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Scholes: Nowhere is better than United

Paul Scholes has passed on some advice to Wayne Rooney, who is reportedly keen to leave United to sign for Chelsea, insisting that United is the best place to play football.

“I don’t think there’s anywhere better than Manchester United to play your football,” said Scholes. “It’s up to Wayne – but he’s a top, top player and every player and fan wants him to stay.”

Scholes also dismissed the suggestion that David Moyes has a lot of pressure on him to strengthen the squad.

”I don’t think there’s that much pressure,” he added. “He’s got a quality squad there, with already 18-20 quality players Even if Sir Alex Ferguson was there he would want to sign two or three players. That’s the norm every season – to improve the year after, even if you’ve won the league. I’m sure David Moyes is trying to get players – and hopefully he’ll get the ones he wants.”

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  1. The Hound says:

    I don’t want him to stay.

  2. aberbacadabra says:

    :-@be gone already!

  3. spidey says:

    Scholes was committed to that cause by not even having an agent.. And rooney has that ass stretford

  4. aberbacadabra says:

    rooney rooney rooney!, why oh why do you want to become a looney.

  5. bayoRed says:

    We should keep Rooney and sell him next summer. Doesn’t look like we will be landing Cesc so we need Rooney. Like Moyes said ‘should something happen to Van Persie in the way of injury no doubt Rooney has to lead the line.

  6. GENTLEKEZ says:

    Sometimes d cow in d graze yard feels that nomadic ones just bcos they move about. He realises that reverse is d case only when he embarks on journey of miles without rest. Enough said

  7. WeAreUnited says:

    According to goal Wolfsburg is preparing a bid for Luis Gustavo,

    I think Miyes should step in there also! A quality player and would fill the void for our midfield. Pep does not seem to rate him so he will have little chance to play at Bayern.

    What do you guys think?

  8. LexxytheRed says:

    This is a realistic target and he will be an upgrade to Ando but then what do I know.
    We just keeping wasting valuable time on a player who doesn’t want to come or his club doesn’t want to sell ala Fab and Bale

  9. cdoba says:

    Untd haz other areas to concetrate rather than Wayne only..let him go Untd will be evn better like the times he waz at Everton…RvP,Welbs,Chicharito,Adnan,Zaha,Nani etc…its tronger team

  10. Andromeda says:

    I used to defend Rooney during the whole of his controvery but that has changed, he really doesn’t interest me anymore.whether he stays or not am in total equivocal state.and despite not having any major signing, I don’t fancy the idea of having someone who always put himself in front of the team.its not a matter of I forgive him or not its just a matter of principle.this club had survived the exit of many super stars.if he has already made his intention to leave then he will lose the respect of two managers and all the faithful fans.

  11. giggs11 says:


    Have been watching Luiz Gustavo at Bayern for a few years now. I am not that impressed by him. No doubt he played a very good confed cup and that is the best I’ve seen him play but if we are to become a force in europe Gustavo, for me, is not the solution. Bayern realised that and bought Javi Martinez last sommer. At the end Martinez was the difference between three second place finishes and the treble.

  12. bayoRed says:

    So what is Moyes strongest eleven

    De Gea
    Rafael Vidic Ferdinand Evra

    Zaha Carrick Kagawa Nani

    Van Persie Rooney

  13. bayoRed says:

    If Rooney leaves

    Van persie & Hernandez up front

  14. Costas says:

    18-20 quality players is a generic way of looking at it. The real question is how many of them are actually midfielders. 2 at best?

  15. WeAreUnited says:


    it could be, I watched some Bayern games also and did not notice hi mthat much, cause he basically came always from the bench. and what you say could be very true. It also depends who gives you the chance so maybe that’s why he has never established himself there.

    his coned cup was very and there is where Ichanged my mind. It’s a realistic target and it would strenght our team and maybe send Ando away ( who I have been backed since day 1, but can’t anymore unless something drastic happens, NO injuries!) so it would be an uppgrade to a player who plays and is an International.

    we’ll see. he definitely would uppgrade our midfield and establish himself with us. BUT great insight if yo utruly have followed for a couple of years, I might be wrong, but I would find him a good addition.

  16. WeAreUnited says:

    I have to add one more thing about Gustavo

    I am tempted to take him to United, because he’s one of the rare quality midfielders who are available if the price and gametime is there.


  17. GENTLEKEZ says:

    @giggs 11
    Gustavo is d type of player we need cos he will add needed energy and physicality we are lacking. Go n watch bayern vs madrid(semi final both legs) two seasons ago and u will c how he sacrificed himself for team by missing d final. To me he won that game for bayern

  18. giggs11 says:

    I’m not saying Gustavo is a bad player, he is a good player who can sometimes be very good. I live in Germany and follow the Bundesliga. The thing with Gustavo is he can do you a job, but is nowhere near the Schweinsteigers, Martinez, Kroos, Busquests, etc. The problem with him at Bayern was, he was good enough when asked to sit back and protect the defense but doesnt add much if you want to dominate the midfield at the same time. He just does his job of protecting the backline. Gustavo also doesnt bring much going forward. So against smaller teams Bayern dominated with Gustavo but against bigger teams Schweinsteiger was asked to dominate the midfield on his own and Gustavo would only sit back. That was the reason for buying Martinez who cut off Schweinsteigers task of alone dominating the midfield (freeing up Schweinsteiger at times in matches) and then protecting the backline at the same time. Look at the how many assists and goals Schweinsteiger had last season playing with Martinez as compared to playing with Gustavo the season before last.

  19. WeAreUnited says:


    No i get what you’re saying and I did not take your comment otherwise.
    But I think he’s one of the rare quality players semi-availsble and who could improve us and add something into our midfield.

    Tht being said Gustavo would br more than welcomed and ifwe get Fab on the side , it would be amazing. Add Januzaj and Lingard + Zaha, looks good

  20. giggs11 says:


    yeah agree to most of your views, but I think its just a difference of opinion regarding Gustavo. May be that is because I think Phil Jones has a future in central midfield. He is only 1.80m tall and not big enough to play in center of defense(that is only my view though). I think he will do better in midfield that in defense. So i think his future lies there. That is why I cant see what Gustavo brings to the plate that Jones cant. But as most think, Phil Jones might end up becoming a central defender and I might be wrong. In that case we could get Gustavo as back up after signing a central midfielder.

  21. redninja says:

    So everybody is good except utd’s current midfilders?

  22. Al_Ameen says:

    How on earth do you want us to compete in Europe if we keep on chasing bench players from our rivals ? @ those who think we should chase gustavo.. Why wont we buy a proven midfielder who can break into any line up ? Or atleast mould our own in Anderson, cleverly, Powell, adnan, tunicleff ? Fabregas/modric/goudgan or the last option fellaini are the one we should be chasing


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