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Sir Bobby: Rooney Can Break My Record

Sir Bobby Charlton has today claimed he thinks Wayne Rooney can break his goalscoring record for Manchester United.

Our legend saw his appearances record broken by Ryan Giggs during the 2008 European Cup final in Moscow, but has still scored 98 more goals than any other player in the history of our club.

“Wayne Rooney has the potential to be a great player at United for another decade so he can do it,” Sir Bobby told the Evening News. “And nobody would be more pleased than me if he achieved it. He’s a good lad who listens. He’s very easy to talk to because he is very attentive. Sometimes I will say something to him and he always takes it in. He’s willing to take advice and act on it. Wayne’s a unique player who will try things that other players won’t try.”

1. Sir Bobby Charlton – 249
2. Denis Law – 237
3. Jack Rowley – 211
4. George Best – 179
Dennis Viollet – 179
6. Joe Spence – 168
7. Mark Hughes – 163
8. Ryan Giggs – 159
9. Wayne Rooney – 152
10. Paul Scholes – 150

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  1. Rai says:

    Cedars – Yes mate her maternity bag is packed…I will have to lay off the booze just in case anything happens early….I don’t want to blackout and miss the whole thing a divorce will be awaiting me!!

    KE – You only have a few months left too mate if my memory serves me correct – time will fly!! I’ve been away for a week thought get a break in before the baby comes!

  2. King Eric says:

    Rai. Good to see you on here. How are you mate? Yeah ruth is twenty five weeks. How long you got ? Eight weeks or so?

    Cedars,willie. Come on spill the beans please lads.

    Just watched that documentary on carrick five year. Cannot see how people dislike him. He seems such a decent modest lad. Played somw big games for us. Had the bottle to stand up at Moscow. Was excellent against Roma. Scored the winner against wigan when the dippers were breathing down our necks. Just look at his medal collection. An important player at United.

  3. CedarsDevil says:

    King Eric

    Nothing to spill my friend, was just a typical Willie & Cedars conversation…..Sorry you took the bait!

  4. smartalex says:

    Rai – Good evening sir! I am happy to see you posting regularly again!

  5. Rai says:

    KE – Yes mate just over 6 weeks left!!!

    Very good point about Carrick standing up at Moscow…he’s almost the forgotten man in that shoot out. I’ve mentioned before that all our summer signings scored in that shoot out (Ando, Nani, Hargo and Tevez)…Giggs got some credit too….but Carrick is one person that rarely gets a mention. Very underrated and modest player. I hope he’s patient whilst Ando and Cleverley are playing so well…there’s plenty of games for all the squad this year….Giggs, Carrick, Berba will all have important roles.

    Smartalex – Hello sir, I’ve been keeping up with the blog as much as possible…usually by the time I’ve read through it all I’m two threads behind!! These fuckin advertisements are doing my head in though!!

  6. Dragonslayer says:

    I think Rooney may go further than what Sir Bobby’s achieved. Sir Bobby looked highly on Rooney and would have loved to see United soaring high not only domestically but in Europe too breaking the bitter Liverpool’s 5 trophy in Europe which they used as an insurance to protect their “kiasu” attitude. Sir Bobby’s attitude reflect his dream for United and he wish to see United achieve far beyond other clubs could achieve.

  7. Mr C says:

    @Dragonslayer says:

    “I think Rooney may go further than what Sir Bobby’s achieved.”

    Not a chance.

    Sir Bobby’ honours include- European Cup Winner, World Cup Winner and European Footballer of the Year in addition to domestic trophies. This will never be matched by Rooney of any England player in the foreseeable future.

    Not so long ago, it was not uncommon overseas to find that the only English people the average Pedro of Paulo in the street had heard of were:

    a) the Queen
    b) Sir Winston Churchill
    c) the Beatles
    d) Bobby Charton

    ..and not necessarily in that order!

    Sir Bobby was and still is a figure of world standing and thorough gentleman to boot.

  8. Football News says:

    Sir Bobby was and still is gentleman. Rooney need a lot of good luck to break Sir Boby`s reord.

  9. bchilds says:

    I hope a horrible human being like Rooney doesn’t break an absolute legend like Sir Bob’s record.

  10. Kurt says:

    Mr.C I really think underestimate Wazza. Ronaldo was great but assisted him who helped him Rooney.Young at the minute is helped by Rooney he anyone could tell me messi could pick out 50 60 yard passes out like Rooney can. He learnt off the only pass master in Scholes. Rooneys all round game is great you could play him at full back and he will still be one of our best players. I really wish people would start seeing that he is what makes united tick for club and country. We lost to city last year in the semi final and all I noticed was that we missed our Waz. And while we on the subject back in the day with Sir Bobby it was a different type of game in which it was slower paced to our game now I am not taking anything away from the players in them days. I great example in the likes of Barnes who was classed as english ever best left mid. V.Jones who was fighter. Greame Sounees (sorry for spell mistake have got a blue how to spell it ha ha ) and also we talk a lot about loyalty when our own G.Best moved to our Chi rivals then with City. So please no more stupid comments about how Rooney is not a united legend because we all know if runs the show and has done for a long time now.

  11. Kurt says:

    Also we never won the world cup and neither did Sir Bobby we won the Jules remain. As you can tell I don’t give one about england but that is another matter I care and freakin love united till I die. I am new to this blog but will say hi to King Erick and am awaiting his comments lol I can see a wonderful relationship blossoming lmao.

  12. King Eric says:

    Kurt – Hello there man. Why would you say that? We could have a wonderful relationship blossoming? Are you being sarcastic or on the wind up?

  13. Kurt says:

    King erick
    After the other day with the Parker and Barton debate. Just saying that I am welcoming the discussions lol my way of saying it I guess just bad choice of words mate

  14. WillieRedNut says:


  15. Bob Da Builder says:

    don’t see why not… he young enough with plenty of time ahead of him, can this need broken by 2015-16

  16. Mr C says:

    Hi Kurt- we’re all entitled to our views and as such I respect what you say but for the reasons I stated above Wayne and no English player for the foreseeing future will match the achievements of Sir Bobby.

    A note of caution. You are messing with religion here. It’s beyond reason to mention the likes of Vinny Jones or Barnes or Souness in the same breath as Wayne, let alone established legends like Sir Bobby or George Best. Sacrilege….

    Have a good day anyway and enjoy watching United kick butt this season.

  17. Kurt says:

    Could not agree more about views my Freind that why I love football. And united as there arm so many discussions and people see things tottally different.

  18. james says:

    I can see Rooney smashing Charltons record but I can’t see him being anywhere near as good as an ambassador for the club.

    Charltons United through and through, Rooney isn’t.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I’d still suck him off in a heart beat.

  19. james says:

    @@@@@@@Mr C: Sir Bobby deservedly earned a world wide reputation as a great player, a true gentleman, a fine Englishman and a fine human being.

    Rooney, on the other hand, is just a decent footballer who plays for United.

    Spot on mate, I think the majority of United hardcore fans would agree. It is a shame but thats how it is.

  20. King Eric says:

    Kurt – No worries mate. Cheers.

    James – Have you told your parents yet mate? Are you out the closet? Go on son, tell them, they wont be disappointed.

  21. Mr C says:

    @ James – Mindbleach….!

    Danger, Will Robinson,danger..!

  22. james says:

    King Eric: My mum knows but my Dad hasn’t got a scooby, he’d be so disappoint

    I try to give him him subtle clues, I have Ronaldo posters on my wall, his herculean ripped body all over my walls mmmmmmcum.

    I even play alot of George Michael but my Dad was a massive Wham fan and he sings with me.

    I’ll tell him on his death bed…………….. or send him the dvd of me and my boyfriend wanking each other off.

  23. Kurt says:

    I think that’s really unfair to say hardcore united fans would agree. Every united fan has an opinion. as I am only 20 I have family members who have been whatching united for the last 50 years and love Rooney to bits. I also have ones that still see ronaldo as their idol so what you saying is really unfair dude. And I was not saying that Sir Bobby was not a gentleman and Rooney is what I was saying is. Is that is was a different game back then from wages to the pace of the game. If you are really telling me that when Rooney does not play he doesn’t make united tick then I would ask you to watch the semi final last year. And then watch the years just before Rooney came and while you at. It watch the good ronaldo years Rooney ends not get the credit it deserves. fair enough he die that last season but you could see his point same as when keano came out and said his peace looked what happened. If a gentleman alone makes a united legend let’s take Rooney out and put berbatov up front with hernandez. By the way I am not saying you are not entitled to you’re opinion me course you are but to call Rooney just a decent player is really miss guided in my opinion because welbeck is a decent player.

  24. ethiored says:

    My fav Ruud would have broken that record if he stayed. Rooney has a big chance of breaking it if he maintains a high level for the next seven years.

  25. Kurt says:

    Also we all thought our Ryan was a gentleman and look at him. And as an ambassador for the club goes we have had great/legendary players at united who have not been an ambassador king erick. Keano. Bruce. Hughs. Best. Beckham. shilton. I caint see scholes or Giggs maybe Neville


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