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Silvestre: City buy trophies but don’t have United’s courage

Former Manchester United defender, Mikael Silvestre, claims United are a club apart from City, despite their recent success.

They just buy trophies,’ Silvestre told Press Association Sport. ‘United are all about growing players. City buy multiple stars and shut the door to the youth system. United have more courage. They are a club with a family spirit.Those who come through the ranks absorb the mentality, the history of the club so they show the heritage in their performances.’

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. SebaLaBrujita says:

    @Marco Soares
    You’re right, a 7-0 should be acknowledged whatever the occasion, so well done lads.

    Away from the side on field, it just irks me when every other top team seems to get their business done with players falling into their lap Madrid>Rodriguez etc. Fuck me, even Barca, a team with a supposed transfer ban have even signed the banned disgrace Suarez with relatively little fuss.

    Our pursuit of BIG players always seems to be like wading through treacle. Maybe I’m being overly pessimistic, but I think the owners are going to fall into the same trap as they did with Fergie and expect a magician-like performance and returns while committing a minimum cash outlay on the team. Fergie was a complete one-off in this respect and the sustained manner with which he got the most out of his squad will never be matched by anyone. There are just too many big teams now all fighting for the same limited number of trophies, not even to mention all the land raping oil barrens with their play-thing clubs.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am really excited at the ideas, discipline and vitality with which is already evident under the reign of Van Gaal. I just worry that the club are going to tie his hands behind his back and expect him to conjure up miracles on the cheap.

  2. Marco Soares says:

    Did Fergie ever really want to buy? He often said their just isn’t value in the market (which 90% is true) but when he wanted to buy RVP for instance the Glazers did fork out the cash so I’m a bit optimistic about us doing the required transfer business, Van Gaal may have thee final though.

  3. SebaLaBrujita says:

    @Marco Soares

    We only started hearing the notion of there being ‘no value in the market’ in the latter years of Fergie’s reign. If these were indeed the thoughts of Fergie, they were proved way off the mark when our beloved cross town rivals alone managed to bag Toure and silva for a combined 54 million. Let alone all the other top talent that went to and from various clubs that with benefit of hindsight has proved to be great value.

    The talent was there and available, for whatever reason we just chose to ignore it. Which in it’s own way above every other factor, even Moyes! Even Sir Alex going, led to the spectacular fuck up last season.

    Which gets us back to problem number 1, our midfield deficiencies, but I’m guessing neither of rake that sleeping dog up again…

  4. Marq says:


    I beg to defer. For me playing Fletcher or Carrick at CB is not an option, its a last resort. This match cannot be used as a benchmark for saying Fletcher can play there. The world cup is also not a good benchmark, because it is a much slower game. In the league there will be more teams that play hoof ball or that strong centre forward that can just bully Fletcher or Carrick around. Besides, looking at 5 players for 3 positions is wrong, we should always be looking at 2 players for each spot, and the situation for us is worsen by 3 out of the 5 players having a really awful record of staying fit.

    Look at it simply. We lost 3 defenders, getting one in is the minimal we should do to make up the numbers.

    Agree with your other points. Midfield looks top heavy, if no other additions, Fletcher and Carrick will be the most important players for us defensively. We are also lacking that player out wide to run at the opposition fullbacks to stretch the play. Also, I can see Hernandez playing a part for us, so he should definitely stay.

  5. Dan Young says:

    fucking hell, the final whistle blew a little over 6 hours ago and people are up in arms that we probably wont sign any more players cause we won a friendly 7-0. morons.

    as for me, i was very happy to see united win 7-0. the main thing i loved was our intensity. the team in the premier league with the best intensity last season was liverpool, and our first game in a pre season friendly (with a squad of players that arent even fully fit yet) showed more intentsity then any of the matches i saw liverpool play last season. what an exciting season!!

    daley blind for £17 million? FUCK OFF! more then happy to go into next season with reece james as back up. he almost got reserve player of the season last year, iv been watching him in the reserves from when he was a midfielder and then converted to a LB and he is capable of filling in this year.

    i can now see vidal and hummels coming in. also possibly a player like reus if we get rid of young, nani and kagawa. love kags to bits but he wont get in ahead of mata or rooney and in a 3-4-3 he wont get much game time .. not to mention he could be used to bring reus to united.

    micheal keane has to stay this season, hes already good enough, especially in a defensive 3

    ander herrera dosnt look spanish. his skill with the ball and passing is as spanish as it gets but the way he tracks back, goes in on tackles, puts himself in places he could get a knock .. its the complete opposite of what the current spanish starting 11 do! and he was scholes-esque, without a doubt!

    i love seeing our first pre season game end as a 7-0 win and all our rivals next season getting draws or losses, we could surprise alot of people this season

    bring on saturday!

  6. Marq says:

    Anyway, LVG already came out to say he knows out squad is not balanced, and that he wants to play 2 strikers too. So its a good indicator of what kind of players he is looking at

  7. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    That boy James Reece is amazing! My God, It’s the first time I’ve seen him play. I love the boy. He and Herrara got me so excited watching the game.

  8. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Janko is another perfect cover for the LB position. He has pace, can dribble too. The guy has got so much flair.

  9. Jackie Spain says:

    @Opik: So no room for Bebe?

  10. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @Jackie Spain. Bebe, Lol

  11. gra mar says:

    @Dan Young … I’d agree. 7-0 is great but it’s the first pre-season friendly so we won’t crown ourselves as league winners just yet.

    I like the intensity..chasing the ball and being assertive with it. Are you watching Daivd Moyes.
    Not doubt that partly stems from trying to impress a new manager whose hand won’t tremble if he wants to offload anyone.

    Great start from Ander and he already likes like the type of player who can get more out of his teammates.

    We still need a CB though and another midfielder. Surely Kagawa can be used as bait to pinch either Hummels or Reus from dortmund?

  12. Unagi says:

    Great result. Seems from game reviews that players enjoyed the game and lost last season energy suddenly is back.

    Can someone provide how in general looked Valencia, Young and Nani in the game?

  13. VolatileKid says:

    @Unagi: Valencia played as a wing back and i thought he played quite well. I think thats his most suited position. Young looked good, playing as a frontman. But Herrera was the reason for that mostly. he tore Galaxy apart with his through balls and defense splitting passes. Young’s runs were quite good and that begs the question about Chicharito. There is no need to be offside if you have players like Herrera and Mata providing the passes.
    Nani was anonymous.

  14. VolatileKid says:

    I also think playing Rooney and Van Persie as the two strikers wont work. Similar to the Netherlands, we need someone like Robben to play as one of the strikers in this system. Maybe Welback and Rooney/Persie will be preferred, unless we buy someone else

  15. Marq says:

    I thought Valencia was still just being Valencia. Looked busy and took on their fullback 2 or 3 times, beat him but no end product. But at least it wasn’t the frustrating hit and hope low ball as usual from Valencia, he tried to hit it with height. So theres still hope for him.

    Have to give Nani the benefit of a doubt here thou, he was playing as the centre forward, and had his back to goal most of the time and out muscled by the defenders. Not his natural position, so can’t judge him based on this

  16. Kris Okechukwu says:

    @jackie spain
    So are u saying petrucci is a workaholic midfielder or Harrop cos I see petrucci more of a play maker

  17. Mirainashe says:

    @Dan Young

    You say Herrera doesn’t play like a typical Spanish player because he tracks back etc. Which Spanish player do you know that doesn’t track back? It’s just one of those stereotypes. It’s like English players being viewed in the Gerrard Rooney mould of running around all over the place contrary to tactical intelligence.

    @Gra ma

    Dortmund will not sell Reus or Hummels. And they don’t need Kagawa. LVG has just said our team is unbalanced due to too many attacking midfielders and whilst Reus is not your typical number 10, he is also not a wide player. It’s redundant. Hummels we need but so does Barcelona and they have been chasing him for a while now. Also Dortmund have been very adamant and they seldom speak empty words. They are not letting go of Hummels. Let’s look elsewhere so we don’t keep wasting time. They refused to sell Lewandowski so much that they let his contract run down. Gotze was sold because he had a release clause in his contract that was triggered by Bayern. When they say this player is not for sale I tend to believe them.


    I’m in agreement. Fletcher is not a CB and should never be. Same as Carrick. It’s a desperate situation to have Carrick or Fletcher in defence. It’s also undesirable. If there’s need for defensive additions then the window is still open. Buy defenders.

    Personally I’m of the opinion that we don’t need to buy many players. We have a very compact schedule this coming season and we are not going to be involved in Europe. We don’t need too many players. What we need is an assurance for our defence. If LVG feels he has looked at the players and is satisfied with them then no need. We will judge him according to his words. The money is definitely there. It’s now waiting on him so no BS. If Valencia can be utilized in the full back wing back role that means it’s one less wide midfielder. That would solve two problems. Too many wide players, too few full backs. The transfers we should be making are sales. We have an unhealthy forward line up. We can’t have Chicharito,Welbeck,RVP,Rooney,Mata,Kagawa vying for three spots. It’s very difficult to play four of them in the same game. One or two have to go.

  18. Mark Reid says:

    I watched the full game much improved.The Galaxy however are not having a good year domestically either.Dont get me wrong I saw more fire in the belly of the lads last night than I had in the whole of last season.
    However we have to play some stiffer opposition in the coming week and that should give us a better idea of what we need.It would be complacent if not naive to think we don’t need strengthening in some key positions.
    This day and age you need 2 top class players for every position.

  19. Marq says:


    The good thing is we will be facing Roma. The team that just beat Liverpool. Can be an indicator of sorts to see how well we handle ourselves against them

  20. Blacksocks says:

    It will be interesting to see what formations/line ups and of course results we get in our next couple of games. We will then have a much better indicatior of where the team is. Still think we need a CB, and midfielder at a minium. Dany Blind would be great, would provide great cover for Shaw and bite as a defensive midfielder. He’s also very adaptable at playing in different formations.

  21. wayne barker says:

    Mark there not that bad mate 4th in the Western Conference with games in hand,it’s the league that’s shit

  22. warrored says:

    LA Galaxy first defeat in 9 at the weekend they are doing OK.

    The omens are looking good and it looks like the players are grasping the LVG philosophy. Both halves two very different teams kept to the plan which bodes well.

    We definitely need defensive signings. LVG said playing Fletch at CB isn’t the best thing to be doing.

    7-0 lads n lassies, we can’t be disappointed with that. Last season we started with a 0-2 to a Singha X1 and it got progressively worse.

    The most telling at pre season was the Rio game. We were totally bossed at OT and Gary Medel was my MOTM and then Cardiff bought him. Considering we needed reinforcements we could have done with him.

    Anyway onwards and upwards to Denver and Roma. Watched them last night and they were nothing special even though they beat Liverpool who themselves were nothing great either.

  23. Mark Reid says:

    Wayne I suppose mate can’t complain an improvement for sure.What a turnout though 86,000 + not too shabby.

  24. babzcorleone says:

    Vidal has ruled out move to United. But says he might leave.

    Fuck him, lets move on. Carvalho younger prospect and wouldnt cost as much

  25. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @ barbz: I cosign your point. Am getting tired and bored of this Vidal shit! Its becoming very uninteresting. I guess its time to move on to other targets. Like you said William Carvalho is still young, he could be our Yaya.

  26. babzcorleone says:

    The Vidal deal stinks of Woodward incompetence to be honest.

    How can a player go from sayig he would ‘love to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world’ to ‘i may leave Juve but im not going Manchester’. Surely another publicized deal that has gone to pot. There something not quite right. And all we hear from dear Woody is we compete for the best players…

  27. babzcorleone says:

    Great victory today but we are fucked if we are relying on Smalling, Jones, Evans to stay fit and consistent all season. Also apart from Herrera we have not other top class player in the middle

    Clevs, Fellaini, Fletcher – forget about it.
    Carrick – Out till October and awful last season.
    Kagawa and Mata – not central midfielders.

    We need to invest!

  28. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @ Wayne:MLS ain’t shit. Even Lord Moyes barely won a game in our far east tour. Against farmers playing football, moyes only won 2 out of 7 games. Did you call him or the league shit?? Nah, you didn’t. But LVG led our team who put 7 past a decent MLS side, you now remember, the league is shit! Go and tell that to Lord Moyes, cos he’s the best definition of ‘shit’.

  29. Mark Reid says:

    Babzcorleone.Wouldnt surprise me if Vidal didn’t wanna go maybe Pogba talked shit about United anyway it’s tiresome I wish for once we could get a deal done without the speculation and bullshit.
    Whether you hate or like Real they usually get their man.

  30. Marko Maric says:

    @Paschal….wayne is typical United fan…every league accept PL is shit, not competititve, but their main clubs getting world class players and winning trophys around of EU. Strootman was also not good enough, Pogba….etc but club would give his balls to get those players to the club…same old story…

    I liked when Herrera have been passing ball like he plays in Barca. James was great, Real bought the wrong one. Think some of them can get a chance, hope Wilson will get it, he was great last season

  31. united till i die says:

    It’s hard to know what to make of the Vidal situation. If he does indeed leave Juve for another team and we lose out then serious questions need to be asked once again. If juve refuse to sell then there is nothing we can really do. If the deal is dead we need to move swiftly on other targets. I only hope to God we don’t put all our eggs in the strootman in january basket now because Roma are going to rape us on the price simply because they no we are desperate.

  32. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Just fwatched the interview. He never said he wasn’t coming to united. The journalist at the airport rarely gave him a chance. When asked if he was going to united, his answer was ‘I don’t know’. The journalist asked him if he was happy at juventus, his answer was ‘yes’. And he said he hasn’t spoken to allegri since his appointment. That’s all that happened in the video

  33. Tommy says:

    @Paschal Agwunobi

    Do you watch much football? janko is a right sided player, he usually plays RW but can play RB

  34. Tommy says:


    i agree with you with regards to soanish players tracking back, the Barce side under Pep was one of the hardest working sides ive ever seen, beaten onklty by the Bilboa side we oplayed against, I got tired just watching that sides fitness levelss, simply increditble.

  35. Tommy says:


    Youre on a United blog, insulting “typical United fans” ifn youb dont like us, do one


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