Manchester City defender, Aleks Kolarov, has claimed that United have been been inferior to City over the past five or six years.

United has a great history but in the last five or six years, I think we have been superior to them. United is always United, a great club with a great history and if you don’t respect them a lot they are going to beat you. They change a lot of players and are in progression now.

Over the past six season, United have won six of the games in the league and City have won 5. The other was a 0-0 draw in 2010.

In terms of league positions over the past six years, United have finished above City four times.

But other than that, yeh, City have been superior to United over the past six years.

City: 1st
United: 7th
Difference in points: City +22

City: 2nd
United: 1st
Difference in points: United +11

City: 1st
United: 2nd
Difference in points: 0

City: 3rd
United: 1st
Difference in points: United +9

City: 5th
United: 2nd
Difference in points: United +18

City: 10th
United: 1st
Difference in points: United +40

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