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Smalling: I’m Excited To Be A Part Of United Future

Following a great performance at right back in our 3-0 victory over Spurs, Chris Smalling has said he’s excited about the future of this young team. Playing alongside England U-21 team mates Phil Jones, Tom Cleverley and Danny Welbeck, as well as 20-year-old De Gea and 23-year-old Evans, Smalling reckons our performance should make people excited for the future, when their potential is fulfilled.

“There’s an excitement here in terms of the endless potential,” said Smalling. “We’ve nowhere near reached it, and we’re just looking forward to how far we can go. It looks great for the future, and I’m really excited to be a part of it. If the manager keeps on giving us chances, hopefully the lads will keep on taking them. You can see everyone’s got a smile on their face and is really enjoying it, whether in training or big games. The manager tells us to concentrate, but he also tells us to enjoy it. If you’re not enjoying your football, you shouldn’t really be here.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Irwinisalegend says:

    Hasnt been this exciting since 1995!! The future is red

  2. CedarsDevil says:

    Exciting times indeed and really great to here these words from Chris. The spirits must be really high and who better than Sir Alex to help guide the young lads to success….

  3. berbafan09 says:

    @Irwinisalegend: lol, i was still just 1 year old in 1995=P. btw, the pic is missing a certain spanish dude named DAVID DE GEA=(

  4. Zelh says:

    Smalling and Jones could become one of the best defensive duos this club or the world has seen.
    the best youth since 1995.
    and it makes you feel 100 times better than signing a wee wes ;)

  5. Keano16 says:

    The future is looking so so bright with these promising youngsters all coming through. It says a lot about how good things are going that the Sneijder talk has pretty much died down. By the way, Arsenal must be shitting themselves about Sunday!!

  6. smartalex says:

    We are really excited having you here Chris! Enjoy!

  7. Pratyush says:

    @berbafan09 Me too! These guys are just a few years older than us lol

  8. berbafan09 says:

    @Pratyush: lol, who noes 1 day i might be playing for united!!!=D

  9. Dave Malaysia says:

    Say dudes, please do not forget Jonny Evans. Saying Chris and Phil is great but thier senior by 3 years or so is still Evans.

    Evan plays left back as well but he a leader and a key player for us.

    So Evans,Phil and Chris are the chosen ones.

  10. Dave Malaysia says:

    So will Nasri be ape napped or kidnapped today in Manchester?

    Will sniedjer get on a flight to Manchester today?

    Will Mario Goetze start gallopping to us today?

    Will Modric say ‘I love Spurs ,there was no danger of me leaving’ ?

  11. Bol says:

    If Evans can keep RVP out on sunday methinks he’ll be officially over his lil blip and people can start giving him the credit he deserves.

  12. jim says:

    We are one big happy family!!!

  13. Dave Malaysia says:

    I must say I almost jumped out of the sofa when i saw the way Phil rushed back and blocked bales cross!

    Thats desire and commitment for u. Brilliant.

  14. Dave Malaysia says:

    Evans ,Chris and Phil have courage, not afraid to put thier bodies on the line.

    Its like 3 Roy keanes without the snarling.

  15. Dave Malaysia says:

    From Ben Gould Video on Roy:

    Happiness is not being afraid.

  16. King Eric says:

    God I love Chris, and Jonesy , and Tom and Danny!! Oh and Jonny and Hernandez and the twins!!!

  17. denton davey says:

    Off topic but….

    “Spurs’ stance has left the 25 year-old in a dilemma especially as Redknapp is sympathetic to his situation and has already suggested that it may be best for all parties if Modric is sold. Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, however, is adamant he will not negotiate at any price and there is a rift between him and Modric.”

    The RentBoyz have created an “imperfect storm” – guess who is lying in the weeds ?

  18. T4M says:

    The future is bright and red :)

  19. Dave Malaysia says:

    @denton davey: cmon dude ,cant stand the suspense, whois lying in the weeds????


  20. BerbaGod says:

    There is so much potential here, it’s unbelievable. What Sir Alex has done once again is an amazing achievement.

    BIG statement here but I believe with De Gea, the Twins, Smalling, Jonesy and Jonny – this is going to be the greatest ever Manchester United back-line.

  21. Costas says:

    It was about 9 years ago when another young triad of centre backs was breaking into the United team (Rio, Wes and O’Shea). If the triad of Smalling, Jones and Evans go on to achieve half of what the other 3 did, we are in good hands.

  22. smartalex says:

    ‘New signing Oliver Norwood will go straight into Scunthorpe’s squad when they host Newcastle in the Carling Cup.’

  23. wayne says:

    Morning Reds i was thinking the other day Sir Alex playing alot of the kids together must take the pressure off,if it was one of them playing in a team of veterans it would be alot tougher.
    I love the confidence of all these kids and after reading Sir Alex talking about them taking over in the dressing room can see how their energy and excitement would be infectious for the vets.
    Still have the twins to the mix who i fucking love and rate very highly,when you think Rooney is only 25 and Nani 24 Ando 23, Evans 23,Hernandez 23 its pretty fucking scary how young and talented Utd have become almost overnight and at 26 Young and Tony V not exactly a dinosaurs.
    Its very exciting for me to see this unfold instead of wasting money on rentboys.All Utd signings have been reasonable in regards to cost and i love the fact the club won’t be bullied in paying over the odds in transfers and wages although it might be a player that Sir Alex really wants.
    It would be silly to think WS wouldn’t be a asset and if he signs on Utd terms fair enough,if he doesn’t so be it ,i’m content in what the team has.

  24. wayne says:

    morning denton let me guess Utd and it’s that secret deal you’ve been talking about Berba and cash for Modric.

  25. sleeksam says:

    cant wait to skin arse on sunday
    wenger must be shittin in his pants
    while d young lafs gives arse fans a fuck allcant wait to skin arse on sunday
    wenger must be shittin in his pants
    while d young lafs gives arse fans a fuck all

  26. Costas says:

    Joey Barton has permision to negotiate with QPR. More than Modric, Nasri, Sneijder and Sanchez, this is the one guy I’m gutted we won’t see at OT this summer.

  27. Costas says:

    Sorry, I thought it was April fools. ;)

  28. wayne says:

    @Costas lol i’d love to see your face if it was announced,shock move Utd sign Barton.I read ‘arry was interested,i know Barton is a cunt but no denying he’ll do a good job for some team.If QPR sign Parker and Barton all of a sudden they would have a pretty good midfield.

  29. zactaxe says:

    People, be careful of some over-early hype on our team’s youth or whatsoever “4th generation Fergie Fledgings”…

    No doubt, they are sparking in one match, Jones is like a braveheart, Evans is no longer a liability, Smalling is like another young GaryNev, Anderson is like a cultured general, Cleverley is like a kick-them-all Keano, and suddenly Welbeck is more ThierryHenry than ever…

    But, mind us all, there’s still a whole league season ahead, and a certain greedy Barca and Shitty to win over…

  30. wayne says:

    @zactaxe i don’t get carried away mate already said Spurs made us look gook last 1/2 down to not being match fit,still exciting to see these young lads come through and make thier mark.

  31. Kings says:

    zactaxe – Hello mate. The pleasing aspect of all this is that the kids are getting a look in coupled with the great young signings we have made in the last two years – Smalling, Jones, De Gea, Young and Hernandez. Our football is looking slick and there’s more of a quicker temp to our game this season. And with Tunni, Pogba and Morrison on the fringes, these are great times my friend. The rest and can go fuck themselves. We are United, we’ll do what we want. Click on my name.

  32. StatesideAussie says:

    Denton … Modric could be good for us but I can’t see Levy selling to us. Not even if we throw The Berb into the deal. You’re also making assumptions that The Berb would be willing to go back there. I mean, he’s not a cow — you can’t just assign him to his lot. I can’r see why he would. And given the rancour over his departure (remember, he effectively forced Levy’s hand by doing what Modric is doing now — basically refusing to play in the first weeks of that season), I can’t see them wanting him.

    Look, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Berb goes. I think he’ll stay if allowed to. But that’s because I’m a romantic and choose to believe he’s been telling the truth when he says he doesn’t want to play anywhere else. But if SAF wants him to go, then we all know he’ll go. Whatever will be, will be. Sir Alex has to make those calls, that’s his job, and the emergence of the young players this year does change the picture. So we’ll see.

    But Spurs? I doubt it.

  33. willierednut says:

    Knowing me, knowing you Chris.

    I prefer him at CH, than RB. Good option for us anyway. Jones can fill in at RB as well.

    As Zibbie would say, It’s all good in the Red hood. ;)

  34. StatesideAussie says:

    Nice comments from Gary Pallister. Not sure if they’ve been posted yet (apologies if I am duplicating):

    Former United defender Gary Pallister, who played alongside the ‘golden generation’ in the mid-1990s, insists that Ferguson’s latest young talents are capable of emulating the successes of the illustrious predecessors.

    “I sat with Bryan Robson at Old Trafford on Monday night watching the Spurs game,” Pallister said. “It was impossible to avoid comparisons between this group of lads and the kids I played alongside at United.

    “Like it or not, players like Danny Welbeck, Tom Cleverley, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling are going to be bracketed alongside the Class of 92, but that is part of the package and they will have to deal with it.

    “Beckham, Butt, Scholes and the Nevilles had to live with the pressure of being compared to the Busby Babes and they thrived on it.

    “Back in 1995, we saw Hughes, Kanchelskis and Ince leave the club and, although we all knew the kids were a talented bunch, the gut feeling among the senior pros was that it would be at least a couple of seasons before we won the title again.

    “Losing at Aston Villa on the opening day of the season appeared to bear that out, but it was a whack on the chin, the young lads took it and they matured so quickly that we ended up winning the Double.”

    Jones, at 19, was the youngest player on the pitch on Monday, but Pallister believes that the England Under-21 defender showed signs that he will become a crucial figure for United in the coming years.

    “For me, the one who really stood out was Jones. Robbo and I were just purring over him and the maturity of the kid on his home debut. Playing at Old Trafford can be a daunting experience, but he was unfazed by his surroundings and, at 19, it was so impressive to see him directing the play from the centre of defence.

    “He bossed the ball, was strong in the tackle and made some terrific interceptions. It looked as though he had been playing for United all his life.

    “You cannot go overboard with young players because they still have plenty to learn, but there is no doubt that Jones is going to be a really important player for United.”

    “Welbeck is another who impressed me. His vision to set up Anderson with a back-flick for United’s second goal was exquisite and I felt he shone alongside Wayne Rooney.

    “Cleverley’s cross for Welbeck’s goal was Beckham-esque due to the accuracy and power that he was able to generate and that was another highlight.

    “Both Welbeck and Cleverley are clearly benefiting from Sir Alex’s decision to send them on loan to Sunderland and Wigan respectively last season and they are now earning their selection for the team on merit.”

    With the likes of the Da Silva twins and Mexican forward Javier Hernandez yet to find full fitness this season, and talents such as Ravel Morrison and Paul Pogba tipped to emerge from the reserves this season, United’s future appears rooted in youth.

    But Pallister insists that Ferguson will be mindful of weaving experience with youthful promise.

    He said: “It’s not all about the kids. When I was playing alongside the kids in the 1990s, we had the experience of myself, Steve Bruce, Eric Cantona, Peter Schmeichel, Brian McClair and Denis Irwin.

    “Now, the role of passing on experience will be played by the likes of Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic and Ryan Giggs.

    “They have all won major trophies and experienced everything at United and their influence will be really important for the young lads coming through.”

  35. Neil_loves_United says:


    We have some quality young defenders Rafael, Fabio, Smalling, Evans, Jones. Than theres our more experienced defenders, Evra, Rio & Vidic.
    We’ve got the best selection of defenders in England.

  36. Petey Red Red says:

    Gaddafi once had it all and slowly watched his empire crumble,the trusted flee to opposition and now defence has collapsed…now the world is laughing at you.Sorry, did I say Gaddafi?I meant Wenger. 

  37. Petey Red Red says:

    Barton Shud go QPR, I think he’d do well there,

  38. Petey Red Red says:

    Harry in for ade too, seems like real Madrid don’t give a fuck about you after all ade? Twat

  39. Costas says:

    I agree that we should be cautious with our youngsters and make sure that we don’t burn them out. That’s where the experience of Rooney, Nani, Giggs, Park, Carrick, Fletcher, Ando, Evra, Rio, Vidic and Berba will come in handy.


    That would be a solid midfield for them. But I’d like if I said I want them to do well this season. Maybe if they get rid of that ox headed Warnock. Can’t stand him.

  40. Costas says:

    *I’d lie if I said*

  41. slim says:

    nani english seems to bee top notch these days, sounds like United player too

  42. willierednut says:

    Nice picture that. Marlo, Chris… ;)

  43. denton davey says:

    Wayne @ 12:57: “morning denton let me guess Utd and it’s that secret deal you’ve been talking about Berba and cash for Modric.”

    Right-eee-O ! How did you figure that out ? I know, you must have been paying attention to my “sheer speculation”.

    There’s a week to go – Daniel Levy holds a trump card (he doesn’t have to sell) but that might be worthless if he can’t get someone to play up-front for his team. We all saw on Monday that they are currently both clueless and toothless in the striking department and keeping ahold of – and playing – Defoe and Crouch along with Modric guarantees them nothing in that key area.

    LIke the old saying goes, you can’t guarantee fourth place in the first weeks of the season but you (and TheArse) can sure lose that CL spot with atrocious play at the outset.

    Six into four won’t go.

    So, we might get to enjoy a kind of reversal-of-fortune scenario this time next week as Levy has to beg SAF to lower his price for Dimmy – and I’d doubt that that would work very well !

    SAF is in the “catbird seat” IF he really does rate Modric as highly as his public statements of appreciation would suggest.

    OR – just maybe – he’s doing a kind of double-double misdirection and really want Sandro to add a twenty-one year old defensive midfielder to his youthful squad.

    This “speculative” scenario should be interesting to keep tabs on in a week with only one real match.

  44. Petey Red Red says:

    Not Bothered if Sneijder comes or not, but I wouldn’t mind modric joinin. On another subject breaking news: £1m reward for Gaddafi dead or alive- get hunting reds

  45. denton davey says:

    StateSideAussie @ 13:58: ” You’re also making assumptions that The Berb would be willing to go back there. I mean, he’s not a cow — you can’t just assign him to his lot. I can’r see why he would.”

    The old saying is that a day can be a long time in politics.

    The main reason why The Berb would be happy to go back there is that what was said before is probably now over-and-done with – the response to his transfer was nothing like Sol Campbell’s defection to TheArse.

    Additionally, Dimmy wanted to play in the CL and he wanted to win medals and trophies. He’s done that now. He will probably collect more if he stays with TheLads but does he really want to undergo the embarrassment of being non-selected for the big matches AGAIN ?????

    The Berb needs to be played consistently as the first-choice striker to re-attain his peak level of performance BUT he’s now third or fourth choice at UTD so he’s not going to be played a lot if he stays.

    I take your point that Dimmy’s also got some control over his future – “he’s not a cow” – but the fit for him at Spurs makes a lot of sense to all parties. Maybe too much sense, eh ?

  46. Petey Red Red says:

    @Denton davey- totally agree. Nerd needs game time and I think utd can’t offer him as much as he’d like. Hate to see him go, but he deserves to play

  47. Petey Red Red says:

    *berb not nerd (predictive text Arggghh!!)

  48. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Stateside: Awesome cut and paste ;) No really.

    I could re read that all day and not get tired.
    I have been astounded by the quantity of really excellent perspective interviews that are being done this year. You see them at United MUTV etc all the time mind you, but the number of interviews on sky and other sources seems up a notch. I think it is because a cycle has turned and the media really are going to give us some positive moments this year. Well, one can hope.

    As to the comment about Berb not going willingly, you are correct. If he has a contract, he can stay if he likes. They may force him to stay home, but he can still collect his wages. Most pros choose to tally off under those circumstances, but not all. For instance Gibbo refused the trade to Sunderland, and Craig Bellamy has refused efforts to send him down from the noisy neighbors.


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