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Scouse Media Responds To SOS Munich Chant

The Liverpool Echo has brought attention to the ‘Spirit of Shankly’ end of season party, which saw a performer on stage chanting Munich and the crowd around him doing the same.

The SOS issued an appology two weeks after the incident, following video recordings from a guest’s mobile phone finding it’s way on to the internet. Whilst insisting the performer had not been scheduled to perform and they had no idea he was going to talk about Munich, they did not explain why nothing was done to stop the performance, something the Echo also overlooks.

[edit] The Guardian has taken note.

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  1. bealsy says:


  2. Coogie says:

    Anybody who has time read this fucking article in the slum echo

    the final paragraph

    “Insults have often been traded between Liverpool fans and their rivals with Reds claiming their opponents bait them with songs mocking the 96 who died at Hillsborough.”

    Fucking making excuses for the fuckers already! Jesus christ the city of liverpool and its people are fucking pathetic

  3. Stephen says:

    The performer was probably a Chelsea fan….

  4. King Eric says:

    “But Spirit of Shankly said the singer who instigated the Munich references was an unauthorised performer and was not part of the running order.”

    What so he just gatecrashed his way on to the stage , set up his mic etc and knowbody did fuck all? Like someone else has said he must have been a chelsea fan!

  5. Ian says:

    On the front page of the Liverpool Echo, two links above this report:

    “10,000 set for London to attend Hillsborough justice march”

    Same old Scousers…

  6. Costas says:

    King Eric how many times do people walk on that stage while the song is playing(presumably organisers) and not one of them put an end to this farce?Lets be honest here.They were enjoying it.What ruined it for them was that it was recorded.

  7. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    best thing youve ever wrote on this mate

  8. keano99 says:

    Murdering scum

    Great one stephen.

  9. Mannings says:

    Just shows what scum the scousers are. They go on about how we sing about Hillsborough, but anyone with a brain can see Munich happened in 58, Hillsborough 89. They clearly started the sick chants first. Also, we have to remember that Munich was a tragedy, one of the greatest teams in history was lost. At Hillsborough, 96 jobless, thieving twats died, good riddance I say.

    I believe in karma and Hillsborough was definitely karma for Heysel. Murdering scum.

  10. anderson8 says:

    Has nobody named and shamed the cunt on stage yet? The prick who brought his own guitar,mic and spotlight with him and managed to stroll up on stage unannounced. Why does the echo use the words ‘apparently mocked the Munich disaster’? There’s no apparently about it.

  11. Scott the Red says:

    He’s called Nicky Alt.

  12. Kings says:


  13. King Eric says:

    Mannings – Ooh that’s a bit harsh mate. As mush as I detest the vermin scum, innocent people including young ones died at Hillsborough.

  14. Bebeto says:

    Nice to see the Liverpool Echo adopting an objective stance.

    I trust they will be as consistent when reporting on breach of respect over the tragedy that, as a Merseyside publication, was a little closer to the hearts of those employed by the company. Way to defend the memory of the dead, you chivalric things.

    This entire facade is tiresome. Everybody is trying to wash the matter away, utilising the excuses that we are more accustomed to seeing politicians use; It was a minority, we were caught by surprise, it won’t happen again. If they think these are legitimate excuses, their idiocy is tantamount to that of those who instigated this entire mess.

  15. Chinatown Branch says:

    Are you sure it’s Nicky Alt Scott? The words are by Alt but I don’t think it’s him singing. It’s some other no mark who’s scouse accent changes 3 or 4 times during his intro.

  16. Nas says:

    Fuck Justice for Hillsborough. I say we should all log into Scouse Scum forums and leave a simple 3 word post….
    “Justice for Heysel”.
    Do it now. Piss the fuckers off.

  17. AlphaRS says:

    A few points here.

    1. How exactly does a man with a guitar get in to the venue who is an unscheduled act mange to get on stage in front of a MIC.

    2. Why didn’t anybody stop him as soon as they realised he was an unscheduled act.

    3. Why did SOS wait until the footage was released on to the internet before making a statement.

    These people call themselves fans.
    When we start making fun of people who have died for whatever reason then football is the loser.

  18. Isaidso says:

    It doesn’t matter who started what first mate, the DEAD should be respected, end of. We cannot and should not IMHO stoop to the Scouse level of making excuses for the inexcusable. The families of the dead are still alive, both their dead and ours, and from what I have seen of both clubs sets of RELATIVES who lost their loved ones, they are all decent folk. Liverpudlians have short memories, they came down hard on one of their own players who was laughing and talking to people during their own Hillborough service at L’pool Cathedral. Their papers and national papers were full of how sickened Liverpool supporters were by this. Yet these same supporters, could chant disrespectfully at one of their supposed spirit of Shankly organised meetings, the Local press making excuses for them. I find that sad, and human-being-less! Every supporter that chants like this, wherever they chant, Man Utd or L’pool fans, they should be rooted out and BANNED from attending all games in future.

    What I would like to know, is why the Official supporters club associations of both clubs, cant arrange a meeting to talk about trying to work with their own fans , to do something about all this. It will make history I know, but this is one area where both clubs should DEAL with it once and for all! Is there anybody else on here who feels the way some of us do about this sick chanting?

  19. Coogie says:

    AlphaRS the best thing about it, is that the fuckers dimmed the lights for him. Right there and then they had the opportunity to unplugg the mic, refuse to dim the lights and fuck him off stage. fact is they didnt! and they should take responsibility for this

  20. AlphaRS says:

    Coogie the ABU media don’t care. If it was the other way round though….

  21. Linvoy says:

    article from who ate all the pies:

    According to them: we are as bad as the scousers in our reference to heysel tragedy!!

    Don’t agree with this guy one bit!

  22. Costas says:

    We are not as bad Linvoy.Saying that we didn’t kill anyone for our 3 stars doesn’t desecrate the memory of dead people.Partying and chanting about Munich does desecrate it.But i do understand the neutral’s point of view.They don’t want stuff like that happening and they tend to put all fans in the same category.We can say we aren’t as bad as the Scousers but no one will believe us.

  23. Linvoy says:

    Nicely put Costas…. I totally agree!!

    Its just frustrating how some media types fail to grasp the difference between the 2 situations here & therefore in doing so end up dismissing just how disgusting the behaviour was at that SOS function!

  24. King Eric says:

    Linvoy – I have posted summat about this on the original dippers thread!

    Hope it clears it up.

  25. JB1973 says:

    Im sure the loveable lpool fans will be marching in heysel or turin soon demanding justice for the 39.

    no huge surprise talk sport aka talk liverpool or the lpool love in that is the bbc and sky make no mention of this story is it?

  26. Jason says:


    Can someone please explain the difference here between the disgusting events mentioned here and the songs Utd fans sing week in week out about your rivals?

    Dont’ you sing songs glorifying the deaths of innocent people as well?


  27. FIOS says:

    Just for clarification, the lad on stage is most definitely not Nicky Alt.

    Nicky Alt put the lyrics to the song and that is were his involvement ends. The song itself was originally about Liverpools European cup successes, and had no reference to Munich or Utd at all. The “Munich” chant was then tagged on the end by bellends.

    If people are going to call a cunt a cunt, lets make sure we have the right cunt, eh?

    Also, the lad on stage was asked by organisers to perform on the night as a spur of the moment thing. He didnt just wander on as is being suggested. Memembers of SOS actually asked him to do a few songs. For them, or anyone else, to suggest that he just decided to get up is wrong and makes it look as if they are trying to swerve responsiblity. They should be held accountable for all acts who perform at one of their events.

  28. Chris says:

    To be fair, it’s a two way thing.

    A minority of manc idiots chant about Hillsbrough. And vice verse with Munich

  29. toffeeblue says:

    Please understand the difference between “scouse” and “supporter of Liverpool FC”. The lad who plays up front for you is scouse. I am scouse. I do not like Liverpool FC or many of their fans. They are an embarrassment to our great city as this video and their subsequent reaction demonstrates.

  30. FIOS says:

    toffeeblue, you seem quite clued up on scousers.

    Rooneys brother, you know the one who was filmed singing about Shipman killing mancs, is he Scouse or just a supporter of Everton FC?

  31. KopiteBob says:

    Liverpool fan here and scouser through and through.. All i can do here is apologise for such behaviour during the sos night, i have many manc friends who are united fans and even though i despise your team, this is not on. However the idiots calling us liverpudlians scum and showing a lack of respect for hillsborough are doing nothing but stooping to these people’s level, two wrongs don’t make a right at the end of the day. We only live 30 miles apart, this rivalry for each other is beyond banter now and becoming a hatred, just over footy matters. By the way to toffeeblue, you are making out that us kopites are a different breed to blues in the city, when i have seen your lot make munich chants, so don’t come the innocent. anyway i am sorry again for this behaviour of some of our fans and hop it doesn’t happen again.


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