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Scholes Staying On

Sir Alex Ferguson has today confirmed that Paul Scholes will continue playing for United next season. It was always likely that he would agree to play for another season, as there would be little point in coming out for retirement for just a few months more football. Importantly, Scholes proved that he’s still up to scratch and was arguably our best player since January.

Scholes’ reason for retiring was being unhappy at playing less football but after being on the coaching staff and playing no football, he quickly realised playing a bit is better than not playing at all.

See you next season, Scholesy.

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  1. RedPharoe says:


  2. Costas says:

    Will be a good back up but hopefully this time next season we won’t be still dependent on him.

  3. MG says:

    Great transfer activity finished enjoy the summer.


    I was only joking!


  4. RedScot says:

    Fantastic news, just delighted .He looks just dapper as well at the player of the year awards at Old Trafford tonight.As do all the players all dressed the same , white shirts and notably black ties!

  5. Haiku says:


    Er … I think you were right first time. Sir Alex says that after signing Scholes he can now head off to his house in the South of France for some R&R ;-(

  6. James7t7 says:

    He scores goals…

  7. Xyth says:

    This is great news, but we also do need some young blood to speed our game up a bit.

    At times this season, we have been too slow and predictable!!!

  8. guidedbyunited says:

    MG, unfortunately, what you speak may not be far from the truth.

  9. Gopher Brown says:

    Can he sustain it over a full season, that is the question. He has been unbelievable since he returned. I’d be half tempted to send him away for six months again and break him out in January when the fatigue and staleness has set in. He freshened us up no end this season.

  10. Phil Jones' Birdshit Streaks says:

    Hmm, dunno how I feel about this tbh. Obviously, Scholes is great and we all love him, but if this is used as an excuse to not strengthen the centre of our midfield one again this summer, I am not gonna be happy.

  11. AlphaRS says:

    I remember a few months ago The Football Ramble said The FA should get player can set up on Paul Scholes for one match and send that video to every youth set up on the country to show them how a midfielder should play football.
    I’d just be happy if some our youth players took note…! Also I see Hazard is saying he will be playin in Manchester next season.

  12. hesselbom says:


    He also said that he will be playing in blue next season sparking debate whether he meant City or Chelsea. I think we can put one and one together, mate.

  13. Ash says:

    I have a mixed feeling regarding scholes and giggs playing one more season. Obviously like every true united fan I am happy I will be able to enjoy the magic of these two legends for one more season BUT I am a bit sad also.

    Don’t get me wrong but I feel Giggs was awful in last few games for us. Especially that wigan game where we lost he was have a forgettable game. Maybe his worst performance that I have witnessed. I really hope we don’t depend on them and start with either of one in every single game. As much as it pains to accept but I have to say them playing regularly isn’t helping our club’s future. These two should be more of a mentor than regular players.

    Its very difficult to see us winning against a top opposition when we start with these two legends. My love and respect for them will remain forever but we have to be reasonable and think about the benefits of the club.

    If scholes and giggs are again our solution for next season then Sir alex is joking with us and with the club.

  14. friveluss says:

    I’m just wondering….sir Alex is getting rid of berbatov because he’s focussing on “speed” yet he seems to comfortable relying on scholesy who can’t deal with the pace of a mid table team counter attack?

    I love scholes. I’m just not excited about this. I think it gives SAF more reason to rest on his laurels next season. That said with this seasons injuries it could prove to be a stroke of genius.

    Scholes still has it. Offensively speaking. As well add general distribution. He can still add something very players in the world can. But a Europa league level midfield will cause him all sorts of trouble. Let alone CL midfields.

    To be honest towards the end of the season I struggled to see what giggs added to the side at all. Even his passing n first touch have become something that’s slowly tarnishing my memories of my favourite player of all time.

    My only hope is that fergie has chosen to keep them in as a practical guideline to any new signings. I would love kagawa. The most underated mid in the world for me. An engine comparable to our very own park with more pace, vision and skill. I think his workmanship n attitude are perfect for this club.

  15. Nicky_Shaw says:

    Wicked that Scholesy is staying on. Yeah, he might not have blistering pace, but you tell me a CM in PL that can pick a 60 yard pass out, on the button??

    Call me daft, but i hope Fergie doesn’t make a big name signing. I’ve got visions of another Veron! Pay all sorts of money, and he be a shower of shite! Fergie know’s how to win a league, and have a successful campaign, and I’m sure he’ll do it again! We lost out to 1 bleedin’ kick of a ball. Giving injuries, our (apparent) worst side in decades, not bad going, huh?

    And if I was Woy Hodgson, i’d be on the blower to Scholesy and begging him to go to Euro’s! Although I think he’d say get lost, and I hope he would to be fresh for next season!

    Sad to see Berba leave, another big name signing, and 1 good season :\ Hope we see a bit more of Chico aswell, but long may Welbeck/Rooney partnership continue. Hopefully win’s us Euro’s!! (Not counting on it. England being England and all)

    I believe for a good season next year! I have to has the hurt is still bloody raw, and can’t bear to watch Sky Sports News, or pick up a paper!


  16. Albert Ross says:


    Tremendous comment sir!

  17. Nicky_Shaw says:

    @ Albert Ross

    Ty mate

  18. safichan says:

    if only our ginger prince had not retired from the very beginning of the season, i am very sure we had won the league, not the bitter…


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