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Scholes: We Might Have To Win Every Game

After scoring his second goal since making his shock return from retirement, Paul Scholes has claimed that Manchester United may have to win every one of the remaining twelve games if they are to retain the title.

“There is no point drawing games so we were throwing everyone forward going for that goal, and I am sure we will do the same thing again,” Scholes told MUTV. “Of course, three points instead of one is a big difference. That is what we are here to do. We realise we may have to win every game to win the league, but we are ready and prepared to do that. Hopefully, we can do it.”

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    A tribute to the King:

    “Zola, Bergkamp, Ronaldo, Henry and Patrick Vieira might all have made a huge impact on the game, but none proved as influential as Cantona.

    English football in 2012 would be a different place had Cantona not arrived to help change it in 1992.”

  2. James21 says:

    MG. Derbyshire Under 21s :D
    Actually the last 2 are in Cheshire.

  3. MG says:




    We already know that being United fans, wouldn’t everyone agree?


  4. CedarsDevil says:


    What James has done is, he has taken my on a trip to memory lane…..

  5. MG says:

    Forgot Brolin and Yeboah, Viduka and Kewell from Premiership hottie list

    Just for Cedars


  6. MG says:


    You big softie you


    Wait better watch this tone of language or RedScot will fly through the ROM declaring that this is no longer a football blog and that only he does cutting and knowledgeable talk whilst actively trying to tell us he doesn’t like this kind of talk.

    Spinning around in circles!


  7. Mikekelly12 says:

    The mere fact this little bitter felt compelled to write that article tells us everything we need to know. Top of the league and still obsessed with us! If they were to win the league I’m convinced they’d fail to enjoy it thinking about what we might say!

  8. James21 says:

    Good article. Still wish he was playing.

    Who’s that friend we have in Jesus, He’s our saviour from afar,
    Who’s that friend we have in Jesus, And his name is Cantona,
    Oooh ahhh Cantona, Oooh ahhh Cantona,
    Oooh ahhh, oooh ahhh, oooh ahhh Cantona,
    Oooh ahhh Cantona

  9. MG says:

    Love Cantona’s new advertising

    Can’t remember the name – Pooches or something – whatever

    The brand not maketh the man the man maketh the brand


  10. CedarsDevil says:

    Tricky question, think carefully…..

    Would you rather Leeds stay where they are or even better go down another division or gain promotion just for one season so we can smash them twice?

    Asked King Eric this question and he chose the latter…….

    Personally I hope they go into adminstration and just piss off from the planet

  11. WillieRedNut says:

    Mike – I wonder if he noticed the irony in his own article? They call us arrogant, but in the same breath, they ain’t worried about us in the title race! I hope city’s players have the same mentality as that deluded fool.

  12. FletchTHEMAN says:

    MG Cheers mate.

    Get a look at this then

    Eric Cantona….Peter, Phil and Gary rate as extras in high art. Manager up with the angels ofcourse!

  13. James21 says:

    New Reactions Thread up.

  14. MG says:


    Appropriately Divine.


  15. James21 says:

    I remember that painting in the paper. Might still have it somewhere.

  16. CedarsDevil says:


    Hahaha….. What a fool and in all honesty I no longer have time for fools

  17. JC says:

    Just got done watching last year’s Arsenal v United match from Emirates again, I’m still burning with rage over that pussy ass Foy not awarding the penalty/red card for us when Owen was blatantly stamped on just inside the box near the end of the match… fuck I can’t stand watching these replays when we lose… :D

  18. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Why do these muppets still hold out on carroll blossoming into a brilliant player?. Yes he isn’t the finished article but he is more of a paper bag of dog Shit than any article.

    big hairy lump, a spinning 50 pence coin has more dynamism than he ever will possess, runs after a ball like a kangaroo on marijuana, horrific first touch that even an oak tree would feel embarrassed about, terrible awareness of space and movement. a clamped garbage truck has more mobility, he flicks his unwashed hair more times than a chihuahua with flees.

    Yet we get idiots who claim he will come good, yeah of course he’ll come good when russia becomes an exotic sunny paradise. The hopeless fucking twat.

  19. mara says:

    i hope those cunts wont win the league. But we missed some good chances to get them behind. I hope we will win all games like Scholes said…
    Maybe some players get back from injurie


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