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Shaw: I’ve signed for the biggest club in the world

Having been linked with the club for months, Luke Shaw’s move to Manchester United was finally confirmed today, with the player revealing his happiness in signing for the biggest club in the world.

“It’s a great feeling,” said Shaw. “It’s been going quite a long time and I’ve known for a number of weeks that United were interested in me. I was hoping it might have been done before the World Cup but it wasn’t and now I’m finally here, getting it done. I’m very pleased and can’t believe it has happened. Manchester United is the biggest club in the world and is always going to be up there with the best. I think the main reason I’ve come here is because United want to win trophies and so do I. As a young lad, I aspired to win trophies.”

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  1. WilliamAR says:

    Even though I respect the service that Patrice Evra has given us I just hope that Luke Shaw is considered the first choice. I’d hate for him to regarded as second purely because of his age, to the point where we shatter his confidence. He’s a quality left back and i’m looking forward to seeing him in a united shirt.

  2. Neil Moore says:

    Welcome to United Luke son. Buzzing with these two signings. He’s a class act. Great full back and a great athlete and big unit too. Simple as this United ARE the biggest club in the world I don’t care what anyone says. Must really open their eyes when they join because the press and media attention is ridiculous. Then they go on pre season and truly realise how big we are. Kudos to Woodward this last couple of days, credit where it’s due. See we are now linked to the Dutch defender De Vrij?

  3. TopRed123 says:

    Surely that’s about £15M of British premium added on? £30M seems really excessive. So that’s £120M spent in less than a year, without much coming in through player sales. I don’t see much Glazer-hate on the horizon for the next 12 months. Perhaps it really was SAF just thinking there wasn’t any value in the market after all…

  4. Neil Moore says:

    Says it all about Herrera when Bilbao signed him for Zaragoza they immediately put a 36 million price tag on his head. He ran the show at OT a couple of seasons ago. So much so as has been publicised Fergie deployed Park as a man marker in the return leg. He isn’t just a fancy dan who’s good on the ball he actually gets stuck in and has a nasty side. Reckon he’s gonna be a little gem.

  5. Jose says:

    31 m for an 18 year old left back??? goodness gracious…The last three english players we have signed have been really a little sceptical for that reason bt all the same im Wishing him all the best..hope he establishes himself into a formidable force at the back for many years to come.Add
    carvalho/ kroos ,a CB and a winger and our team is complete.

  6. Dela says:

    @Jose –> We already have a left winger.. his name is Patrice Evra ;-)

    All kidding aside, we desperately need to find a replacement for Vidic I think. I don’t see any in-house replacement.

  7. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    After paying 27 million pounds? he better be the first choice. LOL. Evra remains a great servant but I think even he know that now that Luke is here he’s no longer first choice. Evra can now take on the role that Giggs and Rio took on in their twilight years. The experienced head that helps the young players grow and instills confidence in them. And if I was Shaw, it doesn’t really get much better than learning from one of the best left backs of his generation in Patrice Evra. Patrice will probably play in the cup games now. Not a bad back up to have at all.

  8. united till i die says:

    We are paying for his potential over the next 15 years. Personally I’m not a fan of big money transfers for for players who are the finished article. Ill take a deal like this nine times out of ten because now he can be moulded into a star by the club just like we did with Rio, Rooney, Ronaldo etc. I still think we need at least one more top midfielder to play alongside Herrera and a dominant centre back.

  9. John says:

    Welcome to United Luke Shaw!

    Personally, not worth the money to be honest! But let Glazers as well have some sugar daddy type fun in market! Who cares as long as we get right players. :)

    However, desperate to see Glazers go all out for Vidal next. :)

  10. John says:

    Stefan de Vrij and Nigel de Jong!!!!

    Keep them coming!! Time to put the oil clubs in their place!!

    Woodward the smart!! :) Told you so. :P

  11. Tommy says:


    Well respeced reporters have all said Shaw has been given assurances hes first choice.


    The lack of spending in recent years was because the Glazers didnt have to spend because a genius was at the helm, SAF would of had Cardiff in the top half hes that good, now theirs a mere mortal at the helm, the squad needs investing in and the Glazers realise that SAF is not their to save them a load of cash.


    Totally disagree mate, I hink its one of the best bit of buisness we have done for a very long time, This kids by FAR the best LB in the league and we could have him for the next 12 – 15 years, it would cost us a lot more than £30million over that time frame probably on 3 or 4 less quality LBs to fill that osition, great bit of buisness

  12. Tommy says:

    Welcome to Manchester United Luke Shaw, I have wanted you to sign foir united for 2 years now, a top top quality player, im sure you will enjoy your time here and bring United a lot of success

  13. WilliamAR says:


    Well that gives me confidence. he’s a good player who has the legs to go forward and get back to defend so really pleased with his signing

  14. Tommy says:

    Im just thinking if LVG did play a 352 formation, could Patriece not be used as one of the 3 CBs, hes decent in the air, quick and has experience. with 3 at the back youre less likely to be exposed as well, maybe its just my romantic side getting the better of me, love Pat to bits

  15. kingshadieofafrica says:

    really gud signings these two, always knew players would come in as soon as teams starts getting knocked out of the world cup. wouldn’t expect any dutch or german signings until after the world cup or when any of them gets knocked out. now i believe deals are in place, but moves wont be made until a point when any announcments wont disrupt their national teams preparations and performance.

  16. WilliamAR says:


    I recon Pat could be used as an outlet to the midfield in a 4132. whenever we are on the attack he sits just in front of the two centre backs protecting them whilst the full backs bomb forward turning us into a 352. on corners he can be the start of counter attacks if he positions himself right. it’s all possibilities but we would need Rafael to stay fit to allow us to bomb forward on counter attacks from the right hand side. it’s gonna be interesting what Van Gaal has in mind for our team.

  17. Mark Reid says:

    Oh yeah baby this is good keep em coming.Im glad Evra signed too though we need experience at the back.Now a proper centre rack and a midfielder and that ll be a nice tidy bit of business.Well done Woddy and welcome Luke and Andrea.

  18. Moseley Scholes says:

    We’ve signed him for (his potential over) the next 4 years, nothing more… nothing less.

  19. John says:

    @ Tommy

    There is no doubt he is a talent with immense potential but who knows what happens after a decade, whether or not he will be able to do it consistently at the big stage.

    I don’t care whatever Glazers pay as they owe united 700 millions which is a fact. So instead them pocketing the money, let’s pay whatever it takes to sign the player Sir Louis Van Gaal wants.

    I am just taking into consideration all the other available options as well and I am convinced he is bit overpriced. It’s like paying 23 millions for Shaw and extra 7 millions for his British Passport. :)

    That’s my point but he is a great signing and I don’t care as a fan how much Glazers pay as long as the player is really good! And Luke Shaw is good.

    Also, Glazers need United to keep competing for all trophies such is their financial model so I was pretty sure this summer was going to be cracker in terms of signing and interesting thing to notice is the timing of ongoing World Cup, players involved there and announcements of players in gap before Holland next match. Also both players we signed aren’t competing in World Cup which clearly means some of the players who are competing in World Cup right now could be signed.

    And, yeah, USA is better than England national team with due respect! :( We marched to last 16 in American way. :)

  20. Tommy says:


    We will only know in about 10 years time if it was value for money but I do think hes a top class player and getting, their might of been cheaper options but with lesser quality, i would rather pay for the quality besides its not my money, better than being in glazers pocket. A 100mill player could turn out to be good value and a 3million player could be a waste of money, just depends on how they perform but theirs too much talent in the lad not to be a success. I disagree with you saying its because the dutch are on a break, I dont think LVG will be thinking og signings, he handed Wooward a list and wants him to get on with it whilst Louis is fully focused on the WC. Well done on your progression to the last 16 mate, you did it through hard work, something you said you hated in he English last season how the tables have turned haha good luck against the Belgiums

  21. Tshitshavha Chux Sihadi says:

    Yeah nice bit of business from Woody, now rumour has it that we are pursuing Arturo Vidal for 38 million pounds, to be anounced after chile’s participation at da WC

  22. Marq says:

    Seeing how LVG used Kuyt to double team Sanchez, I believe there will be times he might put Shaw and Evra on the left to cover against dangerous players. Although thinking back, there doesn’t seem to be any more world class right wingers to worry about in the league.

    Shaw & Evra on left, Rafael & Valencia on the right will offer much defensively. The creativity is going to need to come from the middle thou

  23. Trafford_Lord says:

    I don’t think he merits being the highest paid teenager in football, he is another overhyped and overpriced English player. He is quality don’t get me wrong and loads of potential, however its this type of ridiulous valuation that stifles English talent….they are given way too much too soon! Look at players like that racist cunt Suarez, Drogba, Tevez etc. At what age did they see their first major pay day? You give a player that hasn’t really hit the heights all that money, where is the motivation to reach their very highest potential? They are already paying you the big bucks, so you must already be the shit, you can already buy the big house and cars, where is the carrot for them to over extend themselves and try to be better if you are already paying them like they are the very best. The major reason why Messi, Ronaldo etc have gone on to be the cream of the top and the Rooney’s and Joe Cole’s stalled.

    Anyway that’s just philosophy…I warmly welcome Luke and Herrera may they be reds for the longest and bring glory and honor while wearing our colors.

  24. Neil Moore says:

    Marq. Alright pal. Nail on the head. None of this Evra at centre back carry on that’s ludicrous. As you say we can play him on the left in front of Shaw because he’s practically a winger anyway.

    John. The debt is about 320 million not 700 mate.

  25. Tommy says:

    @Trafford Lord

    I agree the money for players is ludacris but when I say this I dont say it lightly, I was scratching my head around and I honestly think hes one of the best teenagers ive ever seen, hes that good mate

  26. FBr David Lee says:

    Ed Woodward & the transfer team on fire!

    All that remain is how LvG going to utilize Herrera, Shaw and the rest of the squad. Onwards and upwards!

  27. The One says:

    ….getting married…

  28. The One says:

    Such a sweet looking asian doll!! :)

  29. The One says:

    Hmm, I might have got the wedding date wrong though, lol!!

  30. Sparkz says:

    Evra will be a back up, much as I love him he’s been horrendous for 4 years now. Can’t see him playing LW too often either although I’m sure there’ll be certain games when he does.

    Course Shaw isn’t worth that much but that’s the price you pay for finishing 7th and going after young English talent.

    But – people said Rooney and Rio were overpriced and they turned out to be bargains. In fact most young players (regardless of nationality) are overpriced because you pay for what they could be worth in the future.

    De Gea wasn’t worth £18m for example – he is now. Ronaldo wasn’t worth £12?m back in 2003 – look how he turned out.

    Shaw has immense potential, unlike a lot of full backs these days he’s actually a good defender – not just good going forward. Hopefully he fulfils his potential.

  31. Sparkz says:

    Also to my knowledge the fee isn’t £30m – it’s £27m up front?

  32. The One says:

    We have apparently sold Alex Buttner for an initial fee of £4.4m but this could climb to £5.6m, depending on appearances.

  33. Trafford_Lord says:

    @ Tommy

    Mate, don’t get me wrong…I was up all night praying to Giggsy’s shaggy chest hair that we bag Shaw from Southampton. He is a talent, has the “it” factor…no question about it. But his valuation and wages I totally disagree with – too much, too soon. I am elated he will be wearing our shirt :)

  34. Tommy says:


    I agree mate but in also think theirs not 1 top level footballer that is not paid too much, even Ronaldo and Messi are paid far too much, Its disgusting the insane amounts players get, I think with you being American you can relate to stupid amounts sports stars get, i believe American Footballers, Baseball and Basketbal players get paid way moe than footballers, the rich getting richer and the poor like myself getting poorer, and the funny thing is I pay to see the spoilt bastards haha

  35. Tommy says:

    Park, Park wereever you may be, you eat dogs in youre home country, could be worse, could be scouse, eating rats in youre council house

  36. FBr David Lee says:


    imagine Park was an englishman, his “dog-like stamina” was required against pirlo & suarez

  37. Tommy says:

    @FBr David Lee

    I must admit when I have seen pirlo play against England, my mind has went back to how Park played against him, Top lad park

  38. Prinz_Prinze says:

    @ Tommy,
    the English don’t man mark, so don’t expect them to appreciat the job park did on Pirlo, seeing how he ran the show against England, i love Park the more.

  39. Tommy says:


    Jones on Ronaldo, Jones on Ozil, It was a British man SAF that told Park to man mark Pirlo, nothing to do with nationality, English can man mark if they are told to do so, but I would only recommend man marking on certain players and Pirlo is one player

  40. Prinz_Prinze says:

    @ Tommy
    really English can man mark, then what happened at the euro’s and ta the world cup, or maybe it was Hodson’s fault that Pirlo was given the freedom of England. Thats how to identify a winner from a serial near misser, first time lucky, second time?

  41. Tommy says:


    Its solely down to the manager, Phil Jones man marked Ozil out of the game against Arsenal, thats just one example of an englishman man marking


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