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Scholes Turns Down England… Again

Sven-Goran Eriksson, Steve McClaren and now Fabio Capello have all asked Paul Scholes to reconsider his decision to retire from International football and all managers have been told the same thing.

Scholes has been on the pitch when the Wembley crowd sung chants of “stand up if you hate Man U”, and he has been played out of position on the left to accommodate two inferior player in Lampard and Gerrard, so it should come as no surprise that he packed it in well before necessary, however, the reason it all keeps coming back to is his desire to stay at home with his wife and kids.

“I like being at home. There was an awful lot of time away from home and my family and for me there’s nowhere better than Manchester.”

Capello has today confirmed that he asked Scholes to be a part of the squad but our midfielder declined.

“He said no, he preferred to stay with the family. But I tried, yes.”

UNITED > England

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  1. james21 says:

    I’d hit the roof without spilling a drop.
    My inlaw is Scottish and hates Rangers players none more than Kenny Miller (horrible bastard)
    He follows Scotland home and away on occaisions and would definately cheer if Miller put one in the net.
    Isn’t there a saying in the military YOU RESPECT THE RANK NOT THE PERSON.

  2. redscot says:

    My money is on the Wags and which one gets outta there, without having had Terrys prick in there box or a wee slip in the back passage! Away to check Bet fred for odds.

  3. Gudjohnsen says:

    Scholes deserves a holiday. It’s understandable that he wants to stay at home with his family and focus on the football he plays with Manchester United. I love his attitude, on and off the pitch. Very down to earth…

  4. Ulster Red says:

    but if i was english, no chance id support the likes of john terry and gerrard, not one hope in hell…the argies are a good shout, just depends how messi performs in my opinion, unfortunatly for ronnie he is a on a different level to anyone in his portugal side, id really like him to lift it..

  5. Rai says:

    @ James21

    Mate it’s just hard to cheer on people you hate…this isn’t a world war it’s a football tournament, no one owes the national team anything in terms of support. Support and respect should be earned not just given, and John Terry and his crew have done nothing to deserve that.

  6. Kevin says:

    I like to think Scholes loves United and in a way I think he does but a bigger part of me thinks he is just the perfect professional. He reminds me of a normal businessmen with an abnormal job. He goes to work and then home without much too much changing. He works hard at his profession and sticks to his word. He doesn’t allow himself to get over stretched. He is focusing on his pay check and working his socks off to earn his wage.

    I think he is very happy to be playing for United but I truly believe he would have been as fantastic no matter where he played. I don’t think United brought something special out of him. I think he had that something special inside him. He is by far my favorite United player and has been for sometime. I remember 1 or two years ago it seemed he was done but he has rewritten his style and changed his game. He uses his experience and knowledge to put himself in the right spots and play the right ball.

    Paul Scholes…He Scores Goals!

  7. redscot says:

    Well said Kevin Mate, i Just read elsewhere, Scholes rejects Fabio’s advances, I thought are we all at Old Trafford gay .Have some decency Fabio, ohhh yes your are single, you can choose your own destination. Mind might be Rafael, lol…… no its that stupid pratt of an Italian courting our Star* and failed
    Be carefull of what you see, is the moral.

  8. Rai says:

    Who would’ve thought he’d actually be playing just in front of te defence eh? He’s been fantastic this season, can’t believe he’s never won the PFA award when so many of his peers sing his praises. His one touch passing and vision is second to none, he pisses on Lampard and Gerrard.

  9. james21 says:

    Its an example of a saying. It kind of like saying respect the badge and what it stands for and not necessarily the person wearing it.
    I’m starting to feel like a rival fan, and Im certainly in a minority on this post which is no problem whatsoever as I don’t expect any other Nationality to support mine.
    I can see all the points given why not to support England during the world Cup, but i’m also very Patriotic and feel I do owe the England team my support , respect and loyalty.
    I always fly my St George Flag on St Georges day but my country hasn’t always had my best interests at heart. I have more to gripe about against my country than I do about my countries sports teams but it doesn’t make me hate my country.
    I will be supporting England regardless of any comment.

  10. james21 says:

    Top Post mate. Love Scholsey.

  11. Rai says:

    @ James 21

    This isn’t a debate about your alliance to your nationality, it’s just I don’t understand how anyone can support some of the players who they hate. Your in-law can’t hate Rangers that much if he’s supporting those same players a few games later in a friendly against Estonia!! I respect your opinion but a lot of United fans won’t be cheering on Ashley Cole this summer, we’ll
    instead be patiently waiting for the circus to come to
    an end with the usual story. Shit football, not good enough.

  12. dazjoe says:

    I’ve said for years United players should tell England where to go, ever since the Neville’s and Beckham were being abused by their own “fans” at Wembley.
    The horrible pack of wankers who follow England and take great delight in slaughtering United players then cheer and chant Rooney”s name when he scores, fuck off!
    See how well England do without him, or Rio and Carrick, let them get a good summer’s break and come back fit and fresh for us, the fans who adore them every week, not just once in a blue moon, the rest of the time they enjoy singing about them being a drug cheat, or a fat granny shagger, fucking cunts.

  13. Rai says:

    @ Dazjoe

    Exactly my point mate, they hate us, so why support them?

  14. IamjustDimitar says:

    Good for him to spend the summer with his family.

    But I would love to see him at the WC. More United players there, the better.

  15. james21 says:

    I know it isn’t a debate about my alliance but its why I’ll be supporting England in the World cup my National pride. I don’t hate anybody, strongly Dislike maybe but not hate.
    My Scottish Inlaw However hates Rangers players with passion but his National pride more than likely outwieghs his hatred.
    I’m sure its the same in Spain, with Real and Barca fans.
    But then its got to be the same everywhere not just England. All countries have rival teams who’s fans hate each others players weather or not they don’t support their National teams I wouldn’t know.
    I can’t remember which blog/thread it was on but some guys on here were saying they hate Harbajan Singh But love and support the Indian Cricket team. Bet they cheer when he takes wickets.
    We’ll have to agree to disagree here coz I need to get my head down.
    Enjoyed the Debate and Stick to your guns mate. I will. Thanx for your time.

  16. Alom says:

    good for scholes.. i want the least amount of United players to play for Ingurland!! at the end of the day they’ll always blame a united player for their failures!!

    United > Ingurland

  17. Rai says:


    Take it easy bud

  18. says:

    Mexico v France on june 17, so we will see Evra defending against Chicharito….hopefully evra takes it a bit easy on his new team mate…

  19. Kush says:

    First off Scholes is a legend
    Secondly, i love united more than life itself but for once in my lifetime i would like to see england win a major tournament. As man united fans, we don’t have to deal with shit such as the WAGS or the egos so supporting united is a hell of a lot better than supporting england. But i think when international tournaments come around we must support England like hell. Yes that even may mean cheering, as much as I hate to say it, the likes of John Terry.

  20. Rainman6364 says:

    Guys, the bit you are missing is that the Ginger Prince is not not prepared to let down American Kids (and, more importantly, my English born step-son who has the scary zeal of the convert since I shipped up 3 yrs ago) at his Academy in Orlando that starts 2 days after the Ingurland V ‘Merica match.

    Can’t believe the crap advertising means that not sold out but wtf. I now live over here and even the nice guys and soccer moms just don’t get it. It is making me mad just typing this. Hoping he’s in the same hotel so I can have a few bevvies and test the whole “Attend Every Session” stuff.

    Therefore, to be strictly accurate….

    Edward and some other kids

  21. lucasthebest says:

    true legend can keep his own words, salute to you, Scholes!


  22. bobkoh says:

    Scholesy is a man of principal unlike some other scouser who accepted the offer. Just think about it, if you did not play in the qualifying, it is ‘cheating’ the other players if you accept South Africa. We know our players are principaled, that’s why I support ManUtd!

  23. bobkoh says:

    For ‘principal’ – should be ‘principle’

  24. ash says:

    I would love to see england lift the cup.Imagine rooney to be a star and ferdinand lifting the cup.its simple because i dont want spain to dominate.i would love to see a united player winning the world cup and who better than rooney and ferdinand.
    Surprising some of u guys want argentiena to win ,would u people like to see that ugly cunt tevez lifting the trophy ,i cant.
    UNTED>ENGLAND.But i want rooney to lift the cup.

  25. rizwan says:

    he is the best………man u rocks there is no team in the world who can compete with us…….
    and for other epl club fans MAN U is the only club who have won fifa club world cup…sp shut ur mouth………
    THANKS SCHOLES………!!!!!!!!!


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