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Spirit Of Shankly? You’re A Disgrace!

The Spirit of Shankly Supporters Union should be a good thing. Only this week did I look at how pathetic the majority of Liverpool fans had been in reaction to their Yank takeover, but this union is nothing but a disgrace that does not deserve to associate itself with a great manager, and man, Bill Shankly.

You see, Shankly was a big fan of our Sir Matt, who came so close to losing his life, like eight of our players, following the tragedy of Munich, and would be horrified to see how people who associate themselves with him are behaving.

We all know that chants exist, that go back and forth, about Munich and Hillsborough. You’ve got a screw lose if you think it’s acceptable to poke fun at innocent people dying, but of course, after years of them singing about Munich, some of our fans couldn’t quite manage to rise above singing about their disaster after it occurred. A sick kind of pay back time.

Regardless, these fans are in the minority, for both clubs. But then when at the end of season do, you’ve got your supporters’ union chanting and singing about one of these disasters, you’ve got to take a long hard look at your club and your supporters, and what you stand for, and wonder what the fuck went wrong. Shankly would be rolling in his grave if he could see how the vermin who belong to his club behave. This isn’t the odd fan, a small minority, this is their supporters’ union end of season party.

“Our aim, as the Liverpool Supporters’ Union, is to represent our members, our fellow Liverpool fans. This is our chance, as fans, to stand together and speak with one voice, on the issues that we want to talk about.”

Spirit of Shankly end of season do
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Before you get too angry though, remember that pity is a probably a far more healthier emotion. Thank fuck we’re not them! Low life vermin whose own supporters’ union is rotten to the core. But can you imagine the uproar if this was us? Can you imagine how this country would react if at the MUST do we were singing about Hillsborough??

Regardless this happened two weeks ago and ‘Spirit of Shankly’ made a statement to “condemn” the behaviour once the videos made the internet. Apparently this was an “unscheduled performance” and they will “increase back-stage security for future events” to prevent this from happening again. What a load of bollocks. It’s funny how this “impromptu performance” was allowed to go on and on though, with no SOS organisers making any attempt to get him off stage and stop him from singing about Munich. They want to distance themselves from it now it’s all over the internet, but clearly at the time, they weren’t so bothered! What a fucking embarrassment. Same old scousers.

If I was a Liverpool fan I’d want shut of this SOS as soon as possible and I hope all those hundreds/thousands of fans who signed up with their £10 feel sick about it now. I’m sure Shankly’s granddaughter, Karen Gill, isn’t feeling too great either after giving them her full backing. If the national press do choose to run with this story (which we can’t rely on! We should remember how them defacing our stadium with Munich and Shipman graffiti was played down, with the FA picking up the tab for the clean-up job and no punishment being handed to their fans! Had we written about their tragedy all over Anfield our fans would probably have been banned from away matches!) then it really will drag SOS, and as a consequence, Liverpool FC, through the dirt. These are the people speaking to all the rags on a daily basis at the moment, airing their opinion on behalf of Liverpool fans. And they are the same people who sing Munich at their official functions. Shameful.

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  1. Rob says:

    they are comparable is that both acts are despicable, and should have nothing to do with the modern game.

  2. King Eric says:

    Rob – You are right.

    Tufty – I actually prefer the “who the fuck are Man Utd” chant,I like the irony. Off topic I know but had to tell you mate!

  3. Alan says:

    Im a Liverpool Fan and have missed a handful of games home or away over the past 35 years and was at Heysel and Hillsborough, I am also a member of Spirit of Shankly (SOS) an personally know many of the SOS committee.

    Genuinely, this was a serious messup and was not planned in any way, the singer turned up towards the end of the party, went on stage and sang a few good LFC songs and just tagged this one at the end.
    I havnt spoke with the SOS lads about this so my guess is that it might have been easier at that point to let him finish and try to contain it, rather than drag him off and risk unrest as the place was bouncing.

    Anyhow, its certainly not something to be proud of and you can be sure it wont happen again.

    Anyone out there think its possible to get our heads together and make this Munich, Heysel and Hillsborough (chronological order) stuff go away or at least tone it all down?

    How about getting MUST and SOS together at a neutral venue and laying down some ground rules, I think we keep our idiots on a leash, how about your lot?

    Apologies to you United fans, this should not have happened.

  4. FIOS says:

    Surely the “Where’s your famous Munich song” chant is just as bad as Liverpool fans singing “2:0 to the murderers”, no matter how ironic they are supposed to be.

  5. King Eric says:

    Alan – Fair play to your comments pal.

  6. Alan says:

    On a lighter note,
    Q. What have Aex Ferguson, Susan Boyle and David Moyes got in common ?
    A. They are all miserable ugly sweatys who recently got stuffed in a final.

  7. Moose says:

    I’m a Liverpool fan and I just want to echo what others have said. The chant was a disgrace. The failure to stop it was a disgrace. The half-hearted “apology” was a disgrace. Most Liverpool fans I know were already cynical about this SOS group, but now they’re finished. They were set up, and got some support, to try to get rid of the jokers who own our club, but they haven’t even done anything on that score for months.

    Like 99% of supporters I think trying to score cheap points using the deaths of innocent people is pathetic. To some extent, its a problem all clubs have, and I think we all have a responsibility to challenge this kind of behaviour amongst people who claim to support our clubs.

    Inevitably, Heysel has reared its head in this thread and I just want to make a quick point about it. Whilst the efforts of some to deny the involvement of Liverpool “supporters” is embarrassing, hooliganism was a problem that affected all of English football at the time. To me, the hooligans, whatever shirts they were wearing, were not football fans. I am not comfortable with the idea that I personally should be labelled a murderer because of, or take responsibility for, the actions of hooligans who were wearing Liverpool shirts.

  8. Alan says:

    I personally have no problem with the “Without killing anyone” tee shirt but I do know a lot of people who will.

    Just dont kick off when someone comes up with a 5 star “Without crashing anything” tee shirt.

  9. JB1973 says:

    Typical of the lpool fans, I fully expect there to be a justice for the 39 any day soon.

    Maybe that sue johnson and ricky tomlinson will come onto the pitch again and start giving it large about them? while those loveablescousers all sing along to some crappy song from a musical

  10. Billabongbob says:

    Tufty, thanks for the correction – a typo, however it doesn’t change the fact that people died because of an over reaction. Yes the wall should have taken the pressure but then as I stated if it hadn’t then possibly more would have died, what does annoy me and plenty of others though is the constant deniel that they had any thing to do with the deaths. And no, United fans of that era were not angels and hadn’t been for many years as I can remember plenty of games in the 70′s were violence was the norm at matches so for us to say that we hold the moral ground either on violent fans or chants/songs stance is a bit like the kettle calling the pot black. All clubs have fans that will chant songs that are improper, politically incorrect and until th majority make a stand against it it will continue. Let’s get our own house in order 1st before we get uppity about other teams supporters.

  11. Alan says:

    Let me get this right Bob, you want all football fans to stand up against politically incorect songs, thats lunacy (and thats probably politically incorrect)

  12. Rat Eating Bin Dipper says:

    ” Prior to tragedy the wall had no pressure on it so therefore was standing. Liverpool fans attempt to attack Juventus fans who try to move away. Pressure is put on wall. Wall unable to take pressure collapses and thus killing 59 Juventus fans. So, in conclusion, before Juventus fans charged by Liverpool fans, wall was safe and standing and therefore not a safety issue”

    Go forward to Rome 2007, Scholes scores utd fans attempt to attack Roma supporters, the fence is secure unlike Heysel, the police retaliate mancs crying all the way home and all over the media, there but for the grace of god go I.

  13. ll says:

    dont think that all red fans are like that, their is a natural rivalry between us except for a few idiots, i`m a scouser with a good number of manc mates so dont tarnish me with that brush, considering the number of people in the audience that night the chant isnt so front. its like in the background, nine out of ten fans their that night were disgusted at the actions of idiots

  14. Mark W says:

    Even I as a Chelsea fan support United on this one! Some Liverpool fans are just scum, if these people take over it will be like the BNP taking over England – I mean look, on their board of members they all look like skinheads! Their main dress to a meeting is Kappa tracksuits with Reebok trainers, my 14 year old brother probably makes more money a year than most of them! Hopefully Anfield burns down with these cretins inside it and rids us of them!

  15. bobby says:

    Liverpool and man united have idiots on both sides,spirit of shankly represent only fans with a yob mentality,man u’s manager is a cheat who bullies refs,hard to believe shankly was a fan of busby he certainly would not be a fan of should get your own house in order, i have seen many horrible things at old trafford in my years following lpool.

  16. thesandon says:

    Firstly SOS do not represent the views of all Liverpool fans, secondly they have a membership of just under 3,000. Like United, LFC have a worldwide fanbase consisting of millions these idiots in the minority hardly represent the majority worldwide do they?.
    These idiots seem to have drawn the scum to them to try and give them a purpose in life, £10 buys them a shiny badge and discounted away travel which is fine but they don’t speak for me or the other decent minded ordinary Liverpool supporters.
    Anybody who sings about innocent people dying is sick in the head irregardless to what team they support.

  17. anti-looserfool says:

    Liverpool YNWA!
    You’ll Never Win Again..!!!
    Again… Again… Again…

  18. thesandon says:

    anti-looserfool – Don’t really see what yesterdays result has to do with this thread?.

    1. It was 3 points, the same as if we had beaten Stoke, yeah it was a great day but still 3 points at the end of the day.

    2. It was good to see that the 10,000 marchers that they expected was in fact a mere 1,000 which was down on last years march by a good few thousand, true LFC fans have seen through this yob group. The well documented end of season bash they had seems to have also seen membership numbers drop due to the incident of the munich singing.
    Like I said above they don’t speak for the majority as much as well all want the yank$ out.

  19. gerrardisgod68 says:

    just like to say sorry on behalf of real lfc fans not the idiots its times like these we should forget our rivalry and unite to get rid of small minded fans which tarnish the great name of our clubs we all love football and most of us care a great deal and are very passionate and it hurts when this type of childish moronic behaviour happens i hope they are punished for there actions and are not allowed upon our hallowed ground again they dont deseve too so do me a favour even lpool fans give em all a thick ear and tell them to go and crawl back under there rocks and dont bother coming back out again lol

  20. georgie says:

    to those of you claiming the moral high ground, take a long hard look at the people around you next time you play liverpool (and sometimes when you don’t-now there’s a difference between us and you, we are not obsessed with you as you are with us)
    i’ve heard similar ant-liverpool chants every time i’ve been to your place, at our place, at Wembley,at Cardiff, on you-tube etc etc etc.
    check you tube out if you want evidence….no, thought not

  21. tony smith says:

    why are they chanting “Rooney”?

  22. united196 says:

    I am sick and tired of so called united fans taking the morale high ground. Lets face facts these same people sing all the time where’s you famous Munich song to Liverpool Fans!! so much respect for the victims and their familes. Also hillsbrough songs are regular events.

    Also as some one who went to our game against Juventus in 1984 now what the italians are like just like the Roma fans a few years ago.

    Stop spouting about the scousers and get behind united

  23. Southpaw says:

    The problem is, there is a percentage of idiots in both cities who live their limited lives within this ‘scouse-manc’ farce. Most Liverpool and United supporters are ok, they have the ability to debate, support and be passionate, but then you have the minority who have nothing else in their lives.

    The people chanting Munich in that video are as bad as the United fans who chant similar things to Liverpool, all sub-human idiots.

    Liverpool and Manchester are two great historic cities with two great historic, successful football clubs.

    Manchester United have had the better teams and the most success over the past seventeen years and Liverpool fans have to live with that, just as United fans had to live with the previous twenty years before that when Liverpool were the most successful club. I am a Liverpool fan and it has not been easy watching United creep closer to our haul of domestic and European titles and if Ferguson does ‘Knock us off our perch’ by achieving the, currently required, nineteen League titles and six European Cups, we will just have to live with that.

    Fortunately for me, my life is not riddled with contempt for a city and it’s football team. I lived in Salford for four years and the people were fine, Manchester is great and Roy Keane is my favourite non-Liverpool player ever.

    I still hope United never win anything again, but I don’t want to see them in the same financial situation we are now in and I don’t want to see them suffer human loss. Maybe it is just how you are brought up? Someone has to take responsibility for the attitudes of the idiots. If I hear a Liverpool fan saying ‘I hate Mancs’ I question them why. It is embarrassing.

  24. satpalram says:

    Fucking disgrace,

    LFC Supporter.

  25. manu_for_life says:

    Hope all the people involved in this video die a slow and painful death, fucking cunts


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