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Serbian Terms Agreed At Long Last… And Squad Numbers Given

Manchester United agreed a deal with Partizan Belgrade for their two players, Zoran Tosic and Adem Ljajic, almost a month ago. It should have been plain sailing from this point but we were unable to resolve their personal terms, with the players obviously clinging on to the idea of more money than we were prepared to offer.

Regardless, Tosic remained keen to sign, claiming that just because he hadn’t been offered the deal he was hoping for, he was only thinking about United.

Nemanja Vidic did his bit to help the deal go through, giving his compatriots a positive report of life at Old Trafford.

“Vidic told me that all players are great guys, acting together and that I would find no trouble settling in,” said Tosic.

An agreement has been reached though, with both their futures looking to be with United.

The signing of contracts and sorting of paperwork will take place within the next week, when a press conference with be held to reveal them as United players.

21-year-old Tosic will sign with immediate effect, joining the club in January and wearing the number 14 shirt. 17-year-old Ljajic will remain with Partizan for the rest of the season, before joining up with the club in the summer.

Paritzan will receive up to £17 million for the pair, with initial fees being paid out and the rest dependant on appearances and progress.

RedRanter has a few things to say about the signings and what impact they will have within our current squad.

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  1. Red-Manc says:

    Nice one, Only seen abit of them in action both young but both look decent Ljajic is supposed to be the best of the two but both should be a good addition to our squad it will keep Nani and Anderson fighting for there place which can only be good especially with Nani, I like Serbian players they all seem to be tough lads that aren’t arsed about the pre Madonna lifestyles.

  2. rooney_thebest says:

    Well done lads..No.14 huh?….looks like he’s ready to go!!!!

  3. Gary says:

    Great news, we need another winger, because I have lost faith in Nani and it seems Fergie has to, as the signing of Tosic would suggest.

    Adem Ljajic is the more talented of the two, but it will be a little while yet before we see anything of him. Great to see Serbia producing these kind of players.

  4. Jake says:

    Glad they finally joined. Nani who feels the left hand berth is his for life has received a reality check. Hope both compete well so United can become stronger. Fabio da silva is back in training and could feature in the Carling cup on wednesday against derby. Fergie said the year 2009 is the year for both of them to shine. Hope they dont disappoint him

  5. Failsworth Devil says:

    Tosic is a free kick specialist… really good left peg on him… plus hopefully we will get some decent deliveries at corners now etc…

    Rooney shouldnt be having to take the corners as i think that takes a threat away from us, coz at corners Wazza should be at the edge of the box like Mr Scholes…

    Ljajic is being compared to Kaka… but from what videos i see, he reminds me of a right sided Nedved…and for 17 he has got an exceptional quality of finding the little passes, and moves into the right spaces, just like Mr Scholes has done all his career.

    Apparently we are paying £6.8m now upfront and the other £10m is additions for league, cup and euro succcesses..

  6. Costas says:

    Tosic’s arrival at this point is uncertain as to who it will impact.We have 4 wingers and the only one who is a certain starter is Ronaldo.Nani hasn’t impressed,Giggs is used mostly in the center and Park is not cut out for matches when the opposition plays defensively.At the moment it’s all yp for grabs.Personally,i believe that when on form,Nani should start.

  7. invertedquestionmark says:

    It’s great that we finally signed them, and I’m sure Vidic had great impact on their decisions… We him and Berbatov starting regularly, every kid from Bulgaria and Serbia dreams of joining United.

  8. denton davey says:

    It’s futile to consider who will be a “starting winger” because there are really only a guaranteed half-dozen starters: when healthy – Rooney, Ronaldo, Evra, Vidic, Rio and VanDerSar; SAF rotates the other guys – even Scholes, Tevez and Berbatov can’t be “guaranteed” starting roles, let alone Wesley, Anderson, Carrick, Fletcherinho, ThreeLungPark or Nani or Neville or John O’Shea.

    Clearly, signing these two guys is yet-another indication that the UTD hierarchy have a long-term plan for recruitment of top-class, young players. Some will work out, some will get a chance, and some will just not be good enough so they’ll move on. Just ask Kieran Richardson or Phillip Neville about that, eh ?

  9. Eujen says:

    looks liek Sir Alex is preparing for ronaldo’s eventual departure, id like to see nani given a go on the right, so he starts to do more of his brilliant crossing.

  10. Red-Manc says:

    Nani is so frustrating its unbelievable but he has shown on a couple of occasions how good he can be when he’s on form, he reminds me alot of Ronaldo when he first came to United now im not saying Nani will turn out as good a player as Ronaldo but i think we should definatly give him time.

    I dont like Nani’s attitude though, theres a cockyness about him which he has no right to have seeing as he hasn’t done much yet, dunno if thats just my opinion on him though?

  11. Failsworth Devil says:

    United have pinpointed the Eastern European market for youngsters.. as you look at some of the players to come from the old Eastern Block over the years… they are technically as good as from anywhere…yet half the price…

    South Americans and Eastern European….same quality if not better than the French, German, Spanish, Portugese talents etc, but half the market price…

    Plus the bonus is… we have hit that market first and are building good relations with the clubs out there..

  12. Failsworth Devil says:

    I am with you on that comment Red Manc mate.

  13. NickOGS20 says:

    SAF has confirmed Ljajic won’t join us until next Jan (something to do with under-18′s not being allowed to leave Serbia for foreign clubs until they turn 18 I suspect).

  14. suhayl says:

    dodgy home made pic scott…lol

    And whats happened to david petrucci…havent heard a jot about him since we signed him.

  15. Daniel says:

    I am not really familiar with any of these players so I am not in a position to comment on their ability. However, I was extremely dissappointed with the problems during the negotiations for the two. If they are this troublesome now, can you imagine how things may go if they fulfill their potential? Negotiations could be absolutely horrible with the players possibly prostituting themselves to Madrid like another unnamed though now seemingly repentant player appeared to do.

  16. EastStandManc says:

    IMO Nani tries a little too hard to emulate his compatriot and mate Ronaldo. If he just concentrated on being his own player, I think we’d see better results.

    I’d like to see him and Tosic playing in the CC and FA Cup to give us some indication as to how we’d survive without Ronaldo. It would, as already noted, mean much better delivery from corners (Nani inswingers from the right, Tosic likewise from the left) and allow Rooney to take up his normal role on the edge of the box (Newcastle away last season, anyone?)

    Ljajic is a longer-term proposition, but I think we have a continuation of the Carrick-Scholes mould (that has brought us so much success) in Possebon-Ljajic.

  17. King Eric says:

    Red Manc: no its not just you mate I think that also particularly concerning his cockyness.

  18. denton davey says:

    I like Nani’s cockiness. Without “mental toughness”, he’s lost in the sea of mediocrity. The actual skill difference between most EPL players isn’t that large; what is huge however is their commitment and their self-belief. And, instilling this in his players has been SAF’s greatest managerial ability.

  19. Red-Manc says:

    Denton davey, its not just that mate i mean i can see where your coming from cos these days players need ALOT of confidence and i dont mind people being cocky in a showboating type of way (like he was against arsenal) because thats entertainment but he just seems to be cocky in a up is own arse way aswell, although its only something small when we won the champions league he turned his shirt the other way round so it was his name you could see, and that to me made it seem as if he was like he was more arsed about people seeing his name than the fact United as a team had just won the Champions league. he just seems abit selfish

    He’s only young and i dont actually know him so im probably wrong about him, but he comes across in the wrong way to me.

  20. Jake says:

    There’s another Jake in this forum…oh well, I’m the one that disagrees with Suhayl all the time…might start my posts with that detail to clarify. I’m glad they’ve signed but this clearly wouldn’t have been done if Fergie wasn’t worrying about Nani, he was awesome against Portsmouth in charity shield but I agree that there is something not quite right about his attitude. The confidence is fine but some of the wild shots seem to irk the other players a bit. Saying that, I saw him working back against Aalborg like a madman so I don’t think he’s simply copying Ronaldo, he seems to understand he needs all the facets to his game and I’ve seen interviews with him where he seems pretty grounded. Yet, Fergie clearly doesn’t think he’s doing enough to gain a first-team place and he did cost £5million more than Ronaldo a couple of years ago so he needs to get going. Fergie is always quite clever with his signings, there’s any number of class 21yr old players in Europe but clearly having Serbian hero Vidic at United will allow these two to progress much quicker and probably go some way to giving Vidic another reason not to leave United in the distant future as I think he’s hinted at before.

  21. klauq says:

    erm… sorry i think many wont agree with this but comparing how Nani and Ronaldo started with us, I think I disliked Ronaldo quite a bit more.. Maybe he was cockier than Nani hehe but if you make a formula than

    the cockier you start with = the greater you’ll become

    haha so Nani wont be as good as Ronaldo?

    Anyway it’s just my opinion..

    But I half agreed with Eujen, SAF is preparing for Ronaldo leaving..
    In two years time I think we’ll lose both Scholes and Giggs too..

  22. EastStandManc says:

    Red-Manc: Carlito did the same thing in the league celebrations.

    Nani’s not up himself, IMO; if anything he just wants to be the next Ronaldo, from what I’ve seen. He’s also the team joker and pranksters generally tend to be a bit forward/outgoing

  23. Zalee says:

    From my point of view, I believe should gave them our support to succeed at Man Utd.Maybe it is frustrating when we heard that some of the star player want to move to others so called great club but let they choose their path & regret about their choice when they look back at their time at Man Utd was the greatest time.For Davide Petrucci progress we have to watch the academy schedule to find out

    Glory Glory Man Utd!

  24. Red-Manc says:

    EastStandManc, i didnt actually know that mate so that shuts me up with that point ;)

    like i said he just comes across in the wrong way to me,but he hasnt done anything out of order so im not against the lad.

  25. denton davey says:

    One thing that has to be said in favour of Nani is that he hasn’t told us that he’s always had a dream about playing for Madrid like Ronaldo, he hasn’t told us he wants to play for InterMilan as Anderson did, he hasn’t said publicly that he wants to return to Argentina when he is 28 as Tevez did, and I’ve never heard him complain about the weather like Vidic and Evra.

    Cut the guy some slack – look at the competition he is facing within UTD: he has to be better than Ronaldo, Giggs, Park, and Tevez to even get a sniff of game action. That’s a tall, tall order since a player who could do that would be a bona fide superstar.

    About his shooting – remember that he scored two blazers last year; and we all cheered. Long shots from outside the area are almost always “speculative”; but when they go in we all cheer like crazy.

    Nani’s crossing is good – not great; his tracking back is very good; and he don’t take shit from no one !


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