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Spurs in danger of putting us in Europa League

Yet another dreadful result for Tottenham Hotspur today, showing that some clubs even manage to be worse than us in the big games this season, but they still remain above us in the league.

They’ve played against Arsenal on three occasions and have lost all three of them. They lost 4-0 to Chelsea, 6-0 to City away, 5-1 to City at home, 5-0 to Liverpool at home and today, 4-0 to Liverpool today. It’s worth noting that this team with seemingly no bottle whatsoever has still picked up more points than David Moyes’ Manchester United.

Still, as it stands, United avoid the embarrassment and distraction of playing in the Europa League. If Spurs manage to screw up their end of the season and allowed United to finish 6th, that place in Europa would be ours.

If Arsenal win the FA Cup, as you might imagine they would give then only teams remaining are Wigan, Hull and Sheffield United, there was some talk of the 7th placed team reaching Europa. In actual fact, who wins the FA Cup has no impact on the 7th placed team. The winner of the FA Cup will get Europa. If Arsenal win the FA Cup, whoever they beat in the final will get Europa.

Still, with just two points between us and Spurs, there’s every chance that United could finish 6th this season, which would condemn us to Europa football next season.

The competition would start for us in the Third qualifying round with the first leg taking place on July 31st and the second leg a week later. So, just two weeks after the World Cup finished, United could be playing against the team that finish 3rd in the Cypriot league, the fourth best side in Russia and the winners of the Austrian Cup.

In the third and fourth weeks of August, assuming we got through, we would then play in the play-off round, possibly against the winners of the Swiss Cup, the Danish Cup or the third best side in Ukraine.

Then comes the group stage which starts in the third week of September, meaning by the end of September you have played in five games in Europe. This season, by the end of September, we had played in one game in Europe.

The extra games knacker you out and if the prize waiting for you at the end is the European Cup then it is worth it. But the idea of playing all these games, more than you do in the Champions League, just to be in with a chance of winning the Europa League seems ridiculous. In weeks where we could be resting our players, making them better available for the Premier League game at the weekend, we would be travelling all over Europe. For our away fans, this is quite a prospect, getting to go to countries and grounds they’ve never been to before. But from a practical point of view, one that wants United to do as well as they possibly can next season, avoiding Europa would certainly be in our best interest.

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  1. Mav says:

    Lol okay. City and Chelsea are better than us.

    Arsenals midfield (like most other teams) is better than us, but not my much. I think we make up for it in other areas so I’m not going to give you that but its close.

    Liverpool……freaking Liverpool? With Luis Suarez the only player of note? No way no how are Liverpool a better squad than us.

    Only Liverpool players that will make our squad are Suarez and Lucas. That is it. No one else.

  2. iamMatty says:

    APRIL 1, 2014 AT 02:06
    DeGeaWeTrust says:
    If you have noticed, Moyes has been changing the way he sets united
    up in the last few games, he’s trying new things, like the new 4231
    system hes trying out has of late, heck hes playing kagwa and mata
    central, and feeding the ball to rooney. Moyes has just done it a bit
    too late, better late than never they always say. The RVP injury has
    been the best thing that has happened to united this season, you
    playing to rooney’s strengths, hes up top, and letting guys like mata
    and kagwa pull the stings in the third part of the pitch. Like I say, its
    going to take any manager 3 years to get this squad rebuilt
    And that is why he always reverts to his trusty 4-4-2 in all the big games?

  3. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ De Gea – everyone is ageing. You are ageing, I am ageing, your left toe is ageing. I really don’t see your point.

    First – The SQUAD is NOT ageing, the average age is lower than it was last year. Including the average age of the first XI.

    Second -The point of saying a player is older or experienced does not mean they are over the hill can’t do a job and are not fit for purpose which is what you and Moyes are implying. The only player I would say is now clearly past it is Rio. Bayern has older regular players than us and a older average age.

    Look at Moyes f’d up wording, other managers talk a squad with a mix of experience and youth as a good thing – e.g. Pep, SAF, Maureen.

    Moyes talks about ageing squad and he uses aged instead of a squad with a few experienced players that need to be phased out or replaced deliberately to give the impression falsely that the team is all old and unfit for purpose. Its a pure load of fucking bollocks.

    In foorball, 33 is not an old player, 34 on you are definitely an older player looking at the end of your career, It also matters what positions you play. E.g. VDS in us for goal had a longer life span than e.g. a full back.

  4. The_red_devils says:

    Ageing players?
    De gea-23

    giggs and ferdinand are coming to end of thier carrers, but they both only play odd games here and there.

    Evra-has been just as poor since around 2010

    carrick and vida got still 1-2 years left in the tank.

    ‘Does a club that just won the league need a spurs type spending spree? Did we lose our prize asset? Have i missed something? Ultimately every season you need 2-3 fresh face to shuffle your pack.
    Whether its sport science or a motivational manager you have to squeeze that extra percentage out of average players. Currently we ‘seem’ to be a team full of average players or are theyguided by an average manage’r??

  5. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    iamMatty – if you did some history, blackburn rovers 95, had one hell of a talented title winning squads, but failed horribly the next season, and this rovers side had some damn fine players like Alan Shearer which we could do with, they failed horribly. So do not underestimate that when you fail to strengthen a squad, and you lose a great manager, any side can fall this bad, that is sport for you

  6. Ezzerguru says:

    @NBI Red 21

    Like a moth drawn to a flame (or whatever the saying is) I can’t seem to stay away from this site. Often it infuriates me but I love hearing the different opinions don’t always agree with them but respect peoples right to have them.

    It’s fascinating to hear a different tone from previously die-hard Moyes supporters. I can’t stand the ‘he said, she said’ arguments that seem to run in parallel to the main topic… man is that tedious.

    Rarely is there much to smile about but the…
    “Fellani pace of an ant, carried on a sloth, riding on a tortoise dressed as a giraffe” comment had me chuckling out aloud, and makes me think now is probably a good time to call it a night.

  7. NBI Red 21 says:

    Chelsea, Spurs, Everton, Arsenal, Liverpool do not have better squads than us.

    We have a great mix of youth and experience. We have incredible players in many positions.

    Only City has a better squad than us.

  8. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Ezzerguru – ROM is addictive man, even when you don’t want to read it you read it, and it has its moments, sometimes you have to wade through a bit of shit but that’s the same everywhere. I think we do need a bit more humour on here though, we used to have a few witty dudes, so yeah it would be great to see people chuck in a few more one liners, helps the atmosphere too.

  9. OpikBidin says:


    Problem is not only the squad, but also tactics and formation. SAF mainly used Carrick as a DM, Rooney as the no.10 and Young-Valencia as wingers, plus he mainly plays 442. Even if he had played 4231, it was mostly Welbeck and Rooney who are there for their defensive work.

    This is also a problem Moyes should address, and it’s harder, because it has been proven to work under SAF. But I’ll be honest, Carrick shouldn’t be a DM if we have Fellaini, Fletcher and Jones, Rooney should never be a no.10 when we have Kagawa, Mata and Januzaj.

    How can Moyes change the tactics that has worked so well under SAF? it will be met by resistance, particularly if this means that player no longer has a place in the squad.

    Carrick can still be a CM or fill in at CB. But how about Rooney? can he compete with RVP at the striker spot? can he compete with Welbeck in the striker spot in games where counter with speed is more important?

    There have been numerous cases where a great team suddenly fall from grace after a coach change, our team after `1968, we are bloody European champions! or Inter Milan past the Treble and Mourinho. Rafael benitez is better than David Moyes, right?

    It doesn’t matter how good our squad are, because tactics and playes selection are the most important things. It doesn’t matter if you have Mata, Kagawa and Januzaj if you play Rooney as the no.10. It doesn’t matter if you have Januzaj and Nani if you are going to play valencia and Young. It doesn’t matter if you have Jones, Fellaini and Fletcher if you are going to play Carrick as a DM. It doesn’t matter if you have Evans, Jones and Smalling, if Rio and Vidic are your most trusted CBs.

  10. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    The_red_devils – and if you look at the defense, you got ageing players like ferdinand vidic and evra, yet no good backup for evra, and we got injury prone defenders like smallen evans and jones. You saying that midfield is not beatable? carrick fletcher fellaini and cleverly is not a great hand to be given, with out of form wingers like valencia nani and young, and most likely a 40 year old giggs is going to play against bayern. These are big problems for a so called top 4 side to have

  11. iamMatty says:

    @degeawetrust. Stop now mate, honestly you are embarassing yourself.
    Pick a book on world leaders and mind control and you will understand what moyes just did to you.
    A man who belittles his own players this much? And we all wonder why its looking like he’s lost the dressing room.

  12. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ De Gea – my last point on this as I think you are now arguing a bit just for the sake of arguing.

    Evra back up – Fabio and Buttner. Moyes sole Fabio without buying a replacement. Is this an old defence – you conveniently ignore we have 5CD’s.

    Rafael, Evans, Jones, Buttner.

    Its not an age issue. Evra plays ahead of Buttner on quality and you do not seem to understand the importance of experience. Hold your hands up mate, you have lost this argument hands down.

  13. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    OpikBidin – You play 4231, sacrifice RVP, play kagwa and mata closer to rooney, with 2 deeplying midfielders. It is pointless buying mata if you play 442, mata is your typical 4231 type of player, play to his strength. There are pieces there, Moyes next step is a new CM player, we need 2. Defense like I say, is high priority area

    Moyes 3 years for me, to fully see what he can do, hes got a big job to do, and with the way he has been setting united up, hes making some progress

  14. iamMatty says:

    I am just mentally worn out, the season ended for me after the liverpool game. I am just a bitter man living through the motions.
    Its so infuriating when you see something coming and others want to watch it come first before believing in its possibility.

  15. NBI Red 21 says:

    No De Gea – don’t read anything, go steal a donut and live on the wild side for a night, come back with your collar up and sugar high, then we talk.

    OK lights our for me.

    RYAN GIGGS – our saviour for Bayern, come on Giggsy!!!!!

    Moyes, tearing us apart since 2013.

  16. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    iamMatty – You have been embarrassing yourself all season if you think sacking Moyes will solve all our problems

    NBI – My opinion, I think this is one of the worst title winning squads in my time watching united,and our position shows this, evra is past it, how have I lost the argument? if its fact that our defense needs new blood, as its past it, or injury prone

  17. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ iamMatty – don’t be mentally worn out, snap out of it, we have a HUGE game tomorrow and we have a whole drama of a season left, ride this bitch of an opera like you mean it!

  18. iamMatty says:

    If you think the world is going to standstill for 3years waiting on you to experiment with an unproven quantity then you are in for a shocker.
    The 7months we’ve wasted has seen liverpool on the brink of undoing all it took this club 20 long years to achieve.

  19. OpikBidin says:


    I agree with you, except that RVP is better than Rooney. But because of that new contract, I too would stick with Rooney, there’s no other choice. I

    look at our main squad, not on the squad we should’ve used. By last season, we have:


    Tell me, is that squad good enough to be a champion?
    Jones/Smalling who are terrible at RB
    Rio-Vidic who has lost their legs and has to play a low line
    Evra who can’t track back
    Valencia-Young combination, choosen because they are suited to traditional wing play and can defend
    Carrick who just sits back
    Cleverley/Fellaini who should cover a large ground of area
    Rooney-RVP who keep getting to each other zones
    Rooney who when drops back, can just mark a man, but can’t create and do playmaking.

    In truth is, based on our tactics and formations, we are worse than Everton.

  20. The_red_devils says:

    Dea gea
    evra was just as poor last season, so nothing changed there. vidic still got 2 years left in the tank. Rio is aged, no doubt.
    As for injuries, last year carrick was playing as center back because of injuries.
    Our central midfield is poor, no one is denying that. We need 2 new signings there but who buyed fellaini to solve the midfield problem??
    Is the lack of identity of team also because of ageing player? Is the lack of clear philosophy also because of ageing players? Moyes not showing adaptability also because of ageing player?

  21. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    Me to experiment LOL, am I running the club? no, tell that to the club who feel he needs time, which I think he will get time, and he needs it. He needs his players, which is around 6 quality ones in that 3 year period, 3 of those are in the defense. I think 3 years is a fair amount of time to give Moyes, and I think he will get that only if he gets his own players this summer

  22. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ De Gea – you have lost the argument on every front. The main point being you bought into all Moyes excuses of I need time squad is crap and ageing. Also last season was much better football that the years we won the title before, RVP was a joy to watch, Carrick a master, Rafael a beast, De Gea became the best and we had what every United fan wants, edge of your seat drama with United winning in the last 10 minutes of games and own goal should had its own shirt, that’s how shit hot our players were. I loved last season. It was great and some of the football was fantastic one touch pass and move never say die. Almost beoke the points record, unbelievable consistency.

    All title winning squads are great for different reasons period. Last few years the EPL has been more competitive than in the past when it was a 2 horse race. So that is why imo more recent squads on consistency and fight were top top dollar.

    You think if Liverpool win they will be saying crap like this title win was not a great as others as our squad id not as great as one 100 years ago. No, they will get what a fucking achievement it is and how damn brilliant their players and manager are to get there.

  23. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ De Gea – Arsenal had a very young squad for years that won nothing, the greatest criticism was he got rid of experienced older players. Get it?

  24. iamMatty says:

    DeGeaWeTrust says:
    iamMatty – You have been embarrassing yourself all season if you
    think sacking Moyes will solve all our problems
    Is it really too hard for you to understand? Moyes is not solving our problems, he’s compounded it, multiplied it and plans to do more damage with an almighty clearout.
    Fabio is already gone, kagawa and rvp may join too, rafael is also in the news. . .vida is already gone. . .and if we dont win anything it soon many more will likely follow.
    Why allow your neighbours son mess with the drainage when you can afford a capable pro to fix it once and for all.

  25. NBI Red 21 says:

    OK, night all!!!! Tomorrow BAYERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want Giggs to fry Kroos ass !!!!!!!!!!

  26. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    The_red_devils – I think hes making a bit of progress, hes changed tactics, this 4231 system I feel is working, I am getting quietly excited with mata and kagwa playing off rooney in this 4231 system. I feel Moyes could really go from strength to strength if he sticks to 4231, fellaini could be a good backup midfielder, Fellaini’s only downside he is prone to red cards, but he needs to buy 2 top class CM players, spread that over 2 summers, one CM player this summer, the other next summer. His main priority is defense, he must sign a new LB and a CB this summer.

  27. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    NBI – If you think we were good last season, you are pretty blind, 94 96 99 08 09 is what I call a great side, last seasons one was not. It was carcrash football that relied on the brilliance of RVP, and united were fully exposed what they are this season. If it was so good, why are they poor now? the reality is? it was an average title winning squad, that was seeing an end of a cycle. Yes you need experience, but? the experienced players best days are behind them, esp ferdinand vidic and evra, your key components at the back, and your backup players are injury prone LOL, and you expect the same results, when your only signing is fellaini. Like I say, Moyes needs time, hes not had a season and even I realized he needs time to see who he buys, now the owners are going to buy players

  28. The_red_devils says:

    De gea we trust
    4-2-3-1 is the way to go forward, moyes needs to be brave and make some bold decisions.
    He has gone with young is the last 2 games, which annoys me. If he really wants play fluid football, players like young shouldn’t be in the line up.
    Cb, lb and a back up rb(i don’t like seeing smalling play there) and back up lb(if evra leaves) are needed for the defence in my opinion.

  29. NBI Red 21 says:

    OK real final comment for tonight – you have to give it to them, the Mersyside Mangers have showed up the Manchester managers big time.

    Rodgers and Martinez have a fraction of the budget of United and City yet they are both above United and still in the title race. Everton may win the FA cup.

    Both managers put their belief in teams, positive motivation, huge ambition, great tactics, sensible buys and loans, beautiful attacking team based technical football making a team greater than its parts, and they reminded players of the great history of their Clubs. Romance. They have outshone hands down City and United whose mangers have spent a combined £200mn so far at fat cat clubs.

    From a footballing point of view, it is great to see, it shows the difference good managers can make to what were average mid table teams, the spirit and style of play is a joy for their fans and the casual observer. They are the real story this season. It is phenomenal. Hats off to them.

    The fact United got a negative manager with no style or winning record and he is continuing in the same fashion is not the real story of the EPL this season. Its just a sad bleedin obvious outcome of 2+2. The fact a loaded oil rich club spending load again is in top 4 is not impressive either. Take a bow Rodgers & Martinez. A victory for football.

  30. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ De Gea – I could argue your last point but can’t be bothered too, car crash football. What a joke and what an insult.

  31. ashtheking says:

    Moyes took a 17th placed Everton to 4th , now for me that’s As a big achievement than what Martinez is doing now. Everton were alwaysa. Balanced side. And this year they have got lukaku who is a deadly striker. Let’s see how he does without a lukaku and that barca,kid.

    And also Everton and the god man Martinez were thrashed in FA cup by arsenal so everton a re going to be trophy less like always.

  32. shaan says:

    @NBI Red 21. Loved your comment mate. “Moyes tearing us apart”. that was tongue in cheek?

    @Opikbdin. I too read it everyday. This is the first site I check early in the morning and even late at night before sleeping to read few arguments. It is addictive. I comment at times depending upon what topic is discussed.

    Recently I have been too upset and angry with Moyes’ comments, tactics and our performance so staying away from posting.

  33. OpikBidin says:

    NBI Red 21

    Moyes has shown progress now, right?
    Staying away from 442, playing Mata in the no.10 position and trusting Kagawa more. Is this our best team?:


    or is this better:

    Nani – Kag – Janu

    we can also play 4141 if we want, because now Mata is here:

    Nani – Mata – Kag – Janu

    Moyes just have to have the bravery to tell some players to “**** ***” and start playing to our real strength, not what we are used to do under Ferguson.

  34. iamMatty says:

    DeGeaWeTrust says:
    NBI – If you think we were good last season, you are pretty blind, 94
    96 99 08 09 is what I call a great side, last seasons one was not. It
    was carcrash football that relied on the brilliance of RVP, and united
    were fully exposed what they are this season. If it was so good, why
    are they poor now?
    Oh lord this guy keeps embarassing himself.
    Ok 2years ago(without rvp) we were still joint top only losing on goal’s difference. 3years ago we still won the title. Last year we won away at city and chelsea, outplayed madrid home and away(losing only to a dubious decision).
    Last year fergie called this squad some of the best, and your microscopic knowledge on anything football related wount and cant change that fact. Last year we had vida injured, rio injured, rooney injured, raphael, a supposedly weak midfield, rvp going through a 2month barren spell. . .but you know the result, we consistently outperformed everybody winning the league as early as the first week of march(theoritically anymways). With any passing comment you make to detract from the achievements of this team last year, you end up looking retarded. Car crash football got us only a few points away from the record points total in the epl? Mate please stop embarassing yourself like this.
    @ashtheking, 17th to 4th in what era? The 2004 season, everton played the most dire boring fuck of football with gong-ho tactics of lumping the ball to duncan ferguson(who was a real thug of a football player). Moyes and his team got into the qualifying rounds of the ucl and was tactically outclassed by guess who? Manuel pellegrini and his villareal side home and away. A villareal side who went were more assembled for less than half the price of that everton team.
    That everton team had alan stubbs, kelvin kilbane, david unsworth,gravesson, and some of the nastiest oldschool direct players ever assembled. That was how david moyes liked his football played and rightly stayed in and around the europa places, but then the football in england had slowly started to evolve to keep up with their european counterparts. Mourinho brought that evolution at chelsea in his own unique way, SAF got queiroz and united’s evolution was also well and truelly on, arsenal dismantled the invincibles and started theirs around a 16year old catalan kid, liverpool and benitez got better, while moyes stuck to his long ball, chase hard tactics and lost touch with everyother person around him.
    His everton team still played shit and declined. 11years and he won nothing, blaming transfer fees and conning the media into believing he was stunted by money rather than his inability to keep up with the changing times of football.
    In that 11yrs moyes won fuck all at everton, steven mclaren’s boro won a trophy and reached the uefa cup final, birmingham won a trophy, juande ramos’ spurs won a trophy, roberto martinez’ wigan won a trophy, laudrop’s swansea won a trophy.
    Again ur arguement on martinez using loan players is quite flawed, if not dumb. . .considering moyes was also known for signing players on loan. Infact a remember a loaned landon donovan single handedly keeping them in the top half of the table 2years ago.
    Everyon fans dont even say they are happy with martinez cos he’s almost 4th, they rave about him cos unlike moyes’ they see positivity, they see a plan, vision, philosophy, progressive play and less of moyes’ coma inducing hoofball tactics. So you can spend less time trying to detract what martinez has done this year and spend more time trying to explain moyes’ philosophy to us all.

  35. aashish thapa says:

    I think we don’t have poor players. we have perfect sets of player only thing that’s going wrong is they are lacking the cohesion and also moyes is not yet able to deploy the right player on right place. I think if we play rooney in place of rvp he can bag goals and still do his job that he has been doing while rvp is in.i think fellaini is just not needed here.

  36. Chris says:

    Kinda fucked your point up yourself there Ash; trying to extol the virtues of Moyes then saying that Everton will end up trophyless as always…whose fault would that be for the last eleven years?

  37. iamMatty says:

    7? 11 bloody years!!!

  38. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    iamMatty – you embarrass yourself by having to quote my entire comment of myn, really? you need to quote my entire comment on a blog to make a point LOL. Did you know this was the same fergie that said in 2011, that signing ashley young was a way of challenging barcelona, ashley young mind. HMMM, you said and I quote ( we had vida injured, rooney injured) you just defeated your own argument with RVP, rooney was injured, and if united did not have RVP and with rooney injured, you telling me united would have won the league. Why were united joint top in 2012 when they did not have RVP? they had rooney who scored over 31 goals that season, 42 exactly. This is the same united in 2012 that goat embarrassed 6 1 at home to man city, and failed to get out of the group-stages, and got embarrassed tactically by bilbao. You go on about how fergie says this was one of the greatest united sides, if he ever said this, yea same fergie that signed some dire players like young for 17 million, and the same fergie you love recommended david Moyes for the job, that you hate with a vengeance, kind of contradicting,aren’t you?

    But if you are telling me, the 2012/13 sides was has good as the 94 99 and 08 sides, and buy into what fergie said, WOW you really know nothing. This side fell apart when united went down to 10 men to Madrid, the 1999 united side lost their captain Roy Keane to a red card against one of the toughest arsenal sides in living memory for over half hour, the same united side in 1999 champions league final that lost keane and scholes to suspension, and had to play butt and beckham in CM and still beat a Bayern side that was just has good as today’s Bayern side, so do not tell me this is one of the greatest united sides, when they fell apart when things did not go their way, great sides do not fall apart. Compare this united side with the past united sides, they do not come close

  39. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    Anyone puts this side in the same breath has those sides, WOW shows what they will do to bash Moyes. Those sides had midfielders like keane scholes beckham giggs, or in 08 when our backline consisted of VDS ferdinand vidic evra in the prime of their careers, CR7 at the start of his best days, we had a young rooney, with tevez leading the charge, carrick was in the prime of his career.

    Check the moscow 08 team out
    brown ferdinand vidic evra
    carrick scholes
    ronaldo rooney tevez

    That is probably fergie’s greatest side, the 2007/08 side. How many of today’s united players would get in that team? when ferdinand vidic evra carrick and rooney were all younger

  40. Tommy says:


    Liverpool have 1 excellent player, 2 good players in sturrige and coutinho and an ageing midfielder in Gerrard and the rest of their team is pants, and arseal have one of theweekest squads in the league, they have a good first 11 but after tht they have kids on the bench, neither have anywhere near the squad Unted have

  41. Tommy says:


    Yep we did not have the gretest ever team last season but to call it an avarage title winning squad is nothing short of disgracefull, Get a grip fella, avarage teams dont win league titles by 11 points and their is no reason why this team should not be top 44, Sir Alex must have had a magic wand then

  42. Tommy says:


    How can Everton win the Fa cup when Arsenal already put them out 4 1

  43. Tommy says:


    Uniteds greatest side under sir alex was the 94 side, fergie will tell you that, followed by 99 then 08, yes the current side does not compare to any of those sides, but it still should be top 4, dont delude yourselfd in thinking this is a 7th placed team because on paper its clearly much higher than that

  44. OpikBidin says:

    I think there are some truth in everyones comment, particularly SAF must have a magic wand, because What he did makes me believe he does have at least one. That season when MC were champions, our CB injured, Scholes called out of retirement, the Clev-Ando duet died, beaten 1-6, and so many problems, but still only lose on goal difference, and there are many miracles he put out, like how we survived from a CB of Carrick and Fletcher situation.

    I also can’t comprehend how did we usually win while playing the usual 442. truth is, SAF can do that, but most of the coaches can’t, just like what Mou did with Inter Milan.

    our team situation is probably the most difficult, because everything should change. Moyes should change his mentality and methods, players should change their way of playing, and the team as a whole should have some overhaul, either it’s personnel or tactics

    this is an exciting time, because it determines whether we just stick to the old way and become history or try to change ourselves to answer the new challenge

  45. ashtheking says:

    I am matty says”So you can spend less time trying to detract what martinez has done this year and spend more time trying to explain moyes’ philosophy to us all.”

    I would love to do that but what can I do when half the time I see is Martinez this , Martinez has done that, Martinez is the worlds best manager, bla bla bla. Honestly at this moment Martinez has won just a FA cup and taken the same team into championship. You know I heard many Wigan fans say after they got relegated that Martinez won the FA cup for his own interest and was not interested in keeping them alive in know even this season Wigan have knocked city out, so yeah the current Wigan manager must also be brilliant, let’s all rave about him. The truth is Martinez CV has nothing to show. Now please stop saying his team plays a brilliant football, he has a vision bla bla, because I remember when moyes was appointed one of the person said moyes always manages his team to play a disciplined football and he has been quite successful with that( which In fact is true, ask a villa fan they would love to be always In top 7) but to that some hypocrites said it doesn’t matter how a manager plays if he doesn’t have a good cv. So I will say the same so far. Martinez cv is not great. Yes it may become great and I do hope he does well and wish him best because I won’t wish him or Rodgers bad like many wish moyes bad. But the truth is Martinez has to prove a lot.

  46. Mav says:

    So DeGea at 1140

    Are you blaming fergie for the current malaise we find yourself in? Because you are saying or squad is shit and not as good as people say and Moyes should be given time.

    Then you are saying people Re blind or wtvr for believing whatever fergie said about the quality of the squad.

    So essentially fergie was lying and the blame kinda rests with him yes?

  47. Tommy says:


    Its clearly all SAF fault, Not the players having a bad attitude, not the current manager or the owners, Funny thingn is when you think about it, We were champions by 11 points and then added chelseas best player and the man who always terroised United and then when you look at the table, its awful, theirs clubs who would love to spend £70million in a summer, theirs no excuses we should be top 4 easily with this squad, Im not saying we should win it but we should at least be qualifying for the champions league, No excuses and its certaintly not Sir Alexs fault

  48. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    The ONLY thing Sir Alex did wrong was let his bias get in the way of appointing a manager. That’s where it ends with Sir Alex. EVERYTHING from that point onwards is David Moyes and the Players fault. Like Tommy said, this team should EASILY be a top 4 team. There is literally NO excuse for us to be 7th right now. Not one single excuse.


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