In the games that remain, much has been made that United have tougher fixtures than the teams around them. But is that such a bad thing?

When looking at our results against the top teams in the league, United have faired pretty well this season.

Drew 1-1 (h)

Lost 1-0 (a)

Won 2-1 (a)

Won 3-0 (h)

Won 2-1 (a)
Lost 1-0 (h)

Out of the 18 points available from games against teams in the top six, United have picked up 10, meaning we’ve claimed 56% of the points available. It’s not a fantastic return but it isn’t dreadful either, particularly when you consider how well we played at the Etihad, even after going down to 10 men in the first half.

However, when you compare that with the other teams in the top six, we’re not doing too badly.

Chelsea: 10/18 (56%)
City: 12/24 (50%)
Arsenal: 8/24 (33%)
Liverpool: 10/21 (48%)
Southampton: 10/27 (37%)

Maybe we should be more worried about Newcastle away than we are City at home?