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Scholes: I’d Have Done Whatever Manager Said

Having come out of retirement half way through the season, Paul Scholes claims his decision to play on in 2012-2013 was entirely dependant on what Sir Alex Ferguson wanted.

“The manager didn’t have to twist my arm to play this season,” said Scholes. “He just said: ‘You’re going to play next year, aren’t you?’ I had no plans either way – whatever the manager wanted me to do that was going to happen.”

Scholes insists that the memory of City winning the league last season will help inspire United to perform at their best this season.

“It wasn’t good, was it?” he said. “It’s always a motivating force when you lose the league. It’s not nice to see another team celebrate winning the title on the last day of the season, and that picture stays with you. For most of the season we were in control, then it got to the Wigan game and we lost that. The Everton game as well was a big disappointment, from 4-2 up to draw 4-4. And obviously we went to City and lost – that was an even bigger disappointment. You always say the best team win the league, and City were the best team last year. I didn’t play at Wigan when we lost but that wasn’t down to me not playing, anything could have happened. But we failed at the end of last season. There is no question we should have won the league. To be fair to City, they closed it out. It didn’t matter who it was: to be in that position, eight points clear with six games to go, it’s not like us. It was a major disappointment to lose the league from there. But we have to look to next year, and if we’re in the same position we’ll have to make sure we finish the job.”

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  1. Zibbie says:

    TC look a different play in CM only 13 min in looks great!

  2. mattbw7 says:

    So Eric, I think that means that US debt levels are not more than their assets, or put it another way insolvent, your original statement was rubbish, now can we get back to the issue at hand?

  3. eric keane says:

    The quataris valued us that, they were willing to buy us. Galzers valued us at 2.1 bil. If it comes to that they’ll sell, am sure some knucklehead with money to burn would love to buy a thriving brand.

  4. Zibbie says:


  5. Fred says:

    Giggs scores!! :D

  6. Zibbie says:

    TC to Bellamy nice cross to far POST GIGGSYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! heads it home!!!!!

  7. Zibbie says:

    Fred TC looking good in the CM!!!!!!!!

  8. mattbw7 says:

    eric keane says:
    The quataris valued us that, they were willing to buy us. Galzers valued us at 2.1 bil. If it comes to that they’ll sell, am sure some knucklehead with money to burn would love to buy a thriving brand.

    Just one article that confirms this will do Eric, just one.

  9. eric keane says:

    Are you really so slow? Gdp is not reflective of a nations debt or assets.
    As far as united are concerned, 220 weeks is 4 years. I’m sure the glazers will be gone by them. It isn’t feasible for them anymore. And btw way you mentioned we gave them a 15 mil loan. They paid it back with interest while wiping out pik 1

  10. Fred says:

    Giggs brought the whole of Wembley to their feet with that one. What a legend. 8)

  11. Zibbie says:

    The grey looks great on him!!!

  12. mattbw7 says:

    eric keane I’ve asked you for confirmation of a few things;
    That US debt outstrips it’s assets.
    That the Qataris value or have bid £1.5 billion for United.

    In other words it’s you that’s painting conjecture as fact, so go on link up the verified articles that prove your comments.

    As for paying down the PIK debt I think you need to read Andersred.

  13. Fred says:

    Spain are 1-0 down again, Honduras their opponents this time. Come on David!

  14. mattbw7 says:

    Just in case you can’t be bothered Eric

    The amazing disappearing PIKs
    Followers of the United financial story will know that out of the blue in November 2010, the Glazer family found £249.1m (around $400m) which they injected into the club as equity and used to repay the infamous “payment in kind securities” (PIKs). These short-term debt instruments had festered on the balance sheet of Red Football Joint Venture Limited for more than four years and had accrued £111m of rolled up interest on top of the original £138m loan.

    In August 2010, the PIKs had become even more expensive as the Red Football companies breached a key debt covenant (section 8.2 of this document). The covenant stipulated that total debt in the group (from Red Football Shareholder Limited downwards) should not be more than 5x EBITDA (essentially cash profits before transfers). If debt exceeded this limit (set when the PIKs were issued in 2006), the PIK interest rate would rise from 14.25% pa to 16.25% pa. With debts in August 2010 totalling £773m and EBITDA of £102m the rate duely rose, making the PIKs even more toxic and in need of repayment.

    The bond issue of February 2010 had created a “carve out” which allowed the Glazers to take £95m of the club’s cash out and it was widely assumed (and mentioned in the bond prospectus as a possibility) that this money would be used to pay off a chunk of the PIKs. But the Glazers didn’t use the carve out to repay them in November 2010. The exact source of funds is unknown.

    What I do know, from impeccable sources, is that the money was borrowed by the Glazer family. They didn’t have £249m in cash, few people do (and the other bits of the family empire are leveraged up already). The money was borrowed by one of their US companies from a single US financial firm.

  15. Atin says:

    new post! giggsy scores!!

  16. eric keane says:

    Matt- I shall give you links when I get a computer. Phone sucks. Can’t do shit on it.
    Clev looks good today..really unlucky not to get that goal!!

  17. mattbw7 says:

    Let me save you the trouble Eric, you’re wrong, you wont find the links cos there aren’t any.

    TC looks good, I agree.

  18. TheCANTONA says:

    No tippy tappy no win for the Spaniards…

  19. Fred says:

    Tiki Taka has no effect in Newcastle! It’s like Superman trying to play on a Kryptonite pitch.

  20. JC says:

    @matty – yawn, still praying for an oil baron buyout I see, get over it pal.

  21. mattbw7 says:

    JC, I think you’ve got totally the wrong end of my posts, take that yawn, have a sleep, wake up refreshed and read my posts again.

  22. FRO-NAM says:

    Fred lol kryptonite pitch! ABU media gonna be all over DDG as poor Spanish player to cost them games but the rest of the team has been shocking. Hate the look of that murainan cub (spelling soz) looks like that ugly full back from Liverpool….Fannyagan is it?! Looks like a retarded lama eating a shit flavoured lemon!

  23. kk says:

    Samuel, if you could read my post again I never stated that he should be signed because we are from the same country. I mentioned that so that you understand that I didnt notice him yesterday or because of the transfer rumours. It will be advantegeous if you could criticise the attributes I have stated or add to them instead of just one part of the entire post.


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