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Smalling: Ronaldo Came In To Dressing Room For A Chat

Chris Smalling was named in the match day squad at the Bernabeu a few weeks ago and was impressed with how fondly Cristiano Ronaldo responded to his former club and team mates.

“He came in and was chatting a lot with the players he knew,” he said. “It was good to see. It shows the good relationship he still holds with the manager and club despite [it being] such a crucial game and only halfway done.”

Phil Jones was given the job of man-marking Ronaldo in the first leg but at present is injured and Rafael da Silva looked as though he could have been subbed off at half-time after struggling in the first half. If Smalling is to face Ronaldo on Tuesday, he has thought ahead to how he might deal with that challenge.

“It’s about not leaving yourself exposed one-on-one against Ronaldo even though I’m quite quick myself,” he said. “The chances are that if he gets you one-on-one he’s going to beat you. It’s a hard battle. We feel pretty confident that as a team we can keep ourselves together, stay solid and make sure nobody gets exposed.”

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  1. Red in Taipei says:

    Let’s hope he comes into the dressing room on Tues to congratulate us on our victory! Viva Ronaldo.

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Red in Taipei. Cheers mate!

  3. King Eric says:

    Great photo that. I have no problem with his name being cheered when they announce teams and the “Viva Ronaldo” chants in the last min or two if we are comfortable but I will be a bit pissed off if his songs are sung throughout. Can’t see that happening but never know at OT.

  4. roboo7 says:

    @king eric
    shut it be pissed off if we sing his name throughtout. A united legend is gunna be on the pitch so we will sing his song throughtout you complete muppet.

  5. King Sol says:

    @roboo7 who are you to call king Eric a muppet? Get a life u troll

  6. DreadedRed says:

    roboo7 – you’re the fucking muppet.

    The only United legend that might be on the pitch United is Giggs.

    If you put anyone from any other team before United, you’re not worthy of the title ‘Red’

    King Eric, on the other hand, is the epitome of a true Red.

  7. DreadedRed says:

    What the fuck is a ‘roboo’ ?

    Stupid cunt can’t even spell our Legend’s name. Muppet.

  8. King Eric says:

    roboo – Who are you calling a muppet you fucking cunt? I have been on this blog for about 5 years. You have been on a day. He isn’t a fucking legend. Robson, Sir Bobby, Eric, Ole, Keano, Scholes and Giggs are legends. You won’t even be at the fucking game on Tuesday so don’t tell me what I should do. Why the FUCK would we sing a RIVAL players name throughout the game? I would rather get behind OUR lads. Tosser.

  9. King Eric says:

    Cheers lads.

  10. red joey says:

    classy stuff

  11. King Eric says:

    I find it fucking bizarre that some want to sing his name all game. HE PLAYS FOR MADRID!! You know, the side we are facing. Fuck it while we are at it may as well chant Ramos’ name . Perhaps Ozil eh? Tuesday night he is our enemy, simple as.

  12. prince elbab says:

    Let hope we qualified any way

  13. D'GING€R PRINC€ says:

    Spot on King hell wit dose United fans who stil worship Ronaldo.for crying out loud,he is now a Madrid player and our rival.don’t see why we shuld sing his fucking name troughout d match.
    @roboo.go get a lyf

  14. Lee Martins Winner says:

    I think we sing his name to show him we respect what he DID for us, but pre match only! maybe after the game if we have won.

    I am not saying boo him, but he will be playing against us, not for us. Show him respect and then rafa show him your studs!


  15. King Eric says:

    Lee Martin’s winner – Precisely mate. I DO think his name will be sung pre match and I would imagine Ronnie will clap our fans.

  16. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Happy to sing to him IF he is having a torid game AND we are up by 3 or 4.

    Otherwise, IT’S Game on!

    Back on the ROM READS thread we had a nice discussion going about what it is to be a United legend. Ronnie doesn’t come close for me.

    Now we need to shut it about Madrid. We have a game to win v Norwich.
    Scott needs to lay off the coffee as well….. just sayin mate! ;)

  17. WeAreUnited says:


    there’s a new comment from me, indeed it is a nice discussion where we have to agree to disagree :)

    I am hyped about todays game !!!!!!

  18. Lee Martins Winner says:

    anyone got a link for todays game?

  19. WeAreUnited says:

    @Lee my friend

    there you have all the links, and usually they work very goood, the best way is to install Sopcast and watch them HD, but there you go.

    Btw, can we put links here? I have been following the blog for 2 years and commented for over a year and still don’t know the rules :D

  20. WeAreUnited says:

    at the moment the links are not able, but when the game starts, and usually one hour before.

    CMON UNITED!½½½!!!

  21. Lee Martins Winner says:

    Thanks buddy,

    Buzzing for todays game, Norwich are a funny side, on thier day can cause all teams problems. I think that we will not take this for granted, but will rest a few. I think Evans has played himself into the madrid game, so I can see vidic and evans today, with a rest for rio ahead of tuesday.

    If giggs starts today, then you can say he wont be on tuesday. This team will be interesting…. I can see RVP on the bench and rooney with chicho up front.

    Ando and carrick in mid, with nani and young on the wings.

    Come on you fuckers, lets play each game as they come!

  22. WeAreUnited says:


    cheers, no problem, and usually the best and working link if you don’t install anything is cricetsport or something liek that, basically the ones with skysport on the left of the link works the best.

    BTW I agree with everything you said about the line-up

    Roone yand Chicha also for me unless RVP is really 110% fine. But SAF will not take any risks.
    Ando over Clevs? Could be, great great game coming up.

    Can’t wait to see nani again in his third concecutive game! I hope so :D you never know. I said earlier that, the Madrid game wil ldefine his career and relationship with SAF. If he gets a startuing place agains the Virus :D he will be kept, if not, SAF has clearly lost his trust with him and that’s it.
    Anyway, don’t want another nani debate so.

    yeah CMON UNITED½

  23. WeAreUnited says:

    but maybe I went ahead of time for the speculations of Nani and Madrid.

    One game at the time.

    Bring it on Norwich. We are ManUtd and we’ll do what we want!

  24. wayne says:

    roboo 7 ,who the fuck are you King Eric is a Rom legend.Are you fucking daft in the head,don’t chant opponents names.Need a history lesson son Ronnie left us for Madrid and more money so until he’s back in a Red shirt he’s a cunt put the fans through the ringer every fucking transfer window
    Yeah i agree should sing his name all through the game, Ronnie bangs a goal in against us and Utd fans should sing viva Ronaldo,you stupid fucking cunt

  25. sadiq says:

    if we do sing his name throughout, he will be encouraged to play better. if we are winning like 3-1 in added time, then maybe we do it byut if we do sing his name throughout the whole match, we will play even better!!!

  26. zigoo says:

    his name should be sung pre and post match…that is it…dont boo him either coz we know (especially after 2006-2007) it only spurs him on and makes him play twice the times better.

    am hearing giggsy wont play today and will start vs madrid

    someone please tell me this is not true….giggsy and carrick in the mid vs real madrid is something i DO NOT want to see….we might aswell not turn up.

    giggsy should only be used against madrid off the bench,i love him n all,but a 40 yr old against madrids devastatin counter attack football will bite us up the arse,like it did vs barca in 2011

  27. Joffrey Baratheon says:

    To claim Ronaldo is not a United legend is one persons opinion. In my opinion there is no doubt he is a legend. I was privileged enough to hold a season ticket through his best years at United and he’s the best player I’ve ever seen pull on a United shirt followed closely by Scholes. I’ll be singing Viva Ronaldo and give him the reception he deserves because he brought so many great memories for United and myself.

  28. Red4ever says:

    I would prefer giggsy instead of kagawa,ando,nani,,,,can play better than them for sure ,,,,

    as far as ronnie is concerned sing his name before the game and in the end only if we are winning ,,,,

    dont think our fans are stupid to sing his name throughout the games ,,,,coz we got enough players who’s name we will sing ,,

    nemaja ohh oh ooo nemaja oh oh ooo he comes from serbia he’ll fucking murder yaaa

  29. Joffrey Baratheon says:

    Wayne, to call Ronaldo a cunt is way over the top. I bet you don’t mind singing Rooney’s name even though he held us to fucking ransom and has a quarter of the talent Ronaldo has.

  30. wayne says:

    Well well looks who’s back,.as far as i’m concerned Utd vs Real Madrid loser goes home everyone wearing a Real Madrid shirt is not a Utd legend,doesn’t deserve to have his name sung and everyone wearing a Madrid shirt are enemies and cunt’s.I have the upmost respect for Ronnie’s talent and if he ditched Madrid and came back to Utd i’d welcome him with open arms but at the moment he means nothing to me and left Utd in his head for greener pastures so he can fuck off.
    Also you need to understand the difference between great player and legend because there’s a huge difference.Jesus didn’t take long to use the season ticket line

  31. Gee says:

    Completely agree with everything you said King Eric, except I think he is a legend mate. For everything he did on the pitch and what he has gone on to become I think he is defo a Utd legend, but we shouldnt be singing his name all game. I am hoping he gets a massive reception that makes him want to come home for good tho, fucking awesome player, never failed to do something that made you think ‘fuck me that was good’ and brought the best out of Rooney for me. Imagine Ronnie, Rooney and RVP, it might actually turn into a wankfest watching Utd with that front line!!

  32. david says:

    We should sing his name throughout the match, because it would make the game more emotional for him, and he will make more bad decisions. He responds best to animosity, but We can exploit his affection for us, by unbalancing him. Its a better tactic than it sounds

  33. benhop says:

    Right lads, I have a plan to stop the Ronaldo chant arguments.

    Lets sing for John Terry (CL Tradition), and maybe Viera (in honour of Giggs!).


  34. keano says:

    This tuesday is A must WIN game for united’s prestige among europe’s elite.that is more important than arguing about who’s the legend.leave it now chaps.we have got to stop him and get to the next round and then you can chant until the cows go home.

  35. stuart says:

    If he was British it would be different but he grew up in Portugal having a dream to play for Madrid and United understood that.He was at United a long time and through his talent and commitment made them alot of money and left some incredible moments.Most players leave a club then celebrate goals against them and dont give a squat so it’s nice he still feels attached.I think the only way he’d come back is if the ew main sponsor Chevrolet financed some of the deal like some stories are saying.I don’t think the Glazers would let just the club pay £60 million or more for one player.

  36. roboo7 says:

    If ronnie wasnt in the team when we did the double couldnt really see nani stepping up to it. Ronnies a legend for what he did for us. Yeah robson eric keano etc are legend but ronnie is to. And i bet OT will be singing his name but wont be last minute of the game.

  37. DreadedRed says:

    What the fuck is a “roboo” ?

  38. Xxyyzz says:

    He’s not with United. I think SAF played down return to United ’cause he doesn’t want us to give too much cheers for him. SAF is smart. Lets just be indifferent to him come Tuesday.If Ronaldo plays for us,( who knows, though I am still sore at him for leaving United) then by all means we give him our warmest welcome

  39. roboo7 says:

    Its a name

  40. Pet says:

    Hopefully Ronaldo will be cheered when the speaker announces his name, but leave it to that.

    Excited about the atmosphere tomorrow, hopefully it will be as good as it was against Barca in 08. Will be on another level compared to what was the case in Madrid, only jeering for 90 miniutes..

  41. isaac says:

    i love you ronaldo your the best the best the best ok peopel yes say yes


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