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Solskjaer Falls Out With Molde Over Villa Talks

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer met with Aston Villa owner Randy Lerner this week over the possibility of taking over as manager. Having won Molde their first ever title in his first season and winning a second phase Champions League qualifying position, plenty of people have urged the United legend to stay in Norway and learn his trade.

“I was asked by a friend whether I was interested in speaking with Villa,” Solskjaer told a press conference yesterday. “I called Kjell Inge straight away. We agreed that I could speak to them on Wednesday, that it was okay. I have not had any offers. I’m not looking for another job. In football, and in life in general, things turn up that you have to make decisions about. I have a contract for two more years and I’ll stand by that. I’ve only spoken with them and expect them to speak to more people. They’re looking for a new manager. If they make contact, I’ll make a decision then.”

However, since then, quotes from what Solskjaer thought was a confidential conversation with the club have been leaked to Norwegian newspaper, VG.

“Will you manage Molde until the season ends?” If I get an offer, I’m off. Perhaps after the Hønefoss-game (Next Friday).

“If you leave Molde, will you bring your staff along?” I want Mark Dempsey and Richard Hartis to leave with me.

“If you leave Molde, will you take any players with you?” Yes. I will offer Magnus Wolff Eikrem to come with me.

Solskajer is obviously not at all impressed with the club for revealing this conversation.

“Now we see what game they are playing,” he said. “It’s hard to remember everything I said, but this is roughly what I said. I did say that if Aston Villa wants me, then I have to go. A manager has to be there for pre-season. We all agreed on leaving this in the past and look ahead. Because we all have a job to do at the club. That this is now coming out in public is not good for anyone at the club.”

Translation by Jonas Giæver

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  1. WillieRedNut says:

    Valencia’s “the thriller” winger

    Said this before, but what a username! :lol:

    My sauces are telling me, Hazard likes Brown on his chips? :shock: Talks a lot of Brown too…..

  2. sachu says:

    i think hazard will say UNITED and then probably join newscastle united

  3. Kings says:

    Fuck off Hazard you self absorbed little cunt.

  4. Mikekelly12 says:

    Hazard and city are a perfect fit! Can’t wait to hear all the anti united bollocks he’ll come out with when explaining his decision!! Reminds me of LeBron James who had a 1 hour talkshow just to reveal where he was moving to! Cock end!

  5. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Looks like Ole is being stitched up by Molde. I honestly do not get the obsession with why so many people want him to be United manager. There is no doubt the guy is a living legend that will forever be remembered in United’s history but that was as a player.

    He’s done fuck all as a manager in the grand scheme of things and Aston Villa is a shit club to go to. If he takes the Villa job then many of those who want him as a United manager will soon be changing their tune a la Roy Keane, Mark Hughes and Bryan Robson. All “future” Man United managers.

    Aston Villa are a shit club. Fuck their history their fans are some of the worst in the PL. They come OT and call it quiet. Villa Park is a fucking morgue and their fans don’t even bother for Europe and expect top 4 finishes. They get on their own players backs and I can’t see Solskjaer flourishing there because I don’t see Randy Lerner giving Ole money to spend.

    If I was Ole I’d stick to Molde and if that situation is going sour try and find a club in one of the other leagues out on the continent. If he was to manage a PL club he should try a Championship team or wait for the Spurs job.

  6. WeAreUnited says:

    Love this one

    Wayne Rooney : “When the final whistle went, we didn’t really know what the score was. But then we heard the Sunderland fans cheering. It was sad to see that because they should be supporting their own team really. They didn’t have the best of seasons themselves so for them to be cheering like that was sad. It was something that myself and a lot of the players won’t forget.”

    The best line was the last one : “Everyone’s been saying how well Man City have played and how they’ve dominated the Premier League but if that’s them dominating, they’ve done it on goal difference… We’ll be back, better than ever.” HAHHAHA

    yeah that’s what’s up.

    @Costas, maybe these are the little things that makes the difference and change minds, now I like Rooney slowly more and more like the old times.

    CMON 20

  7. sachu says:

    hazard is definetely joining city .i am pretyy sure we wont sign both kagawa and hazard.kagawa ,strootman and a left back would be just great plus a fit vida ,cleverley ,ando and FLETCHER

  8. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Also thought it was common knowledge that Heskey contract has expired and wasn’t going to be renewed.

    Finally can some of you please kindly point me to the information you are getting about Mike Phelan being a bad number 2?

    Are some of you out on the training pitch to see what goes on?

    I’ve also read that column where G Nev discusses Queiroz’s preparation before the Barcelona game in 08. It is an amazing insight but Queiroz is hardly loyal now is he? He’s fucked us off twice now.

    You get a continental coach you can’t do any long term planning. The number 2′s Fergie has had with the most longevity have all been from the British Isles. From Archie Knox to Bryan Kidd to Steve Mclaren and now Phelan.

  9. Kings says:

    They don’t make them like they used to – A one off and a legend:

  10. Gorse Hill Red says:

    I would not call Villa a shit club, I remember they had the same amount of trophies as us in 1990 just before our domination. I honestly wish all the best to Ole and hope he becomes successful with them,

    As for last night its probably the worst season ever. All trophies picked by sugar daddies and the minor one picked up by racist sympathisers. The traditional great clubs that behave like proper clubs i.e. United, Barce and Bayern have won nothing this season so is this the start of the sugar daddy domination? I pray for the sake of football it isn’t. A long summer awaits.

  11. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ Gorse Hill Red – Mate like yourself I once had a lot of respect for Villa, but in the early 90s most of my information came from sticker albums and Match and Shoot magazines. I grew up went university and then I encountered their fans. Their fans make their club shit.

    Take for example the way in which they got the club to turn down McClaren. On what basis? His record at club level is actually pretty good. What they did get instead? McLeish. Villa fans were responsible for that. They have a pop at United fans over some of the things our daytrippers do at OT knowing full well this isn’t the sort that show up to Villa Park. Then their fans do the same thing which is worse because Villa arent even any good. Hypocritical cunts.

  12. Valencia's “the thriller” winger says:


    Ha-ha :D thanks mate.

    As for Hazard, he’s full of bile, how a player whores himself to clubs, he should hang his head in shame. He and Shitty would make a great couple, bloody trolls.

    I hope Ingerlund get knocked out 1st round in the Euro’s! How Woy left out Rio is simply baffling! Not to mention the farce in Carrick not being selected.

    Cunt bags like Hazard make me cringe..not a United player in my eyes, he’s the type who’ll want to go fulfill his childhood dream by joining Real or tippy tappy pricks Barca

  13. Valencia's “the thriller” winger says:


    Ha-ha :D thanks mate.

    As for Hazard, he’s full of bile, how a player whores himself to clubs, he should hang his head in shame. He and Shitty would make a great couple, bloody trolls.

    I hope Ingerlund get knocked out 1st round in the Euro’s! How Woy left out Rio is simply baffling! Not to mention the farce in Carrick not being selected.

    Cunt bags like Hazard make me cringe..not a United player in my eyes, he’s the type who’ll want to go fulfill his childhood dream by joining Real or Barca

  14. Shebangsthedrums says:

    Just watching the replay of the Bolton away game on MUTV. I suppose one good thing to come out of this season, is that Kevin Davies won’t be in the prem next season.

  15. ed says:

    It’s obvious that if City and Chelsea are after Hazard that he will go to one of them. They will probably be offering close to double the wages we would and are the League and European champions respectively.

    We can fall back on our history, tradition, global standing but the reality is that we can’t match these clubs when it comes to fees and wages. Regardless of the Glazers and their debt, we don’t operate -and never have – making huge losses and City and Chelsea do.

    Not only that, we are in the position where they will buy players simply to stop us getting them.

  16. Cyril Sneer says:

    NRD – I don’t think anyone is saying Phelan is a bad no.2 mate, just that it might be time for a change given our fortunes this season, particularly in Europe.

    Realistically, Phelan is never going to be the United manager and we all know Fergie isn’t going to be around forever. So why not bring in somebody with the potential to replace him and let them learn from him? That way we can create a good replacement who will already know the club and players when Fergie retires and ensure a smooth transition.

    If we’re building a team for the future, why not shape a manager to the club too? That’s got to be better than trying to bring in an outsider at the last minute or chasing after Mourinho or some guy that isn’t Manchester United and is more about himself.

  17. ed says:

    Shebangsthedrums – Yep. Silver lining for me especially as the cunt publicly stated he was going to see if our young players liked it up ‘em and then ruined Cleverley’s would be breakthrough season.

  18. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @shebangsthedrums – Hows it going? Very true that. No Kevin Davies means thats 2 games a season where we can guarantee nobody will get injured.Especially as he’s said he’s not leaving Bolton.

  19. Albert Ross says:

    I would expect that Rene is performing much of the tactical work that Gary is referring to.

    Having also read Gary’s recollections of Queiroz being very particular for the match against Barca, I learned only that. Carlos was very particular in his preparations for the match against Barca.

    Those memories of Gary are actually taken from “his book” so it would be good to get the context, and see if it was actually intended as a ringing endorsement of Carlos Quieroz, or more as a reflection of his intensity. Gary does say ‘Carlos was obsessive,’ and ‘the really complex part’ (implying acumen) so I guess it’s a bit of both.

  20. Shebangsthedrums says:

    NRD – Alright mate,, how bout you? I’m still trying to come to terms with what happened this season though, having to watch the chavs and the bitters lift the trophies you want Utd to be lifting. I do feel positive about next season, it just can’t come quick enough for me.

  21. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ Cyril Sneer- I see your point in your second paragraph especially as Fergie is in his 70s that idea becomes more feasible. However those in football have massive egos including our manager and I can’t see someone like Solskjaer or somebody similar coming in as a number 2 even if they are guaranteed to take over. Was watching a La Liga round up show earlier in the week and a viewer emailed in saying what are the chances of Pep Guardiola to come in as Fergies number 2. Needless to say the panelists tore that email to shreds.

    It just isn’t realistic for me mate works in paper but not that practical in the modern day.

    After we won the CL Fergie did a sit down interview with Sir David Frost. Frost asked Fergie if the man to replace him needs to have a Manchester United connection.

    Fergie replied ” No not at all. That would not be a prerequisite for the job.”

    I truly believe that. One things certain the glazers will be here after Fergie goes and whilst the debt is as high as it is we need to continue to be succesful on and off the pitch. Thats only possible if we win things especially the CL and PL. I think it would benefit the next manager to not have any emotional ties with the club when he arrives. I think somebody like Giggsy or G Nev and Ole would struggle at United when they realise how much money is being used for debt payments rather than wages and transfer fees.

    Its the age of the mercenary and its not going to get better.

  22. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ Shebangsthedrums – I’m avoiding all Sky Sports and sport in general really. If my ex could see me now she probably would have had a heart attack. My parents were shocked when I went to see them and didn’t put on channel 405 once.

    Having said that our pathetic performances in the cups had me feeling we would mess this up. The way the last day panned out though was fucking cruel especially as..well we all know what happened and the announcer at shitihad was not very sporting. So I for one hope we sign Van bommel just so he can snap a few cit-eh players legs in the first derby game of next season.

    Next season will only be positive for me if we play more of the youth, Cleverly was really unlucky this season. Personally I’m fed up of playing the waiting game with players with long term injuries. We knew about Fletcher before we kicked of this season just and gone and did little to add reinforcements to that department. We play more of the youth and buy 2 central midfielders I think we’ll be alright. Don’t need another striker just keep Berbatov and actually rotate between him Hernandez, Rooney, Welbeck and Keane. If Berba is to go then rotate between those 4 strikers and Young can play there too.

  23. Cyril Sneer says:

    NRD – Surely the egomaniac managers are the ones that have been successful already. It’s madness to expect a Guardiola or Mourinho type to go from managing a Champions League winning team to an understudy, but there’s got to be some young manager out there who would jump at the chance to learn from Fergie.

    The incentive of knowing he will take over the biggest club in the world in a few years is a pretty good sweeteneer. Sure he doesn’t need to have a connection to United, Fergie himself didn’t have anything to do with us when he arrived but who is more United than him now? Sir Matt maybe?

    All it would need is someone willing to learn and capable of seeing the scale of the opportunity. It’s definitely a difficult idea but not impossible. I’d hate to think Manchester United has lost its allure in one season and wouldn’t it be the most fantastic achievement?

    Alright it’s not likely to happen, but we can dream… :)

  24. Costas says:

    I don’t think Phelan ever questions Fergie’s selections and that doesn’t help. For example, I doubt Quieroz would have kept his mouth shut after seeing Fergie’s line up at the Etihad. Plus, the amount of injuries could also be attributed to the work that happen (or doesn’t happen) at Carrington and that’s Phelan’s department isn’t it?

  25. CedarsDevil says:


    They certainly do not my friend…….. What a pleasure it was watching him and sadly you are right we will never see his likes again. Bugger still gives me goose bumps just thinking about him!

  26. Kings says:

    CedarsDevil – Hello my friend. He was a true leader who took no prisoners. Fucking love you Robbo.

  27. Nigel says:

    I know this will upset a few, so what. Some of the comments on here endorse why other teams fans in general view a lot of UTD fans in a negative way. R.E Glory hunters etc…

    Yes, there’s no denying all the trophy success and great football, but for many onlookers there seems to be a lack of class shown in it all. Some of you guys come across as condescending.
    As for Villa being not worthy to be in the same league, just remember pre 90′s, and consider how you could have been viewed at the time!

    From a neutral point of view, I’m delighted for Citee, at least they show some class. Oh and most of their fans are local boys!

  28. eddieTheRed says:

    Ha , young managers learning their trade under Fergie; I can see it now; welcome to Old Trafford Chris Hughton!


  29. RedTillImDead says:

    Disappointed in Ole for his attitude. Would have expected more from him honestly, I wouldn’t see Fergie doing that.

    And disgusted with villa, aren’t they spose to be a traditional old school club? What a disgrace, revealing clearly private conversations to the press? Disgusting, I hope ole stays at molde for his contract and villa don’t get anyone even worth their weight in shit to manage the club after this.

    My 2 cents.

  30. LoneStarRed says:

    Well Villa just shot themselves in the foot by betraying the confidentiality of the interview. Few quality candidates will trust them now.


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