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Scholes: We’re Lucky To Have Kagawa

Paul Scholes, who has been used sparingly so far this season, has sung the praises of the quality of our squad and is happy with the competition for places.

“You always like to see new players come in even if they’re in your position because it’s healthy for the team and exciting to play with the new players,” he told “We’ve got strength everywhere in the squad. We’ve struggled with injuries to defenders, but when we have everyone fit I think there are two teams that the manager has available to him and that could compete in the Premier League and cup competitions. It all looks very healthy and, as players, we know when we get given our chance we have to take it. If you don’t, you’ll be out of the team, simple as that. All the new signings have settled in well. Shinji has been with us since the start of pre-season so he’s had a good amount of time to settle in. He’s a top class player who did great in Germany and we’re lucky to have him. Nick Powell has done really well. He hasn’t had much first team action yet but he’s only a young lad and there’s plenty of time for him. He has great quality. Robin is a top signing and we all hope to form a good understanding with him as the season goes on and Alex [Buttner] played his first game for the Under 21s last week and did really well. There’s great competition for places with so many good players here and there are plenty of games to come.”

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  1. medumtum says:

    Scholesy breaks his silence more often these days. Great to see. Wonder what sort of player powell is shaping up to be. Haven’t seen much of him, but i think we could ease in Buttner hopefully at some point soon.

  2. The Big Red says:

    hope buttner gets a few first team opportunities quickly. evras been looking lost for a while now and he could use a rest…

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Think Scholes and Kagawa could be great mates. Both quiet types.

    @BigRed. Think they will have to go looking for young Alex. Lad must be higher than a kite at the moment. Imagine 3 weeks ago.. a nobody. Now on CL and EPL rosters for greatest team he could ever imagine playing for.
    Expect they will have to peel him off the freekin ceiling and glue him in some weighed boots!

    Really love this kid. Him and Bebe and Bolt should all start v Real Madrid . . . . (the charity game of course). :cool:

  4. AlphaRS says:

    Scholes came on against Southampton and and gave a masterclass on how to play in midfield.
    Very few players in the world come close to him. Very few like Iniesta, Xavi, and Modric.

  5. cedric says:

    fergi, de master of signings have signed great players and all utd fans want to see henriquez,buttner and powell in action against newcastle in the league cup match.

  6. jeet says:

    Not Modric. Pirlo, yes – but definitely not Modric, and I do rate Modric.

  7. romeo says:

    Modric near Scholes? No way… He is a good player but nowhere near Scholesy!

  8. DreadedRed says:

    Al Farce

    You made false accusations against Berbatov, and then castigated him for your lies.
    You then attacked any Red that expressed affinity for our ex-player.

    Apologise for your lies. Apologise for your baseless slander.
    Or remain recognised as a vile, false-accusing, slandering liar with a base agenda.

  9. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    When Scholes talks you better listen. One of the BEST footballing brains of his generation. Kagawa will flourish at United. We just need to make him the focal point of the attack and we will see his very best,

  10. DreadedRed says:

    … more from Scholes on Kagawa:

    “Shinji is just a clever footballer who gets into those great positions where it’s difficult for other teams to pick him up. He’s always on the move which makes it easier for the midfielders to find him. He really fits in with the way we play. It’s important that he links up well with the midfielders and centre forwards and he’s already shown he’s clever enough to do that. He’s very intelligent and someone we all enjoy playing with.”

  11. AlphaRS says:

    @Jeet and Romeo
    The only reason I say Modric is because he played well for Croatia when playing against Spain.

  12. Busby babes says:

    Scholes there is’nt enough superlatives for the guy just so composed on the ball, dictates play smart move that on the weekend when the saints we’re starting to get heavy legged you have sat-nav coming on exploting space, and so forth

  13. Marq says:

    Heskey played well for England, should we include him?

  14. King Eric says:

    Ha. Modric close to Scholes. Nowhere fucking near. Couldnt run a bath let alone a game.

  15. Proverb says:

    Heskey can score Goals in every Position, but it gets cancelled

  16. Proverb says:

    Emile Heskey’s first goal for England was also the winning goal.

  17. Proverb says:

    But Heskey had scored his last goal of that 1998/99 season and went twenty games without a goal.

  18. DreadedRed says:

    King Eric!

    Good day sir! I hope you, Ruth and Tom are very well. You have been sorely missed be me.

    ps In case you haven’t been following the blog, I am a Neil Young crooner.

  19. ARUN says:

    paul scholes came out of retirement last season .he was 37 and i thought he was still much better than modric.if paul had played from the start i think we would have won the league.thats why i am realy happy that we didnt bid 35 million for luka. he would not have made our team much better .

  20. mara says:

    As i m from Croatia…i m not convinced that Modric is that good like people saying…he didnt play to many good games for Croatia…
    We will see in RM how is he playing. In last game journalists said he was great…

  21. Red Robin says:

    Modric was smokescreen for Kagawa.

  22. Costas says:

    Cheers mara. It’s nice to have a Croatian confirm what I’ve always suspected. ;)

  23. AlphaRS says:

    Yeah because Modric is comparable to Heskey isn’t he…?
    We could answer all your wet dreams though and bring Berbatov back I suppose….

  24. AlphaRS says:

    @King Eric
    Perhaps that’s why SAF was after him.

  25. Marq says:


    Your logic of Modric being comparable is fue to him having a good game for Croatia, so the same logic applies. You probably cried your pants wet that Modric went to Real huh?

  26. Marq says:

    Comparing a player to Scholes because of 1 good game, yet denying the contribution of a player who carried the team for half a season. No logic needs applied to such person

  27. caino says:

    i hope buttner comes in for Evra ASAP. Evra has lost it now and calamity, possibly the weakest link in the team, him or the other crazy full back, rafael.

  28. AlphaRS says:

    Oh dear are you still crying yourself to sleep at night because your baby Berba left you?
    I don’t wear pants as you like to imagine. I wear boxer shorts because I prefer freedom of movement.
    Has Modric only ever had one good game then? Did SAF not sound out signing Modric as a replacement for Scholes? Was I imagining all this? Do you know more than SAF? Perhaps you should see if SAF will recommend you as the next United manager. I suppose Modric is shite then which is why Real Madrid signed him. Well done.

  29. AlphaRS says:

    Your Baby Berba CARRIED United for half a season. Erm yeah right.

  30. Marq says:

    Everyone can see who is the one being bitter

  31. Marq says:

    By the way, if you read what I wrote proerly, I’ve never said Modric was that bad. See the context properly, or is it too much for you to comprehand? I suppose its the latter

  32. DreadedRed says:

    Al Farce

    You are a sly, underhanded, nay-saying, trouble-making, Red-hating pretender of a fan.

  33. AlphaRS says:

    I have no idea what proerly means. Obviously I can’t comprehend your astonishingly high levels of Baby Berba Love. I’m sorry but he just doesn’t give me wet dreams like he does you.

    @ DreadedRed
    Am I really? And who are you?
    Have you ever even been to Old Trafford?
    Or do you just like calling people names because it makes you feel big and hard…? :S

    @Marq and @DreadedRed
    If you can’t take my comments on Baby Berba then don’t respond to them. Just because I disagree with your unwarranted praise for a player who had one decent season but hardly even registered a goal against a top four club in all the time he was at United when he played or couldn’t even get a game because SAF didn’t think he was food enough for the starting 11. Then he doesnt want to say goodbye to SAF because to some extent he has lost respect for The Greatest Manager of all time and you think that is acceptable?
    Since when is the feelings of one player more important than United? Never has. Never will be.

  34. Red Robin says:


    Nah, don’t believe in Fergie, he made comment about Charlie Adam crosses worth $10 mil. :)

    And its Kagawa that finally get into our team, not Modric.

  35. AlphaRS says:

    @Red Robin
    SAF gives the fans the run around as much as the press.
    Just because he doesn’t want anyone to really know who his transfer targets are :D
    Kagawa was a very good alternative to Modric. I don’t quite know whether he is a Scholes in the making though.

  36. Marq says:

    Doesn’t want to say good bye is not the same as no time to say good bye, happy getting trolled by media headlines?

  37. Costas says:

    Someone didn’t get the memo. Or refuses to do so. ;)

  38. AlphaRS says:

    Trolled by media headlines?
    Trolled by saying he to some extent respect for SAF after being left out of the Champions League Final? Is that being trolled? Or should we say SAF is a bad person because he left him out. Boo hoo. Happy wearing your Baby Berba Tinted Glasses? Watch out you’ll get tan lines in the summer.

  39. Costas says:

    Alpha, have you read the actual comments? He said he lost some of his respect for the manager because he was constantly lied to about having a role in the side. He even pointed out that the manager has the right to pick whatever team he wants. He just wanted to know if he’s needed or not. Have a look at Berbatov’s actual comments. If you want I can provide the translation some Bulgarians did. You will find out they aren’t as malicious as you’d like to think.

  40. United Till I Die says:

    @King Eric – haha beat me to it. Hows it going mate? Still don’t see the hype around Modric myself. Makes me laugh when people compare new players to the 37 year old Scholes of today. He’s gone from Striker to CM and he’s been top drawer the whole flipping time, including right now. Scholes is in a league of his own, no comparisons.

  41. King Eric says:

    Thanks alot lads. Yes Ruth and Tom sound thanks. He is crawling the stairs, almost walking and is only just over 8 months.

    DID Fergie ever go for Modric? I don’t recall that. Like someone said he bigged up fucking Charlie Adam!

  42. LoneStarRed says:

    The Fergie comment on Charlie Adam was classic. That caused LFC to spend even more than they initially intended for him. We were not at all interested in Adam.

    Scholes’ entrance on Sunday had the effect of making it a totally different game. Seldom do I see Cleverly attempt and complete the long passes that defenses dread and that make Valencia so menacing as Scholes does. Our movement off the ball immediately improved! The Saints defense was immediately stretched. Modric does not have that effect on games yet.

  43. LoneStarRed says:

    Berba’s comments were classy. He did not demean SAF or United. He even noted that his playing style is incongruous to how SAF wanted it done. That is the crux of the matter. Berba CHOSE not to change his playing style. He KNEW what SAF wanted. He was the EMPLOYEE. If SAF didn’t think Berba was capable of fitting into that style he would have offloaded him much earlier. I think he wanted Dimitar to stay , work hard to adapt his style of play and be piece of the puzzle.

  44. AlphaRS says:

    Wasn’t Cleverly supposed to be the creative we were missing? Hasn’t really worked put for him at the moment.

  45. LoneStarRed says:

    @ Alpha
    I would agree that we are still not fully set in the area of CM such as Scholesy.

  46. abubakar iya girei says:

    Kagawa is a phenomenon.Scholes said it all..We are one signing away from a complete team..please give me a CM..


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