

  11. KVN says:

    Playing our 1st leg away to Milan in the ECL is always a good thing.
    I think what has really benefited us is Uniteds away form in this
    Competition. Gone are the days where we would get battered, play poorly or scrape a draw. What I see now is a confident, composed and clinical United who now know they can win at any away ground. Milan are no mugs and have quality players but this United team minus Giggs and Vidic can get a good result and performance at their ground next tuesday that will make The return leg easier for us to progress to the next round.

  12. pondave says:

    Once a red…

    gotta lveo king louis!!

    and Diego scoring against barca!


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