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Scholes: Liverpool Bigger Rivals Than City

Ahead of this weekend’s game against Liverpool, Paul Scholes has said that despite the lack of success they’ve seen since their last title, an incredible 23 years ago, they are still bigger rivals than Manchester City.

“I think it was the top one for quite some while,” Scholes told Inside United. “Liverpool probably haven’t done as well as they’d have liked over the last few years – and they’d probably admit that. But it’s definitely still right up there, it’ll always be right up there. Whether Manchester City have overtaken Liverpool now, I don’t know…it’ll probably take years for City to create what Liverpool have done. But Liverpool historically are our biggest rivals, they’re always the biggest games and the best atmospheres. But I’m sure City will run them close.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Unitedforeva says:

    So Sunday will be the biggest game and I’m first here…!

  2. Rd54 says:

    I did agree but I hate chelski and shitty most in these ten years

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Agree with the Ginga Prince! It’s a big game. And Howard Webb been all over pool like dirty laundry this year. Bring it on !

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Take a look at the spot Chevrolet has for the Derby.

    Maybe it’s the mouths next to each other…. puts me off my brew. yish!

    Leaves me with a flat tire to be honest :lol:

  5. Marq says:

    The only big thing about City is the city name the share with us.

    Yes Liverpool are just making up the numbers for the league these days, but the global fan base of them & us are still unmatched by some distance

  6. ( . )( . ) says:

    hope to god the dippers get stuffed, but i do hate shitty as much as them lot nowadays.

    btw,that chick on the “dating for parents meet single mums”advert is a right stunner, shame shes popped a sprog though, i couldnt do her now

  7. ak47 says:

    It’s true scholesy, there is no footballing equivalent feeling of beating the Murderers/”i’m the victim/supporters of racism/supporter of cheating

  8. bluemoon70 says:

    Global fan bases didn’t pip you for the title last year.

    Soon you’ll be just like your main rivals. Living off past glories.


  9. ( . )( . ) says:

    “Soon you’ll be just like your main rivals” lol whats that nostrilledanus?

    blue, even if your laughable prophecy came true your own clubs worldwide respect will never catch up to what MUFC have the globe over through real achievement

    city are the wealthy newcomers that everyone else is always laughing at,why always you?

  10. aberbacadabra says:

    bore off @bluemoon, ‘we do what we want’ watch us take a piss at your lot on sunday, GGMU!

  11. ( . )( . ) says:

    blue would love to have past glories to live off, shame its the only thing they cant buy

    most bitters would personally extract the oil from mansours sandy sack to pay for a history and some worldwide respect

    lets face it that entertaining club has more tools than screwfix

  12. trollhunter says:

    bluemoon70 don’t be silly boy,good to see you don’t even rate City as Utd’s main rivals very wise a Blue not getting above his station in life,very very good know thy place boy.
    One year fluke proves nothing,City have embarrassed English Football by that shocking display in the CL and Mancini is a incompetent fool all he knows is ”mo money” ”mo money”.City might have 5 quality players at the most,majority are other clubs rejects that City paid to much for and correct me if i’m wrong but Aguero said the only reason he’s there because no one else wanted him and YaYa Toure wanted back to Spain before the ink was dry.Couldn’t sign RVP for $300k a week even after winning the title,the only pulling power City have is a rich Arab.
    Pathetic little club

  13. King Eric says:

    Too right Scholesy lad. City don’t even compare to this game between 2 English GIANTS.

  14. King Eric says:

    ( . )( . ) – Quality posts pal.

  15. Marq says:

    @( . )( . )

    Well, you have to give them credit for trying. They have their own legend in Patrick Vieira who is their ambassador, the player that contributed so much to forge their success, being in an invincible team, and double winning teams, and, and, oh wait… That was someone else’s history wasn’t it?

  16. sam says:

    Viera the city club ambassador, what a fucking joke. Haha the only reason that cunt got anywhere near mansoor’s ball sack was so that they could poach arsenal.

  17. NBI Red Onion says:

    Liverpool is a wee loser Club full of inflated egos living in the past.

    City is a wee rich club full of inflated egos in the present.

    Biggest rival, it was Arsenal in the last decade or two, had the most heated and explosive matches with them in the Viera era. Much more so than pool who were crap.

    Then Chelsea knocked them back, now we have no regular rival, the top 2 hold is brken. City and Chelsea worldwide v us are probably the biggest games. Followed by Arse. Liverpool has lost much of its international fan base and not recruited new fans save in Uruguay who will move with Suarez.

    Liverpool is just a nostalgia trip for us. For them it is their biggest game, We, are playing RM in the CL.

  18. NBI Red Onion says:

    That’s right @ bluemoon, you may have seen it on TV – C-h-a-m-p-i-o-n-s League. The one you did not qualify for, maybe you will once in a blue…

    Also you did not win the title last season, we lost it. It was a gift. We needed to get some motivation to wipe our bum on you, watch and weep. Also, the oil will run out soon, then what?

  19. persiephilic says:

    Hahahahahahahaha……city…a wee club with a rich sugar daddy

  20. Manu till the end says:

    History is with Manu don’t fear with any of new signings or old swarez its only the real reds who will have the last laugh and we have 7 points lead that we havemade by wining over all the top teams so don’t worry this time as well

  21. WilliamAR says:

    Liverpool are just washed up has beens confined to history. the current team are full of nobodies and any success to do get in games these days comes from a diving cheating greasy bastard in fuck stick suarez.

  22. Redninja says:

    City are a team with invinsible spirit that lasted just one match

  23. 412 says:

    Ginger said it well, vs scouser it always full of drama
    But why webb, before the match even start the bastards have already ranting
    Not that webb is bad reff


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