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Sir Bobby Charlton Criticism Of Jose Mourinho

Last night, Jose Mourinho showed the negative side of his character which contributed to him not being offered the United job he dreamed of.

No doubt Sir Bobby Charlton, who has never been keen on Mourinho, would have been watching last night’s Copa del Rey final with a smug smile on his face.

April 24th 2007 – On Mourinho’s claim it’s one rule for United and one rule for Chelsea

“Considering he’s a very intelligent man, to come out with statements like that is a little bit silly. It’s a nonsense really. We’ve played in so many matches this year when we’ve not had the decisions and they’ve been quite obvious really. But you get on with it, you move on. I thought it was a little bit senseless. It makes good copy for the media and he’s obviously a marvellous coach. But sometimes, really, I think some of the statements are quite unnecessary.”

April 11th 2011 – On Mourinho’s failure to bring through youth

“I would hate for anyone to take this the wrong way but I don’t see him here. He’s got a talent but maybe if he ever came here the philosophy of youth football might never be the same again.”

February 5th 2012 – On Mourinho’s big mouth

“The entire world is listening when Mourinho starts talking. It’s the logical consequence of his success as a coach. He has been extremely successful, and that justifies his heavy wages and big mouth. However, we should not forget that although he is doing well with Real Madrid in La Liga right now, they are still not too convincing.”

December 7th 2012 – On Mourinho gouging of the eye of Tito Vilanova, then Barcelona’s assistant coach, in the 2011 Spanish Super Cup

“A United manager wouldn’t do that. Mourinho is a really good coach but that’s as far as I would go really. He’s the manager of Real Madrid and we expect to play them in the Champions League by the end of the season.”

When it is put to him that it is difficult to imagine a United manager being allowed to get away with some of Mourinho’s behaviour, Charlton says: “You are right. He pontificates too much for my liking. He’s a good manager, though.”

But Ferguson admires Mourinho. “He doesn’t like him too much, though.”

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  1. parryheid says:

    Can’t handle pressure? Just google Guardiola and you will read for yourself exactly why he Walked.Maybe you might question if Barca.s President is the one unable to handle pressure.

  2. Toms says:

    I think we’re trying to convince ourselves about Moyes over mourinho in the wrong way. Moyes has plenty of merit in his own right and was a good choice if not the sexy one. We don’t need to demonize Mourinho.

  3. parryheid says:

    There were Three players Pep wanted to replace in the close season Villa One midfielder and One defender he told his President and when he said no,probably because of an upcoming election then Pep said ta ta. Some bottler that Eh.

  4. wayne says:

    says he was having issues with the president and senior players,what does that prove?,all i know that year Maureen got right under his skin and Mr Cool wasn’t so cool anymore,take Sir Alex City coming along made him more driven.If Pep had anything about him would have stayed and put Maureen in his place,Maureen wouldn’t have run from Pep.Sorry the very first challenge to Barca’s dominance he fucked off and the only easier job he could have taken apart from Bayern would’ve have been PSG
    His balls are definitely not brass running away and finding the second easiest job in football to pad his CV doesn’t do anything for me.

  5. wayne says:

    another thing was given plenty of money and most of his signing’s turned out to be fucking rubbish

  6. wayne says:

    As i’ve already stated he inherited a talent pool that comes along once in a blue moon,this heading from a newspaper article.

    The Pep Guardiola era has been the most glorious spell in FC Barcelona’s illustrious history, even
    more so than Johan Cruyff’s era in the early 90s.

    Much of this success can be attributed to Barcelona’s unparalleled youth academy, La Masia. After all, eight players of Barcelona’s usual starting XI are homegrown.

  7. parryheid says:

    Do youy mean put Mourinho in his place for Another four years? Gossip is that he was destined to be the next United manager and Fergie had two meetings in NY with him the second of which he apparently told him he was Not retiring hence the move to Bayern.But who knows,but nobody can question his backbone or his capability as Barca manager imo.

  8. parryheid says:

    That.s like saying Fergie only got where he is with luck as a deal of the players came and were already in Uniteds youth setup,doesn’t chime with me.

  9. wayne says:

    hasn’t shown any backbone far as i’m concerned even if what your saying is true,wanted new players was told no so threw his dummy out and fucked off.Sorry mate anyone worth his salt would have stayed for the fight,considering he’s a Barca product makes it even worse

  10. parryheid says:

    Ah opinions opinions we would like to know for definate exactly what was what,I just happen to think it was acase of I am managing and if I want Villa,Pique and Fabregas away the so be it.Takes courage that does. But we all see from our own particular angle and that’s quite healthy.

  11. wayne says:

    all 3 players that he bought if i’m not mistaken,not the same as Sir Alex at all Sir Alex has re built Utd 4 or 5 times while still winning trophies,with Pep all the pieces were in place and he lasted 4yrs.
    Anyway Parry we’ll just have to disagree i still think he’s got lots to prove and it isn’t going to be at Bayern

  12. parryheid says:


    IIt’s really just differing viewpoints,I admire him ,you dont and I dont think it will be at Bayern either.Was hoping it was going to be at United,but no such luck.

  13. parryheid says:


    It’s not even about winning trophies I like his style of play that if you are going to beat his team then it will be by some skill not because you have a big brute of a frontman like Droghba. I like watching skill at work.

  14. slim says:

    He was also very prominent with their youth set up. I’m not so sure he quit out right because he couldn’t handle the pressure. Boardroom shenanegans play a part. A lot of things go on at the top level and its not always down to the manager. You have your director of football and chairman and this and that. Presidents adding their two pence worth and it becomes very messy quickly if there is a difference of opinion.
    Mou’s results and stats speak for themselves. The rent boys are to this day enjoying the work he done for them, although that may change next year with Mr Roman pumping more money in and getting more players. That said it looks like Chelsea will be Jose next destination

  15. slim says:


    Exactly. You can tell he wants the team to play and win well. Time will tell, we’ll see how much of a change he can inspire into this Bayern side. Like Sir Bobby intimated in one of these quotes. Its not just about winning – the stats. You’ve got to be convincing too. And boy were Barcelona convincing under him

  16. TheCANTONA says:

    I trust Sir Bobby’s judgment. Mou is an excellent manager but he has no loyalty to any club. anyone here who compare mou to cantona is having a laugh, le roy has never been loved by any club before he come to united that’s why united became his home. very different to mou, coz mou has been loved and adored by his former clubs but still he choose to f*ck off.

  17. mara says:

    @ King Eric
    You have to be stupid like hell to mention dressing room in Real. Inter, Chelski, Porto…players liked him, played for him…once he didnt make it and he is bad. RM is circus, cant win anything because of players not manager. Why other managers didnt win anything? Last 13 years!!!
    If your mind can’t understand what i m talking about, dont comment. Who the fuck are you to talk who is fan and who is not??? Jumping on your rear legs like animal, if someone think different.
    SBC Can be legend as much as he wants, but he is not right, amen! Disagree with him! I believe sooner or later Mo is gonna sit on our bench, and then you can support other club.
    @ Costas bravo, you got more brain than Eric…dont need to draw you. You understand what i m talking about.
    Some fans reminds me on muslim terorists. If you dont think like them, you are not a true fan. Who are you peace od shit to telling me am i a fan or not?

    Mo stoped Barcelona twice this year, who did that? Whoever say that he is lucky, dont know shit about football. How you can be lucky for 10 years?
    NBI why dont you try to be manager and be better than Mo….it is stupid to say how good he is, because everything is so clear. You have to be blind to not see that.

  18. CyRed says:

    Simple: At this club we don’t lose that often but when we do we do so with dignity. I’m convinced he doesn’t understand the word as he’s proved it time and time again at the rent boys and most recently at the mob. In any case he can only work with millions in front of him so cfc is where he belongs…not for long though, some other ‘project’ will come up soon for him.

  19. parryheid says:

    is it nailed on he is Chelsea’s next manager? Apparently Monaco’s Russian is reputed to be wealthier than Chelsea’s and got his eye on him.

  20. wayne says:

    Another Maureen truthism can only work with millions in front of him,complete and utter nonsense

  21. King Eric says:

    Mara. Go fuck yourself you daft cunt. All you do is fucking moan. Wasn’t it 3 days ago you was saying Kagawa isn’t fit to lace someone’s boots from your own beloved country? Mourinho will never get anywhere near United. Also what’s with the pet name “Mo”? I aren’t ever gonna reply to you or address you again as I can barely make head nor tail of your posts.

  22. King Eric says:

    Mara. Finally where did I discuss who isn’t a fan? I was merely pointing out it baffles me why anyone would want that fucking toerag anywhere near our club. He’s a first class cunt.

  23. mara says:

    You are stupid like shit. Kagawa is good, but Kovacic is much better, nothing to do with my country…you idiot. Who give a damn where is he from? talking about him, becuase we could buy him for 15 mils, not for 40, like we almost bought Sneijder for 40…
    Where did you discuss who isn t a fan? Almost every post you write is about moaning, cunts, you are not real fan….etc…how old are you? You act like you are 12 yo…you arrogant jerk…

  24. David Davey says:

    1 Not as if Sir Bobby was a GREAT manager, was he? In fact, fair to say, a pretty useless one! So what does HE know about football management? (GREAT player though!)
    2 Jose was NOT the only manager to allude to ‘One rule for Man Utd, another for other clubs’–Rafa B, Arsene W, Sam Allardyce, to name just a few. But fortunately in England only, hence their SUPERB record in the EPL, but SUCH an ordinary one in Europe! (European refs treat Man U like they do ANY other club, & thank God for that!)
    3 Sir Bobby also once said that he couldn’t BELIEVE the things that Christiano Ronaldo could do—-this was at the time of the HEIGHT of Ronaldo’s impersonation of an Olympic diver!

    Sorry Sir Bobby, ‘people in glass houses & all that—-’


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