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Silvestre Back At United

Former Manchester United defender Mikael Silvestre joined our lads at Carrington for training this morning.

Silvestre joined United in the summer of 1999 for £4m and left nine years later for Arsenal. Silvestre had wanted to see out his final year of his contract and leave on a free following a testimonial the following summer but the club encouraged him to leave. He was in the midst of a medical with Manchester City before getting a call from the North London club. The last time a player moved from United to Arsenal was Brian Kidd in 1974.

After two seasons at Arsenal, Silvestre moved to Werder Bremen on a free transfer. He two seasons in Germany before being released on a free this summer. Two weeks ago he had a trial with West Ham and now he’s back at United.

Ferguson couldn’t be considering bringing back the 35-year-old to help us through our defensive crisis, could he?

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  1. kungfoocantona says:


    right i was in work today and for the hour lunch break me and the 6 boyo,s had a discusiion about united(all united supporters). the topic was actually fergie and should he maybe stand down. now i no what ur gona say but here me out.

    we were just lookin back over the last few years and thinkin about fergie and the mistakes he is starting to make which he never made before. These mistakes are mostly tactical and the constant change of players ie “tinkering” now i no sum will say fergie has always tinkered but in actual fact he hasn’t. yes changed sum players about here and there but not to the madness of the last few years.

    I no we won the league 2 years ago but if ur honest to urself then you would admit that a team made up of united supporters could of won the league. it was no doubt the worst season in premier league history. chelsea didnt win a single game for 10 matches(un heard off for a top team) and actually they could have easily won the league had they beat us at old trafford.(but they didn’t)

    This united team in fairness is lacking and its a few things, The defence is never the same(injuries or not) the midfield is decent at best(centre part) and well cant complain about the strikers. but we discussed sum points and heres what they were.

    1. tinkering..back when we signed michael carrick and got rid of van nistlerooy ppl said we were fucked and maybe i shared that view, we hadnt won the league for 4 years. what did fergie do that year, he won the league and do u no why?32 of the 38 games played he played the same team and same formation and we played great football that year, after that was ronaldo tevez and hargo and we were so on the up goin on to win the champions league against chelsea and it was fair to say we were by far the best team in europe? so what happened

    2. Fergie made a massive mistake in getting rid of tevez or not signing him(i no we all hate the cunt but it wouldnt be the case if he wasnt dropped for berba) why was he dropped?did he need dropped?did he fuck. him and rooney were frightening together, defending from the front they did and a joy to watch

    3. fergie never replaced ronaldo which was a massive mistake, ok who do u replace him with u might say? well fergie didnt replace him with anybody that was the problem. and when u take that many goals out of a team it needs to be replaced

    4tinkering again. The last 2 years has seen our form fall nothing short of fucking ridiculous. old trafford used to be a fortress and everytime we had a home game i was 100% confident of the win, but fergie has seen it to constantly tinker and not just 2 or 3 players but 8 or 9. we havent had consistancy at all and how can u exspect to if you dont no wether u r gona play the next week, u cant learn each others game cause you dont no who ur gona play with hence i go back to 07 when we were outstanding why?because the players new each others game.

    5. fergie doesnt no his best team. Its alarming that even fergie doesnt no his best team and thats no good for any1. u should always no what ur best 11 is should you need to call upon them and the truth is fergie doesnt no.why? because he rotates that much he has forgotten who plays best together.

    6.tinkering me 1 team in world football that tinkers there goalie like fergie has done…can any1 even exsplain to me why de gea even got dropped? i was at the fulham game and i would say it was as much vidic fault than de gea and in actual fact de gea pulled of sum wonder saves in that match. I like lindo and think hes a good goalie but yesterday he wasnt great and the first 2 goals should have been better dealt with in my opinion

    7. tactics..what system are we palying this season 4 5 1, 4 3 3, 4 2 3 1..does any1 know?all i no is it doesnt work and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to work that out. we have been poor all season so far and actually very lucky to have the points that we many goals have we 9 in 7 games if im correct…thats just not good enough.

    8. signings.. why hasnt fergie signed the midfielders we need and quality defenders(i have nothing against any of the current crop and actually rate them all highly..when fit) look at jones for example he was signed for what position does any1 no? i thought centre back but fergie is making him the new oshea…he has got bags of ability and i have said from the start centre midd would be a great position for him if he is aloud the time to grow there.

    9. michael carrick…why does michael carrick constantly get picked week in week out?in my opinion and many others for that matter he brings nothing to the team…in a 5 man midfield maybe but he is average nearly every week yet others suffer the wrath of getin dropped…ie ando for example…he is a quality player and has showed that at united..ok he is a bit injury prone but i refer back to tinkering…he had a great game against fulham but got subbed…an outstanding game against newcastle..dropped for the next game, and so it goes…there is no consistency.

    10. no balls…for the first time last season i seen the change in fergie and it was the city game away..we needed a point and the league was ours, no doubt…what did fergie do…he went for the point(which he claimed he wouldnt do and was never in uniteds nature, thanks to him of course). it was not that is was the terrible performace that stood out but the tactics, team selection and the fear that really alarmed me in a man who is the greatest manager EVER. he had valencia on the bench, arguably our best player last year…we had no shots on goal and the manager went with 2 strikers with 8 minutes to go…i have never seen fergie give in like that.

    sorry this is depressing writing this statement and i wish i hadnt bothered. but is it time for fergie to retire a hero at the end of the season regardless of how good or bad we do…reason why i say, i used to look around and think who could replace fergie and i could honestly say there wasnt a single person…i look now and u cant help but look at mourinho who i believe is the next fergie and his record speaks for itself…i think there is a change in the air..chelsea changing and startin to pump money in again, city a massive threat and i do question wether fergies tactics and stuborness can push us past these hurdles

    i did say that if fergie did retire it would break my heart and after 2 months u would want him back, but like everything..all things come to an end sum day and all il say , is the end of the season fergies?…so u no i would never wish the manager out of old trafford not in a million years infact none of use do, all we were doin was stateing sum facts and wondering if alot of others thought the same….

    shame on me :(

  2. kylelaw84 says:

    Brilliant! One defeat and fergie has lost it and scholes is a liability lol you couldn’t make this up. The only thing i’ll ever say in defence of Glazers is thank fuck the fans don’t own the club with nonsense like that! Enjoy the egg on your face lads like every other time :-)

  3. Proverb says:

    Yes he does no I no he no, no?

    Injuries on every department, that yeah does force him to chop and change all the time.

  4. kungfoocantona says:


    mate its not about 1 defeat. fuck me if that was the case then ppl would need a good slapping. its stateing facts thats all it is, not saying he should be replaced….and as for scholes, i would have him in the team every week..have always said with him age isnt an issue he controles the tempo of united

  5. Dave Malaysia says:

    @kungfoocantona : Tevez ,u need to let him go permanently and tell yr friends that too.

    Look back over the events to understand . Please let go off the myth he wanted us that bad or we cud have signed him that easily.

    Few things to reflect on:

    United took a long tme to sort out his legal status before finally signing him on Loan. 2 yrs.

    Fee agreed for each year and final 25 million or so agreed. Cud have come to 30 something million plus.

    United with the the financial situation plus the economic crisis which also effected UK badly.
    Our main banks and financial advisers were not spared.United pulled out, on thier advice for the bond issue around that time.

    United tried to negotiate with teven, Kia and his billionare boys club owners, unsuccesfully.

    Tevez refused to talk to United as early as January. Begin his ‘fans love me, united dont love me campaign’ .

    Once United got the sponsorship deal signed and the first installment was paid, United went for the last time and told, he wud be the highest paid player at the club.

    Kia returned to united and said tevez said no.

    It became clear that the billionaire boys club wanted thier big pay day,whatever they said to tevez ,turned him.

    City were making plans for tevez. A package that exceeded anything United cud pay.
    About 40 million plus , fee and salary.

    tevez has shown his lack of honesty and intelligience. he tends to believe without checking.
    Talks a lot of rubbish.

    City cud not fuck him off cos they are in trouble trying to balance thier books. FFP is giving them problems. PSG have just said tevez asked for too much, so they said no ,wen they tried to sign him in January.

    Both Milan teams were turned off for the same reason.

    He has gone on to insult our club and manager.

    We dodged a bullet .

    Be grateful.

  6. T4M says:

    i really hope carrick,scholes and giggs arent being rested for the newcastle trip.bcos we’ll get absolutely smashed.

  7. kylelaw84 says:

    @ kungfoocantona maybe it isn’t entirely about 1 game mate. I’ll be honest after the way we played at anfield and the first half on saturday I was a bit worried but the flip side was the 2nd half performance we really went up the gears, apart from their goal spurs didn’t get out of their own half, it was a battering they got. It goes to prove it’s only form that is lacking (apart from the new villain scholes ffs).
    It’s far too early for all these opinions considering the shape and style we’re trying to adapt to at the minute. I can honestly remember a lot of worse starts to a season were we’ve been awful and ended up winning the league.

  8. Ash says:


    You have some great points. I agree with you this is not the sir alex we know. He has become very conservative in past few seasons. I don’t know why, there could be many reasons but this is not the fergie we need.

    I would also like to raise a point about the job mike phelan has been doing. Honestly I feel phelan hasn’t been doing a great job. 2nd coach should be someone who can challenge Sir alex but I feel phelan is a yes man. He hardly comes and talk to players during match. Always sitting in the dug out and smiling. Carlos quiroz did a great job as our number 2. Blaming sir alex alone is not correct imo. Whole coaching staff should take the blame for our poor show and bad team selection.

  9. kungfoocantona says:


    mate to be fair its not really about tevez and i can assure you hes long gone…we were stateing a point that fergie actually did himself and said he should of signed him before dragging it out..if that was the case then we wouldnt be talking about him being a city scum…but whats done is done…good player he is i wouldnt wish him back

  10. Proverb says:

    Has he lost it no, imo no one manager would have gotten us where we were last season and almost won it, only goal difference lost us the league
    Was it fergie’s finest teams of the last 3 or so seasons ago? No but he managed to push us to within distance from winning our 20th league title.
    And he hasn’t lost it @kungfoo give him time, its called transition period, many teams would have scrambled to the bottom half but we are still there competing.
    And considering we don’t perform well untill the second half of the season i’d save my words till end of the campaign to judge the gaffer.
    Relax mate its early days remember!!
    Let’s give the team the support they need at this stage, sucking their energy will not help either
    Like I said chillax

  11. kungfoocantona says:


    i not blaming him alone and infact its hard to really blame a guy who quite frankly has made manchester united into the greatest club on the planet. its more to do with is his time as the great one coming to and end….i agree about ur point with mickey phelan, love the guy but hes not carlos quiroz and he doesnt really do much but hes part of that united family which i love so maybe he should be givin a different role at the club……but thats why i say about mourinho, not every1s cup of tea but he reminds me of a young fergie and i would be chuffed if we got him should saf step down

  12. Redbilly says:

    He’s only trIning as. Favour from SAF. , bump up the money city will pay for him :-) . Fuck me I do have to laugh .

  13. kungfoocantona says:


    Im certainly not doubting him mate i mean how could you. i was simply stateing that over the last 2 years hes changed as a manager and is it time to think the dreeded thought…but u no fergie he will probobly take us to the treble and il look like a complete cunt….happily

  14. Marq says:

    Whilst I agree Scholes is still contributing to our forward play, you just have to watch the Spurs game again to see how many times Scholes was just strolling back when Spurs had their man steaming forward. For all of Scholes’s brilliance, if he really makes such a big difference to our play, how is it that we got outplayed in the first half? Surely it was not because Giggs was on? Because last check all their goals came from runs started from our right, where Nani was.

  15. kungfoocantona says:

    HA i bet every1 was like OH MY GOD when the news broke about silvestre…..tell ya what though hell of a player in his day for the club….could do with that kind of players now…think its time for change at the back…a new era…..

  16. kungfoocantona says:

    is it me or should fergie start playing valencia in the centre and pushing nani to his favourite position…after all he plays there for ecuador and is outstanding

  17. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    LOOK Midfielders are in the team to basically set the tempo for a team’s play. Setting the tempo for a team’s play involves attacking AND DEFENDING. Sure having a 100% pass percentage is all well and good but of what use is that to us when It is as easy as running through air to get past you in midfield? If Scholes was Younger then his presence in the midfield would be a good thing but considering scholes is more than 35 years old. CANNOT keep up with the pace of the current game how on earth is that a good thing for us? Just look around you all over the world. How many european superpowers have 38 year olds starting big games for them other than Juventus off the top of my head? Even Xavi is slowly getting phased out as that is why Fabregas and Song have been brought in. Why is it only us that refuse to use our younger ones? Cleverley has not started a single league game this year and he started TWICE for England. Anderson puts on a good showing in the midweek and doesn’t even smell the pitch ONCE for the entire game on saturday. Those players are eating big wages while doing NOTHING. Why not give them a go FFS. It can’t possibly get any worse in the middle. We need to stop living in denial and get stronger and faster in midfield.

  18. Proverb says:

    @marq the problem is we don’t seem to defend in numbers, I’ve said that in the previous thread
    Imo if you keep giving the opposition time and space in the midfield they’ll always find spots and good mids will utilise those spaces
    How do you explain that bales runs from their half all the way to scoring that goal unchallenged, that imo is intolerable.
    Again our defenders keep on backing off once an attacker comes charging at them, why don’t one try and stop them before its too late? but no!
    that is a cause for concern too.

    A lot more things worth noting but couldn’t cause isn’t worth it the gaffer will surely address it and I’m not in a position to judge their ability.

    Hopefully once we go on a run with a full squad can see what really is missing. Cheers!

  19. belfast red. says:

    @Denton davy. Im serious m8. Ando and clevs should be starting.

  20. Proverb says:

    Its worth noting tom and jerry aren’t experienced enough to be starting every single league game, and both defensively are not good enough, one will run out of energy and the other apparently light weight and we would get bullied and needing to score 3 or more to ensure we win cause frankly clean sheets aren’t guaranteed maybe if fletcherinho kept fit for atleast a few number of games could do a job, he’s one that’s missing at the moment…
    He’s everything a combo of tom and ando can wish for to cover their backs while they do the damage upfront.
    A midfield 5 is one formation that can bring the some hope into our game, and probably start playing some exciting stuff

  21. Costas says:


    Well said mate. It’s funny how the arguement against Scholes starting so often is based on actual technical analysis and the one in favor is based on “how dare you plastics critisize a legend” comments. :lol: Like you said, if Scholes wasn’t part of the problem, why didn’t he come good in the first half when Spurs were set on having a go?

  22. Capitano says:

    About Silvestre, Abu media are all over our case “not bothered!” About tomorrow game, It will b good to see Cleverly and Ando playing together! “Ain’t that what many wanted to see after last weekend defeat?? ohh the wining here was unbearable!”

  23. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Scholes is like pirlo, both brilliant technicians of a ball but both also haven’t got the legs for the modern athleticsm based game. For italy, pirlo is surrounded by energetic runners, marchisio and danielle de rossi do all the hard work off the ball, pirlo is there to provide class with the ball. At united, we’re expecting paul to be the passing maestro whilst also putting in the shift, he simply can’t do it anymore. same goes for micheal carrick, if we want to see them effective, the right blend has to be found. Personally, scholes is more effective when off the bench.

  24. edcunited1878 says:

    The right blend if Scholes is on is to play two central midfielders with him and three across the top. The players in the attacking third always move around anyways, so it doesn’t matter who lines up, except if you have Valencia who can only play on the right side.

  25. nesh says:

    I think we as true fans should not shy a way from facing the someway call it constructive criticism which means we are not afraid to give well reasoned and valid opinions of anyone be it positive or negative and at especially this point in the season where I believe we just continued from where we left last season. We need some changes and some some freshness in our management. Not necessarily Fergie leaving but we could start with some changes. Eg recruiting matinez as fergies assitant and see how it goes_just a thought

  26. Proverb says:

    Howard Webb has been appointed Referee for the game of Newcastle United vs Manchester United on 07/10/12
    Atleast a win is guaranteed there ;) no matter we plays, maybe fergie has heard the news already

  27. Proverb says:

    *Who* we play

  28. slayer says:

    Though compared to many of our forum’s senior members, I am no doubt someone who is green. Some of your points are no doubt what I felt. I don’t mind being commented but I do appreciate if other members do not put their anger just because they feel it is wrong. There is no certainty in any solution or comment. What one express is always what they feel. It has been 3 years since United going downhill, it would not be surprise that fans has gotten restless. I myself have to admit United looks really like a limped horse. But nevertheless, what one comment can be a solution or it might be a doomed solution if implemented. Example, if we change change SAF with another new manager, will he lead us into glory? If we do not change our manager, does SAF has what it takes to rectify the mistakes? The future is never certain nor pre-determined. Sometimes changes must take place but for the good or worst, that we know not.


    I agree to some points you made there and I enjoy reading it as it has a number of points I didn’t thought of myself. But I do want to speak out my mind even if it hurts me to think that United has so many problems.

    1. United’s defense has been worst since a few years back. perhaps it has been 3 years since our defense started to crumble. Many fans have been bickering about the defenses problem year in year out. About two years back, when Rio and Vidic weren’t performing well, I had already wondered why we are not finding a replacement. Then, when SAF sold our two utility players, Wes Brown and Oshea, my question marks became bigger. If we have no replacement and keep rotating players, are they able to perform? Currently, the answer is no. They have not really perform. Now, the problem only meant that we need new defensive players, we can’t go on like this. Rio and Vidic might at one time be the best, but they have reach 30+. Most people know that older player has less stamina and less speed or acceleration and might be prone to injury. Without any solution, we have to go for what we trust the most. The youth that are hunger for blood.

    2. Ferguson bought a lot of players with talents. However, a team without a number of talented players or just normal average players can outplayed United which has more talented players is something I could not fathom. Once a while, we got outplayed is still acceptable since we can’t always expect players to be playing at their best. But to be outplayed so many times? That goes to say, United spent a lot but the return is not there. We might as well go for a number of average players but who could perform well enough and cost 10 times lesser. We could get at least a good number of players to cover each sector when injuries became a problem to the first team. Question asked, how often do you rate the players performance based on their price? Are they still at that value? I am not saying United don’t need talented players. We definitely need them to win the cups. The only team I know perform with average players and yet win the cup was 30+ years ago, Nottingham Forest. They win with 2 strikers which has quite good talent, the rest were average. However, they perform very well as a team. Once the players were sold, they were never heard of anymore.

    3. I respect most of United players, I dont really get bother by what scandal or issues he tries to raise. But I would definitely prefer if players act appropriately as some issues affect a team’s harmony. I also has high regard for our senior players who has served United loyally. I know many admire the “evergreen” Giggs and Ginger Ninja Scholes. Perhaps some also worship the partnership of Vidic and Rio. Carrick also done well for us for many times following SAF order with all heart that some people were not happy with it (like during the time he keep the ball going backward rather than forward). But there is a saying in Chinese, give up the old and change it with new. The past is past. Everything needs to move on. We have relied on them for many years, but no matter what it is, it is time to move on. SAF still hold onto them and would not want to part with them. For United to move on, youth must gain the chance and experience. Therefore, I choose to ask Giggs and Scholes to retire. Rio might have to go into retirement in short time. To me, their retirement serve not only to keep their good side as one of the best in United history but keep them from harming their reputation further if they did not perform. With that, SAF must play the youth that he has or find new replacements.

    4. SAF should stop tinkering with goalie, positioning of players, and formation. DDG has been improving and in time, he might be our one of the top keepers under SAF’s 20+ years reign. The changing of formation and positioning has made the players getting worst. They no longer know how they should act and with different players, which they are not accustom to. This made any formation of play becomes difficult. Luckily, most of the time, players manage to change the situation and we get away with points. I would accept a year of defeat with no trophy but giving chance to youngster to familiarize each other’s style and play. The next year, United strikes back. However, last year lost still did not serve much purpose in reminding SAF what he should really do. Whether he has a plan or not, I don’t know. If he has, we’ll need that plan to be in motion soon. If no, we are in big trouble.

    5. Injury is a concern. I know I will get the guns on my head for commenting this. Last year, Arsenal fans cried and scream in our forum for the trashing. They lamented that they had no good players and what Wenger is doing. I recall scolding them that there is no excuse to blame on the injury and young players like Alex O-Chamerlain. Now, Alex is a star in the team. United is still blaming on injury. Is that right? United has 26 or more players of different positions, are we supposed to keep defending “due to injury, that’s why we lost” excuse? When someone injured, other will have to step up. If we had not enough players in the department or that department suffer more injury or are not good enough to cover the position, we need to find new players to make up the numbers and quality. That is what managers should do, not just letting it go down. Whether our medical team is competent is a question mark. Yes, injury is hard to predict and medical team has hard time treating and daignosing. 3 years topping the injury list? Maybe something has gone wrong? Hago made the comment and many criticizes him… What If it is true? Lets not look at the tackles and so on. there might be many other reasons too contributing but currently, our training regime is causing players injured and added with injury on the field, perhaps someone should evaluate and analyse what is happening. Changing another panel of doctors or training regime may work? Who knows? What I know is some doctor can do better than some. That is why certain patients prefer some doctors over the others. I am NOT looking down on them but this is what I see many times and there is certain truth in it. But it is better to try new ones than trusting blindly. When we get different results, we might know what when wrong. Although it is definitely impossible to make a difference when the degree of injury and how to evaluate a medical team comes about.

    Whether or not everyone see eyes to eyes is not a major concern. Many have a heart for United and would want to see United recapturing the glory in the past. We can’t always get what we get but we can always make the best of what we have. In football, the ball is round. Anything can happen. No point crying over spilt milk. But for now, lets pray that United will find solutions to the problems.

  29. Proverb says:

    Sir Alex Ferguson explains Manchester United absentees [and the curse continues]
    Still don’t know why nani is not in the squad though, heard he didn’t travel with the squad the boss aswell didn’t explain his absence

  30. kungfoocantona says:


    Agree mate…the thing is aswell that although the whole point of the article so to speak was that maybe fergies number was up, u have to remember that this man is a fuckin genius and yes he has made many mistakes in his career but what makes him special is that he realises them and acts swiftly..thats why i said to proverb that it wouldnt surprise me 1 bit if he makes me look a twat and goes on to win the league… is early days but to many alarm bells over the last 2 years for me and dont look to be getting fixed anytime soon although i will conceded that our frikin injury record hasnt helped 1 bit….i have every confidence in the man and im sure u do 2, he will always get my support no matter what he has earned that………hopefully things pick up on the plus side, i mean afetr all we got a fit van persie and rooney now, thats enough to frighten any1

  31. Eric L'edieu says:

    You could be on to a great idea with valencia in the centre.
    Obviously we’d have to see how midrange of passing would develop, but it would give Nani a fair crack at what is without doubt his strongest position, whilst giving us some seriously needed muscle in there.
    The problem is, like fulham did with dembele, he’ll need time to grow into the new position, the same would go for jonesy if he got a shot there, so he could learn the role & the positioning he should take up, so that kamikaze charges don’t leave the defence too exposed.

  32. Eric L'edieu says:

    You could be on to a great idea with valencia in the centre.
    Obviously we’d have to see how midrange of passing would develop, but it would give Nani a fair crack at what is without doubt his strongest position, whilst giving us some seriously needed muscle in there.
    The problem is, like fulham did with dembele, he’ll need time to grow into the new position, the same would go for jonesy if he got a shot there, so he could learn the role & the positioning he should take up, so that kamikaze charges don’t leave the defence too exposed. The talent is there.

  33. tom c says:


    fucking hell, yet another piece of fuel for the Nani conspiracy theorists :/ what is up with the lad?!

  34. Adam says:

    Agree with almost everything, and I’m honestly just hoping for a top 4 finish this season.

  35. Adam says:

    Also, last season, we were lucky to be up there with those fuckers come end of May..
    we had a FEW very lucky games that we barely scraped through to get the 3 points, kind of like the Liverpool game last week, and I don’t think we’ll be this lucky this time around..

  36. Adam says:

    This picture would be better with Scholes and Giggs in the background..

  37. markyboy says:

    The whole backroom team need the sack.Fitness coaches.medics.Too many injuries.The players are like walking corpses their so thin.We cant take simple old school knocks or tackles anymore.

  38. mara says:

    October 1, 2012 at 11:51
    mig78 says:

    Desperate times requires desperate measures…. but this is absurd!

    AMEN…we really look like that…it is a shame…

  39. g-man says:

    I think Fergie is losing the plot. Going a bit cuckcoo. Giggs needs a rest alright – for about 10 years.

  40. RedBorneo says:

    Hello RoM..!
    Any of you know about our young Reece Brown, how good he is..?


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