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Sepp Blatter On His Way To Manchester With A Gift

Following our success in the FIFA World Club Cup, Sepp Blatter is travelling to Manchester tomorrow ahead of our European Cup game against Inter Milan. The man who called Cristiano Ronaldo a slave in the summer is braving the Old Trafford crowd, where he will no doubt be booed relentlessly.

The FIFA president will be commemorating our win in the competition by awarding us with a special badge.

That will be something nice to rub in Mourinho’s face.

“Have you ever won the FIFA World Club Cup competition, have you fuck?” Doesn’t quite have the same effect as ‘Treble’ though eh?

“It was an enormous honour to become the first British club to win the FIFA Club World Cup and this is a badge we will wear with great pride,” said Ferguson. “I hope we are in a position to defend the trophy in December.”

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  1. jamos9 says:

    Hi there Scott was just on MEN and noticed that what you had written on F365 had been taken and used by some Plum called “danny WILMSLOW ” well thats how he spells it anyway. Could you let me know that it was you who had written the Original and not he….tah thanks!!

    Here’s some of it from the page on MEN he’s now telling me that i’m a lying so i’m a little narked off with it.

    We played out a goalless draw at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza despite creating so many goal-scoring opportunities However even though Milan completed the great escaped United will be too strong for the Nerazzurri at the Theatre of Dreams “We had so many good chances to be in a better position for the second leg”I still can’t believe we are actually under some pressure at Old Trafford because of the away goals rule. But United proved at San Siro that we could impose our style against a team like Inter. Even though not even Mourinos bullshit will save them. “This is the Champions League and anything can happen, ie the Porto game, but I still believe we will qualify for the next round in front of 76.000 supporters.”

    United will retain our trophy,

    “No disrespect to other sides but United have an amazing group of players and almost all of them were here last season when the team won the Champions League.

    “It’s not easy, though, and apparently the last team to defend a European Cup successfully was AC Milan in the 1990s.
    danny, WILMSLOW
    9/03/2009 at 14:10

  2. bruce thomas says:

    Danny ‘Wilmslow’ has been cutting and pasting on other sites too. Can’t see the point really but if it stops him playing with his pee pee for half an hour :)

  3. Swissdevil says:

    can’t wait for wednesday!!!!

  4. jamos9 says:

    I pulled him up on it on MEN, as normally he writes such utter drivel and gets mainly abuse from most on the site. He’s now saying that he’s posted it on other sites and it’s really him and how i’m wrong…..Jibroni!! The thing is i cant really prove him wrong as MEN dont let you put links to other sites on which is a fuck!!

    Scott- please show this plank up fro me!!

  5. Billy Meredith says:

    That’s awesome! Another badge of glory to go with the gold premiership ones and the CL shiny balls!!


  6. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    That Sepp Blatter is a plank.

  7. bruce thomas says:

    I bet Blatter will nearly choke on his words when he has to say ‘Congratulations, well done’ considering the way he and Platini are trying to load the dice.

  8. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Glad to get the badge though. Another little boost for the players, and the club.
    We’ll win tomorrow 3-0 or 3-1, the cream always rises, and Inter are sour milk compared to us.

  9. mancaroon says:

    Blatter and his bastard love child Platini should fuck off back to whatever rock they crawled out from under…… this space as they try to stop clubs with debt (ie all English clubs) competing in Europe, the racist, self important pair of pricks they are!

    United 3 Inter 0.

  10. Oooodz says:

    Fuck off Blatter you cunt faced cock muncher!!!

  11. cherry says:

    I hate Blatter bastard! Hope he gives the award to Sir bobby for the presentation. I just can’t stand that ugly bastard

  12. Zana says:

    We have to win and beat that arrogant Jose Mourinho, we will bury u at oldtrafford .come on RED DEVILS burn them

  13. james f says:

    I hope he doesn’t carry a jinx or something! Can’t wait for tomorrow to come.

  14. 7 number of legends says:

    we get to wear the badge for a year (unless we retain it) will it be issued on the new home shirt nxt season…. i hope not

  15. tallared1 says:

    Blatter and his bum chum Platini can fuck off, thanks for the badge now crawl back under your rock!! twats

  16. dave_pistol says:

    i wish sepp blatter would sew a badge to his arse the fucking wanker

  17. Revanth says:

    Blatter is a fucking clown

  18. wazza says:

    looks like blatter is gonna get battered tomo :-)

  19. TonyBee says:

    Blatter> bald headed bum rimming cock sucking shit tasting bollocks licking faggot…… Platini is just a useless french cunt

  20. Marq says:

    I think what we want is the permanent CL badge on our shirt soon, so that the dippers will really have nothing to say anymore

  21. Kings says:

    We should have two stars above the badge to indicate how many times we have been World Champions. United: World Champions twice. England: World Champions once. That should piss them and the scousers off! On another topic, Oliver Holt is on another lick up mission. Obviously hasn’t got Mourihnos balls to lick anymore, so he’s going on the charm offensive with United. Piss off you fucking bastard.

  22. Billy Meredith says:

    Justed landed at work and the BASTARDS are all over me! It’s gonna be a long day! See you at the weekend scumbags!!

    Roll on tonight!
    We need an early goal guys, it’ll be squeaky bottom time otherwise :S


  23. bobkoh says:

    I’m not concerned about Blatter, just hope it wouldn’t end up 1-1.
    But I’ve actually put some money on 3-1! Bring on Inter!

  24. PeeJay says:

    Sepp Blatter is a mug, no doubt.


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