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Schmeichel: Rio Is The Best… But Vidic Deserves Credit

Edwin Van der Sar has been on the receiving end of plenty of praise this season after beating the English and British records for length of time without conceding a goal.

That record will again be put to the test tonight in our match against Fulham, but former United keeper, Peter Schmeichel, believes the praise should be shared with Nemanja Vidic.

“Edwin gets a lot of praise but Vidic’s displays in the last two years are second to none,” said Schmeichel. “Ferdinand is the best defender in the world. But he’s learned a lot from Vidic. I think Edwin has done tremendously well. It’s great to see him come into the team and give stability.”

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  1. Colbert says:

    The Fulham match is at home.

  2. RedAlert260599 says:

    I read more of the interview it states: “We’ve the best defence in the world,” said Schmeichel.
    I love it that he says “we”. No matter who he turned out for after 99 – he’s still ours, and we’re still his!
    I love the big red-nosed bugger to bits! I’d have his babies.

  3. Oooodz says:


  4. tallared1 says:

    Scmeichel is a legend but have to say watching him celebrate city score against us all those years ago has a “bitter” taste

  5. scoop says:

    Schmeichel is a legend but I think he’s talking out of his ass when he says Ferdinand is better than Vidic.
    Ferdinand always has been a quality defender no doubt at all and over the last few years has matured into one of the best defenders in the world.
    However the man in the defence for me everytime is Vidic. He would be one of the first names on that sheet and he would certainly be down on the team sheet before Rio.
    Our defence has been bit of a chop and change over the season and it has worked tremendously well but the one constant in it is Vidic. He has been immense.
    I don’t think we would have kept all those cleans sheets without him.
    If we win the league this season it will be thanks to the defence and especially Vidic. Man Utd’s best player this season by a country mile.
    Any leaks in the defence at all over the past good few matches and all those 1 – 0 wins would have become 1-1 draws and the league table would look alot different to what it is now.

    Schmeichal love ya but you’re wrong.

  6. doncobaino says:

    im happy becuase we dont need to argue who’s better rio or vidic, because they are both reds and thats what matters

    sit back and think we have the two best central defenders in the league….

  7. 9jmac says:

    Ferdinand was the best defender in the world last season. Easily. Fuck knows how Terry won defender of the year, but thats a different matter. If people still consider Ronaldo the best player in the world at a time when Lionel Messi is raping teams for fun, then surely the vast majority of people should still consider Ferdinand the best (if they believed that was the case last season)?
    Schmikes is right anyway.

  8. macha says:


  9. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    how many mins is left before the world record???

    (please sub )

  10. Hakan says:

    I like Vidic a lot, but Ferdinand is the better and more complete player. I would love to see him move forward more, in the style of Mattias Sammer.

  11. Morten says:

    I think Rio is more sort of a leader than Vidic, the kind a defense-line need. I can’t choose which of them is the better, but I got to say I love watch Ferdinand vs Torres.

  12. King Eric says:

    I don’t think we should even begin to compare Rio and Vid. They are two entirely different players who go together like salt and pepper or fish and chips. Between them though they have the lot, pace, power, sheer aggression, positioning sense, goals and can play a bit too!

    I really can see another clean sheet tonight. 3 nil United.

  13. King Eric says:

    PS: one of them can even go between the sticks if required!

  14. clj7 says:

    I think Rio’s better at reading the game, and that’s more important than anything else in football. And that’s why Peter says Rio’s better

  15. RedAlert260599 says:

    3-0. Good call King Eric. Did you have any money on it?

  16. shepsii says:

    I don’t see why one has to be better than the other. They’re different, Rio commands the line more than Vidic, for instance. Can we just settle on the obvious fact that they’re the best center back pairing in the world?

  17. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    I think Scott is out sick…

  18. King Eric says:

    RedAlert: No unfortunately not mate!

    NorthStand: I know thought there may have been a couple of articles, perhaps one about the best midfield performance for a while. How good was Scholes last night?

  19. cherry says:

    I was hoping for atleast the highlights of last night’s game here mate.

    North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row, I think Scott is still badly hungover, hahaha. I missed the first two goals last night because my Dstv decoder got some technical problem and was badly scrambling. I watched the highlights though and I have seen them several times at youtube.

    King Eric, I think Scholes did very well last night. These old folks would not stop to amaze me. This is their season….they all seem rejuvenated. Scholes’s passing was at its usual best, infact he made Carrick looked ordinary.

    Good time to be a united fan

  20. cherry says:

    Manchester United’s 22-pass goal(from Telegraph)

    Pass 1: Dimitar Berbatov intercepts a loose Fulham pass and stabs the ball back to Nemanja Vidic.

    Pass 2: Vidic plays the ball wide to the left, where Patrice Evra controls with his chest.

    Pass 3: Evra has space to take his time and pick his pass before playing it to Berbatov, who calls for the ball.

    Pass 4: Under challenge, Berbatov runs with the ball before playing a 10-yard pass to the flank where Park Ji Sung is waiting.

    Pass 5: Park dummies his marker before cutting back, and lays the ball off centrally to Paul Scholes.

    Pass 6: Scholes passes to Michael Carrick, who is wating for the ball in the centre circle.

    Pass 7: Carrick continues to play the ball to the right and slides a short pass to Rio Ferdinand.

    Pass 8: Ferdinand pokes a short ball quickly forward to Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Pass 9: Ronaldo in turn lays it instantly back to Carrick, who has found space in the middle of the pitch

    Pass 10: Carrick runs forward before sliding the ball to Berbatov’s feet 10 yards from the Fulham penalty area

    Pass 11: Berbatov is under pressure from the Fulham defence and plays the ball back to Carrick

    Pass 12: Carrick goes the aerial route and fires the ball out wide to the right where John O’Shea controls instantly

    Pass 13: O’Shea plays a slightly loose pass to Carrick, who manages to get there ahead of a Fulham player

    Pass 14: Scholes makes himself available in the centre and Carrick plays a neat ball to his fellow central midfielder

    Pass 15: Scholes instantly lays it on to Vidic

    Pass 16: Vidic plays the ball up the middle along the ground to Park

    Pass 17: Park plays a quick ball in to feet to Scholes

    Pass 18: With the outside of his right foot, Scholes bends the ball out wide to O’Shea

    Pass 19: Instead of crossing into the box then and there, O’Shea plays it back to Carrick

    Pass 20: Carrick slips the ball to Scholes

    Pass 21: Without taking a touch, Scholes clips the ball over the Fulham defence into the box for O’Shea, who had made a run from the right

    Pass 22: O’Shea stretches for the ball and manages to make contact with the very tip of his toe, deflecting it across goal

    GOAL: Berbatov, waiting patiently on the left of the box, surges forward and reaches the ball before defender and ‘keeper for a simple tap-in.

  21. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Yeah King Eric, we’re a well oiled machine at present alright, long may it continue. I think we should send out a search party for Scott though, its gonna get dark soon enough, and its not like him to stay away all day…

  22. Denton Davey says:

    “I would love to see him move forward more, in the style of Mattias Sammer.”

    I totally agree – when Rio comes forward with the ball it seems to really disrupt defenses and throw their marking schemes into chaos.

  23. jayplenty says:

    berbatov has scored 12 times i guess for united
    can anyone help me with the opponent he has scored against
    and how many in each competitions

  24. King Eric says:

    Hello Scott where are you?

    Have to laugh, I have just been listening to Durham and Wright on way home and first topic was “Dippers should sue Fulham for last nights performance” Whilst I agree they were hardly impressive , United seem to have taken our football into a different gear. Cue all the dippers phoning in to agree. Durham even said “Fulham can go to Rentboys and Dippers and get a point why not at Old Trafford” . Err because United are in a different league to these two chancers. Following on form this Durham then said “Paul Scholes should never be allowed to play for Ingerlund again, he had the chance to play again but turned it down and for this reason I don’t ever want to see him play for the country”. What the fuck? He does not want to play for that shower of shite and has made it perfectly clear his philosophy is United >Ingerlund. In fairness to Wrighty who is also a cunt he did stick up for the genius. The biased attitude of these ABU’s holds no bounds.

    It must be awful for them to be so bitter.

  25. john ferry says:

    Scholes was pure magic. The second rocket almost went in. His passing was the best I’ve seen from any player on any team this year.

  26. mite says:

    Only Chuck Norris can score against United… :)

  27. David Watts says:

    Comparing Vidic and Ferdinand is pointless, same position, but different players. Great centre back partnerships occur when the pair bring different skills to the party. Vidic is tough, no nonsense and agressive, perfect for making teh first attack on the ball – Rio is quick, agile and has great poise on the ball, perfect for dropping off and tracking quicker runners whilst also carrying the ball forward when needed.

    Its the same as midfield combos, you wouldn’t compare Keane and Scholes, each brought their own strengths.

    For my mind, despite the occasional lapse, Rio is the best defender in the world. Plays his best games against the best strikers and has great ability on the ball – But you gotta love Vidic too!!!!


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