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Separated At Birth?

On a daily basis I will sift through the e-mails sent to me from readers of the blog. Some will be a heads up on a particular article or a video, some will be asking my opinion on a particular issue, some will be giving suggesting new ideas for the shop, but today I was sent something rather odd.

“NHS is exploiting my life” – claims transsexual read the headline. Weird. Why was I being sent this? I read on…

A TRANSSEXUAL, angry at an NHS advertising campaign that depicts a man wearing makeup, says her lifestyle has been exploited for the sake of a poster. Lucy Smith thinks the NHS should have been more sensitive to the transsexual community in Warrington when it developed a poster warning women drinkers they could end up looking like men.

“It’s hard enough living in Warrington without this,” said Lucy, a pre-op male to female transsexual. “People see the posters on the bus and it draws attention to me sat there. I walk down the street and everyone’s looking or shouting.”

Hmm. I scanned the article, looking for some United reference, or at least something to do with football, but to no avail.

Then I looked at the picture and it all made sense…

You’re thinking ‘where have I seen that face before?’ right? I’ll try and jog your memory. Think lots of tears, think slippy ground, think Peter Kenyon losers medal. Got it?

No hoax. Story here.

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  1. HMP says:

    Loool. John Terry’s twin brother/sister??

  2. 9jmac says:


  3. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    oh my sweet bananafeet lord

    that is by far the greatest thing ive ever seen in my life

  4. Mic says:

    It is Terry!

  5. OTRed says:

    OMG, lol…the resemblance is striking. Maybe Terry moonlights as a tranny?

  6. Red-Manc says:

    Its so funny because it looks exactly like him

    he’s gonna cry in a minute cry in a minuteeeeee.

  7. melvinho7 says:

    LOL !!! That’s my link from earlier :)

    Cheers ROM !!! Keep up the great work

    United 4 Life

  8. rob the red says:

    Shame it was only in a local warrington paper and not nationwide!!…………..

  9. rob the red says:

    Still looks more manly than torres

  10. edwin says:

    Lol lol lol lol lol!
    You couldnt make that up!

  11. Maik says:

    Oh johnny.. what are you doing in that picture?? Although, it does explain a lot…

  12. Yk7 berba says:

    It was a fantastic john torrid look-like,looked miserable and a typical rentboy,i wud like a berba look like-he looks feminine.

  13. King Eric says:

    fuckin classic.

  14. Gabriel says:

    hahahahahahahahaha!!! This is just too hilarious!!! :D just brightened up my evening after the extreme boredom I’m getting from watching this so-called ‘derby’.

  15. RedDevil says:

    Im pissing my pants!!!! :lol: Best thing Ive seen since he/she slipped in Moscow! :wink: Brilliant Scott, this made my day!

  16. dave_pistol says:

    scott, u must be able to post that on a chelsea forum, or to the sun

  17. RedDevil says:

    Viva John Terry
    Viva Jonh Terry
    Screwed up the biggest chance
    Because he is a trans
    Viva John Terry

  18. PeeJay says:

    I think the photo’s touched up.

  19. Gabriel says:

    jeez, u really are a buzzkill peejay!!! from now on, you shall be known as ‘Buzz Killington’.. :D :D

  20. Jay says:

    This was on the liverpool site, saw it some time ago. LOOL

  21. micheal says:

    does anyone else agree that I saw one of the most grim games I have seen in a while, I am really not happy what I saw it has really pissed me off only the result and 120 minutes liverpool played tonight made up for that dross, nothing to do with everton what they are doing is insane, but liverpool have got to be the most one dimensional side I have ever seen in ages, I will be really upset if we finish below this crap, liverpool will go down in premiership history has the worse side ever to win the premiership if they do. it is like the old wimbledon or bolton winning it.

  22. Giles Oakley says:

    My old Grannie used to say, ‘Never mock the afflicted’. But then, she’d never seen John Terry. Classic!!

  23. vidic will get ya15 says:

    viva john terry,
    viva john terry,
    changed his cock for fanny,
    the dirty fuckin trannie,
    viva john terry

  24. vidic will get ya15 says:

    to the tune “johny marchin down the wing”
    he’s half a boy and half a girl terry, terry.
    he looks just like a transvite, terry terry.
    he wears a frock
    he loves the cock
    he sell’s his arse on albert dock
    johny terry lampards bit on the side

    (originally bout torres, change lumpard for carrahger)

  25. Drew Vader says:

    Well said Gabriel…

  26. klauq says:

    wow john terry can make another history
    the first person to play in both world cups – men’s and women’s

    viva john terry hahaha

    all my tensions gone now

  27. daryl says:


  28. bobkoh says:

    Goodness! The slip on the Moscow pitch must have altered his the part of his brains leading to this ‘inclination’! The next time at Stamford Bridge if JT grabs Ronaldo from behind with a rugby-style tackle it will not be just to prevent Ronaldo from scoring! Give him a PINK card, ref!

  29. johann says:

    Terry, is that u?? :)

  30. Stephen says:

    I would.

  31. james f says:

    Well, everybody has their dark side, as a good friend of mine once said!

  32. TheGriff says:

    We need to analise’ that penalty ‘ again !!
    Check if JT slipped over in his high heels !!

  33. -K-R- says:

    God i knew he always had the woman in him but now it’s actually come out haha

  34. haha says:

    john terry was born a bitch and he’ll die a bitch.


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