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Solsksjaer Interview After Molde Victory

Following the celebration with Molde fans, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gave his reaction to leading his team to their first ever league title in his first year as manager.

Interviewer: You’ve been a champion as a player (in England), now you’re a champion as a coach, what does that feel like?

Ole: It’s incredibly fun, and it’s so much fun to watch the boys who haven’t won anything. It’s only Magne (Hoseth) who’s won the league before. They’ve deserved it.

Interviewer: On your first attempt Ole Gunnar, as a coach in Norway, what are your criteria for success?

Ole: Good players. A manager is never better than his players. And they’ve been fantastic. It’s well deserved. Daniel (Berg Hestad) has had this coming for a long time, Magne Hoseth, a lot of young, new players, Magne came on and scored today, who’s a local boy, it’s incredibly fun.

Interviewer: You look remarkably calm, do you feel as calm as you look?

Ole: Yes. (laughs) I’ve won something before.

Interviewer: What’s it like to see your boys like this?

Ole: It’s fun, it’s incredibly fun to see, the boys have been incredible. From day one. And the atmosphere has been fantastic, I saw mid season that they started to believe that this was possible, and I expect us to become even better next year. They’ve won something now, they know what it feels like.

Interviewer: Thank you. How will this be celebrated, Ole Gunnar?

Ole: The boys are going to have a massive night, how long they’ll keep going I have no idea.

Interviewer: So they’re off the leash now?

Ole: Yes, they’re off the leash. They’re off for the week.

Interviewer: And Solskjær himself?

Ole: He’s off for the week as well!


Translated by Miss United

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Zibbie says:

    Thanks Gunnar!!! My bad all.
    @Cyril your awesome dude, so fucking funny!! You go man, find a animator and go man!!! Talent is a weird thing, every one has a idea of what you should do with it. Even I do. Do what makes you happy. It seems exploring this thing is fun to you now. I want you to know you have touched a nerve with us here. Pull, stretch explore your comfort zones. To find the fastest way around the track, means you must crash. Think how you have learned or explored something new in the past. And apply the same process.

  2. Sandeep1878 says:


    good naalysis mate,

    fact that MOLDE have spent the most on signings this season tell that OLE is looking beyond Norwegian league,

    he is a very compact, emotional and passionate man, no wonder he takes his family back home because when you have kids, its better they learn from the home, there is more ease and there is more safety

    Hey Zibbie,

    how was the celebration mate?

    glad you are back :)

  3. Lovin' United says:

    Had to share it here, freaking hilarious:

  4. Zibbie says:

    Gunnar was and is awesome.!! What a link!!

  5. CedarsDevil says:

    Having followed this great club for so many years I often get asked the obvious question(s) ‘Who is your favorite player?’ ‘What is your favorite moment?’ etc

    My favorite player everyone here knows but how on earth can I not be in love with every red that wore the shirt and wore it with pride…. How on earth can I seriously pick out just one moment, just ONE? I cannot

    This club has affected me in ways I cannot begin to describe, UNITED is truly my life and my genuine love affair

  6. Alom says:

    Off Topic!!

    ESPN Classic are doing a 5-part series Celebrating Fergie’s 25 years at United!!

    more info:

    First one is tonight at 10pm

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    You lads get yourselves over to vote for Jones. Yeah, or we’ll sick Vidic on ya! ;)

  8. Clint-iamyourpapii says:

    Zibbie You missed out on beautiful player. Even in 2006-07 his last season he was a great striker.
    I was sad to see him retire after he was robbed of at least another 60 goals for us in between 2003-06.
    He could play left wing,right wing,striker, could cross the ball, dribble, the lot.

    Beautiful baby faced assasin 20LEGEND

  9. CedarsDevil says:

    Zibbie – Just call him Ole, its how most United fans refer to him, just Ole…. Glad you enjoyed the link my good friend…

    Sandeep – Evening buddy and thanks for the mention

  10. Zibbie says:

    Holloween is the celebration of the wild and wicked and it was awesome. My friends in the band are now 35 or so and I meet them 15 years ago. I do not play an instrument, but I free form verse. A steam of consciousnesses. They invited me on the stage and we improvised for 20 mins and bought the house down. Wicken is a big movement here in the states an they were out in force last night. And are drawn to alpha dogs, so me and my boys were pull rushed by hot women last night.

  11. CedarsDevil says:


    He was a beauty was he not? Damn I miss him……His injury time winner vs Liverpool still gives me a great buzz

  12. kiccha says:

    cyril . . . electronic scale ? Malcolm x t shirt ? helicopter landing ? spandex car? :lol:
    legendary :D

  13. WillieRedNut says:

    Zibbie – I used to be a werewolf….but I’m ok nowoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  14. CedarsDevil says:


    Cyril is indeed a legend and brilliant writer…. Such a privilege that he is a red too!

  15. CedarsDevil says:

    Willie in da house! Hide your sheep, not from a shagging point of view of course but he will eat them up!! hahaha :-)

  16. Zibbie says:

    1878 The band is called the Grasshoppers, a great jam band. They did a Led Zep tribute. Dressed like Jimmy Page, Robert, John Paul and John Bonnzo. It was awesome!! They get 800 to 1500 people in Madison and Milwaukee per show.

  17. Zibbie says:

    Wolfie, I was running with the pack last night.
    I try to be on the bad side of good. Not the good side of bad.

  18. CedarsDevil says:

    Just give the ball to Ole, he will score, he ALWAYS scores…….

    Hernandez seems very similar to me in so many ways

  19. Sandeep1878 says:


    who? the Wee Willie? :P

  20. Sandeep1878 says:

    Phil Jones has been nominated for the 2011 “Golden Boy” award

    Phil Jones is currently leading the ‘Golden Boy 2011′ award’s voting ahead of Thiago Alcantara, Mario Gotze, Jack Wilshere and Eden Hazard.

    get in there Beast you beauty

  21. Mikekelly12 says:

    Evening pal. Yep he was one in a million! You’re right about picking a favourite but I guess people go with the player who they could relate to during those early impressionable years of watching the boys run out onto the pitch as we looked on in awe!

  22. Zibbie says:

    Ole! Ole! Oxen free!

  23. Mikekelly12 says:

    Evening pal. What’s the Golden Boy? I’d have any of those lads mentioned in my team!

  24. WillieRedNut says:

    Cedars Zibbie

    Jello gents! Happy Halloween! :twisted: Micheal Myers is a legend. ;)

  25. CedarsDevil says:


    You do know my personal favorite though buddy…. Its a favorite moment that I struggle with, sort of varies from time to time

  26. Mikekelly12 says:

    Of course I do pal, it’s the same as mine. Captain Marvel!! Favourite moments…. Good god, too many to mention!

    New thread by the way boys.

  27. Sandeep1878 says:

    Evening my friend Mike,

    its an award given to the rising footballer below 21 years age i think,

    check this out in wiki,

    its conducted by Italian newspaper tuttosport,

    in the next post i will give you the link where you can vote and our beast is leading by huge margin…

  28. Sandeep1878 says:

    u guys can vote their,

    i know not the greatest thing but when you look at the nominated players and the players who ahve won in the past, it just goes on to show on what sacle the world is looking at our beasty and veratile Jonesy

  29. Cyril Sneer says:

    @Cedars & kiccha – Thank you so much for the great comments, you’re too kind. Glad you had a laugh.

    @Zibbie – Thank you too for your fantastic support, I really appreciate it. I’ll copy your comment over. I’m just doing whatever springs to mind at the moment and I’m very much an enthusiastic amateur. It would be very cool to work with an artist or animator, maybe one of our fellow reds will volunteer their services sometime.

    Getting back on topic, I’m very thrilled for Ole Gunnar. He was part of that very special team we all love and I don’t think there is any United fan that doesn’t think of him as one of their favourites.

    The thing I always loved about him wasn’t just his fantastic skill but his unassuming personality. I’d love to see him back at united some day.

  30. CedarsDevil says:


    Just imagine Ole on your team! That would be a blast

    Sweet talk them with his cute looks then blast the fuck out of them! hahahaha

  31. Cyril Sneer says:

    @Cedars – He did make a guest appearance a while back, I’m sure he’ll be back sometime…

    This was Ole’s cameo for those that missed it:

  32. scan74 says:

    well done ole lad

    deserves all his success top man

  33. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Ask and thou shall receive. Will try and keep it as short as I can. Firstly I truly believe we are at the point of the calm before the storm. As slim pointed out Fergie has 5 years max left unless he can pull a David Attenborough and still do the business into his 80s.

    The storm is unfortunately the ownership, read something from MUST (which I do take with a pinch of salt) about how Kevin Glazer has a non-executive director has bought $10.6 million worth of bonds. This a quote from the email I got.

    “The accounts also revealed that Kevin Glazer, who is a non-executive member of the club’s board of directors, and his immediate family own $10.6m worth of the club’s bonds. Those bonds pay an interest interest rate of 8.375 per cent – meaning our club is now not only paying interest on their debt but actually now paying interest to Glazer family members on part of their debt that they landed on our club.”

    The ownership care about one thing and one thing only. Money. From this point onwards I will leave all emotions aside and look at this a strictly business point of view which is what the owners will be doing anyway. We will make more money if we win more stuff. The only way that will happen is if we have a decent manager with a proven track record. Ole doesn’t fit the bill unless he wins the Champions League with Molde or gets a top job and dominates the league there.

    Fortunately the Manchester United job when it becomes available will be the biggest job football has ever had a vacancy for. We’re likely to go for a Mourinho, Ancelotti and possibly Guardiola, that type of manager. Someone who has done it. Bringing Ole in would be seen as a huge risk for the owners as it will deter sponsorship and maybe even investment in the future. Success is needed for the owners to pull in the type of money they are despite all the commercial deals. The fact we made more money out of the Champions League than Barcelona last season speaks volumes, but there has to be success to get that kind of cash.

    Villas-Boas at chelski you ask? Well, if he hadn’t won the Europa League he wouldn’t be at chelski, he also has the luxury of answering to a billionaire owner who doesn’t need to make money of chelski. Also he’s done nothing at chelski yet. Guardiola was an in house appointment but reserve team football in Spain play in a competitive league unlike in England. An up and coming manager like that may be a possibility but its hard to speculate who as we don’t know the exact time frame of when Fergie calls it quits. As an example Martin O Neill was a name touted quite vigorously at one point and he’s fallen off the radar which indicates how things can change very quickly.

    We have to remember who the owners are, why they are the owners and what they have done for the fans of the club so far. Even the free scarves at the Spurs game this season and the Manchester Derby marking the 50th Anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster weren’t provided by them. The fans on here who know what the club is about aren’t who the glazers are interested in. They only care about the fans that buy the merchandise and lots of it. These are the fans that are more likely to leave games early, glazers aren’t interested about the man who still wears his 95/96 jersey to games with the lettering peeling off but stays till the end of games win, lose or draw. They don’t like the vocal supporters hence no attempt in trying to band together sections all around the stasium to increase vocal support. Email enquires aren’t even responded to. These types of supporters embarrass them abroad.

    The only reason I made the Man United programme (randomnly) was because I had the United jersey on. If they heard what I was saying when they took that picture I doubt I would have made it in. I may be going off on a tangent here but to want someone like Ole (before him it was Hughes at one point then before that Keano and before that Robbo) is great for the reasons already mentioned by some of the guys here but when have the owners ACTUALLY listened to the fans about anything? They will hire whatever makes the most money and sentimental reasons will not play a part no matter how loud the 25,000 people shout inside OT and even smaller percentage shout outside the ground.

    They will more likely listen to the guy who’s covered head to toe in Official Manchester United Merchandise TM, who phones in saying we should sell Nani and buy Downing (yes I heard that a few years ago). Same people who wanted O Neill and now want Mouriniho. These are the masses of the 333 million fans we have, these are the ones who spend money. Bringing in an unproven name will be a huge risk financially not to decrease the debt but to MAKE money.

    From a footballing point of view it didn’t work when Sir Matt gave the reigns to Wilf McGuiness. I know that was before my time but I have read up on it. Similar things have happened at other clubs Shearer at Newcastle the most recent. Sousness at liverpool didn’t work either. There is a huge risk that a legend may desecrate his name as a manger due to the impatient nature of fans and owners in todays footballing world.

    I personally have no specific name in mind. Its hard to when you don’t know when Fergie is calling it a day. I prefer it to be a British manager but don’t think it will. Since Wenger has come into the league every big club thinks foreign is the way to go. Roy Hodgson was the last British appointed manager of a big club and look what happened to him. Through no fault of their own British managers aren’t given opportunities at the top clubs as they are seen as a risk for some reason. We have foreign owners they will be advised the same thing.

    History, legacy, tradition, values are all brilliant things to talk about as fans but they won’t be looked at when the owners hire the next guy. These are just buzz words that will be used at the unveiling press conference. Fergie will have a say, but not the final say.

    With a gun to my head if it had to be a foreign manager I would pick Guardiola. At least he brings players through. If I had to pick an British one, I’d be dead there isn’t a candidate suitable enough and times have changed since Fergie won the league and Cup Winners Cup with Aberdeen.

  34. dannysoya says:

    “Oh united have been buying the lge since 1992″
    See this and forever keep your smelly mouths shut.

  35. WillieRedNut says:

    NRD – Some interesting points in there mate. The biggest one of all, the owners. Make no mistake, they will have the final say on who takes the reigns from the great man. I’ve always had a theory though, that by the time Fergie is ready to retire, the Glazers will be ready to sell the club. My preference would be blanc and Ole. Blanc has dealt with egos, managing the French team. He was at United for 2 years. The boss thought well of him apparently. Smart cookie. So is Ole. That would be my dream team. Will it happen? I hope so, but maybe that’s a romantic view by me. :)

  36. Zibbie says:

    NRD nice, and thanks for your thoughts!
    SAF wants to leave the club in the state where almost no one could fuck it up over night. I came into the PL as a fan in the 2003/04 season the fucking Gunners undefeated run. Then the next 2 years Jose and Chelski. SAF saw the bar raised by the Russian mob money. He made a team to beat them and 3 out of 4 CL finals came with it!. Now new Oil money is his goal. To leave Man Utd regardless of owner and gaffer in a position to succeed.
    The Glazzers made it through the recession with the money from Man Utd. They have doubled the clubs worth and have produced 100,000,000.00 pound revenue stream. I see them selling in 2 to 5 years. SAF might know more? Wait for the sale them ride into the sunset.

  37. SINGH7 says:

    Fergie 25 yrs at Utd … Guy Roux 44 yrs at Auxerre … Fucking hell ..

  38. StatesideAussie says:

    I agree with NRD. Whatever we want, the suits will go for the option they perceive as being the least risky in terms of our continued success in the short term. If we are still privately owned, the Glazers will want to show that SAF’s departure has not caused any immediate damage, so that they can still get their “value” if/when they sell. If we are a public company by then, it will be all about the share price. My money would be on them choosing Pep or Maureen, probably the latter. The suits won’t care about what sort of football we play, so long as it is winning football (though having said that, I have to admit the Virus have been a different team so far this year).

    The crazy thing is that I believe this club is actually one of the few whose reputation is strong enough to withstand a few years in the wilderness — one of the few that could afford not to win anything for a few years while it rebuilt, without being knocked off its perch as the number one name in global sports. Not that I want that, of course :-) But if any club could afford to take a risk in the short term, in order for longer term gain, it is us.

    But that would take guts, and in my experience, financial suits are only courageous when playing with someone else’s money. If it’s their own, you wouldn’t believe how conservative they can be!

  39. Bad Wolf says:

    Here’s a video of Josh gatt i found

  40. Costas says:

    I don’t think it’s a given that Ole wouldn’t work at United. By the time Fergie retires, Solskjaer might have around 5-7 years of experience in management. Plus, who knows? Maybe Ole’s mentality may suit the club more than the Mourinhos and Ancelottis of this world.

    At the same time, you have to say that Notorious raises some excellent points. Personally, I’d hire someone with experience and Ole as his number 2. Once that guy leaves (and I don’t see him staying at OT for more than 1/5 of the time Fergie did), Solskjaer will take over.

  41. WillieRedNut says:

    Costas – You stealing my ideas? ;) Blanc and Ole. YHIHF :)

  42. CedarsDevil says:


    Many thanks for that post and your thoughts my friend, I enjoyed reading it but will reserve my response to such a time that I actually can!

  43. Costas says:

    I know you’ve suggested it willie, but something tells me that the Glazers might have a Mourinho/Ole team in mind. Like mixing oil with water isn’t it? :lol:

  44. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Cheers for the feedback guys. When it comes to discussing the future of our club I’m very passionate about it. I would love to adopt the romantic view but in reality I don’t think we can afford to. Continued success is a must until the debt is £100 million. Personally after watching and reading about Frozen Planet and how Sir David Attenborough went to the North Pole whilst in his 80s I am hoping Fergie can do something similar as manager of our club.

  45. TatianaMUFC says:

    “I’ve won something before” – LEGEND!!!

    Is and will always be my most favourite United player. Class act!

  46. united4ever says:


  47. CedarsDevil says:


    Terrific post my friend, cannot argue with the sense you made and you made a lot of it… Only thing to add is that I am sure Sir Alex will have a big say in who takes over and hopefully history will not repeat it self as with Sir Matt and Wilf…

    You did some excellent homework my friend, well done


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