Paul Scholes, in his role as a pundit for beIN SPORTS for the World Cup, has reflected on the beginnings of his Manchester United career. Having joined the club when he was just 14, Scholes has revealed he would have been happy to play just one game for United, but it is only since he has stopped playing that he has really appreciated his career.

Just to be a footballer was a dream, even if I just played one game for Man United I think I would have been happy. To be a part of a special youth team that breeded winning, to play for a manager that just wanted to win, be lucky enough to play with so many great players. I played with some of the best players in the world who probably didn’t get as much credit as they should have done.

I watch some of the games on MUTV and it’s just nice to watch games from 10 to 15 years ago to see just how good United were. People ask me did I enjoy my career but when you’re inside it I don’t think you do. You’re more worried because you know you have to win. The only time I’d say it was enjoyable was with 10 minutes to go when you’re 5-0 up, you can start taking the mick. But you don’t realise at the time how lucky you are to play with so many great players.