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Scholes In Training ‘Like He’s Never Been Away’

Reports today suggest that Paul Scholes in back in full training in Carrington, suggesting he should be back for our derby day clash at the Wastelands.

“It’s like he has never been away,” said ‘a United insider’. “He’s been absolutely flying. If he was called upon, he would certainly be fit enough to play.”

Now please, for the love of God, can we put in a performance against those bitter blue bastards this season!

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  1. ManchesterMonkey says:

    Cocks out

  2. jamos9 says:

    Hear Hear!!

  3. Failsworth Devil says:

    Dont like saying this… but this season… Scholesy has actually slowed us down a bit…

    I wont slag him off coz he has been immense all through his career for us..

    But maybe just maybe.. he would be good for the derby…

    In my opinion though… the way Carrick and Fletcher are playing at the moment.. i cannot see anyone taking there 2 starting places.

  4. suhayl says:

    With the ever growing injury list and hard away days we seem to have lined up. Really good news that the ginger magician could be back sooner rather than later…..WE NEED HIM BACK TO BOLSTER THE SQUAD…ADD THAT TOUCH AND CREATIVITY…AND OFCOURSE IT’LL LIFT THE LADS TOO……as fletcherino said this week

    ” There is no better midfielder in europe, infact the world than paul scholes….he can run and control the game better than anybody…the time and space he affords himself is unbeleivable…..and it will raise the spirits and g up the lads no end…once we see him back in the changing rooms”

    so c’mon

  5. King Eric says:

    Well said fletch! Spot on with his respect for scholesy he always seems to have so much time and space whenever he receives the ball, excellent passer and vision too but that all goes without saying! Glad to have him back.

  6. Red-Manc says:

    Im not sure how true this is, Fergie said there was no way Scholes would be back for the derby well that was the last ive heard on it anyway. I hope this is true though because we miss his vision in midfield and some of his passes are better than most midfielders(gerrard,lumpard) couldnt even dream of doing. His experience will get us through some tough games aswell, might not be as quick as he was and he might not be as ginger as he was but he’s still amazing.

    He scores goals galore, he scores goals….

  7. TonyBee says:

    Hey up Failsworth …you reckon Fletcher is up to keeping Scholesy out? I know Scholesy has been out for a while but still…. I mean …. well I suppose as you seem to get to all games and see them for unedited, might just have to take your word on that fella, but…… Are you really convinced that Fletch has the bollocks needed to get stuck in…. I know that Carricks knackers seem to be hardening lately but I’m still not sure about Fletcher’s gonads as yet

  8. furrball says:

    i’d start fletch and scholes, fletch has earned it whereas carrick hasnt done much to convince me this season.

  9. SULLY [South Africa] says:

    Failsworth Devil… You’re having a laugh, are’nt you? You dont have a clue! Schmeichel said it recently that Scholesy is still the best midfielder in the United squad. So start getting real. You dont have a clue. Give me my Scholesy any day of the week.

  10. PossePossebon says:

    Fletcherino and Carrick are great, but I’ll take Scholesy in the midfield anyday. He came on as a sub against Bolton and he played like the genius he is. Even if he isn’t fit enough for a full team, I think he’ll be a great impact sub too.


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