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STATS: Comparing Giggs, Silva, Nani, Mata, Young, Bale, Nasri and Valencia

David Silva is behind more goals than any other midfielder, having a total of 17 goals and assists, followed by Gareth Bale on 16. Nani and Mata are tied on 13, Valencia and Nasri on 10, Giggs with 9 and Young on 7. However, when you take in to consideration the games they’ve actually played in, specifically focussing on starts, Giggsy comes out top with an impressive 1.13 goals scored or created per each start. This is followed by Valencia with 0.83, Silva on 0.81, Bale on 0.73, Nasri on 0.67, Nani on 0.65, Young on 0.64 and Mata on 0.62.

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  1. smartalex says:


    You said that my analysis on all 3 goals was wildly incorrect.

    I challenged you to review the footage while considering my analysis and find 1 error in fact.

    Now you claim to have watched it 4 times. Watch it another 4 million times if you like, my comments remain statements of fact. You state no facts, only conjecture. Your opinions reveal nothing. My descriptions are very accurate, yours are non-existent.

    Instead of repeatedly claiming that my comment is false, SHOW it to be false.

    All you are doing is heckling. You say my analysis on all 3 goals was wildly incorrect.
    Please take my analysis and show me errors. Show me the errors.

    Of course, you will not because you cannot.

  2. JC says:

    No need to get into a war of words there pal (wildly inaccurate may have been hyperbole on my part but I maintain my disagreement with your analysis), you continue to believe your opinion on the plays is accurate, I don’t. I described how I saw and see the plays, you still don’t agree, no ones mind is going to be changed arguing on the internet. I do believe your opinion is based more on your love for the team and willingness to blind yourself to valid critiques than of actual footage of the game but you’re a true Red obviously smartalex, that I would never dispute.

  3. JC says:

    Also Im not going to restate my 1st post, you read it or maybe you didnt if you didnt make it past the wildly inaccurate line but it’s there and I clearly described what I saw on each goal (I really dont think I need to go into frame by frame detail Im not doing play by play just after match analysis). You believe that Pat did the best he was able to in each circumstance and that each goal could be laid at the foot of someone else, I don’t believe he did and that he had other options in each case that a defender of his caliber should have been able to select.

    My main point and a lot of others on the blog has been that these small lapses seem to be happening with increasing regularity and perhaps he needs a rest to sort it out or get some energy back. Im not too sure why thats such a controversial opinion with you as I never said he was done or over it.

  4. smartalex says:


    Point out my “war of words”

    There are none.

    Please, validate your statement by examining the comments you called “wildly inaccurate” and show me the inaccuracies.

  5. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Only one stat I will be interested in come the end of the season and it will involve he number 20.


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