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Scholes To Return For Chelsea

Sir Alex Ferguson has today given an updated on our injury status, confirming that Danny Welbeck won’t play this weekend, whilst Paul Scholes will probably be on the bench.

“Welbeck is out of Sunday,” Ferguson said. “The rest are all fit. Scholes and Vidic are training and I’ll probably put Scholes on the bench on Sunday to get him back into the fray. I’d love him to play in the Swansea game. We did pretty well at Arsenal last weekend and should’ve won it with the chances we had. Chelsea are chasing a Champions League place as well and we’ll be playing the strongest team we can. Chelsea have done fantastically well over the last few weeks and they are in the final of the Europa League. It should be a good game. We need to play with good enthusiam and enjoy it. We should express ourselves and try to finish off a good season.”

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Scholes will get a famous ovation if he comes on.

    Thinking Fergie won’t want to loose to Chaves after that VERY embarrassing FA cup exit.
    Bet Scholes comes on at Swansea.

    Can’t wait! Tickets sorted! :twisted:

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Also in the press conference was this:

    Wonder if there has been some squad discontent. If so, there will be some off this summer!

    From the Independent:

    Yesterday, executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward indicated there was no need for United to spend huge amounts of money this summer. Ferguson agrees, hinting there have been times this year when he has been trying to manage too many players.
    “Tweak is the right word,” he said.
    “We maybe look at one or two bodies to come in.
    “You have to remember we have a lot of young players we expect to improve. We have to take that into consideration.
    “We also have to consider the ages of some players and protect that part.
    “In the main, we know where we are. We are comfortable.
    “We have (fantastic strength in depth).
    “That is the area where we don’t want to confuse ourselves, otherwise you end up with too many players and trying to keep them all happy. It has happened a few times this season.” 8O

  3. denzel says:

    Good to have scholes back

  4. Costas says:

    Hopefully he’ll start against Swansea in what’s shaping up to be his last game at OT.

  5. TheCANTONA says:

    These last 3 remaining games could be our last chances to see scholes in action ever. What a wonderfull player, great personality, a player who deservely to be call legend. RESPECT.

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Costas, Be crying my eyes out! Gods I love that lad!

    Regarding midfield options for next year.
    Without strengthening:

    Supported By wingers:


    Supported by a rotation of:

    Plus youngsters for the cups Tunni/Januze/Petrucci

  7. Costas says:


    Keep it together mate! We already went through it once. Personally, I just want to see him play once or twice again. He’s dropped off the radar for months now and I was starting to worry if we would ever see him play at OT again.

  8. wayne says:

    Nothing new in what’s being said Utd normally don’t do anything more than tweak,already have Zaha coming so another couple of players seems about right.I guess in the end will depend on who get’s shipped out but they’ll also be a few of the younger lads probably making a breakthrough for next year

  9. wayne says:

    Fletch there was rumors that Ando and Nani tried to start a players revolt,which i found hilarious but nether got much of a look in so who knows

  10. FletchTHEMAN says:


    Cheers mate, you might take note that I don’t have either of them in the rotation in my list above.
    I know that Nani hasn’t signed his new contract so expect he is history.
    Ando would be a bit more of a surprise but he would still bring in 8-10M so expect him gone if we get a good offer or can use him in a trade. He would do well in many leagues, just not fit enough for us.

  11. wayne says:

    Fletch well the stories out today is Utd will bid 55 mill for Bale,Nani + cash but who knows,20 different transfer rumors a day and will be till next season starts.Just gets tedious

  12. parryheid says:

    So scattercash is just talking of tweaking fs get your paws in your pocket and get us our Two midfielders .Start with Lampard and then One more top notcher get spending man.

  13. slim says:

    and lampard is your brilliant idea ? Lord help us

  14. parryheid says:


    wouldn’t matter a fuck who I thought we need.Arseholes like you never have any views of your own good or bad.away and play with yourself twat.

  15. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Slim – get used to parry’s classics, the archives are constantly increasing. Brilliant!

  16. samuel - united WE stand says:

    It must be a coincidence that the two most vilified players in the united squad, the two most fans seem to personally dislike are supposedly the ones planning players’ revolt. Yeah right

  17. parryheid says:

    samuel-united We stand.

    Some classic.pretty straightforward not agree our midfield Badly need sorting then explain why dont snipe because I happen to think Lampard is One of the Two we need + One giant signing four years I’ve been looking for signings there.and we’ve done fuckall.

  18. King Eric says:

    Lampard? Fuck me. That’s a real forward step.

  19. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Parry – Lampard is not the solution, don’t confuse his knack for goal scoring with an ability to control the.midfield. United need a fresher, more dynamic technical midfielders in order to move on to the next level. Lampard is not the answer, if he joined united, the midfield would be more cumbersome than ever.

  20. wayne says:

    samuel it made the paper mate wasn’t fans,seemed stupid and unlikely to me as well

  21. slim says:


    get back on the meds son. no views of my own? Ask around punk.

    I ain’t gonna have to get used to shit but thanks for the heads up

  22. parryheid says:


    Back from playing with yourself eh? Here,s a tip for you Watch your footing and dont slip on your spunk lumps.Punk

  23. parryheid says:

    samuel-united We stand.

    Reckon? That,s as maybe I happen to disagree and am pretty sure scattercash thinks differently also.Bearing in mind the tweaking remark and the reluctance to spend any coppers on players for midfield whom do You think if anyone is going to be signed. You can exclude if you like the fact he is highly thought of as a quality player but hey you think different.

  24. slim says:


    blah blah balh, scattercash blah blah blah. you’re not a troll. just a fucking idiot

  25. parryheid says:


    Ah Mr no views,get some or join the other bams who tried to run this site before heading for the hills to form their own site.

  26. wayne says:

    I think it’s quite possible Utd will bring Lampard in on a free,not saying he’ll be part of the 2 players considered major signings but as added depth.Sir Alex likes quality old pros

  27. parryheid says:


    Exactly my thought,right or wrong,liked or disliked.

  28. slim says:


    derp derp derp “no one agree with me”derp derp. do yourself a favour moron. check around. i got plenty of opinions on all things United. If you can’t be bothered to follow, fair one. But don’t come here spouting shit about me because you can’t figure out your cunt hole from you’re arsehole

  29. parryheid says:


    What exactly is your point? Do you even know what your wittering about because youv’e got me baffled.Have done from your first comment to me.I know it isn’t easy for you having to type and think all at once not a Liverpool fan by any chance?That would explain it.


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