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Sentimental Fergie On Scholesy European Selection

Paul Scholes European CupAs the lineup was announced ahead of United’s Champions League final against Bayern Munich, groans will have echoed out around Manchester. We of course knew Roy Keane and Paul Scholes were suspended for the match, but seeing the team list really brought home the fact we were about to play in the European Cup final without two of our most influential players. Giggs on the right, Blomqvist on the left, with Beckham and Butt in the centre. Nightmare. We of course all know what happened there though, managing to get the desired result in injury time.

Sir Alex Ferguson has today said that despite not naturally being a sentimental man, he will certainly be starting Paul Scholes if United make it to the Champions League final again this season. “Hopefully we can get to the final again and this time Paul will get his opportunity,” he said. “I’m not a sentimentalist by any means. My one aim has always been to manage the club in the right way. But if we got to the Champions League final again then I’m telling you that I would have to be sentimental when it came to choosing my team for that one. I’d have to pick Paul to play because he deserves it. Paul doesn’t say much about missing out in 1999, but it must have hurt him. He will still feel it because players like that always do. Players with his calibre and with his record of being a winner will have felt bad about missing out. It would have hurt Paul just as much as it hurt Roy Keane. To miss the biggest club game in the world must have an impact. Paul won’t talk about things like that because he is not the kind of man to let disappointment destroy him. You only have to see what he has won in the game to realise that.”

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  1. Taehr says:

    Too early fergie,far too early.Lets beat lyon first

  2. mark says:

    No this is kind of good. It gives the team a reason to fight for the champions league games.

    “Do it for Sholesy!”

  3. jimmy Bob says:

    People do forget scholes missed that game . If we could win the CL i think both he and SAF would retire happy men

  4. craig mc says:

    Scolesy playing in a midfield like N’Castles recently and Fulhams – well yes he played well cos he had the space. Against top European competition he won’t have the space???? Will he have the legs – well we’ll just have to wait and see. I understand why Fergie wants to put Scholesy in out of sentiment though. Scholesy will have to watch his shit tackling in european games, or he may miss out again thru collection of cards. I hope not though!!!!!!!!

  5. Tom F says:

    Scholes wasn’t in the squad against Newcastle..

    Anyway, he has never really rellied on pace. He is known in the game for his superb passing and making his own space, Scholes is better than anyone at that and I wish United fans would stop writing him off so soon.

    Yes, I know he isn’t 28 anymore but at the end of the day his brain works faster than most players in the Champions League so there is a balance. His tackling will never get better, but I am sure with Carrick, Hargreaves and Anderson as well as the others he will play less reducing his chances of being banned!

    I think we should focus on Lyon, we know how our defending can sometimes be complacent early on in Champs League games so I hope we can use our defensive solidarity to its potential. I can see our regular back 5 starting, with Giggs, Carrick, Hargo and Ronaldo in midfield with Tev and Rooney up front (or maybe Ronaldo up top with Fletcher or Park thrown in to bolster Midfield which we shouldnt really do at home.) We are through if Lyon don’t score so we will have to be very effiecient on the break.

    If we did get to the final, Scholes is more than capable to start and we have enough talent on the bench to help change a game if things don’t go to plan.

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  1. United’s midfield is stronger than the 99 team…

    Scott the Red points out that Fergie is a bit sentimental after all
    Sir Alex Ferguson has today said that despite not naturally being a sentimental man, he will certainly be starting Paul Scholes if United make it to the Champions League final again th…


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