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Serbian Dreams Come True

The Serbian lads, Zoran Tosic and Adem Ljajic, who signed for us last week, have today claimed that playing for Manchester United is a dream come true. Tosic was in the stands for our recent 3-0 win over Southampton, sitting behind Sir Bobby Charlton, and cannot wait to get started.

“At the beginning it was a dream to play somewhere like United but now it is a reality, one I am very happy with,” Tosic said. “I want to become a top player at United and not waste the opportunity of being a member of the greatest football family. It is great feeling, but now I must think about working hard. The presence of Nemanja Vidic will be a great help as I know him from the national team. I am full of confidence, will learn quickly and hope United can count on me very soon.”

Ljajic is also over the moon to join United and is eager to learn more over the next year before joining us in January 2010.

“It has all happened so fast for me,” Ljajic said. “I am only 17 and have had some dreams in the past but can now have one more: the United shirt. However, I will spend the next year learning more at Partizan and I will be ready for Old Trafford next January.”

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  1. meko420 says:

    they r both goin to a joy watch @ tha theatre of dreams

  2. King Eric says:

    looking forward to Tosic s debut. See him terrorise full backs like Giggs did for so many years.

  3. Androo says:

    Park, Nani & Tosic. I love our squad’s depth!

  4. RedDevil007 says:

    Scott, just thought of this — how about updating the medal on the top right of the page to also include “Champions of the World”?

  5. Davetian says:

    I know youtube could make James Beattie look like Van Nistelrooy, but just how good does Ljajic look? Unfortunately they dont have mush on Tosic, but Ljajic looks immense. I’m so excited by these kids, and i’m chuffed United have signed an actual left footed left winger (unlike Park and Nani!).

    Seriously though, if you havent watched anything of Ljajic, go and watch him now. It’s mainly youth team stuff but his class is there for us all to see.

  6. Tom F says:

    Nani… he has a long, long, long way to go!

    The sight of him laying on the floor wincing each time he gets a blade of grass between his studs makes me very sick in the stomach.

    I had, and to an extent have reasonable expectations of him but the guy really is an embarrasment to the Club.

  7. King Eric says:

    I am afraid I am with you on Nani Tom! I have been waiting, and waiting ……………………………………..and waiting for his huge improvement but not happening. Glimpses of it but then does something to frustrate again.

  8. Davetian says:

    Cant agree more about Nani, but dont you think he’s wasted on the left? He seems to perform 100% better when on the right.

  9. TonyBee says:

    I’m afrais Nani is another player who will soon be sold on to others….does not excite in the United way, so talented though he is undoubtedly, time for him to move on.

  10. Drew Vader says:

    I’m worried about this lad Tosic….He looks like he is anorexic, he better be quick as all get out or he will get pushed around and bullied week in week out.

    And another damning thing I read about him is that last year his club’s supporters voted for their Fans Player of the Year, and that lad finished a distant fourth…. That worries me.

  11. AlexofMancunia says:

    That’s because, from what I’ve heard Drew, it’s just been this season that he’s really hit form.

    I will just wait and see with Tosic. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the guy, but from what I’ve heard it appears that we’ve got a genuine winger on our hands. One that loves to run at defenders and cross the ball.

    Just how good he is, only time will tell.

  12. pascoe says:

    Ease up on Nani a little bit. What i don’t get is that just because he isn’t at Ronaldo’s level we have to sell him. I mean for what he is now, Nani is a decent winger, so even if he doesn’t make it to the level we expect then we can surely keep him as back up. Im excited to see how good Tosic is but i still have faith that Nani will make it. It would be a travesty if we can’t mould all Nani’s talent into the player he can potentially be.

    Besides, i’m convinced that Ronaldo won’t be with us too much longer. I didn’t want him to stay after the summer and he’s done little to convince me otherwise.

  13. mcloving says:

    see this boy playing he is light weight but very very quick.about nani how man years did it take ronaldo to get were he is nani is only here a year jugde him in 2 more took ronaldo 3 to 4 years to get were he is today so when 2more years older and wiser then rate not now.i know he is 22 years of age but he only came here when he was 21 and he only had 20 start for sporting so give the boy a chance talent is there class takes time.we have won of the strongest team we have in years there is not one player i would chance.look at rooney great player but still needs to be more consistent ronaldo great player still need to keep his head and are still young at 23 ronaldo here 5 years rooney here 4 years nani here 1 year give time.when he is 24 25 he will be class.

  14. Passe says:

    haha, wathc this conversation in hindsight

  15. Fred says:

    Some shockers in here. :D


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