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Singing section?

Yesterday, Manchester United season ticket holders were sent the following e-mail from Ticket and Membership services at the club.

Further to previous communications, I would like to update you about the Singing Section following on from the two trials & consultation process, and to inform you that a decision has now been made to implement a permanent Singing Section in time for the start of the 2014/15 season. The new section, which will accommodate around 1,600 Season Ticket holders, will be in blocks N2401 and N2402.

Season Ticket holders who took part in both the Real Sociedad and Fulham Singing Section trials will be offered priority to move into the Singing Section. Any seats that remain will be available for existing Season Ticket holders to apply for if they are interested in participating.

If you are interested in moving into the Singing Section, which will be loud and atmospheric, please email your Membership number(s) to by 5pm Sunday 20th April. We will then email you again on Friday 25th April to confirm whether or not you have been successful with your application.

Thank you for your continued loyal support.


There have been mixed responses from fans about the singing section, although most have been fairly positive.

In an ideal world, there would be no need for such a section, and all the people that filled the seats of Old Trafford would get behind the team.

Unfortunately, going to see United is a day out. Old Trafford is a tourist attraction. A ticket to a game in the corporate seats is a good way to impress a business client. These people have no interest in making a noise and getting behind the team, but just observing what is going on around them.

Then you get other people who show up in the latest United gear, but who don’t sing a word all game, then leave ten minutes before the end. Would you believe that there were people leaving early when we played Bayern last week? Well there were! A few years ago, with the score line at 2-2, people left early for the semi-final and missed Wayne Rooney’s winner! There are strange people at Old Trafford and their silence also damages the atmosphere.

So if a section can improve the atmosphere, which it did on the trials, then I’m all for it. My only reservation has to be for the people who will be kicked out of their season ticket seats to accommodate for the fans who want to be in the section. This is frustrating for them but then there’s no real way around it.

The atmosphere has been much better at Old Trafford this season regardless and I look forward to further improvements next season.

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  1. Gav Brooker says:

    Is it just me or has the atmosphere at OT picked up now that we’ve been playing so badly?

    Maybe all the tourists have started going to watch City instead?

  2. m09538061 says:

    @Gav Brooker.
    I agree with you.I’ve been thinking the same for
    ‘We’re Man United,we’ll sing where we want’.

  3. Doug Byrt says:

    There was a certain expectancy during the Ferguson reign that gave rise to almost being bored by the prospect of victory.

    Now we are frail and fragile every win is amplified threefold, but this has rekindled the long forgotten passion at OT at last

  4. gra mar says:

    I can only go on what I hear on TV but OT has sounded louder over the last few months.
    United away fans are very vocal too although the fact we have a decent away record has given travelling fans good reason to cheer.

  5. Chep13 says:

    I must say, I ‘ve been in OT as a tourist, given the fact I live in continental Europe. The first visit – Stretford End area -ish, great support, singing all the time and that includes myself. I wouldn’t then put all ‘tourist’ visitors in one bucket, because many of us can and do sing.
    The second visit, under director’s boxes, close to home dugout – terrible atmo, no one willing to support even when we tried to start singing (yes, us as tourists) and were met with ugly looks from fellow ‘supporters’.
    2 visists, 2 different views and as a ‘tourist’ as you call it, I was part of positive impact (or wannabe) comparing to some of the rest around

    In a nutshell – singing section – big YES

  6. m09538061 says:

    Wayne Rooney not fit but David Moyes says he has to play if we are going to win..Coleen is worried she may have to cancel her Brazil holiday?

  7. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    The atmosphere at OT is the same at grounds of other big clubs. It’s not every game that the crowd is rocking but when there is need for it, Old Trafford will get up and scream their lungs out. You can’t create a Real Madrid or Bayern Munich atmosphere every single game. It’s just not possible. I appreciate what these people are tying to do but it’s not going to change much. Fans now respond to the occassion. Old Trafford was rocking for Arsenal, City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Madrid, Bayern Munich, the end of the Stoke Game, the second half of the Swansea premier league game, Olympiakos. What is common with all those games? They were BIG occasions. The Bernabeu and the Camp Nou are graveyards when their team is cakewalking but when their team is down late in a game or they are about to face a seriously big side you will see them get up and scream and back the team.

    Those fans who have been displaced have to be compensated some other way.

  8. vicndech says:

    I may not be able to attend a match at old trafford but i love the atmosphere inside there..i love the crazy support coming from the strettford end and its a pity how one is privelleged to be inside old trafford and not sing your heart out…but nway will keep supporting united even if my voice isn’t heard…call me the redkenyan…@ vicndech

  9. ziggy says:

    If Rooney is injured,why take the risk?,England could lose him for the World cup and maybe he won’t make a difference if he is not in his best form.

  10. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I agree with ziggy. If the man is not fit, then there’s really no point of playing him. I understand that he wants to play through the barrier and all that but playing an unfit player is almost the same thing as playing with 10 men. Hernandez or Welbeck have enough energy and running in them to lead the line tonight.

    But if Rooney has passed all the necessary tests then I see no reason why he shouldn’t play. We should not be forcing him into this game however.

  11. ziggy says:


    I would start with Welbeck,he is perfect for this game and I would throw Hernandez for the last 20 or 25 minutes,I think Rooney won’t risk his chance to go to Brazil.

  12. reddevil says:

    United sign 17 year old serbian midfielder Sergej Milinković-Savić.

  13. OpikBidin says:

    Just thinking, as we need a LB, and Luke Shaw is very expensive, why not buy Davide Santon from Newcastle?

  14. warrored says:

    Reddevil….where’s the link. “Blic” reported news to come out of United soon is this the news?

    Ref Atmosphere….having an all singing section will help. The acoustics at OT aren’t great. Many a time in the Stretty youd find us singing one song and hear the K stand singing something else. A singing section might just join the 2.

    I’ll never forget 02/03 thinking the crowd couldn’t get any better than the 4-3 Madrid game where Ronaldo got a standing ovation. Yet the next home game v Charlton was even better. The last 15 minutes was Johnny goes running down the wing OShea OShea by the whole stadium was fantastic.

    The game put us nailed on for the title too .

    Apparently the players continued singing it down the tunnel and in the changing room.

  15. The_red_devils says:

    Bayern have drawn 1-1 away in knock out round 11 times before and has gone to next round in all those 11 ties.

    In last 4 home games against english opponent, their record isn’t good.
    Penalty defeat to chelsea
    0-2 Arsenal
    1-1 arsenal
    2-3 city

    They have failed to win their last 3 matches-2 draws and 1 defeat.

  16. mjcRED says:

    It will be interesting to see what side Moyes fields tonight and how we approach the game. I hope we aspire to have more of the ball tonight and at least try to compete with them in a footballing contest and with the right level of intensity. I don’t mean going gung-ho from the off. I mean I’d like to see us show some technique, patience and guile on the limited occasions when we do get hold of the ball.

    One thing I’m pretty certain of is Bayern will not be as forgiving in the final third tonight. I just hope all those on here showing an arrogant underestimation of Bayern’s cutting edge will not be embarrassed and looking foolish.

    Let’s go at them, but with due respect to a side that are unquestionably a class apart. We’ve all been in this competition too long not to spot when a side is the real deal and despite many on here’s aversion to all things short passes, patience and subtlety, this team is very special.

  17. Fletch™ says:

    Great topic,

    I probably side with progress toward “RETURNING” Old Trafford to something of the great atmosphere it once had.
    To their credit, the club have taken the lead from fans groups (I say that loosely b/c some on here feel they arn’t completely independent)
    To their additional credit, the club have employed an accoustics company who have studied sound dynamics at the ground.
    To their further credit, the club have run live tests of singing sections in several games over these last few months.
    To their yet further credit, the club have offered displaced season ticket holders incentives and choice, including moving as groups if they so choose.

    That said, change comes with consequences, some hard.

    The singing sections will displace long time season ticket holders, some of whom are not best pleased.
    At least one fan STH of 50years is going out of his way to say this is the “last straw” of shabby treatment.

    My feeling is look to the greater good I suppose. The fans who are looking to leave, probably were looking to leave already. Like the ones who left when the Glazers took over.

    Over reaction? It is no ones right to criticize what anyone does with their hard earned money. Money talks as they say. Money also walks when change occurs.

    Change is always a 2 sided coin:
    with change come hard consequences.
    with change come opportunities as well.

    I always look to the future. But will mis some good reds who think it’s time support the club a bit less stridently because of the stadium realignments.

    Looking up the road, there may be additional realignments if the club moves to safe standing areas.

    I grew up with the terraces. But I can see that with all positive ideas come requirements for change and some of these will lead to hard decisions.

    Hopefully, the atmosphere does improve. Hopefully the club makes good on their efforts to relocate fans and a new order descends once more.

  18. Fletch™ says:

    Rumor that Smalling will partner Vidic tonight. Hmm

  19. Fletch™ says:

    Rumored Starting XI: DeGea; Jones Smalling Vidic Evra; Carrick Fletcher; Valencia Kagawa Welbeck; Rooney

    Twitteratti buzz is that Rio leaked the Smalling bomb.

    Be shocked if that was true, But after Evra admitted that the team were not working as hard in some games, I just give up.

  20. mjcRED says:

    Forget Smalling, of far greater concern and alarm if true is the recall of Evra. He must surely need to pull out a display of defensive energy and concentration the level of which he hasn’t been able to serve up for 2 years. Robben’s pace and streetwise gamesmanship will surely see an horrendous mismatch ensue?

  21. gra mar says:

    @mjc red….worrying that evra will face robben. Buttner would be better there. He has pace and terrier like qualities to harry Robben and make his night difficult.

  22. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    After the Bayern performance and the newcastle performance, I am now more confident of our chances than I was last week.
    We should keep Jones at RB. He was good against Ribery and he can actually offer something going forward as we absolutely MUST attack tonight. I also expect to see Kagawa, Welbeck, Rooney(if fit) and Valencia (probably) from the start tonight. We need as many attackers as we can muster tonight because we must score. The absence of their three best midfielders will be key tonight as I think we can definitely exploit their tendency to go to sleep at the back from time to time.

    My prediction (hopefully) is 1-2 United.

  23. mjcRED says:

    @gra mar

    Absolutely. I’ll admit to having knocked Buttner previously and I’m still unconvinced of his top quality defensive/attacking attributes long term for us. What I will say though his performance in the first leg was a big plus point, and he displayed a level of energy and concentration, defensively at least, that was on a different level to what Evra has contributed over the past couple of years.

  24. Dan Young says:

    okay there wont be a line up leaked as the team dosnt get told until an hour or so before the game

    as for the singing section, im for it. i went to united city at old trafford last season and a woman behind me asked me to sit down and be quiet. i told her to go fuck herself and watch united on her tv at home if she wants to sit in silence. who the fuck in there right mind would think its acceptable to ask a supporter at a football match to be quiet! those are the fans letting old trafford down. i spent £500 on the 2 tickets i had so il sing as loudly as i fucking want! and by the way she was very manc. not a tourist. majority of tourists do sit down in silence but i had a great laugh with a foreign bloke once at old trafford against stoke and we never stopped chanting and cheering so be careful to put them all in the same category.

    also it will be a shame and sending out a very wrong signal if buttner is dropped to the bench.

    davide santon? hes right footed and i dont rate him. if we dont get shaw i want alex telles from galatasaray.

    who in the chocolate fudge cake is Sergej Milinković-Savić?

    and old trafford has been alot louder this season, but its only currently at about 60/70% of its overall acoustic potential. if you have 70,000 fans singing their hearts out week in week out the opposition will have to start wearing nappies. i do however fully expect ed woodward to be announcing a sponsorship deal with huggies in the not too distant future.

  25. DB says:

    Early team news, seems like Smalling replaces Ferdinand, front three of Welbeck, Valencia and Rooney remains the same.
    If that’s true I would say it’s probably a good call, Smalling’s pace would just edge it for me in a game like this.

  26. WeAreUnitedd says:

    Some transfer news with no quotes from an realible source

    but whatever to make our hopes high.

  27. Fletch™ says:

    Manchester United Starting XI:

    De Gea; Jones Smalling Vidic Evra; Fletcher Carrick; Valencia Rooney Kagawa; Welbeck

  28. Fletch™ says:

    Manchester United Bench:

    Lindegaard, Büttner, Ferdinand, Giggs, Januzaj, Young, Hernandez


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