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Solskjaer Wins The League… Again!

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer lead his team to the Norwegian title for a second season running after beating Hønefoss 1-0 at home. They started today just one point clear but after a shock defeat for Strømsgodset by Sandnes Ulf, Molde were crowned champions.

Solskjaer won the title in his first season in charge of the club he played for before joining United, the first title in their 100 year history, and now has delivered consecutive titles.

Well done Ole!

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  1. United till I die says:

    @bobby charltons combover

    Ole might tick all the boxes except one. SAF himself said the next manger has to have vast experience in the game because being the top man at the biggest club in the world isn’t just about selecting 11 players to play on a Saturday afternoon. SAF admitted that he himself would struggle if he came to UTD now from Aberdeen because of the size and the global profile of the game these days.

    Not saying ole can’t be the manager one day but IMO he’s not even a top 5 candidate right now. Too many people thinking with their hearts and not with their heads. The glaziers won’t pick someone just because he’s the sentimental fans choice and rightly so. Look what happened with Liverpool and Dalglish he NEVER should have got the job full time but the fans romantic ideas of bringing back a club legend put pressure on the new owners to appoint him and we all know how that turned out.

    If we are going to consider Ole then why army we talking about Keano or Steve Bruce as well. Both are every bit club idols who have at least managed in the EPL before and I dare say Keano knows the club just as well as anyone.

  2. SimonJ says:

    Come home and stop wasting your time in Norway OLEGEND!!!

  3. montanared says:

    What it takes to be a United boss is class,graft, balls, and loyalty. 2Olegend has them all. The fact that he returned to his youth team says it all, Molde not winning the title for a hundred years shows that ole wasn’t looking for quick success but rather repaying the team he was brought up in. he has only been involved with 2 teams his whole career, soon he will have achieved all he can with Molde meaning there is only 1 place for him to go.

  4. King Eric says:

    Bobby Charlton’s Combover – Spot on post. Someone said if we are talking Ole then why not Keano or Bruce? Ole ‘s intelligence of the game is second to none, knows the game inside out. Tougher than people think too. 20LEGEND

  5. The One says:

    Super win for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer!!

    I think it’s a really great achievement and shows what a good manager he is and what a potentially great manager he could become. People may say that the Norwegian league is substandard but what should be noted is that he’s gone to a club which hasn’t even won the league in its entire history and won successive titles – an amazing feat in my opinion. You can only beat the competition put before you with whatever resources at your disposal and he has done exactly that. He is definitely enhancing his reputation and I think the world will take notice!!

  6. The One says:

    I’m beginning to think that he is capable of taking over the reins from Sir Alex when he retires.

  7. LexxytheRED says:

    I truly wish Ole well and hope to see him in the United dugout in the future

  8. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    @United till I die – I totally agree with letting hearts ruling heads. While my post may seem like I am in favour or Ole as the next manager I’m not convinced he should be but he shouldn’t be disregarded either simply because he hasn’t been at the helm of a big club.
    I agree there is no way Dalglish should have been appointed and people who want old heroes like Shearer for example to be manager is plain stupid.
    That said sometimes there is managerial talent that has maturity beyond it’s years and I think Ole might be one of those.
    I think the main thing he might have against him is The Glazers who as you say won’t be willing to appoint a fans favourite but will ‘play it safe’ with an established name.

  9. ChrisW says:

    Brilliant job. He’s shown that last season wasn’t a fluke and he’s shown loyalty by not running off to England after one year. However, if he is to progress in management he now needs to move on. A Norwegian club with a £10m budget is a far cry from the Premiership. A job managing an ambitious Championship side would be a good next step.

  10. United till I die says:

    @ Bobby charltons combover

    I agree the glaziers will play it safe and go for established name who can continue our success. When SAF retires we will be entering one of the most important times in the clubs history. With our current debt it’s important we maintain some level of success so we can continue to pay down the debt.

    For me personally Jose Mourhino is the the man for the job. From a pure footballing standpoint his record is as good as anyone’ in in the game right now. He’s had success in England and he seems to get the best out of his players. Because of his success so called big name players want to work with him which can only help in attracting players to the club. People can say just having the chance to wear our shirt should be enough for players to join the club but unfortunately that’s not enough these days and given our current financial situation having him would help in that regard. I also think he would help us tactically as that’s not exactly SAF strong point and Mike Phealen is just a yes man.

    Mourhino does come with baggage. His antics on the sideline against Barcalona when he put his hands on the coach was a disgrace and a embarrassment to the club and it would need to be made clear from the start that that type of stuff wouldn’t be tolerated at man utd. I know there are concerns about his lack of promoting youth and the style of football he sometimes plays but I won’t get into that right now. IMO At the end if the day the list of people to replace SAF is going to be very small with only the best of the best being considered.


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