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Solskjaer Not Impressed With Ronaldo

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been a loyal servant to Manchester United, most favourably remembered for his good nature and total professionalism on the pitch, as much as that winning goal in the Nou Camp to crown United Champions of Europe. His decision to be the only player to publicly involve himself in the fight against the Glazer takeover, joining Shareholder’s United, only reinforced our feelings of respect and admiration for the player.

“I am honoured,” he said after joining the group. “I think it is important that the club remains in the right hands. I am absolutely on the supporters’ side, and think the club is in very good hands as it is today. I am a United fan myself and only want what’s best for the future.”

Undertaking a further role with the club after his knee injury forced him to retiring, Solskjaer is now the manager of the Reserve team.

A favourite player amongst all United fans, Solskjaer has spoken out about his feelings towards the club, as well as trying to remain tight lipped about the current situation concerning Ronaldo’s future with the club.

“I never fancied going,” said Solskjaer. “The only time it was even an issue was when the club accepted a bid for me from Tottenham in 1998. I went to see the gaffer but he said ‘I didn’t accept it, I want you here and you will play a big part in my squad’. I just thought that is good enough for me I will stay. My agent was not very happy with me because I was so stubborn but nowadays even he admits I was right. The thing is, Manchester United always fitted me quite well. And I will be remembered as an important member of the team during a period when Manchester United has been very successful. I can see now that I will always be in the history books. That makes me very proud. I have an opinion on Cristiano but it is not my business to talk in public about it.”

Dreaming of a team of players with Solskajer’s attitude…

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  1. eddy says:

    Regarding Ronaldo..he’s done himself with me. It’s clear that the little ingrate wants to bugger off. He’s humiliated the club and ruined what should have been the best, most glorious summer since 99.

    I would have had more respect for him if he’d been totally clear from the start and asked to go to Real instead of stringing it out and making our lives a misery.

    If he is sold and SAF resigns, then I’ll seriously hate this kid. I mean seriously.

    Guys like Ole, Giggsy, Scholes, GNev are a dying breed at our club. We need more like that as it’s important to actually like the players as people..

  2. jsos says:

    i’ve heard the shit about fergie leaving if we sell ronnie, but tbh – i really don’t see that happening. I dont see fergie letting a player decide his fate… much less real.

    ole, on the other hand, he is a star. manager of the reserves makes me quite happy… anyone have thoughts on rather than a team of ole’s, a team MANAGED by him? :)

  3. razvan-sebastian says:

    puto ronaldo let him go hes done the job for us buy a good forword and end this fucking stupid ronaldo saga ronaldo esti varza fraiere duten gura matii la real gunoi imputit de idiot

  4. Ishaq says:

    sigh Ronaldo is a disloyal ungrateful fella.May he get what he deserves

  5. Mugsy says:

    This Ronaldo thing. Almost everything that has been published has come from a friend of a friend or a Brazillian news agency or Marca (Real’s own newspaper). All of these stories are being put out by associates of Real madrid. I’ve seen nothing of Ronaldo himself saying these type of things.

    He could put an end to it by coming out and commiting, but his agent will tell him not to do that, because his value is rising all the time.

    Ronaldo will stay. Don’t believe the hype.

  6. cherry says:

    Am really gutted about this ronaldo transfere talk. If he wants to go pls let him go. I think it will be nice for him to contact Anelka and ask him what Masdrid can do to good players. I remember when Anelka wanted to move, he was the best for Arsenal and wenger did every thing to keep him. Look at him tday. It was only recently that he admitted regret for leaving Arsenal. Worse things could happen to Ronaldo

  7. Anant says:

    long live ole . 2OLEGEND !

  8. Harry says:

    let him go, he is not a true red

  9. denton davey says:

    Today I saw the best “rumour” yet – Ronaldo to be sold to InterMilan to join up with his old critic, Jose Mourinho, in a marriage made in hell.

    It’s all very amusing in a sarcastic way – like a weather report for Manchester: rain on one side of the street, sunshine opoosite.

    Let’s just wait to hear from the kid himself, with his own lips moving.

  10. eric the king the king the king says:

    jus watchd sky sports news, ronnie the cunt was doin a conference for portugal, the sky reporter sed on behalf of us cnt u tell wat u r going to do, the wanka stayd silent and got a portuguese aide to speak for him repeating he will not talk bout it, and then he sed himself i do not want to talk bout it, here was a perfect chance for him to dispell everything, and make it clear in my head that he would b a red in september, afta watching this with my own eyes, ronaldo is as good as dead 2 me!!

  11. Ray Abdilla says:

    Star players such as Ince, Cantona, Beckham and Van Nistelrooy have gone, and United still continued to win. No player is bigger than the club.I love Ronnie, but if he’s so childish, the good riddance.

  12. KingOfZamunda says:

    I concur with what Mugsy is saying, only difference being I’d rather Cris Ron fcuk off out of United. To play cat and mouse with his legacy at a club of United’s stature and fan base is stupidity of the highest order. I’d have more respect for him if he came out and distanced himself from the rumours even if he is leaving. Saying outright eitherway, i.e. ‘i’m going/staying’ would’ve helped but it’s too late for that now. And that’s on top of the fact that all of this is conjection and rumour, a sane and decent individual will come out and kill off all the doubt either way but no, Cris ron is buying into his own hype and needs to be taught a lesson. If he fcuks off, he’ll be made to sweat it out while Madrid meet our exorbitant demands, if he stays, he’ll have to do even better than last season and zip his mouth more often. Either way, he’s prat that could learn a lesson or two from Ole!
    Ole, ole, ole, ole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Superdorz says:

    Shame if he DOES go really, his final contribution as a United player will be a missed penalty in a European Cup final. Maybe he’ll want to correct that…

    If not the he owesVDS a hell of a lot. Do him good to remember the things like that.

  14. KingOfZamunda says:

    Punks like him don’t remember beyond their last meal/shag/goal/trophy/bank statement/reflection in the mirror.
    He’s a self-centred and ungrateful pillock.
    VDS and co in the penalty shootout more than saved his bacon. Sheesh.

  15. Jas Rai says:

    Throughout all of this my opinion has changed loads of times, i’ve gone from thinking he’ll stay, to thinking he goes, and last week even thinking i hope he does fuckin go. £50-60 milion would buy us a world class striker and a few decent players…..but i’ve changed my mind again and think he may stay. If he really wanted to go, i think he would’ve said before the championships so the deal could’ve been negotiated – he himself will know it would take weeks to conclude…Real Madrid would’ve told him if he wants to move they need to start talks earlier rather than later.

    I might be wrong and he might fuck off, but it doesn’t matter…we’ll never die

  16. Tom F says:

    David Villa’s comments on himself being linked with a move to Chelsea or the Dippers:

    “As far as I know, nobody from Liverpool has been in touch, but in any case my future is not something I have in my mind at the moment. I do not understand why people put words in my mouth.

    “I always say the same thing, nobody from Valencia has told me that I am for sale. In any case, I am not at all worried about that at the moment.

    “My priority, for now, is to play well in Euro 2008.”

    Villa also insists that he would not be tempted by the likely increase in salary that a move away from Valencia could bring.

    “Money means nothing,” Villa added. “Of course, everybody works to earn money, but if you are not happy, material things mean nothing. My only target in life is to get better at my job.”

    If only Ronaldo could behave that way.

  17. Tom F says:

    I better add the FACT that Ronaldo, as great as he is, does have the ability to mince his words quite a bit. In post-match interviews before you blame the papers.

  18. AS23 says:

    I’m tired of this shit it has gon on 4 2 long now, ronny won’t leave he’s commited 2 his 5 year contract wiv utd and plus the glazer family won’t sell ronny no matter how much they av already said dat.Don’t get me wrong utd cud get loadz of cool players wiv £60 mill but they can also get some gud players wiv the money they have now like berbatov,benzema and santa cruz there all good im my opinion.But think about it wud utd sell ronaldo if they have them 3 players… nahh. If utd have the 3 players and ronny and the players they have now utd wud be FUCKIN AMAZING! I’m a red devil myself and wud be gutted if ronny went but he won’t that’s wot i keep tellin myself because if u had any sence u wud not sell ur star player even if it was £100 mill well i wudnt. So i think he will be at OT nxt season defo and he will be even better nxt season.I also think ole has sent a wise message 2 ronny bcoz madrid lured beckham and van nistelroy away frm united and becks sed he regrets it now and all of a sudden ole has come out wiv his transfer trouble.GO OLE!

  19. Parm Singh says:

    IMO i suggest United turn the game on Real. If they are desperate for Ronaldo lets see how they would entertin buying hom for £75million plus Casillas,Ramos and Sneijder. Not really something Real would entertain but it puts the ball in United’s court and the onus on Madrid to show how desperate they are for him.

    As has been said United are bigger then one player and i feel Ronaldo going will see us benefit from Rooney playing a more central role then accomodating Ronaldo.

    Should this all be a game from him then hes better off going because us fans and SAF deserve better then this.

  20. Drew Vader says:

    Ole–”I have an opinion, but its not my business to talk about it in public” See that ronny?? Its called CLASS, you metrosexual.

    I swear, in the last three years I defended ronny until i was blue in the face. I came within inches of a fist fight with my bestfriend when he wouldnt stop talking shit about him during a match. And for what? For him to fuck off when everyone on earth can tell we are within one or two years of absolutely DOMINATING world football? I cant stand it.

    To be honest, i wish nothing but the worst for him at madrid. Lets see how he handles the madrid press getting on him after a slow start, or if he only scores, i dont know, 20 goals in all comps and they go trophyless. Just another attempt at galacticos, and what did they win during that time? Fuck all.

  21. John Bbale - Uganda says:

    Ronaldo is just stupid. How could he be selffish to the extent of failling to publically tell the whole ,world about his stand/? Let Dr Sir Alex Ferg let him go. we shall substitute him with Nani

  22. Tom F says:

    The main point about all of this is the following,

    United did what Real are doing with us, when we wanted to buy Owen ‘I want curly hair’ Hargo.

    Also, when Ruud, one of our clubs top scorers and an all round quality finisher got in the way of Ronaldo’s potential by using his big head behind the scenes Ruud was made to walk. Fergie above all employs people who hold respect and those who mess with the balance in the dressing room of passion and team spirit do not stick around.

    Ronaldo doing this may be borderline irritable right now but the cancer has to be removed if the body is going to live on successfully.

    Poetic or WHAT? :P

  23. Scott the Red says:

    Tom F – United have spoken to the press about players they’re interested in the past, no doubt. I’m sure you’ll be able to find three different occasions when Fergie spoke of his admiration of Hargreaves whilst he was still at Munich.

    Is that comparable to the daily statements we had from Real Madrid for over a fortnight?

  24. UnitedRay says:

    You know it is just disgusting of rvn coming out to praise ronaldo as well. Rvn had a burst up with him and made him cry (typical spoilt prick). If they team up at real again, the same shit will (not might) happen. Because ronaldo is even more selfish now than he used to be. Rvn would not like a midfielder getting more goals than him. Trust me ronaldo will kill the team spirit in whichever team he joins after united.

  25. Ron says:

    Lets start a rumor just like Red Cafe did not so long ago and see how far it goes. The Red Cafe rumor was report by the papers as a fact. Yet it was complete BS. Off hand I cant remember the rumor they started.

    I think we should start this one and see where it goes…
    “Ronaldo to make a move to Chelsea after the EURO following Phil to the club.” This will not be reported by the parties involved untill after Portugal are finished. Deal to be for cash only and in the neighborhood of 75 million pounds.

  26. blindkat says:

    What happened to the 100 million? Then it was 80 mill, then 60 mil, now 50 wtf? If they want him 100 million pounds and ramos, sneijder, and ruud. I don’t think robinho would last thru 1 practice with rooney let alone a season in England. If ronaldo can’t handle gettin kicked there is no way robinho could take it. I’m really starting to hate ronaldo now, this should be a glory off season but he is making it suck, i’m starting to think he can fuck off he’s due for an injury and isn’t tough enough to come back from one imo. go to spain and be a has been in 2 years.

  27. Dave says:

    I quite agree with Parm. We have to turn the game on Real. Lets ask them for cash and players they wouldnt wana part with. I really hate them. They have nom respect for any team. And for Ronaldo he should learn to be faithful to the club that made him what he is.

  28. Phallus Nimrod says:

    Fergie, please call a press conference, sit down, smile and say “Real Madrid can get fucked.”

    Then leave.

  29. DuudeLove says:

    Forget about Ronaldo! He’s old news…

    What i am excited about is when Giggsy Scholesy and GdotNeville join Ole and become a formidable mamangement team. I can see Gary as the manager and Ryan and Paul as the coaches or assistants. I can also envisage a goal keeping coaching role for Edwin “Euro Hero” Van Der Sar. Then Beckham as some sort of ambassador like Robson. I would like Keano to play some part in all of this but wait…….


    P.S he wants to manage England aswell LOL


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