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Shut Your Trap Rent Boy… How Can Ronaldo Be So Stupid?

Manchester United Liverpool John O'Shea AnfieldAt the end of May, before his appointment as Chelsea manager had been announced, Luiz Filipe Scolari, speaking as Ronaldo’s international coach, claimed he thought Real Madrid were the right club for Ronnie.

“I have told him that in football you cannot live on memories,” Scolari said. “You have to take the opportunities when they come along because they will not come again in your lifetime. Cristiano knows that Madrid are a club to which you can never say no. History shows that you can lose the opportunity, and for that reason he is not going to say no to them. There are very few people who can say they have the capacity to make their lifelong dreams reality, but Cristiano is in this group of chosen people. Cristiano has always told me that his objectives in England were to win the Premier League and the Champions League. Now that he has done that, he has nothing left to prove. He knows he needs a new challenge.”

Since those comments from Scolari, we have been bombarded with mixed messages over Ronaldo’s future. Today, Scolari has stuck his nose in again, but Ronaldo shouldn’t be naive enough not to spot the hidden agenda behind Scolari wanting our player moving to a different league!

It is not Ronaldo’s decision on his future that is giving United fans a headache at the moment, rather his unwillingness just to come out and say what it is he wants. Since adamantly stating he was going to stay after the European Cup final, we’ve followed several weeks of hidden and vague messages from the player. He won’t categorically say he wants to join Real Madrid, but equally, won’t confirm he wants to stay at United either.

May 31st

“Beckham is one of the club’s greatest-ever players and it was a huge honour to be handed the shirt,” Ronaldo said. “I just hope to carry on doing it justice for the manager and the fans. To be talked about like Becks and George Best would be amazing. But then why not if I carry on what I am doing?”

June 8th

“Still I do not know where I will play,” he said. “I have not yet decided. It will be decided after the European Championships.”

June 12th

“I like a white kit,” he said. “The white kit of the national team that is.”

June 20th

Guillem: If you wanted to stay at Manchester United, why don’t you say it?
Ronaldo: You will soon know what I want. You do know what I want and that is why I don’t want to say anything else. Lets wait. I want to give more details that is why I cannot say much more.
Guillem: Do you feel what you are about to decide is a step forward in your career, a dream?
Ronaldo: It is a dream, a step forward, you can call it what you want. For me it is a great opportunity, and as Scolari says, that train passes by only once, and we have to take advantage of it.
Guillem: You know that when you return to Manchester people will be upset with you.
Ronaldo: But that will pass, a couple of good goals and people will be happy.

Ronaldo is playing games and it’s entirely frustrating. However, what is really starting to piss me off is Scolari’s involvement in the situation. The Portugal Football Federation have announced this week that they were livid with the timing of the news that Scolari was moving on, claiming that they couldn’t compete with the money Chelsea offered for his managerial services. Yet this is a man whose opinion Ronaldo really seems to value.

“I know Cristiano well and I know the type of person he is so I have no doubts about how he will handle himself in the next few weeks,” said Scolari today. “People must understand that Cristiano becomes stronger with all the difficulties and the stories about him. I have never known anyone so mentally strong. What happened to him at the World Cup in 2006 in the quarter-final against England would have crushed many other players – but not Cristiano.”

Hold on a minute, Ronaldo’s ability to get through the vile abuse is something which is now just attributed to his strength of character? Scolari is seemingly forgetting something, and hoping Ronaldo does the same. The support Ronaldo received from United fans was incredible. To counter balance the boos from the opposition every time his name was read out on the team sheet, we cheered for him the loudest. We sang his name week in week out. We turned up at matches home and away with Portugal flags and shirts.

Does Ronaldo honestly believe he would receive the same support from Real Madrid fans? Imagine in the World Cup 2006 and Portugal were playing against Spain. If he’d been a Real Madrid player then and was involved in the same incident with Raul instead of Rooney he would have been booed out of the club by his own fans on his return. There wouldn’t have been a place for him in Spain anymore. Yet all of our players, Rooney included, our manager and our fans, did all they could to separate the events at the World Cup from him as a United player.

“What has been happening around him here with the uncertainty about his future has not affected him – I know that because I have been with him,” Scolari continued. “He is so strong mentally and he is in control of his own destiny – and because of that Manchester United can do nothing to hurt him. It is his dream to play for Real Madrid and I am sure Cristiano will fulfil his dream whatever the difficulties.”

Whilst United will start next season as favourites to win the title again, with or without Ronaldo, it certainly won’t do Chelsea’s title bid any harm if Ronaldo isn’t at the club anymore. Since Ronaldo joined up with Portugal ahead of Euro 2008, Scolari had to know that the chances were strong of him managing Ronaldo’s title rivals in the coming season. Every bit of advice he has given to Ronaldo in this time about his future has come with his own agenda. He wants to weaken the opposition. How can Ronaldo be stupid enough to take on board anything Scolari has to say? Why hasn’t he dismissed all of Scolari’s comments the moment it was announced that he was set to be the Chelsea manager?

I already made my feelings on Scolari well known when his appointment was revealed, but my dislike of him is growing with every comment he makes about our player.

So Scolari picks up when Mourinho left off, hated by United fans. In a years time, I hope to be reflecting on how Scolari’s first season in charge ended like Mourinho’s reign with the rent boys, 2nd best to United.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. denton davey says:

    Scott, forget about the sentimentality – singing songs about TheBoy just doesn’t cut it.

    The key point is that CR7 is both incredibly strong-willed and self-centered. And, as with so many character traits, this is both a strength and a weakness.

    As I wrote before, his statements (and the carefully released flood of suggestions from his posse) have created an impression that he is going – and this is the mundane level of negotiation.

    The more hidden – and less discussed – level of negotiation relates to his contractual status (locked up for four years), is desire to “re-negotiate” his wages (not surprising since he was a much, much more mature and effective player this year), and the reported NIke sponsorship which would make his “net wages” at OldTrafford higher than anything he could squeeze from the fascists.

    To my way of thinking, we are ALL in the dark about where the reality is behind these appearances. And, I think, therefore, that we have to wait to see how this matter gets sorted once the posturing is over-and-done-with and the real discussions have taken place.

    Finally, IF CR7 is so certain to be going to Madrid, why is he having surgery (even minor surgery) overseen by UTD’s medical staff ?

    Finally, Scolari is a scumbag. We all knew that before – what we didn’t know was the depths to which he would immerse himself in the shit. He is the perfect manager for the RentBoyz !

  2. Whiteside10 says:

    So much hot air going around at the moment, it’s all become tedious.
    This, in my opinion, is the long and short of it. Ronaldo seems to have spoken to, and had ‘advice’ from everyone EXCEPT probably the most important people of all – Ferguson and CQ. Until Ferguson returns from holiday, everyone can bang on about what Ronnie will or won’t be doing next, but nowt’s gonna happen. Ferguson and CQ will undoubtedly want to speak to the player face-to-face first, before making any decision, and I mention this because Ronaldo can throw as many toys out of his pram that he likes, he’s going nowhere until Ferguson says so.
    There are two further comments on this – firstly, after the last World Cup, I read quotes from Ronaldo saying that he originally wanted to leave United and put his change of heart down to his “latin temperament… very hot-headed and impuslive…” Needless to say, at that time, all he had heard is negative comments about him returning until Ferguson and (more likely) Querioz talking some sense into him.
    The other point to make is the comparison with Owen Hargreaves. After the 2006 World Cup, United were very interested in bringing him to OT, he was keen, but Bayern simply refused to sell him. Which shows that, just because a club comes calling and the player wants to go, it doesn’t mean it’s inevitable the deal will go through. Hence going back to my point about whether Ferguson wants him to go or not. And my other feeling on this is that Ferguson won’t be irked so much by Ronaldo wanting to go, but the arrogance of Madrid thinking they’ve got their man already and the ‘inevitability’ of it all… Not while Fergie’s still around….

  3. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    Right after the CL final, Ronalo was interviewed by ITV and he sincerely said “I’m staying”
    But now, it is revealed that he made his decision before the CL final. And back then, I thought Marca’s stories on swap deals and personal terms and the transfer fee and so on was complete fabrication. Now, we know that Ronaldo and his agent were busy negotiating.
    Ronaldo is fucking with us and it’s disgusting. Now Scolari comes out and tells Ronaldo that this train passes once because after this summer, Real Madrid will never want Ronaldo again, right?
    I’d personally like to see United bring in a talented winger like Ben Arfa and hold on to Ronaldo for another year. By the time he leaves, his replacement won’t be completely new. If Ronaldo leaves now, he’s being extremely unfair to the club because had he told United he was leaving a couple of months ago, United scouts would’ve swarmed Europe looking for potential replacements.

  4. Tom F says:

    After snubbing the chance to manage England, Scolari joined Chelsea. The biggest team in Englands capital. Now Scolari doesn’t like the British lifestyle, he doesn’t like the media attention and seeing him join Chelsea for one reason (CASH) he thinks it’s his job to tempt Ronaldo away from the Premier League.

    If Scolari is a father figure to Ronaldo then so be it, but for a National level coach to publicly talk about such a heated topic says a lot about the man.

    Sadly, Ronaldo won’t be walking out of Old Trafford as the Legend he could have been or the hero we often saw him as.

    The player is a genius, the boy is a showman. A Hollywood football star, he has played alongside Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and younger ‘future greats’ like Rooney but to him the only thing that also matters is money.

    If United offered Ronaldo £300k a week, to match what Real Madrid are throwing about I am sure he’d stay.

    The man on the pitch was slowly becoming more team orientated helping him become a success week in, week out but slowly this success has turned him into a self-centred, greedy person.

    In a Club as romantic as United where Bobby Charlton is still working after surviving the Munich air disaster, where Eric Cantona talks about Manchester United still being the only club in his heart and where David Beckham even openly admits United is the best place he has ever played, you have to take a step back and see these are grateful people, humble and open about their love for the place. Rooney is following suit and that is why he is the future of United.

  5. lewis says:

    just outta interest wasn’t ronaldos official announcement meant to be this weekend. i just want him to say he’s leaving now because eventhe guillem interview left a tiny bit of doubt in my mind about what he wants (you wrote an article about it). oh well i’m not going to live and die on the decisions of some bloke i’ve never met

  6. Tom F says:


    I am certain that Sir Alex’s scouts have found plenty of players who could play wide right, who have great potential and also could maybe one day replace Ronaldo. Scouting is a full-time job.

    We also have a very good replacement for a right sided winger, his name is Nani. He will be on fire the more he plays and hopefully he beefs up a bit and dives less next season.

  7. Ash says:

    Scolari is a total scum-bag, and sadly Ronnie has shown over and over it’s his ego he’s more interested in. I’d love to have him stay for his skill, but part of me wants him to leave, we can always replace people as no man is bigger than Manchester Utd.

    Even so we have Nani, who has impressed me this past season, and Park has actually had a good season too. I also have no doubt the SAF and co have plenty of people in mind, and a big cheque from Real Madrid would make picking up some of these players a lot easier.

  8. AlexOfMancunia says:

    Here is my two pennies worth on the situation.

    I have been a benefit of the doubt, wait until we here solid facts (ie a conclusive statement from Ronaldo) fan, however I do now believe that he wants to go.

    I certainly am not pleased how he has handled the situation, but I think that he has been making these comments to give himself some wriggle room, just in case the move to Madrid does not happen. So instead of saying “I want to go to Madrid” he has given cryptic messages to keep Real interested, and to try and ensure that if he has to stay, then the fans won’t hate him for wanting to leave, as he has never said so (which has backfired enormously), and he could even be offered a pay rise. Also, a lot of media attention to stroke his ego wouldn’t hurt either.

    Another view is that he originally was just flirting a little with Madrid, knowing that someday he would go there (probably when Fergie retired), to try and get him a pay rise. Not because he needs more money, but that he just wants a pay check to reflect his status as the Best Player in the World. Now, somewhere along the line, he has been shown what Real would be prepared to pay him, and he has also been somehow convinced that if he doesn’t go now, then they won’t come calling again (hence Gene Hack-, I mean Scolari’s involvement) and his head was officially turned.

    Now, here is what I reckon Utd will do. We will make a stance (seemingly) and repeatedly say that Ronaldo won’t be sold. In the meantime, we will go about our business trying to sign Ronnie’s replacements, as if we sell Ronaldo before buying anyone else, then we will suddenly find the prices for all of our targets inflated enormously. Hopefully, the whole media fuss over Ronaldo will act as a smokescreen for what we are doing on the incoming transfers front. Also, Real will increase and increase the price that they are willing to pay as they carry on believing that we don’t want to sell, and once we find that they are willing to pay a price that we find acceptable, then we will sell. This will be quite late on in the transfer window though, just to make Real, and Ronnie sweat for a while.

    Of course, I could be completely wrong and Fergie might decide to make a stance against Madrid, and against Players thinking that contracts don’t matter, and they have the player power to move whenever, and wherever(which we took a stance against last year with Heinze) they want.

    I could be even more wrong in that Ronnie might not even want to leave (he hasn’t actually said so) and he might just be holding out for a pay rise, although I would be extremely surprised if this is the case, and I would also be intrigued as to the reception he would get from us at Old Trafford.

  9. Aziz says:

    1st of all whether CR7 Is leaving or not i dont care,i’ll care about Man U as a team come next seasone,if he wants to go let him go,and for Scolari to stick his nose where it doesnt belong,shows how foolish he his, with his age,he is talking like a PREGNANT woman,scolari do the talkng on the pitch and leave Man U problems to Man U,n concentrate to chelsea,4 CR7, ask Ronaldo(AC milan)Ronaldinho,ETO’O How ur treated in spain when thngs goes bad 4 u,n for Scolari,go burn to hell,AZIZ in Nairobi,KENYA.

  10. jimmy Bob says:

    Big Fat Phil should worry about his own team and not ours

    Fergie should mix it up now by telling lampard cech terry etc to go and join the special needs one in milan

  11. StevIe P says:

    Let him go, even AF will have to accept it very soon. I’m gutted but they’re a bigger club that can pay more.

    Scolari is his coach and can say what he likes if he feels it’s good advice. But now he’s Chelsea boss it’s a bit naughty.

    I just don’t see where the goals will come from next year though.

    At least he’ll still ‘make England look sh*t’ and we can cheer him on for Portugal.

  12. realred says:

    its incredible how idiotic he must be fall
    for this shit.

    Its quite funny when you actaully think bout it. weve been stiched right up

  13. anakin says:

    Aziz , Dont call us Man U. Please.

  14. fergie's gonna get u says:

    Some words of wisdom from AC Milan’s Adriano Galliani:

    “Look at last year when Real Madrid said Kaka was theirs. If the club don’t allow you in there’s nothing you can do.”


  15. red charlie says:

    what’s wrong with pregnant women?

  16. Brian says:

    I don’t agree that Real madrid are a bigger club than Man Utd. You look at fan base and Man Utd have a bigger fan base than Real Madrid. I am sure that Man Utd can pay the wages that Real Madrid are offering Ronaldo. However paying that sort of wages when most of the other players will be earning much less will create problems in the team. Soon we will have Rooney, Ferdinand and the others asking for more. This is what happened to Real madrid when they get Figo, Zidane and the rest. How many trophies did they win then. Why did Makele leace Real Madrid beacuse he asked to be brought on par with the rest and they did not want to give it to him. So he left. Do you think that Raul, Van Nistelrooy, Scheider and all the others will be happy for Ronaldo to get paid what they asr saying they are going to pay and them earning about a third of what Ronaldo gets. It will vreate discontent.

  17. Gopher Brown says:

    The main problem with selling Ronaldo for 70mil or however much is the going rate, is that it will be the benchmark of all subsequent transfers. The market is already terribly inflated and if we try to then buy replacements for Ronaldo, with the 70mil, we’ll find geniune ‘stars’ hard to come by, as all chairmen will see Ronaldo, think ‘Well, Ben Arfa (or whoever) is better than half as good as Ronaldo, so surely he must be worth 50mil’

    I think Ronaldo should leave, he’s a nasty piece of work and, although we all chose to ignore such things, a dirty cheat. But any talk to superstar replacements is foolhardy.

  18. fergie's gonna get u says:

    This just in:

    “Scolari rejects Ron reports”,19528,11667_3728619,00.html

  19. Gary says:

    Now this may be sheer romanticism but I have calmed down on this issue. Ronaldo must have spoken to Fergie now hes back im Manchester seeing our club doctors. I watched a programme on him on itv on Saturday and he speaks so highly of United and Fergie. I dont understand how he could have such a sudden change of heart. Im not sure he wants to leave as much as the media are making out. Stay Ronaldo, its not too late. If he comes out and says he wants to stay then I will be absolutely chuffed.


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