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Shelvey Blames Ferguson For Red Card

After Jonjo Shelvey got sent off for planting his studs in Jonny Evans’ leg and not making any contact on the ball, he walked towards the tunnel where Sir Alex Ferguson was standing. Instead of accepting responsibility, acknowledging that he went over the ball with both feet off the ground, he instead blamed Ferguson.

“That was you! You did that!” he shouted at our manager, before being pulled away down the tunnel.

During the week, United fans were falsely accused of mocking Hillsborough because of our chant that exposes the scouse mentality of grief-hungry victims, who never accept responsibility for their own doing. Whether it be the fact their club denied any wrong-doing at Heysel and blamed the deaths on Chelsea fans, whether it be wearing t-shirts for a criminal convicted of attempted murder just because he was “one of them”, or whether it be standing by a player who has been found guilty of racially abusing another and insisting he had done nothing wrong, the scousers are famed for their approach to life.

“Outraged by everything, ashamed of nothing” is what was written about Liverpool in The Guardian earlier this year. That pretty much sums them up.

Today, Shelvey became the latest example from Liverpool where they refuse to accept what they have done wrong and blame anyone else for their misfortune.

“Shelvey was trying to blame ME for the decision,” Ferguson said after the game. “But he is responsible for his own actions.”

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  1. kel says:

    Seriously, this guy i didnt heard of him before and he looks crazy not on skills but mentally.

    I believe he can break anyone legs from his rough personality.

    Even his own senior believe he went overboard by shouting at Sir Alex

  2. paddy says:

    thick hills have eyes looking mofo.

  3. Young Keazy says:

    Also what a wanker Alan Smith is! His commentary was cringeworthyly ABU. Talking shit all game. Bum licking Liverpool. Giving Stevie GBH man of the match?? Da fuck.. out of sympathy I imagine. Scholes and even more so Carrick controlled and bossed it in the second half. It was great to see Carrick so marauding and penetrative. Saying Sterling had the measure of Paddy?? Perhaps first half but it wasn’t anything truly goal threatening. Evra was right up his arse throughout and he couldn’t take anymore so got subbed off. Alan Smith was also very reluctant to admit it was a dangerous challenge that deserved a red with Jonny Evans doing well to escape serious injury. Or criticizing that bald twat enough for his feral antics. With how amazingly well behaved and civil our fans were to today what with all the intense media pressure, I’m surprised it didn’t get so much of a mention. We were brilliant! Have you ever seen Gerrard win the leaGue LOL? Manchester Manchester Manchester! Gary Neville of all people would have offered a far more balanced and professional performance in the commentary booth today.

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Shelvey should watch videos of Evans sending off under similar circumstances 2 years ago.

    Like all United players under similar circumstances, just got up. Appologized to the player, and headed down the player. Difference is that Evans learned from classier lads than Shelvey.

    Anyway, his head was hot and he said something stupid. Credit to the lad if he apologized to Fergie after having a look at the film. Hope it ends there as it should. With pool, you never know for sure :roll:

  5. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    It took untill you said it for it to be said, well done pal.

  6. Raizzen says:


    Always the victim, never your fault

  7. Young Keazy says:

    I just want credit to be given where credit is due and I feel this United team come under an unfair amount of critique. We’re adapting to the new arrivals and young players finding their feet in the first team, when it all comes together and we click we’ll be a devastating force to be reckoned with again. Patience is one of Sir Alex Fergusons greatest virtues and he has faith in the present and the future of his squad. I’m ecstatic over this win at the dippers after having to wait 5 long years for this sweet moment and will savour it all through the week. Manchester United Spurs is the next epic fixture and test for United in the league. Points on the board are what matter right now and we are getting plenty. Will hope the encouraging 2nd half performance today will serve as a platform to build on and we’ll continue to improve against Newceastle midweek. The imminent return of a Wayne Rooney with fresh impetus and competitive appetite will be just what we need. We’ll never die

  8. Young Keazy says:

    The all conquering mighty morphin man city dropping more points and falling further behind United..? Say it ain’t so :D

  9. Young Keazy says:

    Mind the gap and all that xD

  10. SHINJI THE NINJA says:

    What are you on about? Giggs actually had a decent game.
    Powell played against Wigan, and was on the bench a few games. What’s your point? Are you suggesting playing inexperienced players on huge matches like these?

    My only point is that we are putting an old square peg in a midfield hole. I love Giggsy because he was a great winger for the club – he is not now nor was he ever a central midfielder so you can actually say he is there because of experience – his experience is as a winger.
    I think we should give REAL midfielders a chance to play in the midfield ahead of shoe-horning Ryan in that position.
    Decent game ? I thought he was completely over run in midfield.

  11. bertiebirdman says:

    Nut Job’s “grass me up” comment betrays his criminal sympathies as that word is a favourite among burglars, muggers and other riff-raff. I expect he’ll therefore be an Anfield figure for years to come. Perhaps he could become the new Bellamy?

  12. TonyBee says:

    and after all the fucking hype them cunts STILL booed Paddy Evra……. fucking bastard bin dippers…..

  13. Dev says:

    Fair enough. He moved to the flank once Scholes came on, but I see your point.

    If Rafael wasn’t subbed due to that knock, it would’ve probably been Welbeck coming on and moving to the left with Valencia on the right with Rafael.

    That said, Cleverley needs a few games and will hopefully start vs Newcastle. A Cleverley / Anderson / Carrick triumvirate seems like a potentially mouth-watering prospect.

    If anything, this game cements Carrick’s reputation and importance as part of this United squad.

  14. brett1985 says:

    I hope the slant of this article is tongue in cheek. Shelvey is quite a good player but deserved to go for that tackle.

  15. Costas says:

    Cheers Goat. :)

  16. ak47 says:

    The red card was similar to the one Jonny was involved with against Bolton – deserved red card, but both players could’ve been sent off.

    My first reaction was Jonny’s in trouble – as often with tackles like this, it’s the player who comes off worse is thought to be the victim of the challenge – a case for defense is when you see someone who is being reckless and seeming coming at you with excessive force (red card offence) it’s only natural to protect yourself. Jonny’s tackle was sloppy, but never ever a red card. He’s shown studs yes, but not in a dangerous way coming down on the ball. A clear attempt to play the ball whilst defending himself.

    Shelvey’s tackle was above the ball, whilst he charged into the tackle, did not get the ball. I’m still struggling to find any case for that not being a red card. How when you go into a tackle like that are you not using excessive force?

  17. ak47 says:

    ALWAYS THE VICTIM NEVER YOUR FAULT – as perfectly personified by Luis Suarez today – throwing himself to the ground without any invitation. The foul against Ferdinand where he took the resulting free kick, which was saved, was ridiculous!!! He looked at Ferdinand, backed into him – yet it’s Rio being punished

  18. Stu says:

    Hello lads – I am a Liverpool fan, called Stu – posted on here a few times before. Not here to cause any upset to anyone just to put a few things out there that i personally would like to say so maybe some of the United fans who tarnish everyone with the same brush might see things from our perspective.

    First of all, I was at the game today – I have a season ticket in the kop…and I would like to thank the United fans that were there (if any of you come on here) for generally being really respectful to the events of the day. Not a single person around me or anywhere near me was bothered about you chanting united stuff through our rendition of YNWA – we didn’t expect anything less – its our song, we sang it for our own and I am not surprised you chanted (but none of what you chanted was offensive – you were just singing pro united as far as I could hear). On the whole – all good. What were you supposed to do while we sang that? Stand there in silence? You gave the respect you needed to before hand.

    Evra being boo’d. Its a bit of a shame this is being dished out as “the whole stadium”. I deplore what happened to Evra – did you know that many LFC fans do? Did you know that when small sections of the kop (so…maybe a few thousand out of the 40,000 people in Anfield) starting booing evra, many of us were shouting stop fucking boo’ing to the dickheads doing at it? You wont, and I guess you wont care, as it doesn’t quite tally up with your story that we are never the victims – and its always our fault. Well it did happen, and not only that there was no way that every time Evra got the ball he was boo’d…because if thats the case then he got the ball 6 or 7 times in the whole game. Even though he didnt have the best of games – im sure he touched it more than that.

    Do you know that most of us think Shelvey i a dickhead for saying what he said to SAF? Nope – coesnt tie in with your story I guess.

    I suppose what I am trying to say is when you say things like “all scousers this” and “all scousers that” – ALWAYS our fault…none of us are EVER the victims….your tarnishing everyone with the same brush. Do you know that Liverpool fans think the exact same about nobheads and hooligans as united fans do? Do we have more of that kind in our crowd than you do – recent events would suggest so….does that mean were all on the same side and support Liverpool fans who do fucking really stupid things blindly? Nope.

    Were not all the same. If you stopped tarnishing people with the same brush and started to think more like there are dickheads, and there are not dickheads – and the dickheads should be chastised…then that would perhaps be a better way to look at it. But you dont, you sing that we are murders. I am not a murderer. I have three young kids. I am your average bloke – never been arrested by the police. Yet because I support Liverpool…i am a murderer by association?

    Its silly really isnt it.

    Here are a few things:

    Its duisgusting what our fans did at heysel.
    Its deplorable what our chairman said after heysel. abotu Chelsea.
    It is shameful that Evra gets boo’d by SOME liverpool fans who are bad people.
    Its not acceptable that ONE or TWO fucking morons on twitter say stuff about munich after the game. But you dont say its a few – its just “Liverpool Fans”.

    Do you think none of us are shamed by any of this because we didn’t do any of it? Not the case. Many of us are – and even though I have done absolutely nothing of any sort to contribute to the negativity of any of the above events – I apologise – if thats what it takes, and i mean it.

    Were not all the same. Many of us are like you – we support our club the best we can, we then go home and work for our family (without, may I add, fingering our gran in the bath or eating rats).

    We are just normal people.

    You didnt fully deserve to win today but you did, and these things happen. Good luck for the rest of the season., and once again – thank you to the many people at your club who have shown huge respect not only today but in the last week. And for what its worth, most of us know that the song Always the Victim its Never you fault is not about the 96 – but when you use words like ALWAYS and NEVER, its hard for the idiots to understand that it doesnt mean that.

  19. Mahesh says:

    Good post Stu…very classy!

  20. Costas says:

    Always a pleasure Stu. Good point about the generalization that tends to happen a lot today. We all guilty about that at one point or another.

  21. Costas says:

    *We are all guilty*

  22. brett1985 says:


    I think there are plenty of decent United and Liverpool fans and a fair few scumbags in the mix too. Things have been difficult in recent times with the Suarez Evra affair. Here’s to hoping that for the foreseeable future we can all get on with the football. I think that will be the solution.

  23. Mahesh says:

    Stu: Also, as long there are people out there who feel the only way for them to prove they are ‘real’ united or liverpool supporters is by using the word ‘cunt’ as many times as possible, and spew more hatred than the person next to them, we’re not going to get rid of this problem as a whole. But hopefully your words will shut up some of the haters on here…for a while…!

  24. Redbilly says:

    He’s adapted to the scouse culture for sure. Deferring responsibility

  25. TonyBee says:


  26. RedBorneo says:

    Hi Stu…
    Can you slaps Jonjo dickhead for 100 times..?

  27. Redbilly says:

    Stu 18:34- thanks for the post . Good read , fair points .

  28. AlphaRS says:

    You have raised some very good points and good on yah.
    The media feed off the rivalry between United and Liverpool and in turn the supporters do the same which also stirs up the hatred. If a minority of fans on either side cause any issues it is on the whole painted as though it was the entire section of United fans or the entire stadium of Liverpool fans. The media concentrate on the negatives.
    Hillsborough and Heysel aside the feeling sorry for yourselves all the time is just banter. But when that crosses the line calling every Liverpool fan a murderer and things like that then yes that is going too far.
    Anyhow it is refreshing you have come on to ROM and posted your thoughts in peace and the right way.
    Thank you.

  29. AlphaRS says:

    On a seperate note United came back in to the game after Liverpool scored because Liverpool started sitting back trying to protect the lead which allowed United alittle more time on the ball to create chances. Througout the first half United were put under pressure when they had possession which worked quite well for Liverpool. United always seem to have problems when put under pressure which was apparent today because in the first half they very rarely strung more than 3-4 passes together.
    I can see why SAF likes to play the old guard against the top teams because of the experience they have and I guess he just trusts them more but putting Scholes and Giggs in the same midfield is usually quite troublesome. But today when Liverpool dropped back and became more tired due to having 10 men this allowed the midfield more time on the ball and the chances came.
    It would be interesting to know the possession stats this season to see how many games United have over 50% possession.

  30. Daniel says:

    fergie was laughing his head off as that bald tosser walked down the tunnel.

    lol, bye cueball

  31. john hill. says:

    the lads fitting well on merseyside….he’s already developed a persecution complex….

  32. K_Stand_Red says:


    Fair play for coming on and voicing your opinion.

    I was 13 at the time of Heysel and couldn’t believe the scenes that I was watching. I don’t know how old you are but for me at that time, football on TV was a rarity, certainly not what it is like now. Many teams in England lost out as a result of what happened that night . Not least your cross-city neighbours who were rightly the best team in England at that time.

    The history of football could have been so different had it not been for the events of that night. Liverpool might have won the game that night to add to their tally of European Cups. To this day, I can not believe the game was allowed to go on. Likewise, if English teams had not been kicked out of europe, then United might even had been able to compete and not have to wait until the early nineties before they could even consider mounting a realistic challenge. The way I see it, United were unlucky in the European cup while they were learning the ropes, in the same way that Liverpool were extremely lucky in overturning a 3-0 deficit against Italians who are the masters of shutting up shop. But it’s swings and roundabouts where opinions like this are concerned.

    Fast forward to 1989, and I’m an 18 year old fulfilling a saturday job to supplement my further education. I’ll never forget where I was when my boss came in and said “have you heard what’s happened at Hillsborough?”… Crowd trouble was the earliest report that we got… and like so many people familiar with football in the 80s, assumed that some kind of violence had taken place. I can’t really remember why I thought that could be the reason for the game being delayed. Liverpool and Forest weren’t “rivals” in the sense of Liverpool/United… far from it. In my opinion they were two teams who would have had a massive amount of respect for one another. Liverpool being the dominant force in England and europe locking horns with a Forest team whose footballing mantra was borne out of a Brian Clough quote as thus: ‘If God had wanted us to play football in the clouds, he’d have put grass up there’. No, these were two teams with fans that would have had a deep respect for each other’s footballing philosophy. If United had been in Sheffield that afternoon in April 1989, the potential for trouble would have been there. In the event it wasn’t.

    I remember coming home to virtual constant news coverage on a 9/11 scale. I knew a lad who was a year younger than me who had the chance to go. He got caught up in traffic and never made kick off.

    United of course, could have also found themselves at Hillsborough that same afternoon were it not for exiting the competition at an earlier stage. It’s a “there but for the grace of god go I” moment. If you’ve never been in a situation at a match where your in a “near crush” situation, then you can’t really pass judgement… you definitely can’t join in with chants of “96 wasn’t enough” or similar songs of that ilk.

    In the week leading up to today’s game, the media like to paint a lovely picture of United fans chanting so-called ‘anti-Hillsborough’ songs at the Wigan game last week. I don’t need to defend any United fans actions, save to say that the British media have convenientlyy yet to comment on the chant “always the victim, it’s never your fault” which was song by the MAJORITY of United fans at Old Trafford on 11th February 2012. I think it’s clear to see the media have an agenda to use as an when they see fit!

    As for the game today, it had draw written all over it, Liverpool never created much… not even the so-called “world class” Suarez could tip-toe round United’s defence… even though his attempt to throw himself to the ground was commendable.

    The penalty and red card decision’s were both the kind that you would hate to concede, but would willing take if they meant you won the game so I can’t really see why any Liverpool fan’s can moan. Eye witness reports would almost certainly point to the Shelvey red card as being retrospective action against Carragher for a) trying to dismember Nani and b) molesting Owen when clean through in a game Liverpool were winning!

  33. tom c says:

    Shelvey can shove it. love the smug look on Sir Alex’s face as Shelvey was guided through to the dugout. cunt, that bald headed fuckwit is.

    you’ve renewed my faith in humanity.

  34. LonestarRed says:

    Shelvey barged through the BACK of Giggs and pushed him down then he went to challenge Evans for the 50/50 ball. Evans was CLEARLY there first. His left foot STUDS DOWN leading, his right foot ALSO STUDS DOWN pushing the ball away from Shelvey. Shelvey lunges in LEGS SPLAYED out in front of him, right foot STUDS UP raking along and into Evans’ inner left calf WELL OVER THE BALL. Shelvey’s left leg wraps around Evans knee and he get some afters by continuing to whip the left foot around and kicks Evans then rolls away.

    Look at Evans’ eyes as he goes in for the tackle. They are fully focused on the ball! His full intent is to win the ball. Shelvey’s eyes are not visible in the replay but the raking of Evans’ leg , the kick with his left foot after the ball was gone, the barging of Giggs just prior AND an earlier warning for an aggressive tackle made up the referee’s mind. He got what he asked for!

    Then he wants to talk disrespectful trash to the opposing MANAGERas he is taking his walk of shame. That smacks of premeditated anger toward SAF. Shelvey’s actions on his way to the locker room reminds me of someone who has been in a fight they were looking for and still wants more after it is broken up. This guy was very very wound up.

  35. LonestarRed says:

    @ STU 18:34

    Welcome. Well said and thank you for pointing that out.

  36. Passmaster16 says:


  37. nesh says:

    fucking scouse cunt had the nerve to shout at Sir Alex am sure steve me would never risk that leave this bald head punk. someone should fix this guy, we should release vidic on him on a dark alley

  38. boy flani says:

    Fuckin scouse loser..even his name shows a lack of RESPECT 2 football…

  39. adfraggs says:

    not sure what video or images some fans are looking at …
    – both players with studs towards the ground
    – both players leave their feet, but evans more clearly on his way down
    – shelvey not two footed, evans clearly is
    – evans studs about to make contact with shelvey
    – evans again so clearly leading with both feet
    – says it all in super slo-mo, from the same angle as the ref saw it

    Now I’m happy to have it explained to me why Evans has done nothing wrong but at the moment I just don’t see it
    – if he got the ball first it’s by 1/100 of a second
    – both players leave their feet at precisely the same time
    – evans goes two feet at the ball, shelvey only one
    – shelvey’s leading leg makes contact with the ball, not evans’ leg
    – shelvey’s trailing leg doesn’t even figure in the tackle until both players are in a heap on the ground
    – the only thing that actually hurts evans is shelvey rolling over his ankle of

    It’s not about disputing the tackle from Shelvey so much … in some games thats a yellow and in others it’s red. We’ve seen far far worse go unpunished but Shelvey has to take it for what it is. The problem is that Evans has gone two-footed off his feet into a tackle and he doesn’t even get a yellow. The ref has gotten stuck on what Shelvey did and completely missed what was an equally dangerous action from the united player. it’s as if refs think the decision has to go only against one player so they choose. how often do we see two players get carded from the same tackle and yet 50/50 tackles happen in every single game?

  40. Zulu-Utd-Malta says:

    Blame yourself nob head. Only blame Sir Alex for taken you off your fucken perch 19 !!!!!

    Bye bye. Relegation looms large.

    y.n.w.a. = you’ll never walk AGAIN !!!!

  41. lifi red devils says:

    do you remember carragher what did to nani…before 2 years and no red card…..what a looser is shelvey..he has come to a sutits him…..20 old with no hair ..what a joke….

  42. godalmingred says:

    Stu – thanks for an excellent post. I for one appreciate your efforts to help us all tone down this rivalry (aka hatred in some places). I guess I’ll never like Liverppol FC, and I guess also that you will never like MUFC, but there is a place for respect and some common humanity. You have had the balls to come on here and present the rational side of Liverpool support, and imo you deserve a lot of kudos for doing so. It is good to see that you have met with a generally v positive response on ROM. I’m pretty sure that reflects the feelings of most United fans. Peace.

  43. Satha says:

    Writer says Shelvey didn’t make contact with the ball! He must be cock-eyed!

  44. MarkoWire says:

    If that was a United player like rooney or Evra, not only would they have had to accept the 3 match ban but also likley get a further 1 or 2 matches for the aftermath. The FA should punish Shelvey. He was calling Fergie a Cheat basically? If he said that to a ref he would be in hot water. why should fergie have to put up with that abuse from a professional footballer.

  45. LonestarRed says:

    My mistake, I watched it a few more times in slow motion (while sober). Shelvey DID make contact with the ball ! I would classify that as pure coincidence though as that was secondary to doing the business to Evans.


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