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Smalling Out For A Month

Following our 1-0 victory over Everton, Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that we won’t see Chris Smalling for the next four weeks with the 21-year-old having a broken foot.

“Smalling has a small fracture on his foot,” said Ferguson. “I think he’ll be out for a month and it’s unfortunate that one.”

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  1. Red Neck says:

    Fuck me, who is his mother then Emlyn Hughes? Yuck

  2. It's in my blood says:

    Molde finished 2-2, there was a late goal but sadly it went the other way, just seconds after Ole took Eikram off!
    Rosenberg need to drop points later and then its Ole’s!

  3. mikekelly12 says:

    Last minute goal….but not for Ole….2-2, what a bummer!

  4. Costas says:


    Haha, no sorry mate., I don’t recall the incident. It probably happened before I started following the team. I did try to look for the incident on google but I couldn’t find anything. It sounds like typical Hughes though. :P

  5. mikekelly12 says:

    Ha Ha, no worries pal. I couldn’t find it either.

    Do you recall the incident?

  6. Costas says:

    The pressure probably got to Molde. But he surely can’t lose this title. A point will be enough. If Rosenborg don’t drop points first.

  7. Red Neck says:

    I think the player in question was David Tuttle. It was an FA cup match between manchester united and Shefield united. Sparky scored the only goal of the game but was later sent off for kicking Tuttle up the ass.

  8. It's in my blood says:


    Yeah, probably.
    When Ole does it though, he’ll manage a truly remarkable feat taking a small unfashionable club to the title.
    It’s something that really could mark him as worthy to follow the Great One in due course.

  9. Zelh says:

    goal for Brann!

  10. WillieRedNut says:

    Emlyn Hughes crazy horse! He was decent for dipper. RIP

  11. Zelh says:

    2-0 brann!

    surely ole will win the title tonight

  12. Red Neck says:

    Shit I genuinely had forgotten Emlyn Hughes had died. feel really bad now, no malice intended in my previous comment sorry.

  13. Zelh says:

    3-0 brann!!

  14. mikekelly12 says:

    Red Neck

    You’re a genius. Here’s the highlights. The kick os around 10.03. But the Hughes goal is well worth a look, quality quality goal. Build up starts at 6.30.

  15. Costas says:


    If Red Neck is right and the guy in question is Tuttle, here’s the video mate. The kick is at 10:07.

    That’s nasty!

  16. mikekelly12 says:


    Wow, Rosenberg are getting humped! Good luck Ole, you could be popping the champagne tonight!!

  17. It's in my blood says:


    Have you got a stream?
    Your link is pretty rapid, mines still showing 1-0!

  18. Zelh says:

    3-1 now.

  19. Costas says:

    Ah, didn’t look like you needed me mike. :lol:

    @It’s in my blood

    Looks like Ole will be celebrating tonight then! Come on Brann!

    It’s really a brilliant achievement. And it justifies Fergie’s opinion that Ole always scored off the bench because he stidied the game well. Hopefully he will carry on like this. Lets remember that Keano also made a promising start to his career as a manager.

  20. mikekelly12 says:


    Ha ha, just posted it. I think this must be the one. How about the goal? Quality!

    Rosenberg have pulled one back!

  21. WillieRedNut says:

    Sparky, Robbo, Keano, Brucie and Ince all in the same team? Bloody hell!

  22. It's in my blood says:


    Not sure Keano did really mate.
    Got his signed shirt hanging beside me, brilliant player, but management?
    He aint got it.
    Ole looks like he just might……

  23. Red Neck says:

    MikeKelly and Costas

    Well done for finding that clip. Bloody great goal and what a great side that was.

  24. mikekelly12 says:

    Red Neck

    Would never have found it without your super memory powers!! Where did you pluck that from? Very impressed. I’d forgotten how good that goal actually was!

  25. WillieRedNut says:

    Keane was managing in the premier league. No disrespect to Ole, but a big difference. Good to see him doing well at Molde. We’ll see how he progresses in the next few years. We’ve had a few false dawns with old players who could’ve been seen as Fergie’s heir apparent. Brucie, Keano and Hughes all were touted for the big job. Lets not forget Larry White either? ;)

  26. Red Neck says:


    I would love to claim that I pulled that one from memory but the truth is I can’t remember what happened yesterday half the time. I just managed to find it on google.

  27. It's in my blood says:


    Hi mate, granted theres a huge difference between the leagues, but you can only win whatever your in so to speak.
    He did manage rather well with our reserves before Molde.
    As for Larry, he’s got “it” as well!

  28. mikekelly12 says:

    Wille – Dont forget Robbo.

    Red Neck – Fair play. It was better than I could do, I couldn’t find it anywhere!

  29. WillieRedNut says:

    It’s in my blood – Hello mate! Give us that Keane shirt? Lol. I don’t see Ole walking straight into Fergie’s seat. Now, maybe as a number 2, to a more experienced man. I could see that school of thought. Larry White is a dark horse imo. A Blanc/Ole axis, is one that would intrigue me.

  30. Costas says:

    People talk about Leonidas’ 300. They never met Fergie’s team from 93-94. ;) Badass!

    In regards to the Ole/Keane comparison, Roy’s first very succesful season wasn’t in the EPL either. However, Keane went from player to manager straight away. Ole has been preparing himself for 4 years. Plus his temperament is more player friendly. So big things could be in store.

  31. mikekelly12 says:

    5-1 Brann 30mins to go….. game over!! Pop the champers Ole!!

  32. Utd4life says:

    Congratulations to Ole and Molde for winning their first league title.

  33. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Congratulations to Molde FK and to Ole Gunnar Solskaer! 6-1 final score puts them with an unassalable lead in points with only a couple games to pla. Champ1one. This is the first division, or “Eliteserien” in Norway. First top division title for Molde in their 100yr history. Thats like Fulham winning the prem.

    Cheers Ole!

  34. mikekelly12 says:

    New thread folks

  35. Red Neck says:

    And Solskaer has won it ! Congratulations to Ole.

  36. WillieRedNut says:

    Yeah, but has he scored the winner in a European cup final? ;) Top man, our Ole. Well done my old son. Even though, you still look 12 years old! :)

  37. Clint-iamyourpapii says:

    Olay Olay Olay Olay —-my favourite face cream
    Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole – My favourite baby faced assasin , Chico is 2nd. :P

    Tense stuff on the x-factor :lol:

  38. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ Costas

    Mate, the stats you put up for the medical team relate to injuries to players NOT recovery time for similar injuries and you have agreed with me that the medical team is not responsible for injuries. They don’t do training sessions or advise players how to play in games. Have you considered that the training may account for injuries?

    So if you can provide stats proving that for similar injuries our medical team has a worse record, then you have an argument, otherwise you don’t.

  39. Costas says:


    I don’t believe the the training staff is innocent in this either. If players are getting injured too easily, that might have to do with the fact that they are not prepared well. However, the number of injuries has to do with the medical team as well. Some of these injuries are recurring. That means that maybe they couldn’t find the root of the problem. A good example of that was Evans who injured his ankle about 3 different times in 2009 alone. Or maybe we should wonder why someone like Saha had 22 injuries in his 4 years at the club and just 10 in 3 years at Everton. Imo if you treat one injury right the first or second time, it won’t come back to haunt you time and time again.

    That website doesn’t reflect on how long it took for each player to get fit, so it’s hard to compare the recovery times at our club compared to other clubs However, how many times has Sir Alex been proven wrong in the timeframes he set for players to return at? Vidic and Cleverley the two recent examples. And in some cases, he has even admitted that they couldn’t get to the bottom of a problem. For example, Edwin’s knee injury, O’Shea’s thigh strain and Vidic’s calf injury in 09-10. Three injuries that proved costly that season.

    Don’t know mate. Fergie seems pretty pleased with the staff he’s surrounded himself with. I think he could do a lot better. Looking at Arsenal’s amount of injuries and how costly they’ve been, we’ve done remarkably well in these last 5 years given the circumstances.

  40. StatesideAussie says:

    Costas and others … I think it’s pretty easy to point the finger at the fitness and medical staff, but let’s face it, the diagnosis and treatment of injuries is not an exact science. And we are talking about athletes whose job requires them to push the envelope in every respect, physically. Also, let’s not forget that sportsmen themselves are often prone to painting a rosy picture; they try to minimize or hide injuries as much as possible, because no one wants to be on the sidelines, but this doen’t help the medical staff. I’m not against the use of stats generally — lord knows, I’ve put a few on this site myself — but I think this is one area where stats can be extremely misleading. I know it is frustrating, but I think we have to assume that our medical and fitness staff are at least as good as those at any other club, otherwise the club would do something about it.

    I see Stevie Me is out for a while … with an infected ankle. How the fuck does one get an infected ankle? Apparently, it started with an “innocuous cut” suffered in training last week, which has “inexplicably” gotten much worse. If this happened at our club, I would be among the first to speak up, because it seems incredible to me that something like that could be allowed to happen. Obviously, the cut was not looked after properly — there really is no excuse for this, not in today’s world, with all the expertise and facilities to a club like ours or theirs. Of course, I don’t give a fuck about Stevie Me or his rotten loserpool club, I am just using it as an example for comparison.

  41. StatesideAussie says:

    On a related note, though: Giggs seems to have done very well since he started his yoga exercises some years ago, and it makes sense that something like that could benefit players, reducing muscle, ligament and soft tissue injuries by keeping them properly stretched and limber. The yoga trainer is employed by the club but from the way Giggsy has described it, the decision to use or not is basically left up to each individual. Does anyone know if that’s true? And if it is, I think that’s wrong. It ought to be required (contractually required, if necessary). Players already have to use ice baths and all the other things the club requires, why not this too? At the very least, they could implement a trial program — put a bunch of players on it and monitor how they go over time.

  42. Costas says:


    Like I said, don’t expect complete accuracy from this or any other website in regards to injuries. However, the difference in numbers is significant. So it’s not just about stats. It’s about comparing the situation to that of other clubs, as well as our club in the past. I remember the injury crisis in 97-98 and how everyone said how rare it was. Well it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that we’ve gone through a similar situation at least once in 6 out of the 7 past seasons. 07-08 being the only exception. And I realize that players like to extend themselves and gut it out, but surely that’s not just the case at out club.

  43. mara says:

    HIHIHI Arsenal 5:3 Chelsea :) Like it…but dont like Citeh 25 points :( i know, they gonna lose points…

  44. lordrt says:

    DOh!! smalling being injured too often i think, the meds need to have a good look at him to be fair before he’s brought back in action. I believe that we still need a quality defender and midfielder in January, unless the young lads impress and impose themselves in the squad, like Pogba and Morrison. Else I would be happy to see whether we could for a start get Subotic and Sniejder in Jan to strengthen the squad, and pull down the noisy neighbours from top to third or fourth

  45. Fred says:

    Stateside – Turns out it wasn’t the yoga that was putting a spring in Giggsy’s step! :lol:


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