On the back of a season which saw Manchester United win two trophies and qualify for the Champions League, Chris Smalling has hailed the spirit of the dressing room.

While rifts may appear in squads at other clubs, Smalling has spoken of his gratitude that he plays for a club where everyone gets along.

It’s hard to be able to have 25 players that all get along. But I’ve found in the dressing room everybody is getting on, everyone’s joking, we’ve got music playing and everyone is laughing and joking about.

I hear a lot of stories from other clubs and there’s a lot more people that don’t get on than us so I think we’re very blessed to have the changing room that we have.

Paul Pogba is a joker, Jesse is a joker as well. Youngy is up there as well. I think everyone has their mix and no matter what nationality, as we’ve got so many in that changing room, everybody gets on and has a laugh. I think we’re very lucky in that we get to work in an environment that we all really enjoy.

Matic echoed this sentiment earlier in the week when explaining how easily he has found it to settle at United following his move from Chelsea.

Thanks to the guys, they have accepted me from my first day and I feel their support. Thanks to them, I feel very comfortable and I feel like I will be here a long time. They have helped me.

Earlier in the summer, Jose Mourinho claimed he had never worked with a group of players he likes better than United’s current squad.

As I told them all recently, during my long career I have never worked with a group I like as much as I like them. Our three new signings – Victor, Romelu and Nemanja – are all very lucky to have joined a group like this, because it is so easy to work with them.