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Shocked Owen: Never Imagined This In My Wildest Dreams

Michael Owen has spoken with MUTV about his shock at signing for Manchester United. He also acknowledges that he didn’t have the best spell at Newcastle but reckons he can restart his career with us.

“It feels great. I never even had it in my wildest dreams really but then I got the call from the manager to come and meet him,” said Owen. “It was a shock but I’m obviously really happy and things have moved quickly since then. I probably had a poor spell up at Newcastle but prior to that, my career was very good and I’m sure a top club like this can reignite my career. Hopefully I can score a few goals and help the team to more success. It’s early days but when you think about United, you automatically think about winning trophies, the stadium, the massive fanbase.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Howie says:

    I don’t think any of the senior players will specifically ask for the no 7 as we have gotten rid of the last of the two viruses. Rooney likes his 10 and I think Vidic feels the same too. We can always give it to Macheda.

    I’m 100% behind any MU player, as long as they don’t sulk and whine.

    Owen is free and contract is pay-as-you-play basis. I see no loss to MU whatsoever. This is MU giving Owen a chance. We will definitely use him as a 3rd choice / impact striker and he can’t afford to complain.

    imho, 3rd choice striker for Manchester United is way better than playing for Hull City.

  2. kapti14 says:

    some of you guys are reacting like as if we have signed ADOLF HITLER OR SADDAM HUSSEIN.


    THE END.

  3. tracey says:

    All the reasons given for not signing Owen are spurious, he’s in it for the money, no shit sherlock, like every other footballer, he’s a mercenary, ditto.

    He’s less of a dick than a lot of footballers, doesn’t beat his wife, doesn’t fall drunk out of nightclubs, doesn’t give interviews saying how much he’d prefer to be playing elsewhere, or how he doesn’t like the english lifestyle (hello vidic).

    The only good objection is he’s a crap player, we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

  4. Costas says:

    @pbozz22: It’s not something extraordinary to come out and say “we need to stregthen our attack and midfield and we are looking to bring in 2 players”. In the end, it’s not going to make that big a difference to the negotiations. But i am not talking about just the transfers. As i said above, fans deserve more honesty. You can’t keep lying to them for a year telling them Ronaldo isn’t going anywhere and then sell him at the first chance you get next summer. And even though United is no longer a PLC, United support is still what keeps this club going. So if there is no desire to buy expensive whatsover, i think the fans have a right to know.

    The Berbatov deal did get sorted out late in the summer, but how long were we after him? I don’t see the same desire to bring in anybody else at the moment. And looking at our squad depth, there is no reason to either. We don’t have a squad proble. The problem is that we might not have replaced the players that left in the best possible manner.

  5. dumb4ss says:

    At least the kit looks half decent on him. =p

    Too much analysis on his cons, stats blablabla hv been directed. I think as the pre-season goes, he will build up his fitness and chemistry with the team and he will be a great team player on and off field. We really should let him do the talking on the pitch and get on the OWEN BANDWAGON. =p

    Welcome to OT Owen.

  6. Bob Koh says:

    How about this for a welcoming chant..
    Viva Michael Owen,
    Viva Michael Owen…
    Another goal for $dough for Michael Owen…

  7. Dave Mack says:

    @Costa, @Dazjoe makes some key points.There is absoloutely no evidence that Fergies ever had a problem getting the cash he needs to make the right deal. To the contary, he himself describes them as “near perfect owners of a football club.”
    The other point is he and all of us only want to bring in players who consider pulling on an United shirt as something special. (I’ve no doubt that once Benzema said he favoured Madrid, Fegie turned away.) Right now all the tabloid names appear to want to be part of Perez’s Prancers. That won’t last. Can you think of a strategy more doomed to failure than a President of a club buying every ego he can or can’t afford and turning them over to a manager to coach them into a successful team? Can you imagine Fergie allowing Gill or the Glazers to do that?!!
    No, Fergie will always look for the value trade no matter how much money he’s got at his disposal and it’s for exactly that reason that when the right player or players come along he’ll continue to get whatever it will take to do the deal.

  8. david22hughes says:

    yeah i mean newcastle were shite the last 2 seasons and a striker depends largely on the service he gets…he was also unlucky with injuries…..u think utd would have signed him if he failed the medical? ………….give owen service and he will guarantee you goals…..he will get that at utd……..also, its not as if he’s a 34 yr old crocked has been – he’s only 29….. and also, we havent actually payed anything for him…… the valencia transfer i think it will prove to be a fantastic bit of business………..i think he will be used by ferguson on a horses for courses basis as he is obviously a very different type of player to berbatov or rooney…..he is no worse a player than tevez so you could say that we’ve just saved 30 odd million…..and for those of you that feel ‘physically sick’ by it all – get a fucking life! who gives a flying fuck if he played for l’pool or not??? are you man utd ‘fans’ or do u follow utd as an outlet just so you can fuel your hatred toward city or lpool or whoever…..pathetic meat heads…….get behind your team or piss off………now lets see some of this money in the pot being spend on a center midfielder and a left winger……….then we’re sorted………..

  9. Costas says:

    @Dave Mack:

    I guess we will see.But there will come a time when United will win the money from Ronaldo’s transfer. I hope that it will still be available. MIght not be this year or the next. I told you. I don’t want us turning into Real. Today i heard that Perez will ask every single sponsor they have to raise their sponsorship by 30% at least. That’s what has happened to them. I just think that from Benzema to Owen there is a big difference. There must have been a better solution somewhere in the middle. Either way, i don’t want to beat this to death. As i said above, i actually like Owen as a person because he seems very mild mannered and we have had our fair share of brats in the recent past. I hope he becomes a rejuvenated man. As far as he Glazers are concerned, i remain cautious. Over time, the truth will come out.

  10. jcolas says:

    I mentioned this earlier and am not sure if anyone has stated this but, for all those who are physically sick ( i’m just mentally confused), how would you feel if we signed tevez for 100,000 quid a week and then he scored 5 or 6 goals again and complained to the papers every week about playing time. Now think how you’ll feel about a free transfer owen scoring 12-18 goals and kissing the badge at anfield!

  11. theboogeyman says:

    Well said,jcolas!!

  12. jespermoses says:

    The jurys still out on Owen for me.

    I’m not happy that he has signed but since he has we have to get behind him now.

    As for someone saying he should get the number 7 shirt,they must be having a laugh,no way!

    Rooney should get that shirt now.He has earned it and will become our greatest player I think.

    Still cant believe the picture of Owen in a United shirt….freaky!

  13. dan_utd says:

    Apparently he has always dreamed about playing for United. LOL I am starting to like him. I still believe that Bojan would be excellent in our squad and that he will be a better player than Pato when his day comes. The squad could still use some strengthening but over all its coming together fine for next year.

  14. Dazjoe says:

    On the number 7 shirt. Give it to Fletcherino, make up for missing the final and as recognition of his improvement over the last 18 months. How many times has he whinged about playing time (yes Tevez I’m talking about you again, nob end), he’s kept his head down and improved beyond all recognition. Seriously, would ANYONE have thought we’d be saying ‘Shit, no Fletcher’ for a Champions League Final just 2 years ago?

  15. perkythered says:

    @Dazjoe: well put: let’s have players who want to play for us, and as soon as they don’t – ronaldo, tevez – well, thanks, cheerio, and fuck you!
    If Owen wants to play for us – and he wants to, badly, then great, lets move forward: good for him, and should be good for us.

    Now for St Michael to work on a goal celebration for loserpool: how about something like that cringe-inducing rubbing hands together – i’d love to see the kop face that – love it!

    Does anyone think we might see 4-4-2 – at least against most teams in the PL?

  16. Corea says:

    Crazy times ahead of us. I am shoked.
    But, Costas, friend, i see Owen’s transfer as VDS’s. At 35 he came to the club and helped us win things. Maybe SAF will work this magic with Mickey.
    Crazy times, mate.
    But don’t be so depressed about things. We are United and United we’ll stand no matter how many “stars” we will sign.
    I don’t care as long as we keep our dignity.

  17. redscallywag says:

    i woke up 2 see owen is a United player???????
    i have a funny feeling that what is happing now has happend before, 99 was when we where ment to builed but end up with players like kleberson, Djemba-Djemba, Bellion and Blomqvist.
    Now Owen has not played a lot football in the past 2years but Sir Fergie is the man that can make a player, we all know that. so sit on the side line and wait and see.
    just hope he dose better than Berbatov

  18. Red Rooney says:

    my gf loves owen. i love united. united loves owen. fucking hell.

  19. dickson says:

    a bit out of topic. but has anyone mention or thought about Mikel Arteta for our midfield? He’s absolute class in the Everton side, imagine what he could be like with us!

    Passes well, good eye for goal, got a mean tackle on him, not to mention a superb freekick taker. Plus he’s got bags of PL experience.

    Any thoughts?

  20. NiteRunner79 says:

    Off topic but after these comments fron Tevez which are printed on The Mirrors website I’m glad we have owen over the Argie midget!

    “What I want to do next season is score against United. I promise I will not celebrate in front of the United fans but I will shout in Ferguson’s face.

    “You can be sure of that – and it will be one of the most beautiful things I have done in football.”

  21. MUFC the Religion says:

    If Tevez has said that he should just die.

    What I would adore is when City come to OT, Berba to do a Keano-tastic career wrecking “tackle” on the little twat. Then, and here’s the best bit, when the twat is down crying and wearing an oxygen mask, Berba will walk over to him and say “you should have known I was better than you”.

    Wouldn’t matter if he got a red card because Micky Owen will step in. It’s good it’s guuud.

  22. spanish plumber says:

    “Ferguson still believes I will be at United next season. He thinks I will return. But I know what I want and I know that Ferguson did not respect me as a player. Before Berbatov arrived in Manchester, Ferguson told me, ‘You will still be the starting striker, so be cool’. But he lied to me! That is why I know I will not return to United. more bull from Tevez.

  23. Dazjoe says:

    Yeah I would take Arteta. He was linked with Arsenal quite a lot 12 months ago, but he had a pretty nasty injury last season, so would have to see how he is after that, but he’s definitely a good player.
    I said yesterday that we should re-sign Keano to do a Haaland on the cunt. Of course it was a joke, but now I really do think we should look into it. Fuck it, it doesn’t have to be Keane, any hard bastard would do. How about Mike Tyson? He likes hurting people, and he’s pretty hard up at the moment. Offer him 100 grand to sign professional terms (the great Joe Louis once signed for Liverpool!) stick him on the bench and bring him on 5 minutes to go with instructions to snap that fuckers neck, stamp on his teeth as well, knock them fuckers out, it couldn’t make him any uglier.

  24. perkythered says:

    lets hear it from all those who cheered his dissent at OT…..

  25. MUFC the Religion says:


    Tyson would be legendary. Keano’s tackle always, for some reason, makes me feel good. Maybe I should be ashamed but it was revenge at it’s sweetest.

  26. Rob(son) says:

    @Bob Koh

    To ‘You are My sunshine’ :)

    ‘He’s Michael Owen, He’s Michael Owen
    Fergie has ripped out all his scouse
    Won’t play for Benitez
    but’ll outscore Argie Tevez
    please bring wee Micky off the bench!’

  27. Kings says:

    Welcome to OT Owen, your 999 shirt is ready and waiting for you. Seriously though, if he delivers, then that’s all that matters to me. And as Rossee said, we have everything to gain and nothing to lose on this deal.

  28. Funited says:

    i welcome him. good luck score a hattirck againts pool. he will be much better than that bastard tevez.

  29. paddy says:

    fergie will want all his signings before they go to malaysia


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